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  1. I've ruined so many cables sticking them anywhere to the point they get tangled. When I'm sensible I put them in individual zip bags when not in use, but usually without wrapping.
  2. Eeep! I should not be allowed around PSUs that aren't obviously what is intended! I'm very glad then I didn't try what I was going to try, but also confused the one I thought would work didn't work. Great! thank you so much.
  3. I've got another stupid psu question. I'm really struggling to find a psu for UK with all the requirements. Does it have to be 1.5a? I've got a 1.2a with the jaguar and even a 1.22a for my replacement gx4000 plug, but nothing 1.5a or more that is centre negative. Anyone else in the UK able to recommend anything?
  4. Still some available, details in the thread quoted, Boojakascha did the hard work, I just paid a lot of money for someone else to make them
  5. Slightly biased perhaps because ps1 I always had scart rgb while n64 has poopy composite only. But yeah, I don't think of n64 when I think about expressive character models, or blended graphics (such as in ff8 when you run around escaping a military base and behind you a intercontinental rocket battery raises out of the ground and goes pew pew pew relatively seemlessly from polygonal graphics to 2d animated).
  6. I think problems porting ps1 games to pc has been an issue though too. When ff8 made its pc download issue (not the original disk version I still own) it was slated for altering nothing to adjust the graphics. On a crt you wouldn't notice anything other than just how well they did with what they had, playing vagrant story with its animated figures, eye blinking and mouth opening, it still looks good on a modern TV - however these games don't always get the adjustments they need when switching from a TV to a monitor. Original ff8 download just looked so wrong, and it's not that the graphics needed HDing (which is another issue of contention when it came to that re'master'!) but that it still needs displaying in the right way. Having said that, and despite the huge saturn fan that I am, the ps1 handled graphics far better than both the n64 and... Reluctantly, the Saturn too.
  7. Sounds like a great idea, when do we start?!?!? Nah this is super impressive achievement, we needed something between fatal labyrinth and Azure dreams and I think this is it. Not that it needs comparison to other games, it's looking a beauty in its own right. Congratulations on selling out all the stock, hope your 2nd run is just as successful! Woo woo super hyped!
  8. Wow! I'm not kidding - have you considered standardising a package to be used in care homes? When the wii came out there was something of a mini-revolution (at least in the UK) about getting elderly and disabled people moving more using Wii remotes - as video games wasn't considered a 'thing' that those people would like to do to pass the time or keep active before the ease of use of a wii system. I'm wondering if this has far reaching applications past the Wii - for one - people likely to now be in these settings were perhaps 2600 users while when the wii came out - residents were likely pre-video games. The possibility for sparking memories for people with dementia, and without using controllers that might be fiddly or cumbersome to use in older age could be ground breaking. I'm wondering if this could be adapted for use for devices like the retron 77 as well. I don't think I'm really the person for this, but I'd be up for trying to spread the word about it in the UK.
  9. Yeah this feels much more comfortable, got to screen 6 (faster levels is possibly 'easier' but causes more risk taking, resulting in more lives lost) - I got about 2500 points but got more in v21 (see attached). The extra wiggle room was good - 5yo was able to clear a screen and a half when he had a go and got 475 points. One thing I noticed and its really minor: sometimes the first green elevator spawns right next to start point, for eager beavers who hold left before graphics is on screen they lose a life straight away.
  10. I had a go after posting before, I think the last version I played or remember is v14, player feels smoother to move, elevators run a bit slower which makes it easier around the top and bottom rows, death sound and life graphics look good. I think I was able to clear 3 screens when I had a go. Regarding my own progress, I managed to get started on my next game, which is Clay Pigeon Shooting, another port from the Tele-Spiel ES-2201 - If I can put what I've learnt into action it might be done tonight, but possibly not!
