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  1. Right, here we go, a "version 1" of Clay Pigeon Shooting, a port from the Tele-Spiel ES-2201.


    This game is now 1 or 2 player. Right player uses up and down to aim, push button to fire missile.


    Left player (or left to its own devices) the target on the left side automatically drops down the screen, but is able to do two things, either move left or right, or speed up/down. Left and right controls is... left and right. speed up is either twist right on left controller or button 3 on console (for those playing 1 player) and speed down is... you've guessed it, twist left on the left controller or button 2 on the console.


    Collision is determined if the bullet hits the target on its right most edge, meaning if you shoot too early the bullet will go through the target but not register as a hit.


    I've based this purely on the video that's available of the Tele-Spiel ES-2201 and its games, so I've attempted to make it "playable" while looking similar to the original.


    I think there could be some minor improvements to it to make it as close as possible to the original. Like Ghost Chaser, I can imagine a few alternative features to make it "better" while keeping the original idea of the game intact.


    My next project is to port the "autoslalom" game, which is like a poor man's night driver or a rich man's Grand Prix.


  2. 3 hours ago, Fragmare said:

    Made a Channel F thing...

    GB Tetris - Type-A Theme (Fairchild Channel F Chiptune Cover)


    I'm impressed anyone is able to make anything sound like something with a possible 3 beep noises, so congrats! 



    On the clay pigeon shooting front, I was able to easily restrict the player movement from looping, I was also able to make what is as close as I would call collision detection without feeling it was a complete lie, I only got two more things to do. I wrote a bunch of lines for the speed alteration (which I'm making both player 2 twist option and on console keys option) which I smuggly thought I fully understood my ci from my ni and my li from my lr at this point, and of course managed to crash the whole thing. So bit of work still to be done! And then I will need to make it so player 2 can move the target left and right slightly for more difficulty for player 1 to hit it. The collision detection should compensate for this too so once this bit is done the game is finished, just a matter of when I get another couple of hours to have a good go at it.


    I know what I'm working on is a bit pants compared to what others have managed so far with the channel F, but doing these ports has been an interesting learning experience and has actually got me to the point where... Something works. 

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  3. I have to admit I've been powering it from batteries since I got mine, still the first set as well. I think mine did have a replacement battery case, but I think that was a long time ago too! 


    I've had issues with getting PAL / uk tvs to get a signal too. I tried all sorts including VHS players, but sadly they were all PAL signals only. An RF to USB was the only thing I could find. 


    But this is the other thing, I got a device that had a 'modern' wire that connects direct to RF. A lot of models had the very very very old system of two wires that you screwed into to make a connection on the back of the TV. There is ways of making your own RF cable, to circumvent a pre-mid 70s invention of the RF port. I don't even know if European tvs even had screws for cable wires back then! Perhaps we did too I just never seen it. 


    Boojakascha is a better person to follow advice on than me though, I'm just glad my device even works, with the occasional use of board pulling and reinserting! 

  4. I did wonder about moving! I totally used this many times and noticed the hit ratio refreshed. Glad to see I wasn't dreaming it! I think it's a cool little feature. These games focus on strategy and defence and having defencive strategies pay off is good to hear. 


    I usually made the to hit and damage scores go up 2 before switching, but it depends on other scores. I didn't do it until I got to the 10 crown mark but since then I did partake in poison if my starting stats weren't good. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

    This keypad thing doesn’t exist, right? Is there a known prototype or is it just a marketing idea?


    As e5frog said, none actually made. Which is a big shame. Nothing stopping us making new ones I guess, could easily be mapped to the existing buttons. 4 directional, 2 twists and 2 for pull and push. Not sure on the details of the port but presumably the other buttons would have to be mapped for up and right, etc to get the other numbers, unless it can handle the 4 console buttons mapped via controller port? 

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  6. Lots of other Fairchild Channel F threads about at the moment that this got pushed down to the second page of the Classic Console section!


    I never got round to working on that next game, but today was a good chance, so I've spent a few hours on it, and despite a 5yo dancing around me I think I've done alright.




    This is my first test version of Clay Pigeon Shooting, another port from the Tele-Spiel ES-2201. I had to learn how to use plot properly so I actually made a basic version of pixel movement to get me going. I'll include code and compiled version for that in case anyone wants to play around with having something actually move on the screen which was one of my biggest blockers. Once you get used to using plot, blit and blitGraphic, the Channel F is much easier to play with - and that's what I've been working on for this game. The last one I only used blitGraphic, where everything was preset - but now I got a better handle of plot and blit themselves I know how to handle moving graphics a bit better.


    This version is incomplete for now - I need to do a few more things - first collision detection when bullet hits the target and make the target disappear. second I need to make it so second player can move the target left and right a little, finally I need to make a way of adjusting the speed of the target moving down. Other than that, I think everything else is in. Actually, I need to stop player 1 from going too far up and down, guess that's 4 things.


