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  1. Or better faceemkay -> emkaywall or even better emkaywindow. No?
  2. Ok, nice show but actually Atari doesn't play youtubes... So... filez or it doesn't happen!
  3. I think I have a solution! Let all die-hard enthusiasts buy one extra copy and then give it away to someone from this thread. If someone will want to dump it, dumps it anyway, but it will be more... "legal"?
  4. Hi everyone! Looks like no challegnes from me yet, eh? Could you please try to convert this nice girl's photo (at least her face)? I know the red color could be main problem. But, well...
  5. So, where are the games now? Any chances for sharing?
  6. Ask yo dad 'bout bankin' scheme and write it down here. Kapish? And what about writting in dedicated Altirra thread? Too hard for you?
  7. Something for pizza lovers. Btw. this guy had really GOOOOD day. 320kB is required. Warning: Not Safe For Work. Attached original image for reference. Enjoy! pizza.xex pizza.zip
  8. Just out of complete curiosity. Do the StripPokers(s), Missminds(s) count? If so there is also Strip Black Jack, Sex Versi and Sexy Six. Maaany girls, hehe. And oh, my "Booby Jackpot" too.
  9. OK guys! Full version is available at Fandal's site, together with other cool stuff. Enjoy!
  10. SPOT DA BOOB rev 1.1 ===================== a game by CePe/Animkomials, rather for adults - see TITle the rules are simple: the more is shown = the better your score 64kB of RAM is needed, and memlo $1100 for unpacked version of the game your challenge is infinite - just achieve best score in least amount of tries to be honest it's preview of bigger project - just wait some days, you've been warned! SDB.zip
  11. Hehe. Just wait when "most interested ones" enter this thread. 😋
  12. Come on emkay. I want to listen to YOUR guitars. Preferably in-tune, haha!
  13. I think his mistake is his existence.
  14. "Dump Atari and stick with Amiga", lol seems the shits feel better stuck together.
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