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  1. In celebration of the 40th anniversary (can you believe its today!?) of the original Puck/Pac man location testing, on 22nd of May 1980, I am releasing my latest Magnavox Odyssey homebrew Puck Man! With everything going on the Odyssey homebrew scene, and myself ordering a set of multicards for the system I hadn't had time to focus on my own projects, but this was one I was inadvertently started recently, thinking about what other games could be done with the limitations of the system. I also wanted to poke a little fun at what kind of game could be multiplayer but potentially socially distancing compliant (an oxymoron?!) The Odyssey controllers have fairly long wires, so you could actually do this... This may also be the first 3 player Odyssey game (quote me if I'm wrong!) I've attached the ruleset, some overlays (including an enlarged version) and the "accessory" you will need to attach to something so you can use it as a pointer to indicate the position of Puck Man. This is a little bit of fun, so not to be taken too seriously! As this is a licensed franchise of Namco, I will not be selling any copies of this. There is other users who do produce physical copies of homebrew who might be able to make one for you at cost, as long as they make it clear the price is to produce the box and overlay, and not the sale of Namco's owned content. Pac man is a trademark of Namco, blady blah blah etc you get the picture. * PS: With the above stuff going on and Ramadan still ongoing, I've had to rush some of this. I have also moved from windows 8 to 10 with a new laptop, and switched from openoffice to Office2019 (wow, I feel human again!) I also tried to manually make a maze, but realised it would be better to just use a grid based program to "paint" a maze with objects. This also means I can adapt and include a number of mazes quickly, which I might well do in a few days for some maze variation. Some of what I've uploaded might need tidying up so I will attempt to do that too. I have not tested the sizes yet on a real tv, but followed the same sizing as my other homebrew game. I will check into real sizes another time, but wanted this out before the day was done! Puck Man (Odyssey) Demake.odt
  2. Jaguar in the UK with 5 games, think 4 was boxed went for £225 recently. I did consider bidding on it but my own little project was potentially going to put me in the red after having to buy a new laptop, so I didn't bid. The seller had 0 rep as it was a new account that probably helped it a lot. Normally sellers expect that for a damaged boxed jaguar, sometimes not even complete or with cybermorth. Regarding younger collectors, I'm afraid to say there is still very committed collectors. There is one kid I know who delights in telling me about his jaguar knowing its the only retro system he has that I don't (outside a nuon, neo geo aes, it's the only retro console I don't have!), he will stupidly follow my footsteps and try to find and buy everything. A few more people I know are being smart and only collecting for one system or company (good luck Nintendoids!). I feel I may well wait, generate a good pit of money and one day try and go for a bigger set, perhaps including a CD, there have been times where it was possible but I chose to be sensible and keep my money. The price does limit, but apparently people still pay so it will still be awhile before I grab one.
  3. As someone who has enough devices that use scart to fill that board I overwhelmingly approve. Can't believe new tvs no longer support it! I tried to do a similar shelving setup with something from aldi. It's essentially a 3x3 grid with the top three not split, so it's 6 boxes and a full row. That's good as a lot of the bigger stuff I have (like the g7000 videopac) doesn't fit in a cube. It's the first thing I've seen that did the job I wanted. I had thought about adding additional shelves as none of the consoles that do fit in the cubes need to be that big, I could easily double the capacity using that.
