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  1. I first thought that but I believe it should be read as the games they have in their collection is CIB rather than owning the whole library CIB (which is still an achievement no matter how much money you have!)
  2. Yeah definitely a mega lo mania fan, I still play it a lot on snes and mega drive... Never played the amiga version though, I'm such a heretic.
  3. Absolutely this is a great solution to save on buying another console with its own box, wires, controllers ect. I think the price of the converter has slowly gone up with time but should still be cheaper than the console itself.
  4. It's still a nice list, though I would say you are missing out on some classic experiences with some of the other consoles. Master system when accounting for officially licenced models such as its Brazil licence sold more than saturn and dreamcast together, and definitely a recommended console in my opinion. Depends what you want to do though, it might be that you want a solid list of games for the consoles you have now and I think that's fair enough. You can always get more later
  5. Yesterday did one run to floor 10 for an hour, but no crowns. Today did two hours and got to end of floor 12 again with only one prior death on floor 2. 2 more crowns, one more left!
  6. No tax paid, it delivered by royal mail direct. I know the system is complicated, so I don't know whether postage covers some of that. I paid the extra for tracked/insured. All legit, package is all done as required.
  7. Yeah sega PSUs and Jaguar ones are noisy but sometimes dial down after they warm up. But having it effect picture as well is a fair sign it's starting to effect more than it should, using a replacement seems like a fair solution for those of us not electronically competent.
  8. XD my first play was about an hour, but disturbed by a child dancing around me. The second one was probably about 3 hours, mostly the one run through all the levels got lucky I think with some good starter stats and some magic, followed by a lot of painful level 2-4 deaths.
  9. 8 out of 11, I managed to clear all the levels, just going for the other crowns now.
  10. Just finished my first go at the game only on one crown so far, I've got to level 4 a couple of times and 5 I think once. High score is in the 1700s at the moment. Died on level 1 first time, hit level 5 with one crown the second, had a few silly deaths and then reached level 4 again before succumbing to a troll and a goblin at the same time. I've been keeping hit ratio and searching on most of the time and flipping others as needed, depending on how my character spawned (had one with low mana so had to up that pretty quickly). I've played through fatal labyrinth and it's master system/game gear varient, and I've played enough Azure Dreams for two lifetimes. Think I'm going to have to employ some speed run type tactics to avoid fights, the movable blocks gives lots of tactical advantages - one of the features I'm most happy is in the game!
  11. Successful delivery to the United Kingdom 👍 just finishing work and I'll open it up and give it a shot!
  12. Mine managed to pass both Denmark and London today which is interesting, hopefully I haven't got long now!
  13. Already received a reply, both ROM and ISO for Xeno Crisis on Neo Geo should hopefully be coming out in the next couple of weeks after they send out the next batch of physical copies! No confirmation of price yet but I think I'll be picking it up for sure.
  14. Thanks, I've emailed them so I'll reply back if I get a response!
  15. Fair play for them doing this. I've got all these games on my 7800 but I'd totally buy them on pc as well if I could.
  16. Can't believe I'm saying this, but perhaps super mario bros for the nes. Platformers existed before, but I dont think they were the same level of fun before smb1 and it defined the genre forevermore. We still have people to this day trying to cram out those last few frame skips of what is a technically quite amazing job they did at the time with nes hardware. Now I love to poop on Nintendo hardware (except the financial failure ones I love but nobody else did) but what they did with smb1 was amazing. I think about all the side scrolling games that have come since, even if they aren't strictly Platformers (looking at you gunstar heroes and metal slug) and see where the influence of how to do the game has come from. Ghosts and goblins came out a few months before, and it's a great game, but I don't think it gets the same level of credit which is a super shame, so perhaps that should get the credit over smb1.
  17. I've moved the AES into the bedroom, there is more chance of it being played now away from the eyes of children! I've managed to finish the Super Spy (I won't admit how many continues I used for that one!) and I also had a go at league bowling (fun little game for a short time) and also had a play through of Blues Journey that I think I'll play again. Regarding Xeno Crisis, is there a good chance they'll sell the rom like they have done for the other console versions? I'm up for buying that, but £300 is a bit out of my price range for a cart when I could pay a tenth for the CD version!
  18. Got my email this morning. Super hyped, jealous of the locals who will be getting it this week
  19. OK the psu works, screen on the cart turns on. Can select a game. Says to turn on the console, which I do and I get... Asteroids. Tried looking at the thread and don't think anyone else has had the same issue. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong now? XD Edit: stupidity confirmed. I hadn't pushed it hard enough into the console...
  20. Sorry got my plasterer in this week probably won't be able to test before Friday night.
  21. I've ruined so many cables sticking them anywhere to the point they get tangled. When I'm sensible I put them in individual zip bags when not in use, but usually without wrapping.
  22. Eeep! I should not be allowed around PSUs that aren't obviously what is intended! I'm very glad then I didn't try what I was going to try, but also confused the one I thought would work didn't work. Great! thank you so much.
  23. I've got another stupid psu question. I'm really struggling to find a psu for UK with all the requirements. Does it have to be 1.5a? I've got a 1.2a with the jaguar and even a 1.22a for my replacement gx4000 plug, but nothing 1.5a or more that is centre negative. Anyone else in the UK able to recommend anything?
  24. Still some available, details in the thread quoted, Boojakascha did the hard work, I just paid a lot of money for someone else to make them
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