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  1. Thanks to those that have paid so far, 11 multicards to 9 members has now been sent out for delivery, the code under the barcode of the image I have PM'd you (ends in GB) will give you the UK side of tracking at https://www3.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/ you may well get a different tracking when it arrives in the US (and hopefully that is sent to your email address!). There is no particular rush to those that have reserved but not paid, I appreciate we are in strange times and you may have to wait a payday or two. They'll happily stay in my house until you are ready! There is still over a dozen free for anyone else who would like one so you won't be taking away from anyone else's chances. I think most packages will reach Langley (where international mail goes) within 24 hours, how long it will take to find passage on a plane however, I don't know. Hopefully as these are very small and light packages, they will not take too long to find a plane.
  2. Atariboy probably answered this better than i did, but from my understanding of the article I read the wii does have region locking in the sense of TV standards, Nintendo has always been behind the technology standards bar the SNES, so when the Wii came out and it was still holding onto 90's TV types, no HDMI option, no universal standards etc; it complicates things for publishing. NoA decided not to help in this case, but the European section did, hence PAL locked disks but not NTSC locked ones. Wii U finally upgraded to true HD standards, and so the PAL/NTSC setup wasn't relevant. It doesn't matter who publishes the Wii U ones as far as I'm aware because it'd play on all regions anyway.
  3. Favourite: JRPGs, Real Time Strategy, city building, 2D platformers. Least interested: Tennis games. Just can never hit the ball properly. Neo Geo Pocket one was the only one I really got on with (posted cause someone else mentioned the pocket). I don't like sports games generally though. I've grown to enjoy action adventure RPGs/'Western' RPGs as JRPG genre continues to nosedive. Only so many tales of games I can handle for nostalgia genre purposes. I was into racing games more in the 90s but Grid (original) is probably the most recent game I've enjoyed and finished.
  4. Yes, this is due to region locking through pal/ntsc standards. Wii u version will play on both though. Still amusing the idea that we'll see another official wii game.
  5. I think there is varied information on rewrite disks, I think the average expectation is up to 25 years. They'll definitely go before others do.
  6. Includes 'retro' mode so i have half a chance of buying it.
  7. Isn't hotel's, casino's and their own currency enough to prop it up?
  8. Some nice starter games there! Samurai/dynasty and 4 in a row have some impressive difficulty levels for those games if you like that kind of thing (the first game is reversi/Othello), but backgammon is expensive. The later titles like super bee, turtles and nightmare can be found cheaper (I bought nightmare for about £2) and similar kind of gameplay to the games you have now. Most of the earlier stuff is almost like demos, so get them as cheap as you can if you are intending to collect. Ps: sorry it was me who mentioned colecovision it's all my fault!
  9. Perhaps @ManCaveArcade can help people out with boxes... ps: pm me your address too! I would say happy 4th of July to those across the pond but I'm British, so tough My next planned dispatch date is going to be monday, I'll try and keep to monday and fridays for now, so if you want a monday dispatch please pay by midnight Sunday (any timezone will do :P). Best regards everyone.
  10. I'm probably foolish not to try and grab it before, but I think 2 or 3 come up a year, I was just aiming for the more affordable ones. Sometimes they are in bundles and aren't directly referenced so you need to go hunting.
  11. This looks incredibly impressive. Unfortunately my only interaction of Shadow of the Beast has been recently when I got it for C64(GS) and I'm glad I did not get it before because I think I would have rage quit XD. You've probably made about as much as I can get in the game anyway so to me it already feels complete! Haha.
  12. Thanks those who have paid, I'm off now to post the first 8 cards, I've sent images to those I can so you know what to expect in the coming weeks. Again, we don't know how long these will take to arrive so please be patient. Many of you have paid for tracking, so that should help you. In those cases, I've registered your email addresses in the PayPal transaction for email tracking, it only takes uk mobile numbers tracking wise so I've put mine in so I know roughly where they have gone. Stupus,i couldn't pm you but I do have an image of your two cards packaged up if you would like to see it. Thanks everyone!
  13. It must be the first + lockdown, these weren't the prices we were paying 12 or even 6 months ago. Its just a bit daft, even checkers comes out regularly enough on ebay that anyone who wants a copy will get one eventually I'm sure.
  14. Here is the promised video showing it off, just to warn my device does decide from time to time to blink a lot, and today it decided to blink a lot, I give warnings when this is about to happen, but it does do it throughout the part of the video where I have footage shown. It shows a copy of the multicard, how to use it, and a couple of cards is shown off specifically Volleyball and Handball. I've had two members pay for their cards, many thanks, I will get these to my local branch this friday morning. If anyone else would like theirs dispatched on friday, please pay by Midnight tomorrow! Details including my paypal address to send money is in the first post. Please remember to include your address! It is more important than your username! Though please include that too as I'm reserving those who have posted in this topic to ensure they have theirs. I might spread the word a little so the other 20 may find homes too. I will update the first post with status of people's orders when they have paid/packaged/posted. Those that have paid for tracking I will message your tracking code when I send an image of your order. I will make sure everyone gets an image in a PM of the package they should expect with the printed label on it for confirmation. Many thanks all!
  15. I don't know if this is just an apple thing, because on android I play hundreds of games completely ad free because I turn internet off. Its brilliant, no ads, no slowdown.
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