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  1. I think a VR dominated world is a pipedream. Is VR getting better and more common? Sure, but gaming globally is weighted towards the countries that can afford it, and the standards are based on that. As master system and mega drive dominated the South American scene for years, the idea of a VR global dominance is a pipe dream until its economically attainable for most people. What did happen is that everyone ended up getting a mobile phone, and mobile gaming became a much bigger thing. PC and console usage is still low in many countries in the world. If mobiles were used to power a VR headset then there is some chance, but I don't think we're there yet as the power technology of the really expensive phones has not trickled down to medium and budget priced phones yet. And yes, supply and demand and VAT push prices up, at least here. Hard to find games under £10 ($13-14) for any pre-PS3 console game.
  2. All original Amiga CD32 pads need to be destroyed. I've voted surprise surprise for the Fairchild channel F controller. With twists and pull and push like it's a bop it, it's quite versatile, later versions of it as a converted device for the 2600 had a rapid fire button as well that looks adequately placed. I dunno why, I just like it. Other controllers I like: Turbografx Sega saturn (original) And yes, gamecube
  3. Unfortunately I'm not technically minded enough to contribute any advice, but feels like there is still some chance of saving this unit! Good luck!
  4. I think I agree with most of it, but a bit jealous of the alleged £7.43 or less you guys pay for a retro video game (wow! can't believe I pay a lot more than that for my games!). There are plenty of reasons why younger people can appreciate older (or older styled) stuff. Their reasons for liking it can be totally different for the reasons we do, and yes, at some point it eventually becomes "ancient" and what "old people used to do" even when its living memory for us (haha!). Even though I am an avid gamer, and likely play games most days of the week - there are whole sections I am not in or don't understand - such as Eve Online - League of Legends - Second Life - and those other early VR/3D environments where people buy and sell made up objects in a game for substantial amounts of real money, in some cases more money than I currently owe the bank to live in the house I'm in that will require my remaining working years to continue paying off said house so I can retire then rely on equity release to pay for care in my old age. Is the future VR? Possibly, it makes sense. We've gone a long way since the beginning of the internet and virtual spaces that are multi-layered with physical dimensions being implemented into digital dimensions is the obvious extension from the traditional discussion board system (like this), IRC chat rooms, and webcam roulette websites that have come before now. Personally, as someone who works with children, I imagine it will become a safeguarding nightmare waiting to happen, but hey ho. When it comes to gaming, I think we'll continue to see VR in a limited capacity, I still don't think VR games will become the norm. Some games may offer a VR effect but not be the intended playstyle - but I can't imagine a huge push to drag everyone into it. For a start, a lot of people get seasickness from it. Hell, the Wife who has spent countless hours playing Skyrim in her time can't stand open world environments now because THAT makes her seasick - and those aren't even in VR. Technology continues to reinvent our lives, and there is times amazing benefits that comes with it, but the "hand controller" has been around from the start, and its still here.
  5. No it's just the crown screen. I've purposely not shown anything you wouldn't already see if you had 0-10 crowns.
  6. I hope Dennis is going to be adequately compensated for any collaboration he commits to. I'm still a bit nervous about where this goes from here. It's kind of grey already.
  7. Yes on the control side of things, it's very easy to handle and the 3 main buttons and 2 menu buttons are mapped nicely for all the features. I don't have a pro controller, but my understanding is that would help even more to make it smooth. I do struggle a bit with pressing the map button on my standard controller but I'm not a natural with the jaguar pad.
  8. This seems to fit all three of the criteria, has a second controller option which is a bonus and is dirt cheap, looks like this is a winner!
  9. Still playing it most days, I'm a glutton for punishment so this game does me just fine throughly recommend for anyone who was a fan of fatal labyrinth, and to be honest if you weren't a super fan of the game and just want to see what a more polished and nicer looking version of it would look like... Kings of Edom is that. When the second run comes, get your copy!
  10. Hand held Built in games TV connection Ahhh! Rare to find all three. Closest you might get is the evercade which you can get 'new' games for. Packages like this gives you a few sets of games. TV output by hdmi (though I guess you could convert down to av if needed). https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8448420?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=c290d9a9-b5d6-423c-841d-2a559621874c&istItemId=imlatapwq&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:534-693-8244|cid:9548734224|agid:97250267985|tid:pla-1300723097250|crid:422732075036|nw:g|rnd:3696084733441623651|dvc:m|adp:|mt:|loc:1006904&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=9548734224&utm_term=8448420&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=97250267985&utm_custom2=534-693-8244&GPDP=true&gclid=CjwKCAiA7dKMBhBCEiwAO_crFD85O_GWMWA-xjSUs2ylF8P8cSn6jxZZdmiZDMkEL9EFq9Y-wwGrNhoCpH4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I believe some of the atari flashback portable models might have some av/composite out. See this thread for the complications: Alternatively there is the switch.
  11. I don't have anything made for the 2600 that's worth stealing but I'd say anyone who has ever made a homebrew for the system better keep an eye on this practice to make sure they don't get sidelined from this ebay style hijacking. I get the current games are slightly dubious instead of completely dubious, but if this is an idea that sticks...
