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  1. A couple of days ago I tried to start back up on Channel F development to get something "moving" on the screen. I failed miserably and sulked.


    I think I could make music keyboard program though, it just wont have anything on screen change.

    1. pacman000


      I'm sorry. Is it an weird system to program?

    2. Mikebloke


      its probably just me to be honest, assembly for it is similar to consoles that came out around the same time, but being earlier than the 2600 there is a few other oddities to take note of, a bit more you have to do yourself (no player0 player1 easy manipulation of movement - everything on screen has to be repainted over, location stored and then painted somewhere else).


      I've got a lot of things down:


      I can wipe the screen

      I can change colours of things

      I can paint a picture on the screen

      I can register controller and console presses and branch if pressed

      I can make beeps happen


      So I'm nearly there

    3. doctorclu


      I think it is cool that you are programming, or trying to, for the Channel F.   I've been interested in learning more as well.

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