  4. I would say so, but everyone has their own methods of systemising it. I track my collections by region of release, because with most consoles there is region locking, or games that didnt reach here in the UK, it wouldn't be games I was expected to find when they were released if they were only found in Germany for example. Chess for the channel F is a good case of this as it never officially released in English - slightly ironic perhaps as the F8 was specifically developed for such high level processes and was eventually used for many electronic chess games that released afterwards. The console was essentially a big advertisement banner to say "buy our chip!",which people ultimately did, just not for the console market. My spreadsheets is divided into: UK as that's where I live Europe - PAL games traditionally, many often are still in English. I might also include Australian in this United States - also in English, but from 3rd gen onwards has lockout Other - Japan being the obvious, but Brazil is also notable. My personal logic is to base it on my practical ability to play. My collections are based on them being practical and playable. If I ever buy anything sealed, it's going to be opened (scandalous!) thankfully everything produced on the channel F can be played on any clone or regional variation of the console, but I still divide by what region they released in. Most early consoles also had numbering systems for games, but atari dropped this logic. It also means that for those, any games without a number (democart for instance) which officially released, I don't consider it a true part of a gaming collection as it was never originally intended for retail sale - they sold the democart eventually to make up losses by selling stock they had, even if it was intended for stores to showcase. I may well buy one one day, but it'll only be a bonus for me personally and not an essential buy.
  5. I'm pretty sure the turbografx mini was announced after atari started lying about production units being made. It's since produced and shipped their units, and still no sign of the ataribox 500 units getting to people it was 'intended' for. Konami is hardly a hardware powerhouse, quite the opposite it's gone from being a software powerhouse to a plinko machine maker. Konami has had a similar fall of disgrace to atari but it still produced a competent product. Konami might have some slight advantage regarding producing arcade and plinko machines but even that might have been contracted out.
  6. If you were planning on selling it, I would probably be interested as I don't have gamecard 7 and 8 yet, but can't help with value. I imagine there is a couple of people who would buy it due to its rarity, but people like me would probably only buy it because we need the game cards! I'd be super curious if a value ever pops up somewhere regardless. I don't think I personally could justify a 3 figure number for it, but perhaps others can.
  7. It was for initial numbers for ordering in bulk. By aiming to bulk buy a lot more than anyone originally perceived, I was able to get them cheaper than they normally would be. This in return allows more people to be in a position to afford one, or more in some people's case. Rather than only getting 20 produced and charging $40 each for example, I've got considerably more and charge $25 each instead for the same product. I've ordered double what has already been reserved, so there is plenty more available if anyone is late to the thread. My long term plan was if someone was discover this is 2 or 3 years time and ask "any left?!" I would be able to oblige with the same price, as it would have already been produced and I would have recouped most of the intial cost. While I've got a list of users and quantities, there is no danger of anyone missing out. I will also make sure everyone who has asked for some so far definitely have it reserved until they pay or tell me otherwise. If someone wanted a set of ten+ now though, I would have to go increase the production order (which would be simple enough given it hasn't started yet).
  8. Its strange, pre-3 I'd have said GTA2, I had a love for it for quite awhile. The next one was Vice City, which was also the first (and only!) game I bought a console (brand new!) for. I do like San Andreas but I found out the hard way when I tried to escape PC version jittering that the PS2 version is in mono sound and is awful! A more powerful PC seemed to help a little but it still suffers from some issues. I was completely put off by IV, The immigrant-can-only-swear-in-english stereotype was too strong, the background story of the brothers is hinted at but never really explored meant they never got any serious character development, which is a shame because it seemed like it was ripe to create that scenario. The biker dlc was ok, but way too short, think it was like an hour or two? Then you had ballad of Gay Tony, wow! This is a DLC, this saved IV for me and it could well have been a full blown game in its own right. I've tried to play V, admittedly only on a 360, and it played well enough it wasn't like it was slow or anything, but I just got... bored. Maybe I've played too many games of the series now but something about it just doesn't catch my attention at all. I've had no urge to buy it on sale on other platforms.
  9. 3DO and 32x, I have 2 games for them each, Fifa and Powers Kingdom for 3DO, and Doom and Virtua Racing for 32x. 3DO is the poorer system as I got fifa unboxed with the console!
  10. Did anyone else wrongly guess Fortnite. Just kidding. It looks nice enough, certainly in the same vein of Champ Games usual successes. Its not a game I'm particularly attached to, I've always considered it a bit of a flashy mess of things going on, but I'm a huge fan of any form of demakes so certainly one I'll try out. I do get what people are saying regarding ARM doing heavy lifting, but its still cool. I can stick a cart in my unmodded atari console and it plays. But fortnite next yeah?
