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  1. Thanks for the offer I think really I need to watch my spending though, so it's a good excuse to leave it and let someone else complete their collection!
  2. I asked if they would ship to UK. Typical non response and an edit that seems to confirm they won't. Sigh. Their loss.
  3. I'd be surprised if any of this is worth anything, so ultimately there is still a cost XD but thanks for saying so I just need more space on my shelves for console games!
  4. As a story concept make the sidekick a Llamacorn.
  5. No I don't think that is just you, though he does do a good job of explaining some concepts, I do believe he glossed over some details which if you've programmed in anything else before you might not even notice. I've got through the whole thing now, I think it abruptly ends as there is no videos directly on missiles specifically but a lot of the concepts are explained by that point. I'm glad I paid for it, its been incredibly helpful.
  6. * After postage, though I'll also take collection from Cheshire UK. I'm going to offer this in various places, including charging but wanted to give anyone with a particular interest here a chance. I usually avoid charging for boxes / bubble wrap when I can too by using what I've already got, and obviously bare in mind it might not be worth it to post/ship outside the UK. Assume any one time use keys to be used, but that all key codes is supplied and disks will spin in your drive (whether the installed game will work or not, I can't guarantee!). There is nearly 100 games here so forgive me for not offering a huge amount of information but I will answer any questions if they come in, and I will naturally note down any that is taken. I will double check contents before confirming any offers so you know what you are getting if there is any interest. I have not checked any of these to see if there is anything "valuable" but I seriously doubt it. This is essentially my PC collection that can now be found on Steam, or doubles I picked up.
  7. Fellow "I learnt assembly on udemy" here! Good luck with your projects!
  8. Congratulations on all the hard work you've done on this, particularly the preservation of pc 50x chips that has been left virtually untouched in the emulation scene. Will all of these end up on the mister homepage once complete? I'm half tempted to get one myself now you are starting to transfer it over to this, looking good!
  9. Made even more amusing by the fact I'm not vegan
  10. While I am grateful that Shining Force Gaiden 1 and 2 got released upgraded as Shining Force CD, it didn't include Final Conflict, that and an improved version of SF1 and 2 for the Mega CD.... wow! Would have been good.
  11. I don't know how true this is but I heard that the Global Shipping Program has been taking hold of any of these intended for Europe and reselling them, has anyone had any experience importing this from the US to the UK? Any UK owners wanting to sell, let me know too!
  12. Actually had something similar recently to this in the UK. People might laugh for it being vegan, but its not like I'll ever be eating pork again. Jackfruit is fine with the right additions. I can't think of anything Atari (TM) related at the moment because there is no news.
  13. It's a nice box, if I lived in the states I'd probably be interested. Yes for collectors boxes are great. There is one type that doesn't use their collection and yes love everything sealed, and there is collectors that use them, and it's less of an issue. I'm a gamer / collector, and like many people in my situation I have a house too small to store my own trinkets. Boxes are incredibly useful as both storage as you can tetris them into nooks and crannies AND it looks better than having them loose or in a generic plastic or cardboard box. For young uns, it might not be as important as once it's out the box it's gone but for the rest of us it's helpful. Yes it ups the price normally.
  14. Panzer Dragoon Saga had it been moved to the Dreamcast instead of staying on the Saturn. It was never going to happen, they allowed Shenmue to move over but PDS was already at the tail end of its development cycle and Sega wanted something to look like competition for FF7 on the playstation. That and the amount of money already pumped into it. There is a lot of things that it could have benefited from by doing this: 480p Probably would have got a "remaster" by now Would have been even better looking than it did Transparencies!?!?!?!?! Bigger market. Ok, the truth is that dreamcast was a commercial mess, and the saturn while behind at least made a fair profit. But it might have been a further nail in cementing some success for the dreamcast, rather than pleasing us saturn owners at the time with a beautiful game like a loyalty scheme, where few people were ever going to cash in. Its too late now though, even if code hadn't been lost for any kind of remaster, a from the ground up remake would have to be expected. I would love to be on a team that remade PDS for any console, probably the switch would have been the only choice (see PD1 and 2 remakes being made) but it deserves to be fleshed out, triple the content and be a full blown console experience. Will never happen though.
