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  1. I think warlords is the obvious 2600 one but it makes me realise I don't actually play many 2600 games Multiplayer. Across other consoles: Videopac: conquest of the world, I prefer that to quest of the rings. I do have the business one too but haven't played it yet Snes: secret of mana Saturn bomberman Gamecube: gauntlet legends (yeah bite me!) Any decent rendition of super street fighter 2 / alpha game I enjoy 7800 games with competitive and cooperative modes, like asteroids but often don't get anyone to play with.
  2. Hi KB, I recently bought an UNO cart, and I'm very happy with it, as stated some homebrew won't work, things like the galaga demo recently released, Space Cactus Canyon which is really fun doesn't work either I think these are labelled as "DPC+" or something, it relates to the way Harmony Encore carts can take advantage by altered hardware in the cart, while Stella can run these games (such as on Retron 77) UNO carts can't yet as they run much more like original carts. I can play things like Halo 2600, Zippy the Porcupine, Princess Rescue and many others from it. Here is some games I have under my homebrew folder: Arcade ports: Avalanche, ColorGotcha, DK VCS Demakes: Aadvark (I think there is two versions, only one work on UNO), Beeware (Super Bee on Videopac), Choplifter, Distopia, Halo 2600, Ladybug, Princess Rescue, Scramble, TitanAxe (Golden Axe!), Zippy Others: Robo Ninja Climb, Osytron, Assembloids, Dungeon etc
  3. "I've played it" but not showing any footage of you actually playing it, instead cycle a minute worth of pre recorded footage multiple times but in different sequences. Also, no guarantee or proof the Borderlands footage is direct from VCS, looks like a poor recording of a underpowered PC trying to play it instead. Still no real evidence that this is any better than any "classic" device, I have a Retron 77 coming in the post I paid £65 for, which can play off both SD card and original carts, why would I spend £300 on a crippled version Atari sells when I already own Atari Vault on Steam (which I'm pretty sure I got for less than £8 if not free) and android games I can play on my existing phone?
  4. I was going to ask if the Retron 77 played this with the updated 6.1 software, it appears it does from what others is saying, cheaper than a harmony cart and hdmi support... tempting!
  5. Looks amazing, no luck for me with my uno cart though, but a nice achievement.
  6. It was my first console, before I eventually got given a NES and eventually moving over to Sega. I actually don't like the 2600 that much and didn't buy any extra games for it for over a decade, and play a lot more 7800 games, but the benefit of the 7800 is the ability to play 2600 too. 7800 plugged into my TV right now so it gets a lot of use. Galaxian was my first video game that I owned and it got a LOT of use followed by centipede which I also love. I just bought a UNO cart (awesome stuff!) so playing homebrew games at the moment, but I have 136 carts after a recent spree - its actually beaten my 118 PS2 game collection.
  7. That's really odd! But great that you can experience both colour palettes (Though a PAL game obviously doesn't look like that on a PAL console!)
  8. Hi everyone, Ebay has just had a 1p fee on final sale offer so thought I would take advantage to list some things. There is nothing super rare here to be honest, but if you are in the process of grabbing games in this period then there might be something for you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/acebloke1986/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= I'm UK based, but I'm not against shipping abroad, especially given that a number of games might have a wider appeal than just the UK. I'm not 100% sure how that works regarding ebay but I'll work it out. Some of the more interesting games probably include: German version of Tank Battle (unboxed sorry ) for Palladium A number of uncommon acetronic games like Musical Games, Othello, electronic pinball and laser attack A good number of Fairchild games, most boxed, starting at £4.99 each A PC 50x machine boxed, 1292 and videopac with some games But there is something from every UK released 2nd generation + PC 50x (atari 2600, 1292 machine, videopac, intellivision and colecovision). I've tried to make some funny because listing them all can be boring, so if you have ten minutes you can try and work out which bits are supposed to be funny. I might add a few more things before midnight hits as that is when the ebay deal finishes, I can do another 50 odd items yet but they'll be PS1/PS2/X box mostly.
  9. Thanks for even considering it! I would totally understand if it was impractical, but you'd definitely have a sale with me in any format which allows easy file transfer.
