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  1. Yep, though I've not played it on a console yet (only just got one it plays on, haha!) the pile on was so unworthy. It's a shame it's been demoted to free updates now, dlc could have added a few more interesting plot points (and apparently that might still happen, but I doubt it at this point).
  2. Never really know what to think of this thing. Part of me wants it. The best thing they could do for me is probably produce it rather than ask for pre orders. I most likely would have impulse bought on pay day if I knew in a week I was going to get it. Companies like Atari (but let's be honest, plenty of other guilty parties here) have burned the idea of hardware pre orders for me.
  3. Hi everyone, here is some pictures of my collection. Nothing rare but each would be a nice starter set if moved on! Here is my neo geo pocket collection. I have to admit I got all this in a set outside SaintS romcart. I have been meaning to get some more boxed games like pac man at least which is on the cheaper end, or even the rpg - but I've always been unsuccessful in my bids. Even though I do own the romcart, it is a console I would like to push for a boxed set one day. The second machine has no picture but does have sound, so it feels like it's fixable perhaps for some 2player action one day! Next up is my recent acquisition. I was fortunate that I got a fairly good deal on the boxed console itself (boxes with the console is priority for me now!) controller has wear and tear but in good usable condition. Playing some of the games is a lot easier with this one short term, though admittedly the CD controllers is better long term. I wondered about waiting longer term to get a SD pro, but the new CD emulation from what I understand is a bit wobbly and only in mono even through headphone jack, so I've skipped it and got a repurposed SD directly from Terraonion instead. Will I miss out on the faster flash times and slots? Sure, but it does the job for half the cash! I will likely pick up a few more boxed games on the cheaper side even though I do have the SD now because they are beasts of a box for games to be stored in. They are impressively intimidating even next to Gx4000 cases! Finally, the CD collection. As I've been building up to the AES, The CD is a much cheaper version to buy for. Some games have slightly upgraded features (usually music) but then suffers from the loading times. On KoF94 this isn't too bad, but it quickly becomes distracting to gameplay. Playing on the AES is definitely smoother and more enjoyable! A faster CD drive mod in future perhaps? As you can see I'm collecting quite a number of "sets" though still a lot of gaps to fill. Last Blade has been one I wanted to pick up for awhile, but I'll wait for now. My last purchase before the AES arrived was Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and it was a really nice game to end my CD on for the time being, and bonus: Easy difficulty is actually easy! Unfortunately the console is taking storage now for the AES. I still plan on buying games for all three, but I need to recover a little from the AES + SD purchase!
  4. Defenders of Oasis is more of a traditional JPRG and is very fun, its not related to the "Oasis" series on mega drive and saturn but pushes the Aladdin style Arabian stereotype of the time heavily which is a nice change from the dull Medieval European stereotype. Its funny, I think people might be right about the variance in original game screens. I remember my neighbour at the time having a very clear screen, but mine a few years later from memory was more blurry. I should probably get mine modded with all the bells and whistles one day, I'd like TV out as well just for my own amusement.
  5. But but, where do I put my precious one day rotted discs in, lost functionality! impure! Heresy!
  6. Was away for a week but Got a Neo Geo SD yesterday - been trying it out last night playing some of my games I have on CD but on the AES. Wow, feels smoother, easier to be honest XD and no waiting! Need to try some of the games I've always wanted to play, but I get stuck playing JoyJoyKid (Puzzled) instead which I love playing.
  7. So last night I did manage to get something moving on the screen but without input and without wiping the last graphic off the screen. It's still progress for me 😛
  8. Thanks, I have actually tried you know, just failed badly I've got most of it down, I need to work out how to move things on the screen and then I can go from there.
  9. Like many people I found out many years ago my game gear stopped working, and I was going to get someone to recap it but they didn't bother in the end (and its probably a good thing I went back in and asked because they shut down a couple of weeks later) - so its still collecting dust despite my love of it. My next door neighbour had one originally, and we used to sit next to the plug socket as we played it (it was still fun!) I'm replaying Game Gear games now, like Shining Force Gaiden (a team of people is forming to translate this gem, one of the last great game gear games that need a translation probably) - only problem is I'm playing it on a GBA romcart, but hey ho. Would like the Analogue pocket, but was screwed with the issues they had even though I was on it immediately (got to shipping before it failed...). There were other options to play on something physical, like the Retro Freak but they are out of production now too.
  10. Ahhh, intentional! ok never mind then, I did wonder when I got to level 3 and thought there was 2 'lone heads' Clearly I haven't played the arcade version! It runs very nicely, and Centipede was one of those 2600 games I could play for silly amount of hours...
  11. Wow, this is very playable. I'm still using Mess0210b - the only issue I noticed is that a new level seems to always start with a one tile centipede in addition to the full one. I'll test it again later to be sure in case its just "leftover" from the past level, but think its generating it as extra. Also tested Trees and Tents past lv 20, on lv 26 at the moment. Would any of the Channel F crew be willing to do a tutorial on how to get something functional one day? I feel like I'm nearly there but could really do with some help to get enough to make a "game" running. Private tuition maybe? XD
  12. Might have to come back to this one but El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron for the 360 is a little weird. I appreciate its not "old" compared to the other games listed but there is a surreal element which is extreme for the genre (usually "action rpg / adventure" games are very easy storylines to follow, but this one is quite deep for those that want to read between the lines (warning, some Abrahamic religious knowledge needed to fully appreciate the storyline but it is not a "religious" game in itself. I love the chance to mention zenu clash as well, which is definitely weird, again as a one on one fighter the genre does not scream weird or surreal so getting both of these in this genre makes it unique. Silent hill 4 the room is definitely weird even for silent Hill. Going more just weird and enjoyable rather than weird and surreal, Wiz 'n' Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Wescue on mega drive. The plot makes no sense but fits the gameplay and for some reason I'll happily jump about collecting letters and rabbits for no good reason.
  13. Thanks Trebor for your compatability checks, this shows this has greatly equalised compatability regarding different regions and models of the 7800 which is great news! Regarding the loading, yes blanking the screen seemed to help a lot, and because its so instant I think it's better keeping it in the 95test style, it's barely a second or two wait on the larger roms I tested.
  14. Thanks Batari! Just as a heads up, post-update mine is listed as version 0.94a at the top - however I'm seeing much more success! 7800 PAL roms I tested all loaded straight away 2600 PAL roms I tested also loaded, including things like PAL 4k PacMan homebrew NTSC files, whether 2600 or 7800 still crash - but I assume this is more a "working as intended" situation than anything in the concerto itself. It'll always be nice to be able to play NTSC roms, as I think NTSC carts _usually_ work (at least, the ones I own do!) but its not a super priority.
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