  11. Hi everyone, just another quick update: Production of this order is starting next Monday 18th of May! I will update with shipping estimates in the near future: If you wish for shipping to somewhere not in the UK or US can you let me know now so I can give you an estimate, and also if you would like any form of special delivery such as tracking/signing. If you don't live in the UK, it is likely that may come as standard anyway! Also please let me know if there is any courier/postal service you'd like me to avoid however please note I might not be able to control it when it reaches your home country. I will likely keep to paypal for taking payment, as you can also use card details normally to send money via it. If there is anyone who cannot pay via paypal for whatever reason, please give me a PM and we will work out an alternative form of payment. I don't require any personal details just yet, but I imagine most of that can be dealt with in paypal anyway, for anyone else we will PM details as required once I have tested the units myself. Good day everyone, keep safe!
  12. It was 1998 I think, my Amstrad 464 (not even the plus version!) simply wasn't good enough, nobody knew what one was and everyone had started blabbering about this internet thing. I got a second hand Pentium 233 Mhz which had been upgraded to windows 98, it'll be another year or two before I got 28.8k dialup (our area wasn't great, we did get it fullspeed to 56k eventually). It was a first for me in a lot of things, an operating system, applications, mouse, hell I didn't even own my own floppy drive till this point as my 464 used the cassette deck. Essentially it was pressure to be similar to everyone else, but it turns out I'm always behind anyway. Nearly time to get a PS4!
  13. I guess for a fangame developer to actually be commissioned by the original license owners to do official ports (and then his own game: SonicMania) was worth it to drop the trial ports. He's clearly done well for himself with the proof of concept project as his name on a sega game is an instant buy for me. Hopefully he can do more. Interestingly he was denied the right to do a Sonic 3 android port, presumably this is down to Sega calamity legal situation where they can never remember which rights they do and don't own.
  14. The Odyssey is getting quite a lot of interest here on AA at the moment, hopefully someone else could better answer your questions, but it does appear to be significantly rarer than what most of us has seen. Presumably the "double ender" card was an attempt to keep reproduction cheap, perhaps highlighted by the photocopy quality. I don't know much about it but its probably either designed for south of the border (information on exports is quite limited, but do exist), or for Spanish speaking residents in the US. Its a curious oddity, an Odyssey collector may desire it, and perhaps they can number a price that might be reasonable.
  15. Someone is selling some nice CIB sets of the high numbers on ebay, the only problem is they are x2-x5 the price that I would regard is sensible. It looks like our $900 Whizball has been noticed by other sellers too, as the same person is asking a whopping $1,250 for it! They are also selling what appears to be a model 1 console, with a plain box and some Zircon promotional stuff for... yep you guessed it. $999.95 Edit: My sense of a "full collection" for fairchild channel F would be the main numbered line 1-26, plus the SABA Chess program. Democarts and foreign language copies is bonuses, as far as I'm concerned. Just Checkers for me to go! Never going to happen. In all honesty I'm even a bit funny about whether special mail order games should be counted either. Its not general release if it didn't appear on a shop shelf. This gets funny with other consoles as well, for example the Turbografx had a PAL console, but not PAL games, technically no games got released in Europe, but obviously the import market was considerable for that console.
  16. Thanks everyone 👍 I have updated the first post with the expected process and timescale, I've also heavily linked Boojakascha's sites and videos, please check it out!
  17. Pac man 2,395(that is a 9 right?) Ms pac man (21,230) Played on pal 7800 I'm rubbish. I no lifed this game many years ago on the nes. Not my particular goto game these days.