    This is currently only one player, once the above is in its technically either 1 or 2 player. Player 1 can move up or down, but not left and right. pushing the button down will fire a missile. You can only fire one missile at a time. The aim is to shoot the target on the left hand side that falls down the screen. I believe the instructions in the original game say to try and get 10 targets, but the game itself had no score tracking - you needed to record it yourself in an honesty system.


    For those interested in trying to get something moving on a screen for Fairchild Channel F, here is a basic moving pixel you can play with:




    Might get some time later today or tomorrow to finish Clay Pigeon Shooting, then the next goal will be the 'Auto Slalom' game of moving a car between swirly lines. From there, I'll either take an attempt to do Squash as well (as there isn't technically a squash program for the Channel F yet...) and then maybe add all the Tele-Spiel ES-2201 into one rom if I think I'm brave enough.

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  7. The GX4000 has an on light on the system as well, so when you've plugged in your power supply (make sure it's the right port! There is two very similar sized ports and it can be easy to plug it into the wrong one) and turn it on there should be a light to indicate it has actually booted up.


    There is no special key combination or selection needed, so if a scart cable is in the port it should recognise that signal. As the GX4000 has a female scart port as standard, normally any male to male rgb scart cable will work for most people.


    With your monitor remember that it'll be pulling a PAL signal from the system so as stupus mentioned remember it'll be a European standard, not NTSC from Japan. The scart to RGB will need to convert that PAL signal to whatever your monitor is able to use. 


    The final thing to remember is that there is French models of the system, they are apparently identified easily by a lack of RF port. I presume French models would be SECAM not PAL, which might add to complications. 

  8. On 11/23/2021 at 6:27 PM, Sohl said:

    Question for @zhorton or perhaps others... these new Magnavox Odyssey homebrews... is it true that at least some of them are using a new circuit game card/cartridge along with new screen overlays and accessories, or are they all just re-implementations on one of the original game card/cartridge set? I would think the range of possible alternate games possible with new plug-in cards would be fairly small, but I'm curious how it could-be/is-being done and how much is possible in the future. My family had an original Odyssey system when I was young, so the new publicity online of the original games has been nostalgic for me and the new game development is really amazing!

    Yes the stuff that zhorton knocks out on a regular basis include added circuitry to the card to allow for more complex behaviours. This is manipulation of what the console is doing already but in clever ways. The multicard that Boojakascha developed only turns things on and off like the original cards do, but can create a few new unique combinations. It's more 'versitile' than the custom cards but the custom cards are more exciting. The multicards do have the ability to add extra circuitry to it for those that are technical enough however.


    There is some shooting mechanics possible, and some of the stuff zhorton and crew have come up with is probably about as good as it gets without modifying the inside of the console. 


    There is a bit more we can get out the system, but there is a limit of what it can handle. That limitation is what draws many of us to make homebrew for it, each new feature development brings new wonders to a console that for commercial reasons were stripped of opportunity at the time. I try to imagine the bucket filling game and how it would have appeared (in colour!) had it not been for cost analysis forcing it to be cut. Would features like that have been enough to push it further? Would it have got copy cat, licensed and clone devices that pong got? I don't know. The introduction of Fairchild and the RCA studio II would have probably happened anyway but perhaps the odyssey could have been milked better in its 3-4 year headstart had the risk been taken. 

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  9. 21 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

    I am really looking forward to the Analogue Pocket. Should have mine this month (but the Lynx adapters are still in production).


    I would be so into a modern FPGA HDMI 2600 or preferably 7800 with full compatibility. I love my weekly screen time with the CRT but they will probably not survive forever…

    OK I'm jealous, I was one of the people who sat for that 90 seconds of hell at the delivery screen and never completed it. Was at a family meeting and totally got my phone out in the hopes of snapping it up! 


    It did feel like the retron 77 was a missed trick of supporting 7800 games, but hey ho. Re-release/late release of 7800 games in a similar vein to these 2600 ones would have possibly worked if there was more availability to play them. There numerous ways of playing 2600 games. Perhaps technology will get to a point where custom prints are available and affordable. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, K3V said:


    Congrats! Well done. I haven't had another go yet but I think I'll have a go at some point with a challenge run or something (though I say that, it sometimes took me a few hours to get a decent position to get past level 5!)

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  11. 17 hours ago, neobium said:

    With Zuckerberg's big push toward the Metaverse, there's a lot of money that's going to be behind moving life - not just gaming - into the VR space. If they can force a tipping point, things could change dramatically. It remains to be seen.


    To your remark about price: most of my games, I have paid maybe US $6 or $7 for. Is the cost of everything that much higher in the UK, or are games just that much higher? Is there a smaller supply of games there?


    I think a VR dominated world is a pipedream. Is VR getting better and more common? Sure, but gaming globally is weighted towards the countries that can afford it, and the standards are based on that. As master system and mega drive dominated the South American scene for years, the idea of a VR global dominance is a pipe dream until its economically attainable for most people. What did happen is that everyone ended up getting a mobile phone, and mobile gaming became a much bigger thing. PC and console usage is still low in many countries in the world. If mobiles were used to power a VR headset then there is some chance, but I don't think we're there yet as the power technology of the really expensive phones has not trickled down to medium and budget priced phones yet. 


