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  1. I'm uk based, also a bit younger than the others here, but 2600 was my first console and nes my second. I've never really kept up with the in console, I've always been behind,there was a brief stint for ps2 when I tried to keep up with my peers but it quickly faded. 99.9% of my games is second hand, I can still count the console games I bought brand new on one hand. What this means is that I pretty much picked up my initial collection pre Internet at boot sales and second hand shops, I have to admit the nes did take over but the 2600 still got some screen time. I blame not really knowing the 2600 games at the time for the reason for this, I had no magazines to read or any arcades where I was to visit to get the "arcade" feel, I only ever had console. So yes, nes did take over, up until I got a master system, and then that was it for Nintendo from me, nes suffers from a strange pallete that does look dull and dark most of the time and choppy graphics, I see Americans rave about it all the time but I really don't get the fascination. Yes games like smb and solar jetman seemed amazing compared to 2600, but then phantasy star, sonic, even transbot just seemed so much better than what nes had to offer. I barely play the nes nowadays, and the 7800 is usually out and plugged in, and I tend to play more 2600 than 7800 games.
  2. Excellent new non update by neo-atari this morning. Good to know if coronavirus has done anything, it's given them a reason to post something as to why backers don't have it yet. I hope nobody is fooled that this is actually a delay caused by the virus and not just a mere coincidence that it happened as manufacturing wasn't moving along anyway.
  3. I've grabbed the book from 8bitworshop, it looks quite helpful. Before that I did move some of the code to the end, and it seems to have helped slightly, but I'm still getting some variance of between 2 or 3 lines. I also added reset button to reset, but want to hold out on any more features till I've stabilised the scanlines.
  4. I've got 6 ways to play atari games on a TV, 6 switcher, jr, colecovision, 7800, retron 77, and of course PC (through atarivault and emulation of course..) As I have a good PAL 7800 collection, and given I wouldn't be getting rid of my PC, if I had only one of the others I would opt for the 7800 and that is just a personal preference. I've praised the retron 77 before but its not real hardware, it lets me play NTSC games without issues (PAL user) and the newer homebrews which I can't run on my uno cart, as well as hdmi support (none of my other devices is beyond RF quality) so I have more reason than others to like the retron 77, but I still wouldn't take it over an original. Between a 6 switcher, jr, and the colecovision I'd always opt for the 6 switcher for looks alone!
  5. It's interesting, my dad was a programmer back when programming was punching holes through a card and then it went through a reader but it was more a work thing than a hobby as he never owned his own pc or laptop until recently (and that is mostly for printing). He has digitalised fully now, there was a point where he flat out refused to own a digital camera or a mobile phone, all digital now. I remember the day when he "rebought" a zx spectrum and we played it as a family once or twice, but other than that he really isn't in games at all, and can count on one hand the number of times he's played a game since (Nintendo wii bowling actually!). My mum on the other hand is a bit more involved, but the games tended to be single player rather than interactive. Her favourite games were pac man, Dr Mario, tetris which might be a little stereotyping of 'female gaming' as it were at the time. My dad got a nes mini recently and they've been playing a bit of that, though I think it's mostly dad watching my mum. I showed off my smb1 skills and finished it in 5 minutes without continues (sweated at the end as I bragged about it before starting!). Still on with gaming with mum, we played a lot of n64 goldeneye together, and this might have been down to my dad working funny hours and generally not being that interested while my mum would entertain me in my interest. Quake 3 on the ps2 got some family time with her too, so it was a weird mix.
  6. As the mini concept's first base of customers is nostalgia, I would have to go for an amstrad CPC line. It could mix a bit of 464 and 6128 line, and have the 3 exclusives from the GX4000. Options to have original palettes and expanded would be a nice feature too. Might be too much to ask for hardware scaling/sliding but it would probably help improve a lot of games! If taito was up for having some of their games on it too it would be great for me at least.
  7. I would argue its more playable now than the business one (wall street) , but the modern combat one (conquest of the world) is the most fun one for "people our age". Although people try to design similar concepts for the original odyssey, given the videopac can handle actual games it's probably a better one to attempt homebrew with too - whether it was intended as a true spiritual successor to the original odysseys board game priority I don't know, but it's nice to think they might have "returned to their roots" at the end of the videopac life.
  8. If you haven't already, make sure you push in all the circuit boards, as they never really had any system for keeping them locked in. My one has an odd issue of the ball slowing down on the right hand side and eventually stopping, but fiddling with the boards fixes the issue. You can know for sure that something is changing by removing a card, it should not be powered when empty as the first part of each card completes the circuit for power. Take advantage of the line move knob on the console to ensure you are getting a clear picture too, as it should move the centre line horizontally on the game cards that have that feature. Good luck! My first thought was that maybe it wasn't fully tuned properly. I discovered my (PAL) TV didn't take rf ntsc signals the hard way, but does take ntsc standards for every other connection mode. A USB rf tuner into a pc is what I use now and it gives the correct signal I can use in OBS to capture or display.
  9. Given how many of us is still looking for a copy of that, your multicart might be next on my list 😛 I didn't think there were more region exclusives than chess commercially available ... I'm sure e5frog can fill us in though...
  10. I don't speak German so I'm happy just having hangman and the others in English I do have Schach though.
  11. For me it's quite simple, one of each game released, whatever its condition. I'm a gamer not a collector by nature, I do have all the UK releases CIB which is nice but it was more a product of good luck and selling doubles than a planned achievement. I've seen what slot machine goes for CIB, it's a price I don't really want to pay! Democart would be nice too, but again not going out of my way to pay a lot of money for it. The fairchild stays plugged into the TV more than most RF consoles, I've developed a love for it more than I do anything else of the period, it'll get plenty of use. I imagine one day e5frog you will have one of literally everything, I'll be happy just having one of each game whatever colour the label is 😛
  12. It was me, I'm in "nearly complete" mode for the channel F and so few are available outside/ship from the US. At least nobody else bidded though, don't want to say it was a 'deal' but it means I just need to look out for checkers now.
  13. Please post the rom up, it's a super dead console, most of the people in this thread have good sized collections and a few of us have (or tried) coded for it too. It's a valid hack, I always wondered why they didn't make the boundaries selectable either. Is your modified ves.h available somewhere too? What changes have you made to it?
  14. I have to admit it is a bit old fashioned to try and increase profit via raising shipping costs. I'm pretty sure ebay still charges for that anyway. 100 seems a lot. I remember when it was pretty common, even for that condition.
  15. Looks like they set some of their items up for international postage, but 22 is still not listed as such. Not sure if that is a manual thing or not, I might be hoping too much for a chance to get it myself.
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