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  1. Wow, so exciting! Couple logistical questions: 1. It sounds like it’s using the same form factor as the SGM 1; is that correct? 2. If 1 is correct then it must use the regular cart slot, yes? (Thinking back to the original SGM 2 announcement) 3. If 1 is correct, where are you planning to put the HDMI output; the left, right, or top? (If 1 is not correct, it would be interesting if the module could hook around the side of the console so the output cord is more hidden) VERY much looking forward to this!!!
  2. Perhaps these 2 questions have already been answered, but I am having trouble finding those answers. Both are about the controller: 1. Will the 4 buttons on the Super Game Controller act as the 4 buttons in Super Action games so that a Super Action Controller is no longer required? 2. The 3D printed prototype looks great! But I noticed the D-pad no longer had a joystick. Is that the final design, or will it have a removable stick like a Master System controller?
  3. I should also note this behavior is happening on 2 different Lynxes! Both a Lynx II because I got the model with the cover so it won’t fit in my model 1 (if it didn’t then I’d have 3 Lynxes to test). Both Lynxes play my game cards just fine (just got a personal high score in Roadblasters last night!) so I can’t imagine it’s a pins issue
  4. I looked inside and they all look straight. However, I should also note this behavior is happening on 2 different Lynxes! Both a Lynx II because I got the model with the cover so it won’t fit in my model 1 (if it didn’t then I’d have 3 Lynxes to test)
  5. Hello, can I please be added to the buyer’s list? I’m in the US. I have a Lynx SD and it is so finicky it’s driving me crazy; it has to be in the slot juuuuust right or it doesn’t work and it can take forever to get right 😕 Then the SD card slot seems to have the same problem so it’s doubly frustrating... well I bumped both the cart and the SD card today and now I can’t get them working again. I’m so done with this. I just want one that works when I put it in my system! Plus the faster loading will be nice, so I’m looking forward to this I realize I’m going to need to wait for a while, but that’s ok. I still have about half the official library in my collection + Wyvern Tales so I have lots to play in the meantime!
  6. Ok great! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something
  7. You used the term “preorder,” is that the same thing as signing up on that email list? I signed up there but I didn’t get any sort of “preorder” link
  8. Just signed up yesterday, very excited for this!!!! Also THANK YOU for building in SGM 1 backwards compatibility, really didn’t want to pay $300+ on eBay for one 😂
  9. Thanks, Mike! I think you’re right about that... and I’m not so confident in my electronics skills anyway so I think I’m going to rely on folks like Milli who offer services for the less technical Adam owners like me. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  10. Actually I see the larger problem with this approach; what is the output method of this power supply? It doesn’t have the customizable posts like the ones you guys mentioned so I don’t think I’ll be able to make it work
  11. Would something like any of these 4 models work? @Milli Vee @adamcon @doubledown @Mike Harris
  12. @Mike Harris thanks!! I would be very interested to read those blog entries when you make them! I’m sure recaps will need to happen at some point, and I’m sure an emulated disk drive would prove very useful!
  13. Thanks @adamcon, @doubledown, and @Milli Vee for the useful info! I responded to Milli above, but I forgot to tag and now for whatever reason I can’t edit the post. So Millie, see above! Btw, here’s the system I bought, should get here late next week!
  14. Thanks, Milli! I’m just trying to get a good grasp of all my options, as there’s varying cost vs. effort for the different methods. I also found someone on eBay selling custom power supplies he made himself, and although that is the least effort option it is also clearly the most expensive so I’m probably NOT going that route. If I’m going to make my own power supply (IF, not decided yet), shipping out the system anyway wouldn’t make quite as much sense so I’m also exploring amongst my local retro gamer group if anyone has experience with Adam computers so they can take a look at it. So far it seems nobody does, so chances are if I do end up sending it your way I might as well just have you make the power supply mod. Another question for you, though. Since you install the power supply on the inside of the machine and make modifications to do so, is it possible to replace THAT power supply relatively easily? In case that one stops working after a decade or two? Thanks for all the helpful information!!
  15. I tried searching for this topic, but I couldn’t find it. If it already exists, sorry about that! Please let me know the link, then, as I’ve had trouble finding results that were helpful to me. I’m new to the Adam, and I took a chance on a cheap auction that has no printer. I’ve seen vague references to other options, but I couldn’t find many details. For new folks and non-technical folks, can we have a list of all the known alternatives for power supplies other than the giant printer that wipes tapes when it’s turned on? I’ve heard it’s possible to make one, but how does a newbie go about doing that? Detailed info on any alternatives would be great! I can update this top post with all the different suggestions so it’s easy for new folks to find. Thanks for your help, everyone!
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