  18. Hi Albert, eternal thanks for managing and maintaining such an awesome site and community, I was wondering if I could have editing permissions to my first page in this topic: So I can update with order details, etc. Many thanks. Regards, Mike
  19. Thanks everyone for replying! I will try to answer the questions as well... First off, it looks like I've easily fulfilled a full order for 20! I will likely step up to the next quantity which reduces the unit price. I'm now seeking a final quote to see how much it will cost to also assemble it too. This will mean it will all be professionally done, and you don't have to look at any newbie soldering mistakes I'm likely to make! I'm hoping to get this by the end of the week, which means I might be able to place the order as early as next week. So it might remain around the £20/$25 range, but does mean I can immediately start taking payment once the order arrives to me and I've tested it. I'll upload a video showing it working as well once I receive the order, and I'll start looking now at what shipping costs might be so we all have an idea what final cost might be. Not currently, my intentions is to make this as cheap as possible to ship out. I imagine most of the buyers will be in the United States, so box production and shipping will significantly increase the price. Everyone is free to make their own however, there is a number of people on AA who have produced boxes before, and they are very welcome to chip into this thread and offer those services for a box. I think it would bloat the price for me to do it, hope everyone understands. Sounds like a great idea! I've been very reliant on Boojakascha's help and advice to ensure this can go into mass production, he'd be the one to ask whether this could be possible in the future! For now, I'd like to keep to the original gamecard support, it also means those that have made the time to produce new gamecards and homebrew continue to have some exclusivity for some time, they deserve it for their efforts! Perhaps a 50th anniversary project in 2022... I will keep you all informed once the order goes through and confirm final costings. Thanks everyone
  20. *UPDATED 22nd of February 2022* February 2022 update: Sold out! If you are interested in a 2nd run for a unit (or more) please let me know in the thread! I'll consider doing another run in the future perhaps later in 2022! Please PM/DM me if you want to make an order and get quantity confirmed before making a payment! I cannot guarantee now that your order will be fulfilled without confirmation first! I have also removed the list of users who have bought them, but I will keep that list privately. Important notice on what happens after these are sold: I think one of two things can happen if I sell out - both involve a waiting list - the waiting list will likely be years. In one solution I price up a smaller order at a higher cost and bulk buy again - the other solution is we get a set number of buyers who commit to paying me before I place the order. I prefer to do the first but its a numbers game. If I could have I'd have had a 100 produced instead of 50! but I never thought we'd get as far as this. I think it would be fair to say a second order would not total more than 50 again. If I sell out I'll ask the company who produced this batch for a new quote and go from there. Current Timescale and process: 1) I have uploaded a video showing usage, shipping costs are now outlined below. 2) I will post within 1-3 days and give you confirmation of it leaving with an image through PM. 3) We all get to enjoy our multicards! We seem to have had quite the surge in Magnavox Odyssey interest in recent weeks! For a long time I have wanted to get a hold of one of Boojakascha's Magnavox Odyssey Multicard . You can see more about his projects for the Magnavox Odyssey here on his website: http://www.boojakascha.ch/index.php?page=magnavox_projects And also his Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRNVSMZe1V3yUmIA9NGB3kg Where he reviews light guns and light gun games. And also here where he shows off the multicard: My reasons for this project are simple: a) its the closest thing to a "romcart" you can get for the system. b) Boojakascha has provided files for its reproduction, and naturally has had it working on the system. c) Games for the Odyssey is really really rare. I've only seen a handful of games go on ebay since I've got the system myself, and I've failed in all attempts to win any of them. While the base games are ok, a lot of the extra features is unique to the other game cards. This search becomes harder if you are outside the United States. d) If I go ahead with my RPG homebrew, I want everyone to be able to play on the same level without having to hunt for game cards, and also make it an enjoyable experience. If I could include the multicard with it, it would also allow those users the opportunity to enjoy all the features of the original Odyssey, without relying on fighting for ebay rarities. Production of these things is always cheaper in bulk, so what I want to do is to take the cost of buying a big order of them, and then pass on the savings to everyone else. I've been in contact with