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  1. I don't have a lynx yet but when I do I'll complete my set :p, you are the British version of Kritzz and the quality of your work is just as good as his, except you tackle the consoles and handhelds Kritzz likely will never cover. I have pretty much every romcart solution for everything now but if you were to move onto other devices as well, I'd likely snap them up too. As hastor says, the code for the game is the same, so if it loads just as a game will load on an original cd it'll play the same. However that doesn't mean there isn't jigging to get it to work properly first, I got the impression from some of SainTs posts on twitter there was a degree of testing and debugging. Perhaps the low library of commercial games for the system helped ensure stronger compatibility than say, the pseudo saturn for sega.
  2. If mimo ever wants to sell the only PAL 7800 machine that seems to work... 😛 It does appear to effect other ntsc consoles though, it's just some work and some don't. Hopefully fixing one fixes the rest.
  3. I think those ranges are correct and fits with the period. Some amiga CD32 games are just floppy disk or early cart games on a CD bundled together so the total MB is ridiculously low for a CD. I think the smallest one I have is less than 4MB on a 350 MB disk. It seems wasteful but its just the way they were developed and released for whatever was on the market at the time. It was probably still cheaper to release on CD than a small ROM chip on a cart while supporting the library of the CD add on.
  4. It might well be the console, generally French consoles are made slightly differently to other PAL systems so it wouldn't be surprising if it escapes the problems we've been having. Lucky!
  5. Sorry if you've already said already in the thread, what type of SD card have you used? Size, speed? I've assumed its similar to the ntsc users with A1 models have been having, as it seems like the same problems - is your 7800 modded in anyway? You seem to have the one PAL model that actually plays well with Concerto right now 😛
  6. This is going to sound weird, but this was probably the bit that touched me more than anything. Personal touches like this just shows how involved the human side of production used to be, even when it came to building the box. We've lost a lot of that now I think, in many things. As for the rest of it "cool story bro" perhaps a line for the overused phrases thread but here not used sarcastically! Interesting stuff.
  7. All the development videos, pictures and even boxing during the initial process was definitely done in China. Atari in US got all the units already boxed on palettes, so unless they would be doing something different to that, unlikely going to have any alterations in the US. The only thing going for it is that it doesn't currently seem to be using ethnoreligious slave labour / prison labour and seems to be produced by Chinese workers who are actually paid a wage.
  8. 3DO was one of those consoles I was quite oblivious to growing up, I knew some stuff about the Jaguar but the 3DO was a side thought at the time. I've owned a 3DO for awhile now, and I assume the general cost of retro hardware is to blame for the sorts of money they go for. I only have a few games for it, partly as others have said a lot of the 'good' games on it is easier played on another console. There is a number of exclusives though that is worth a shot at. Comparing the 3DO and Jag is quite hard for me, because the 3DO is a CD console and I've yet to have the pleasure of playing a Jag CD game yet, however I feel like the Jag has a more arcade feel while the 3DO is a console that is defining of its period of mixed 2D 3D graphics. Saturn and PS1 blended the two much better, and the 3DO and to extent the Jaguar felt at an earlier stage of this transition. I honestly look at some 3DO titles and think they would have been better off being 2D only, but that would put it closer in the amiga CD32 and CDi category *shivers*
  9. Dark City, man love that film. I feel like it would be a good bad game for the Saturn/PS1, perhaps even the Amiga CD32 or 3DO era. Perhaps one of the last two just for naf nostalgia.
  10. Videopac G7000, there isn't one. Agreed with this, love both systems to bits, but these methods is strange.
  11. It's either going to be audio or data. Data treats it like a normal directory like it was a hard drive. Audio treats it like it has so many minutes of sound data in track format. I don't know enough about it but a lot of games at the time could also be played in a regular cd player for audio, so maybe it's audio. Other games however such as Dragon Force (Saturn) has text files you can read etc. Looking forward to someone correcting me XD
  12. I have a gameboy, psp and neo geo pocket on standby most of the time, I do have a game gear too, it just needs the usual repairs. I think it'll always have a slightly different slant to discussions and interested people, because it can be played on the go. Although modern technology has been challenging that, I feel more comfortable going out with my neo geo than I would an expensive and cumbersome switch. It also comes with the benefit of (where available) link cables for Multiplayer on the go. Legacy Multiplayer at planned events is a very different experience than say a traditional retro event. For one, most people can bring their own gear!
  13. Wouldn't an owners list just give us a list of people to harass to sell their copies 😛 Having said that. It's seemingly a small list of people so it must be pretty cool. Going back down the convo a bit it would make sense that at least a reasonable proportion of copies were initially made to make it a viable sale, its just how many survived the test of time. Any purchases from outside the US may also allow it to disappear as realistically even in Europe there is not a lot of owners. I think value of these kinds of things is well known now in the event of a death and family sorting stuff out, but even 10-20 years ago, it might have been a different story.
  14. If you are referring to an SD romcart, contact wilco2009, they have done a device with a digital display. It works great and most existing homebrew should work on it (I had a few that didn't, but I think in most cases these are historical emulator based homebrew which didn't have a way of testing on real hardware) . I presume it accounts for 7400 differences but ask and double check. It should run in 7000 mode even if it doesn't (and 7400 roms run in 7000 mode as intended for 7000 machines).
  15. I will take it all for FREE (that is, no cost to you!) if you deliver it to me. I think the fact that you posted this two weeks ago in the correct forum suggests it's a low supply low demand product, which means you can probably name your price, you just need someone who actually wants it. I appreciate this is a week old post, but I just saw it and came up with that first gem of a line so I had to. Another serious answer : some people have considered donating or selling to a museum that might like hardware that is more obscure, you might find an institution willing to pay money.
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