  10. I'll be honest the likelyhood of me buying it is low, but if I could I'd have: Ninja Golf Midnight Mutants Motor Psycho (sorry, I just can't get past certain elements of Pole Position 2!) Basketbrawl Tower Toppler I don't have the 7800 version of Dark Chambers yet, but it looks good. Mario Bros, Galaga isn't too bad either, but that is beyond the realms of possibility.
  11. If I buy a Neo Geo in the next few days I'll give you a PM XD CEX based in the UK actually has a great library of entries and split into conditions and I'm sure they have the database to track their own prices historically though it isn't public, it initially started as a "currently on sale" second hand game shop, but its slowly delved (admittedly ground down to a halt now) into retro games. Even they don't cover Atari 2600/7800 though (Lynx, Jaguar is), which is a shame because I'd say 7800 at least would be worth them pursuing.
  12. I'm pretty stupid so desoldering, eprom programming and resoldering is beyond me. I suppose its useful to know it can be sent back to you for reprogramming - and Sweden is closer to me than the states at least. It cuts the possibility of me using it as a test device for my own homebrew though. I'd definitely buy one with an sd/usb slot to transfer files - but I'll have a think about the current model you have too. Would be nice to play tetris and the golf homebrew on a real console, but I have most of the base library myself already.
  13. I might be interested in one of these in the future, however my understanding is we wouldn't be able to change the games on the cart? Just thinking with other homebrew games like the golf game, would be cool to add extras as they (very slowly) arrive - would have been really helpful for me to test too with my poor assembly knowledge.
  14. I dread getting into the SNK AES. I would love to have a complete UK release collection, at least of cartridge systems, but the AES is particularly prohibitively priced. The only game I have ever paid more than £40 for so far is one for the videopac (magnavox odyssey 2) which I hunted for ages and couldn't find cheaper. I wait. A lot. I don't buy as cheap as I can because I want to resell high, I buy as cheap as I can so I can buy more. I buy to play, not to fill shelves, however the balance has moved slightly more towards collecting than playing its still firmly in the play side of gaming. I track how many games I've finished so far (consoles and handhelds: 581 games out of 1,213 or 48% and part way through another 10%) and admittedly a little too much time is spent tracking that data (spent 20 minutes just looking at a spreadsheet today already!). I've bought sealed games and opened them, I bought them because they were being sold cheap, I would never purposely buy a sealed game for the sake of it being sealed. Complete collections can fetch a high price, there is always someone who will say: "Sod it, I'm going to buy this complete collection rather than taking 10 years to find everything, and I'm willing to pay that price", but for most of us that is out of our capacity. Not a particularly thrilling interview, but there is this one here: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2016/05/ninterview_ahmed_bin_fahad_discusses_building_the_worlds_biggest_nintendo_collection that guy is a policeman, but I think he comes from some degree of money.
  15. The worst thing I ever did is start cataloguing my games. I did this because I was finding they were being stored more than being played. They were being stored because I had so many, and had started inadvertently buying doubles of games. This is across platforms, My 2600 journey started when my brother in law bought me one when I was quite young at a boot sale, probably for about £10 knowing him. It came with galaxian, jedi arena and centipede. I didn't really buy any 2600 games for over a decade, mainly because I got a NES next, and then Sega machines. It was only when I started specifically looking for retro games that my collection started to increase from 3. With any of my collections for different consoles, I'm starting to track which were actually released in the UK first, then grabbing others which work in an unmodded console. 2600 is a bit different for me though, primarily because even with any colour differences (well, on a 7800 at least) most games is still playable. I'm going for first party Atari released titles first, even ignoring ones I have through Atari Vault. I have 8 more to get, and this isn't limited to UK but US releases as well. I keep a log of Atari Vault games I need in cart, and which games I have in 32 in 1 cart but not as individual games. I have only just started tracking third party games, starting with activision, but I buy whatever depending on interest and price. I don't know what to do with regards to limiting 2600 collecting, there isn't really any good database as far as I know of purely UK releases, and even those for PAL or european seem sketchy to me, hence why I'm just going for Atari first and branching out. I am not fussed about how good it looks, vast majority is loose carts, if it works I'm happy. My PAL 7800 collection is 3/4 complete and mostly boxed, I don't have a Jaguar or a Lynx yet, and while I know I can just get a converter to play a 5200, I have no current plans to grab it (although admittedly I do like the look of it!)