Boojakascha to ensure that what I get is going to be working as designed before I make the order, but I'm now looking for who might be interested in purchasing one (or more) of these so I can get a good sense of how many I should order. I will be getting at least 20, but the more I can get the cheaper it will be. I've already got quotations from several companies who will be ready to go with the order as soon as I finalise it, so they could be ready to go as early as the end of June. How much will it cost? I'm currently setting the cost per unit at £20/€23/$25 USD/$35 AUS, this includes VAT for production at 20% and delivery to me, and this will not include postage and shipping to you. See below for Shipping Costs. Delivery costs and time? Now we seem to be at the tail end of the pandemic, delivery times and exchange rates seem to be stabilising, I'll now upgrade everyone to "international Standard" for the same price* Both tracked and untracked times is listed as 6-7 working days for anywhere outside of Europe. People in the UK and Europe should receive it in 3-5 working days. To save costs, I'll be using pre used packaging where possible. Based on quantities of 1: United Kingdom: £3 for Royal Mail 1st Class signed for, or £5 for 24 hour Tracked and signed. (Total: £23 or £25) Europe: €3.50 for regular mail, or tracked and signed for €10. (Total: €26.50 or €33) Australia (mainland): $AUS 7.50 for regular mail, or tracked and signed for $AUS 18. (Total: $AUS 42.50 or $AUS 53) United States (mainland): $5 for regular mail, or tracked and signed for $13. (Total: $30 or $38) * For those interested, during the pandemic they split untracked to two standards, really slow and faster. Price changes means I can now offer the faster rate at the same price I charge. Quantities of 2 or more: If you are from United States, 2 multicards will now cost $63 for tracking - this has gone back down by $2 because of recent currency exchange changes. Where would payment be expected? Send money via paypal to [email protected], under friends/family if you can - as you are all my friends, and you are getting this as close to cost as I can afford to. Please state your name and address in the note - and your username so I can tick you off! Don't worry about the amount I receive, I have rounded up costs slightly to compensate for this. If you are unable to use paypal let me know what other potential options you would like to try to pay in. What if I want more than one? Let me know where in the world you live, and I'll give you an updated shipping price. Will this work with the Rifle games? Yes, this was one of Boojakascha's original purposes for making it, I can confirm it works with my rifle set too. What games does it play? You are able to play all the original game card variants for the original Magnavox Odyssey system, and many of the homebrew that has been produced since. Note that some homebrew have custom hardware and one or two have custom game cards; these will NOT likely to be replicated with this multicard without modification (but does appear to be possible). The switches may also help to produce unique effects of merging features of gamecards. When is the earliest this could be ready? I have all the units, but I will individually test them before sending them out for verification. I will send a PM with an image of your package on the day it leaves my house. Dispatch is usually within 48 hours of payment. Have you done anything like this before? Nope! But I always deliver on everything else I've done before, and I'm not going to disappear anytime soon. By taking the hit of the immediate cost myself I'm hoping we can all benefit. Who will receive it first? Not applicable now, I still have some left. If I do run out, I'll consider costing for more units. How will I be able to pay? Paypal is widely used and has always worked for me, but let me know if this is not possible. You can pay by paypal without having an account and using your regular bank details. I will update status for these users as orders is payed/shipped
  21. Sorry won't be able to help much on the alternative release front. I have a similar system for tracking games by spreadsheet, but I only track unique games, not releases in different languages etc. I couldn't see the chess module anywhere, but I only had a quick glance. Can't remember without looking for sure but I think there was also an extended programming module but I've never seen it.
  22. Unfortunately the best thing you could probably do is try a different TV. Or try manual scan if you can. Failing that try a USB tv to pc device as they tend to have the ability to scan all frequencies for all TV types. If that doesn't pick it up, it's definitely something internally. For my magnavox odyssey I had to try new batteries even though the first lot I tried were used once for something else.
  23. Yeah we were all confused by this in the channel F thread. You can get a full fairchild library for the same price. It is one of the rarer ones, and it looked nice enough. Worth that much? Don't know. Bare in mind that is two buyers who bidded over 900 too. Is it fishy? Don't know. Usually goes for 50-100
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