    And yes, supply and demand and VAT push prices up, at least here. Hard to find games under £10 ($13-14) for any pre-PS3 console game. 

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  12. All original Amiga CD32 pads need to be destroyed. 


    I've voted surprise surprise for the Fairchild channel F controller. With twists and pull and push like it's a bop it, it's quite versatile, later versions of it as a converted device for the 2600 had a rapid fire button as well that looks adequately placed. 


    I dunno why, I just like it. 


    Other controllers I like:



    Sega saturn (original)

    And yes, gamecube

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  13. I think I agree with most of it, but a bit jealous of the alleged £7.43 or less you guys pay for a retro video game (wow! can't believe I pay a lot more than that for my games!).


    There are plenty of reasons why younger people can appreciate older (or older styled) stuff. Their reasons for liking it can be totally different for the reasons we do, and yes, at some point it eventually becomes "ancient" and what "old people used to do" even when its living memory for us (haha!).


    Even though I am an avid gamer, and likely play games most days of the week - there are whole sections I am not in or don't understand - such as Eve Online - League of Legends - Second Life - and those other early VR/3D environments where people buy and sell made up objects in a game for substantial amounts of real money, in some cases more money than I currently owe the bank to live in the house I'm in that will require my remaining working years to continue paying off said house so I can retire then rely on equity release to pay for care in my old age.


    Is the future VR? Possibly, it makes sense. We've gone a long way since the beginning of the internet and virtual spaces that are multi-layered with physical dimensions being implemented into digital dimensions is the obvious extension from the traditional discussion board system (like this), IRC chat rooms, and webcam roulette websites that have come before now. Personally, as someone who works with children, I imagine it will become a safeguarding nightmare waiting to happen, but hey ho. 


    When it comes to gaming, I think we'll continue to see VR in a limited capacity, I still don't think VR games will become the norm. Some games may offer a VR effect but not be the intended playstyle - but I can't imagine a huge push to drag everyone into it. For a start, a lot of people get seasickness from it. Hell, the Wife who has spent countless hours playing Skyrim in her time can't stand open world environments now because THAT makes her seasick - and those aren't even in VR. Technology continues to reinvent our lives, and there is times amazing benefits that comes with it, but the "hand controller" has been around from the start, and its still here.

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  14. 5 hours ago, ls650 said:

    I'm really enjoying my copy. I've been playing it maybe 2 hours a day since I received it a week ago, and there's still plenty of play in it.


    One thing that I haven't seen posters other mention are the controls.  I think the button layout used is really good.  Once you've played it for a few minutes, the controls become very intuitive and they just flow nicely.


    Out of curiosity, I searched on eBay to see if anyone was charging exorbitant prices for a copy of Kings of Edom, and I found this T-shirt, which also outlines all the names of the crowns used in the game!  :D






    Yes on the control side of things, it's very easy to handle and the 3 main buttons and 2 menu buttons are mapped nicely for all the features. I don't have a pro controller, but my understanding is that would help even more to make it smooth. I do struggle a bit with pressing the map button on my standard controller but I'm not a natural with the jaguar pad. 

  15. Still playing it most days, I'm a glutton for punishment so this game does me just fine ;) throughly recommend for anyone who was a fan of fatal labyrinth, and to be honest if you weren't a super fan of the game and just want to see what a more polished and nicer looking version of it would look like... Kings of Edom is that. When the second run comes, get your copy! 

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  16. Hand held

    Built in games

    TV connection


    Ahhh! Rare to find all three. Closest you might get is the evercade which you can get 'new' games for. Packages like this gives you a few sets of games. TV output by hdmi (though I guess you could convert down to av if needed).




    I believe some of the atari flashback portable models might have some av/composite out. See this thread for the complications:



    Alternatively there is the switch. 


  17. I don't have anything made for the 2600 that's worth stealing but I'd say anyone who has ever made a homebrew for the system better keep an eye on this practice to make sure they don't get sidelined from this ebay style hijacking. I get the current games are slightly dubious instead of completely dubious, but if this is an idea that sticks... 

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  18. Thanks to everyone who has recently purchased a multicard, new buyers please note the updated message at the top of the first post:


    There is about 6-8 units remaining ONLY


    A second batch is not impossible, but not likely in a speedy fashion. If there is anyone who is interested in getting one, I strongly suggest contacting me soon to avoid disappointment.


    Please message me here on the forum if you want to order before sending money across. I cannot guarantee now that all orders can be fulfilled by simply sending me money... please check I have some first!


    The range is 6-8 because I never like to have zero left in case any issues with transport - I would also like to keep a couple myself to be saved in case we need it to replicate (though I do have the files) and if I need to resend one of the last orders for any reason. Touch wood, every single unit so far has found its home safely.


    Thank you for everyone's support!

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