  16. Thanks both of you, going to be a bit of a project for me it seems, but I need to learn this stuff going forward anyway. I'll let you know (in the distant future!) if I get it working again!
  17. I'm a PAL user, so I have a Videopac instead of a Odyssey 2. I'd be interested in a RGB/Component mod to future proof the machine as its something I really enjoy. I have a feeling though from composite mods that is out there that it would require slightly different configurations than the US version (however, my knowledge on what that is, is poor).
  18. Hi guys, I recently picked up a "found in the loft" ebay sale for a Fairchild Channel F, with the last remaining UK released games I needed and a bunch of games I needed boxed. Games all seem to be working well, the console... not in the best condition but functioning alright. Unfortunately one controller has an issue, and its with the "up" key (thats D pad up, not pull). I've tried it in another port / switched controllers and can confirm its the controller only. I opened it up, tried to figure out if it was something really simple like some food (ugghhhhhh was not in good condition) or something preventing contact. After 20 minutes messing around playing the Hockey game nothing I could do with my limited experience could get it to work. Has anyone got any experience with these things? to confirm, all other keys work (twist left right, down left and right, pull and push) and attempting to make a contact made no difference. Yellow wire which I can only presume is the right wire in my addled Ramadan fasting brain, appeared fine. The only thing I could think of in my have-no-experience-of-these-things-mind is that maybe the port pin isn't making a connection when its inserted. into the console To reiterate: totally out of my depth here, my tools consist purely of a screwdriver, the most complex thing I've done is NES pin connector boiling (which worked for me!) and never modded a console (but want to, hence buying a second Fairchild Channel F). I suppose I could just try and buy a spare controller if one ever pops up, but wanted to fix these rare bits if I can.
  19. The1 The 1292 programmable machine line had a golf game that from memory plays similar to 2600 golf or the videopac golf, can never remember which one it represents more like. Also, trees! Best second gen golf game! Edit: some grey sand dunes next perhaps
  20. Appreciate the work being done on Channel F homebrew, something to inspire me one day to actually get something working myself! Golf was surprisingly common on the 2nd gen machines, I wonder why the Channel F never attempted it.
  21. I buy my PAL collection from the entire world, buying from US, Germany, Italy, France and a few others. Out of those, Midnight Mutants is the only one I don't have. Loose copies come up now and again but boxed is rarer. Tbh, the price puts me off so I'll probably delay as long as possible, there is a few cheaper ones I still need to grab that aren't common either: Ms Pac Man, MotoPsycho etc. Edit:MP isn't particularly rare here, I just haven't got it yet. Games like planet smashers and cracked are fairly common. In fact, games I struggled to find earlier in my collection is now common like Xevious, Galaga, Dig Dug etc. Donkey Kong seems quite rare though, but Junior is common.
  22. I wish I had never got a console out in front of my youngest, now coming up to 3 years old. At two he is able to turn a 360 on, replace a disk by opening a dvd packet and turn it on with the controller. My 2600 and 7800 experiences mostly consist of him pressing reset as that causes the most significant change. Teaching him that this is the only console where the label goes away from you when you insert the cartridge has also been difficult. He can with help play some games like pole position (1 and 2) and similar racing games. In fact Mario kart 8 is semi possible too. CD / DVD consoles is also a mixed event, he can handle basic setup ones like 360 with a button for the drive, or the saturn that lifts the lid, I have to watch him with anything more complex (Commodore systems!). He is so used to 360 that he doesn't understand the use of the caddy on the CDTV, he has tried to put entire CD jewel cases in, and has turned it off when I tried to save a sim city game on a floppy drive (needs reformatting now).
  23. Yeah around 77 you had masses of pong clones in Europe, and in 83-84 you had loads of microprocessors being released with loads of games coming out. The crashes simply didn't happen anywhere near the same scale in Europe, but they were still affected in terms of US and probably Japanese companies holding back.
  24. In my slightly younger days I did emulate systems I thought I'd never have in real life, like the cdi, the 3do, some of the 2nd gen machines. All of these I own real systems now and admit I'd rather fork out on romcarts than emulate on a pc or other device. The only exceptions might be systems that never hit the UK at least in mass or officially (atari 5200 for example, bally astrocade but also others like the original magnavox odyssey, could get one or... I could not!)
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