  15. Bought this yesterday after I told myself I won't buy too much and certainly nothing expensive. I couldn't help myself, and it's a game I've wanted CIB for awhile. Manual is present and not terrible, but good enough.
  16. No worries, I didn't actually think you were, sorry if it came out in my reply that I thought you did, I merely got caught on my own tangent then tried to bring it back Having said that, I find it fascinating as the PS3 is still technically my "main console" even though I have a Wii U.
  17. The issue is the under 20's also buy into the NEStalgia, I'm fully aware that in the states, any major review of gaming skirts across the early days till the NES comes out, Sega barely gets a mention (and usually its pre-NES stuff too) and then its Nintendo-Nintendo-Nintendo. In the UK, you tended to get documentaries on long lost Amiga names of "back in the day" developing or composing, which is embodiment of how video games and also just working with computers was perceived on this side of the pond. Despite the pride and history of the likes of spectrum, amstrad(!) and amiga, and the upstart/bedroom developer culture, you are more likely to hear about the NES in teens. You joke, but I think many of us will be itching for a TV printer old spec enough to play this hardware that will still work in 50 years time without the use of various adaptors!
  18. I'd be surprised if someone said PS2 wasn't retro at this stage. I think there was definitely a stage where I considered it not retro when others did (for example, when I bought a sealed copy of a late era PS2 RPG for £5.99 at a supermarket many years afterwards). I wouldn't regard PS3 retro just yet for the following reasons: It uses a medium that is still emerging as the main (Blu Ray, DVD is only really just starting to be taken over in terms of shelf space) Its streaming services is only just starting to officially turn off (TV channels generally is starting to discontinue, but twitch just about works and Netflix/amazon still work fine). It wasn't that long ago that it had a commercially licensed game released. PSN still technically works on it, but features get periodically dropped, I can still download my purchased games! I just can't buy more (at least, in a user friendly way). As the 360 isn't blu ray, and most streaming stuff is starting to just break or not be updated, it is probably closer to being retro. However, I think there is still reasonable support in the way of free games via the subscription service, though this is slowing down I think. It technically had a game more recently than PS3, and both have good aftermarket second hand sales in high street resellers still, while PS2 (actually still quite strong in the UK in terms of retro) is a novelty and not generally a console people have around (most PS3's cant run it either). Wii is retro at this point, and while Wii U is definitely dead, I just don't know if its retro. There probably will never be a universal definition of what becomes retro, but I think most people eventually reach a similar conclusion whatever logic they use to get there.