  12. Thanks to everyone who has recently purchased a multicard, new buyers please note the updated message at the top of the first post: There is about 6-8 units remaining ONLY A second batch is not impossible, but not likely in a speedy fashion. If there is anyone who is interested in getting one, I strongly suggest contacting me soon to avoid disappointment. Please message me here on the forum if you want to order before sending money across. I cannot guarantee now that all orders can be fulfilled by simply sending me money... please check I have some first! The range is 6-8 because I never like to have zero left in case any issues with transport - I would also like to keep a couple myself to be saved in case we need it to replicate (though I do have the files) and if I need to resend one of the last orders for any reason. Touch wood, every single unit so far has found its home safely. Thank you for everyone's support!
  13. Thanks! It looks nice. Its not a system I know much about but 'Dragon Force' (not to be confused with sega saturn one) looks like a nice Shining Force clone.
  14. Would have been nice for the alternative version to be dumped. I think I have the boring purse word version though as I think id remember the dinkier machine version. Not sure which one I prefer!
  15. My wife says she likes me playing it because the sound is cute XD
  16. Its all comparitive though, if you were used to 60hz and NTSC speed games, you notice the difference going to 50hz PAL. If you are European and you've only ever played in PAL and games that were in 576i, that's all you've ever known and seeing 480 resolution you wonder where all the lines have gone. Realistically for most people these days a lot of rom carts function fine with other region roms in displaying something, even if the timing is slightly off. Region locking includes anything from simply refusing to play at all to making the carts a different shape so it wouldn't fit without modification. As always, N64 gets the lose because it reads region from the rom not the console, I can play ntsc games just fine on my N64 as long as I have it connected to another device before it goes into my TV to convert the signal away from NTSC otherwise its just black and white and looks even uglier than it usually does. I have 2 consoles, one that is definitely NTSC-J as its a Japanese neo geo Aes, and my turbografx that might be NTSC rather than PAL as there was only a very limited release for UK and mine was modified by previous owner. After that, I don't think I have any issues playing NTSC games on anything except specific games other than the N64 issue highlighted above. I've wondered about getting different region consoles and for the most part I don't think I'll bother at all. The closest one I've considered to getting is sega saturn as I can't for the life of me get the English translation of Dragon Force 2 to work on any system I've used so far and it might be specific to PAL / European machines.
  17. I would be curious to know if anyone else has found crowns without messages too, I've done a few runs now all the way to level 12 with no messages, so no last crown yet. I have to admit I don't tend to search every floor, so that might be something I need to do next time, even if it's a case of going back down.
  18. CEX prices used to be attractive. Usually you would expect a slight markup for rarer games but with the bonus that if there was a copy anywhere in the country, you could get it. Trade prices used to be good. But at some point things changed. 50p became the minimum price for everything including shovelware, which meant they started only offering a penny for them in cash and something like 5-10 in exchange. I used to work there for a bit before this happened, staff discount was something like 15% once you passed probation, a little less before that. It was OK discount and of course you could eye up what was coming. Got some nice games while I was there but with the prices now its mad. I go there mostly to have a laugh now. Abandoned? No, close to giving up? Yes. I think I found the sweet spot of realising just because I can afford to buy games I couldn't as a poor person doesn't mean I should. To me games still have 'value' beyond rarity, such as if its worth playing for the cost being offered, and how much I'm likely to play it. I'm glad I got large early system collections now, because those things are getting rarer by the month. The prices for common systems and games now though, questionable how long I'll keep up with it. At my bad point I was buying at least a game a day. Now I buy less than 1 a month in physical (not including homebrew, which I'm now leaning more and more towards). I'm likely to prioritise games I cant get anywhere else, such as homebrew and ones that don't run nicely on romcarts or other devices. Regarding original topic, we lost the guy in aflecks Palace in Manchester awhile ago, which had some uncommon stuff. The pawn shop near Arndale also closed and I know they tried to flog their stuff on other sites for a long time before they closed as well. Their stuff was definitely above average price but often there was things I've never seen anywhere else (PAL Ghost in the Shell Ps1 anyone?). Granger Games also closed down, they had various shops across North West England, all gone. I still amused me when I took a game to the counter and they gave me a sealed one back. CeX is pretty much it in most of the UK now.
  19. I don't mind, I love these style of games. I've already been thinking what kind of challenge runs I can do after. 'Fruitarian' run where I only pick what's on the ground and not buy anything is one possible game!
  20. I've been playing, but dying XD get to level 5-7 sometimes but no final crown yet.
  21. Thanks for this, I've only checked the first few seconds because... I want to experience it for myself. What I've seen already looks great and looks very presentable... Looking forward to its release!
  22. I first thought that but I believe it should be read as the games they have in their collection is CIB rather than owning the whole library CIB (which is still an achievement no matter how much money you have!)
  23. Yeah definitely a mega lo mania fan, I still play it a lot on snes and mega drive... Never played the amiga version though, I'm such a heretic.
  24. Absolutely this is a great solution to save on buying another console with its own box, wires, controllers ect. I think the price of the converter has slowly gone up with time but should still be cheaper than the console itself.
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