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  1. Couple of ebay items I noticed today if people are interested: Loose, but cheap 23 Galatic Space War in US: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/fairchild-channel-f-cart-23-galactic-space-war-rare-label-over-label-variant/164130729171?hash=item2636f42cd3:g:V5cAAOSwoSxectCp 13 SABA Memory in fairly good condition (That is no. 15 in US line) in Germany: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SABA-Videoplay-Videocart-13-MEMORY-Vintage-Fairchild-Channel-F-Computer-Game/392740778851?hash=item5b712cb363:g:pbAAAOSwpIBefc~k I had this before I managed to get a fairchild one, works exactly the same!
  2. Just saw this, I assume all the 3d0 games are gone already
  3. I'm pretty ignorant on these things. When people gamble in this virtual currency, can it be traded back to hard currency that is gold backed or are you completely reliant on some sucker offering you money to buy it from you. PayPal and even bitcoin has a place in the world, I just don't get how a virtual currency backed by a company that has only made a small bucket of cash on licence deals, suing companies and dodgy project backing schemes can stay afloat long. Why would I use it unless I'm getting more for my money in atari coin than I am in pound sterling? Hasn't every other version of non-hard currency flopped within a matter of months historically?
  4. I'm up for it! I was thinking of just streaming every game released, but we could maybe come up with something!
  5. Haha thanks Dastari! Yes I thought it was a great name too! There is hope for this project yet. I'm looking into getting some multicards produced, which will be extremely helpful as it means I can add a lot of features to make it much more playable. I've looked at this a few times over the months and I just can't make it interesting enough with the base game cards. I don't want to develop anything that I couldn't play myself physically (and what others couldnt too) so I'm going down the multicard route first.
  6. I think we are all really appreciative of your efforts - they really do bring new life into some of the games simply by making them more accessible. I've used them exclusively since instead of using original cartridges! So much easier to navigate options!
  7. Wish I had a rifle to play with I saw the ebay listing for the hunting game and would probably go for it if I had the rifle.
  8. I might get my saturn out in time to try this, but I've just got a straight pal version. Probably time it saw daylight again.
  9. Just looking at my own collection and not mentioned yet: Wipeout 2097 (yeah, not an exclusive either, but it also ended up on saturn) Daytona USA has two versions, so could get the 2nd one (think it's called championship edition or something) Manx TT superbike (nice sega arcade feel game) I'm also partial to road rash, but again it's multi console Virtua Racing if you haven't already played it on mega drive or 32X, saturn is the superior version of all 3 with the most features. Sonic Jam is interesting as it has easy and hard versions of the game, it's not true ports of the originals and has a few changes. Exhumed is one of the few shooters with an Egyptian theme. I think it comes under a different name in other regions and was also on ps1. Action rpgs include : Story of thor 2: despite people claiming its just like the mega drive one its its own game in its own right. Its pretty cool and has interesting mechanics. Guardian heroes: another great game Shining wisdom: poor man's zelda, a lot of us is convinced this was originally intended for the 32x or even megacd, and then ported over to saturn. A curiosity but not the most recommended. It casually follows the shining force storyline with some cameos.
  10. I think sometimes you can get stuck with making offers which seem like great prices when you win but then if all of them get accepted the price piles up. I've just contacted a US seller about getting some 2nd gen games as they have a few things I don't see this side of the pond very often, and will probably be easier getting a bulk sale than trying to get them individually. Going down their list I was like "yeah I'll have that.. And that... And that..." and then you realise you're looking down the 3 figure number territory, and then paying import tax on top of that, and suddenly what seems like a good deal is less so. Frustrating when the offer is formally made and accepted though. I would snap up loads of things if I was able to get it 30% off! There's only been a couple of times where I don't pay straight away, and that's when the offer was made when I was sleeping due to time difference. I don't think I've ever not paid within 12 hours of an accepted offer/auction win. The strange ones I find is those that BIN at full price and then dont pay...
  11. Ahhh. I would have gone for it. But it's a lot of faff to send to the UK. Nice little starter set if people havent got these yet.
  12. Isn't this the third time they've claimed the initial 500 developer units are in production?
  13. Will do! Mine arrived today, the ebay tracking went as far as the customs in the UK, but I didn't get any updates after that till my import tax bill came. Here's some pictures of it up and running! My 7800 is playing up, it ghosts a bit towards the right and the colours are a little washed out, looks better on my 2600!
  14. Same. But I got my import tax charge so it should be here soon!
  15. If you have a spare e5frog when the other two have gone out I might commit to buying one. I will probably have enough money saved up to get one now!
  16. Yeah I don't know about Italy but I find it spends more time completing customs on this side than it does coming from across the world. It hasn't moved yet from the airport.
  17. We've entered the era though of assumed value, as opposed to pricing based on supply demand or even quality. Housing these days is just assumed to stay high, because nobody wants to sell less than what they paid for it, but it doesn't factor in: a) they might have paid far too much for it in the first place and b) it might have depreciated in value with time regardless of whether they sat on it or did it up. Same for goods. True price is only ever achieved when sellers let go of the notion of what they think their good deserves to be and accepts its true price - or accepts that they cannot hold off not selling due to their own circumstances. In terms of my own collection, I can't see myself selling any of my collection* but I also can't see myself building it back up again if I sold/lost what I have now. * Ahahahhaha famous last words! Quote me in a decade or two.
  18. My order has arrived in the UK! so 2 weeks isn't too bad considering things, not here yet but should be in the next week or two.
  19. I've used make an offer often in both selling and buying. Depending on the item I'm more likely to take a bigger hit on incomplete or less tidy sets, or open to bigger discounts if people are buying multiple items. I like to think I don't have anything too extravagantly priced but will have a minimum to help pay for fees and additional packaging costs. As a buyer I try to have a good look around before making a bid, judging past sales, conditions, commonality etc. I do sometimes leave comments justifying my offer or in some cases admit I can't go higher if we've batted back and forth once or twice already. I like to think I'm relatively fair. I have sometimes done a joke offer when someone is being silly. I once put a £3 offer on a Nintendo adventure book someone wanted for £90. They offered 87 in response! Edit: just want to add I rarely have stuff that is in super demand. The 1292 community is quite small and I have phone numbers or emails of some people who I've bought or sold to in the past, and we try to help each other out with getting the ones we need. I'm more likely to do a deal with a collector who is clearly going for a full set, and they tend to make themselves known quite obviously with the questions they have. Also on the pricing. I have a boxed soccer game for intellivision going for £5, it's too much, its not worth that much. But if someone buys another game and wants it I'd happily let it go for a pound or two. I've also given broken games for free if anyone wants to take a shot at fixing it and mention it in the description.
  20. Thanks both, I'm going to look into this now - I've stabilised my scanlines (at least on 8bitworkshop site) so I'm looking to sound next, I'll give it a go!
  21. I hope when a copy does come up we can still all be friends.
  22. I need to get a crt sometime at some point. The problem is my current (near end of life) 1080 flatscreen can natively display everything but ntsc rf and s video and I have adapters for them which make it easy. I've yet to have any TV salesman convince me that any new TV I buy can run everything my current one does.
  23. $9 Canadian. Because that's how much a loose copy goes for in pal. I'm a pal user, but the vast majority of my games are in ntsc. I have them in ntsc because the price is too ridiculous to have in pal. Judging from past topics and converting, an ntsc "good" price would be over $100 Canadian, but tracker websites appear to be claiming closer to $250 Canadian, and CIB going for over $1,500 Canadian. CIB pal versions go for about $30 Canadian. Have fun!
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