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  1. Keep fighting ebay on it before you go with a baseball bat at to buyers House, have you rung ebay up in the past or just emailed? I find ringing up is a lot more effective when trying to sort issues out. Does Canadian consumer laws cover anything with this? I think in UK this would now be regarded as theft by the buyer if they receive a full refund without giving back the goods.
  2. I've had problems like this before, but never this kind of value. The magical missing pokemon cards told me everything I need to know about always using tracking and using at least two paragraphs for descriptions. I sometimes like to add in a bit of humour just for fun. State flaws in description, make sure it's clearly seen in pictures (clicking original sale link I noticed there's no side on image). I don't think this happened this time, but sometimes increasing weight if not paid for appropriately increases cost to buyer because they often have to pay the excess with a handling fee. Having said that, I would have totally bought it if it was UK. It was a good price for one in that kind of condition.
  3. Syndicate does indeed feel a lot more fleshed out, there is plenty of NPC's hanging around, it feels "busy" and gives you the atmosphere of being in victorian london. Playing a bit more of origins, which is based in 2050ish year ago Egypt, you get random NPC's shouting dialogue at you, which your character responds to, but its fixed and not choice based. So to a certain degree there is more "immersion" but not mass effect / elder scrolls level.
  4. Certain mechanics of AC though have been broken since the first game, and I've just started orgins and it's the first game where I've felt certain issues is not present. I started AC late, I think black flag had already come out when I played 1, which I quite enjoyed, and is quite rough round the edges with gameplay (similar to things like mass effect, there's a game there but there has been certain decisions made since to make it more mainstream). The AC2 saga was memorable from the ezio character perspective. 3 was a mess in my opinion, saved slightly by having a off shoot game liberation which was never a full game. black flag saved it somewhat and the ship mechanics is much improved from 3. In all honesty, if you've liked syndicate but not early ones, black flag might not be quite interesting enough but it's certainly the one to take away not no.3. Unity was known as a buggy mess, but the storyline and characters was pretty meh as well. Syndicate saved it for me too, there was some very British styled humour into the sibling relationship and generally in the game. Like a lot of people, I played with the woman almost all the time I could save fixed times you have to play the guy. I'm on origins now and it feels much more open world. If syndicate was AC+GTA, then origins is AC+Skyrim. That might factor whether you think its worth a go. I've heard even better things from odyssey but I need to finish origins first! Hope that helps without revealing much.
  5. I think it's a first come first serve when it's released. I hope there's enough for everyone. While I've got loads of multi or romcarts, I have no homebrew carts. Hoping for this to be my first...
  6. In regards to upgraded consoles, there is in retrospect no real examples where strapping a second console on another really made any long term commercial sense, the ratio of good games on them is also usually low, but some gems come from the rough. I think bonk was fine as a mascot, it was one of the few personalities the tg16 had. The only other one I can genuinely think of that would have been marketable would be Hudsons own Bomberman. With a bit more work on the bomberman games for tg16 and not porting it to mega drive, snes etc it might have made a similar difference as Bonk, but the exclusivity might have killed it too. I'm basing this on the fact that everyone I knew loved bomberman on snes as a Multiplayer game and a few fans of the mega drive one. I think it would have been a risky tactic though for Hudson and they would have likely had to port them anyway.
  7. 1500 allegedly. It wasn't my bid of 100 😛
  8. Thanks! I'm glad I finally grabbed one. I got 6 Games in my bundle so it's a nice little starter set. My local shop has another game which I think is an exclusive so I'll probably go buy that too. Unfortunately all the other games are ports, such as cannon fodder and theme park (countless copies of those games now!) but there is a few like humans, Bruce lee I don't have on other consoles so something to get my teeth into.
  9. Yes it would make sense that it would come in some kind of container and not loose. The clear white box is suggestive of a storage/warehouse solution particularly if it hadn't had an official box colour printed. Probably what it came in when the carts themselves were produced by manufacturers (did fairchild manufacture themselves? I'm presuming other parts of the company did). Edit:I did offer $100 but was rejected automatically naturally 😛
  10. Finally got a jag today and it came of course with a copy of cybermorph. I have to admit I've watched more than a few videos about the game and it's complete slating of it, and now I've played it myself on a console, I just don't see it myself. I had this impression in my head that it was an annoying voiceovered laggy low frame rate game and it really wasn't. In fact it felt really smooth! I only did the first sector as I was just trying it out but I really didn't mind it. The controls felt OK for the controller too, nothing felt really out of place. I would like to finish it sometime when I get a decent go of it.
  11. Just got a jaguar today, so hopefully I'll pick one up when it goes to retail. Loving the neo geo pocket cart you've done. Will uk sellers be getting it the same time as AA and Germany etc?
  12. I don't think I've ever seen a more questionable original box than a blank white one for the fairchild channel f (or is that the zircon channel f? )
  13. Damn someone beat me to it. I just saw it in my news feed. Watch out ps5, you got competition now! Terraria, borderlands 2 with stuttering, asteroid and yars revenge, Sony is quaking in their boots.
  14. I think this thread is broadening further than sonic, but can't help but say that the market cannot sustain too many competitors. Sonic probably helped secure sega in the 90s as a valid competition against Nintendo, because Alex the kid wasn't going to cut it. Philips, Panasonic, even going further back Mattel and Coleco, they are not house hold console gaming names. The market can only reasonably sustain 2 companies at a time and fits the notion of a "console war". If it wasn't sega, then maybe the tg-16 would have housed the counter culture gamers, and perhaps they would have made a saturn like system too, only to lose out just like sega. I think late mega drive was fine, though it was of course complicated by the mega cd and 32x (mostly the 32x I don't think the cd was that bad). I remember the Chaotix crew vividly, as a storyline in sonic the comic, however the game doesn't inspire a lot despite its potential. The death of 2d probably ruined the sonic franchise, though its interesting to note others kept with 2d and survived (if only just!).
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