  19. I always try to eye up cables like these because I know that even my 1080 flatscreen with a scart port will one day go bust and I will be left with having to convert my signal through the cheap converters, which right now is working for me... but I prefer to have as little cables and power supplies between my console and tv as I can. Would be helpful if someone here buys it, especially if they are traditionally an RGB person. I'm happy enough with the Scart to HDMI converter when I'm streaming... but not when I'm playing offline, I like my pixels. I'm pretty trusting of retroRGB and he's pretty negative on the hyperkin front, which I'm so glad I double checked on because I was probably 5 minutes away from buying the whole set of cables at one point when it looked like my TV was going to die. I have dozens of products that use scart cables even if its just composite 😧
  20. Well its the first... and no files as of yet. There is a number of reasons: 1st: I took up a udemy course on 6502 assembly, my logic is it can help me to skip batari BASIC and start making 2600 games in assembly, and eventually root down to doing better at my Fairchild Channel F stuff. 2nd: I work school terms, which by logic means virtually every time I have a week or two off I will be ill and impacting on my projects, I'm getting better now I'm due back in on monday... 3rd: I've been running dummy trials of my game and I'm finding something particularly consistent: I'm struggling to get enough Umpth from the use of the Odyssey. I put this down to a few things: 1st: I only have the base cards that come with the console (1-6) to test these on, all the really fun ones appear to be the extra ones that has a bit more versatility and stronger single player potential. Ideas I did have was to use Shooting Gallery as a minigame, and Handball cart as a boss combat level. 2nd: When I am using the cards 1-6 for gameplay, it feels most of the time that it could just be using a gameboard than anything on a screen (ie, its no more interactive) 3rd: When I'm trying to take advantage of more than one card, its switching is too frequent, that outside of digital control (such as what I do, using OBS normally used for streaming to quickly replace overlays, or using OdySim to quickly load up new cards with an overlay on top) it is probably too cumbersome for enjoyable play 4th: Anything outside of movement on a map (which I think is fine for the dungeon areas) is reliant on a second player to act as an adversary, which is also potentially fine, but I kind of hoped to make it single player. I could release what I have so far, but I think I'm going to give it a few more weeks of ironing out some ideas before uploading. I think ultimately I will have to branch into 1 of 3 ideas if not a combination: Go ahead and include extra card requirements I don't own that I can test to make more versatile gameplay involving the odyssey Limit Odyssey use to positions on a map (card 2) and another card for "boss" combat (regular combat was already intended to be dice or other physical base) Make it reliant on 2 players, where one is hero and the other is adversary (ok, I'm not terribly bothered by this idea! perhaps I can make single player the "alternative rules" as an extra).
  21. I said 8 to 16 bit for myself. Part of that is my age, and as a programmer my perception of change in that field. I see 8 bit and see its limitations. I see 16 bit and think of it as perfection of the 2D scene. I know the jump to 3D was extreme, but actually the early 3D stuff till ps1 and saturn was rubbish. Probably too subjective, but to some degree I do also accept 16 to 32 as being innovative. For least change, I wasn't sure what to put between the last two options, I don't have a latest gen console for example, as my laptop has (up until I just tried to play origins on it this steam sale) been perfectly fine for my gaming needs for the new games I wanted. Origins not working has been a wake up call, as my laptop is now a good 5-6 years old and might convince me to consider buying a ps4 or xbox one before the next gen comes out. I don't personally see a great deal of difference, and while it sucks I might not be able to play certain games out now, the advancement of twitch means I can generally get the feel of it without actually playing it. (Death Stranding, looking at you).
  22. I'm aiming to get a ps4. I would also say I'd get an xbox one but the chances are I'd buy all the disk exclusives (think it's about 6) and only have them as a laugh. Proper retro wise, I would probably like to collect remaining pal carts for 2nd gen. This includes backgammon for the 1292, morse if I can get it for videopac (have a repro so I'm not desperate to pay an extra £100 for it). And start to tidy up my intellivision collection by getting any remaining cheaper games. Colecovision will take a bit longer but it'll be nice to have another half dozen games by 2021. Atari 2600 I'm still trying to work out a full UK release list, but I know I don't have much left. Fairchild.. 3 more, but I doubt checkers will be one I get next year.
  23. I would argue that cheap carts is still fairly cheap, I find the only real way of buying them online is to bulk buy, save on postage. However, I think generally we are starting to see a bit of "wait how much do you want for something I paid 50p for???" but its on select titles. Scavenging carts for multicarts, romcarts is great and all, but eventually we will run out! There is some casual youth interest in older consoles, but you do find it stops (predictably) at the NES. I've been in contact with a number of 1292 collectors recently, but I think that is more rarity, demand is low but so is supply. Having most of the commons for 2600 now, I don't hunt for new ones often. I've slowed down for the time being, and a Retron 77 and unocart does the rest.
  24. Looks cool. I was using 8bitworkshop the other day in my quest to learn assembly properly.. Maybe one day that site will have a running f8 simulator as well as 6502 for 2600 and nes.....
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