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  1. Sigh. It's bad enough xbox one is now xbox original because xbox 3 (not as in xbox 360 which is the 2nd one) is called xbox one and now series x which is not xbox one x because that is the 3rd or 4th or 10th model of the third x box. Will probably fit in one of my cubes though, so at least that's something. Going to suck for you poor gits with flat dvd player space useless slots though. Maybe they'll start making TV units for actual consoles.
  2. That seller seems to be slightly overpriced. The shipping is an extra factor too.
  3. Note I've tested in your latest build 10a, I'm using mess64 (0210b): 1: one press for start screen gets me to gameplay 2+4: Score is increasing by remaining time, then time resetting to 99 as intended (I believe), I tested a few things like waiting for timer to nearly count down, but in mess it was working correctly. All scores appeared to be counting correctly in base 10. Hope that helps. I'm rubbish at these games due to impatience, so it took me awhile to clear a screen! But it appears to work as intended and resets ok.
  4. I've been meaning to get round and testing it, I'll try it when I get home and let you know with mess version etc too.
  5. XD yeah I saw it the other day as well. Its a difficult one, if you offer it on bids it would probably never get to its true value, and you open it up to upsellers. I'm fascinated by these things but ultimately I'm a gamer first collector second.
  6. Any code is greatly appreciated by those of us struggling, it's always very helpful!
  7. I believe it was 1981, the same time as pro football and casino poker. From what I remember one of the later numbers was out of sequence... Perhaps checkers.
  8. The printer economy is certainly a strange one. We recently bought a new HP printer/scanner for the grand total of £18.99, and then they offered us cover for £12.99 a year, its literally cheaper to buy a new one, which will be an upgraded model. Every time I see the Amico in this thread the more I want one.
  9. I must be one of the few people unbothered by the Wikipedia generation listing. Though I do admit I think there is a 2.5 generation where colecovision, intellivision sits. I want to say 5200 sits there too, but it's so... Rubbish. I don't know if it being between the 2600 and 7800 is enough to warrant it being beyond a 2nd gen. On this logic, fairchild channel F, 2600, the 1292 and similar devices would be the true 2nd generation, with the RCA bordering 1 and 2 and the 5200 bordering 2 and 2.5 The "16 bit" period is probably the best for me too. I remember the snes being the only semi decent nintendo console, the mega drive hitting it out of the park for me, and in later years now enjoying turbografx and the neo geo (CD, I'm not that rich!).
  10. I get this is an ataribox atari vcs atari brick taco thread, but the only thing I actually recognised was Lindsay Lohan, and I only know her for her "longest religious conversion ever" phase. Back to the atari doorwedge, maybe it takes weeks to curate the next post promising news next time? It requires careful wording, editor input and the board of directors approval before going out, a long necessary and worthwhile process fitting the value they place on their customers, no doubt.
  11. Mikebloke is fine, thanks I will have another go at this game at some point, and might clear up the instructions a bit. I'm considering another demake, perhaps robot war from the same console, but I'll need a bit more liberty on that one to make gameplay!
  12. Personally, I learn more from anyone sharing any code when it comes to Assembly because I really don't have much clue I've probably learnt more from what you've posted than I can offer myself in response. I did ask e5frog if he could open up the wiki so those of us learning can help contribute to it, dunno if he has made it available for others to register yet though.
  13. Hi all, here is a video recording of me trying it out, although it was just myself, and dealing with a few capture issues: Definitely not one you can play by yourself!
  14. Absolutely Sly, oh believe me, I have all your stuff too Feel free to convert anything I do now and in the future which I release freely available.
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