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  1. I needed a *.cfg file for Demon Attack. I found a bunch of them and dropped them all on my RetroPi. Trouble is, I don't know what games worked before or after, because I only tried my favorites or games from the HSC. Q-Bert on hardware is actually quite good and does not have any control issues.
  2. Anyone have controller issues with emulationstation? Menu works fine, and Burgertime works fine (as do most other games I have played on my RetroPi), but Q-bert doesn't move and I can't get back to the main menu. I already had a .cfg file in the directory with the rom. I deleted it and restarted, but no luck. I can play the original cartridge on my Intellivision II, but there is competition for the big TV.
  3. Back to something with more quality... like Popeye?! 😜
  4. Hello Intellivision friends, I've had to take a hiatus from the High Score Club for a few games, but I'm back today to check in. Very excited to see Q-bert is the current game. I'll do my best and post my score by the deadline. Thanks to everyone running the contest and competing!
  5. Another quote for you, "Space Raid looks more like Zaxxon than Zaxxon!"
  6. Haven't had the time to play video games like I had hoped this season. I like this game, but only got to play it about four times.
  7. Doubled my score by flying right the whole time to get to the 2nd screen. Now I have no idea what's going on on the second screen. Reading the manual is probably a good idea.
  8. Okay, I tried Zaxxon on the Intellivision. Shame on Sega! The Intellivision version is closer to River Raid than Zaxxon. Also played some He-Man. Seems like Mattel put more effort into the title screen music of He-Man than Sega put into the entire port of Zaxxon. He-Man game play is fun, but I need to read the instructions and learn how fuel works--otherwise my games are over pretty fast despite not "dying".
  9. Fakecortex, I know there are some different mazes you can get, but you can exploit the path algorithms to keep the mouse in a useful place, then take advantage of gates closing to trap him.
  10. Played a great game (at least for me) this morning. I don't think I've ever seen level 3 before! The "birds" are black (bats?) on level 4. That makes things harder! Not sure if grabbing a comb is -500 or minus 1/2 your points, but they are to be avoided--or my score would have been a little higher. Level 4 * 10,000 + 12,600 = 52,600!
  11. I'm truly terrible at this game, so my entry may look like point farming, but I assure you it is not. I just spend A LOT of time running around that maze picking up the odd treasure and avoiding the comb. Why is level 2 so hard? That mouse is hard to catch, and he always seems to be as far from the wizards as possible! Used the ring to teleport away from the yellow wizard and it teleported me TO the yellow wizard for an instakill and "The End". Level 2 x 10,000 + 5,500 = 25,500
  12. Never played this one, but I think I've heard bad things about it on the Intellivisionaries Podcast. Looking forward to Zaxxon. My uncle had a Colecovision and we played a lot of video games together. Back in the day most people didn't have a video game system and if you did, you picked one. Now we have so many I'm not even sure I could count them all from memory. Makes you wonder if kids these days will have the same nostalgia we do...
  13. 2,000 points lower than last season's score. This time I'm playing using Flashback controller and Raspberry Pi running 'jzintv' emulator. Last season was emulation, but on a MacBook with keyboard controls. Ready to move on to Thunder Castle!
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