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  1. I haven't been keeping up with all the news, and I'm a devote optimist. So I do expect this console to eventually be released.
  2. Eleven of these are my all-time favorite game. This is going to be a VERY fun season. Really looking forward to it!
  3. Anyone else remember being REALLY good at this as a kid, even on the purple mountain? No arrows? No problem! Trick the snake into chasing you AWAY from the axe, then loop around and pick it up. Try not to waste arrows on the bats, because of course they interfere with the sound cues of other monsters. I got to the mountain with one life left, but got killed before I could grab even half the crown. Will try a bit more...
  4. I really like this game. Had never played it until it showed up on a previous season of HSC. 1. 60,904 2. ~30K 3. 62,519
  5. Back for the tail end of the HSC! Never played Pac-Man on the Intellivision. I think we forget how hard the 8-bit War of the 80s was! WAY better port than the 2600! Is it me or do the ghosts speed up with the siren? I'm used to being able to take my time with each level. Only played three times, but and my scores improved each time. 1. 3,310 2. 6,220 3. 16,300 My goal next season is to play every game at least once and post a score! I hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Second attempt. Kinda getting the hang of it. Thinking the best strategy for avoiding other cars is just U-turns.
  7. At least the embassies are a little easier to find than the RAM sections in Maze-a-TRON!
  8. I've also never played it--not sure I've even heard of this one, but I like the theme. I've fallen off my attempt to at least play every game this season at least once--time to jump back in!
  9. Had to work today. Tried to play a bit in my car at lunch (because... why not?!). But games kept crashing back to the menu. Made some minor improvement to skill level 3. Setting 3: 237,400 Setting 4: 54,500 Total: 291,900
  10. Setting 3: 149,500 Setting 4: 54,500 Total: 204,000 Will try to improve before Sunday! This is a pretty good port and they even got the different music for each room! The "hall monster" isn't as scary on the Intellivision though. Playing on a RetroPi using jzintv with Flashback controller.
  11. My uncle had a Colecovision, and I had an Intellivision. He loved to play Night Stalker on my system, and I loved to play Venture on his system. I've never tried the Intellivision version of Venture, but I'm excited to give this one a solid effort this week!
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