  11. Thanks, yes sorry the code was me trying to work out how to update a position using just plot for a single pixel before I started using blit for entire graphics. I wrongly assumed there was some issue with the increment but now I understand I simply wasn't delaying the process long enough to stop a keypress being registered as continuous. Even switching that line to li 255 shows that it is drawing a line as intended - just too quick. I've got something to work on now, thanks! I can now work on optimising/simplifying it now I know what went wrong. Edit: Yes, that did the job thanks, I finally have a moving pixel, and checked and block for out of bounds. Exciting times!
  12. Elevator Events not in Timerous confirmed, oh well, it was a nice thought! And yes, I would love Elevator Events on cartridge! Ok I need help, I'm trying to understand how to make something "move" I've only been trying for the last 2 or 3 years. I thought I cracked it, but it doesn't work, I'm trying to start with the most basic (single pixel) plot and I'll go from there, I'm not even trying to wipe the old location yet. I've attached what I think is about as basic as it can get. So rom loads up, it stores colour, x and y values in r1, r2 and r3. All good so far. Ok then I check for a button press, if that happens, I want the x value to increase by 1 and let it plot again. I've tried inc, ai 1 and ai %11111111 for -1 but whatever I try, the entire row gets coloured instead of the one pixel. If I do li %[number] and inc that immediately, it works (but then I'm loading a static number again, not the one I thought was saved). I'm going a bit mad - how much more complicated is it to save a number? What am I doing wrong? Expected result: a red pixel appears after pressing fire (a key in MESS) next to the first pixel. Actual result: whole row gets painted red pixelmove.asm
  13. Mostly the usual but... Galaxian on 2600 as it was my first game ever I owned myself. Final fantasy VII on ps1, this was in part due to my first girlfriend. She had 6 knights of the round, all grown legitimately. Lol. Final fantasy XII on ps2. I actually 100% this and got order of ambrosia. I was the original speed runner for Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn, but I easily already hit over 100 hours for both games before speed running them. PDS WR is now held by a Japanese woman who had never played it before speed running it, and SF streamers like Bowie the hero has finally taken out my Record for SF III Azure Dreams on ps1, absolutely fantastic rogue like, replaying it now while I wait for the new Jaguar homebrew game KoE. Sim city 2000 on saturn. Played that game like crazy. Original on snes as well easily got that many hours. Does skyrim count? I only really bothered to play it on pc but it's been on various consoles by now. There will be other rpgs I've played more than 100 hours in, but only listed the main ones here for me.
  14. Just as we get lucky every few years with a new snes cart that has one of the unripped online download games, we'll look back in 20 or 30 years at people's ps3 and other systems with Download only games you can't find anywhere else. Will some games be lost for all eternity? Certainly, but I think we'll still do a good job of preserving games generally. The investment lie has destroyed collecting legitimately for me as people choose to buy games they have no intention of playing but I'm in no rush to sell on or dump my current collection. I think even ten years ago I genuinely believed I might get a full saturn collection, among other systems. I will probably still attempt PAL collections of 1st, 2nd and smaller 3rd gen consoles, but I know there is a sensible limit now that I won't be able to ever breach. Perhaps when disk rot becomes a real thing I'll get the chance to buy those games too.
  15. I got my ps2 out again the other day, actually it was to play Wipeout Fusion as its the first game in the series with zone mode that I really enjoy, and I have played it a bit but what I've done now is finally tested out my mcboot memory card. Of course having a brick pal ps2 nothing is ever simple so I have ended up just external hard driving some game mods of ps1 in the end (getting an ethernet to usb adapter now, but at the moment I'm running on USB 1.1 speed...). I've patched Azure Dreams with the (De-) Randomizer to add the extra features and more random elements, and I've also got the mod patch for Vagrant Story to make it harder. I've always wanted to try those kinds of alterations, but get put off of just playing it on my laptop, so being able to play it on real hardware finally gave me the get up and go to play these games again with the modded content. I'll probably have a go at some of the others too, including the FFs. Again, this is stuff that wouldn't come naturally to any official release and would have to be modded in yet again, but it means ps1 games is going to get a new lease of life for me.
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