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  1. Backgammon has been one of those games I just never understood. I actually have it on a number of consoles now, including the Videopac and the CD-i, but which one was it that actually helped me learn the rules? Yep, the Fairchild Channel F version! I don't know why but my mind was always so fixed on the triangles of the board and I could never understand the significance. The fairchild version it is simply lines, and ironically that was all I needed to understand it. I recently started reading some articles on Jerry Lawson so I'd be interested in anything else Fairchild Channel F related. Was there ever much information on Zircon when they took over sales and technical issues? I find that tends to be a bit of a dead zone of information too (I've seen some of the promotional material during the transition, but that's it).
  2. I'd be interested in any retro coding streams but I might not be around when its live due to time differences / work / vermin (children). I would do it myself but I'm not competent enough yet in anything homebrew related.
  3. Nevermind, I worked out that if I downloaded regular mess from http://www.progettosnaps.net/mess/ and ensured the channelf cfg file was in the directory it just seemed to work if I loaded that first then selected the rom in the media folder. I feel like the controller style in 68 is better if intended for a real channel f controller, I don't feel like on a PC keyboard there is much difference between the two, but holding the button down on a real controller will feel more comfortable.
  4. How did you get it running under a new mess / mame setup? I've been trying for half an hour and I haven't got a clue how to get a game working on either of them.
  5. I'm going to give this a play test tonight and give my thoughts on the controls.
  6. Update: I've now figured out how to do a basic read of key presses. I've tested this by making several playfields and then setting it depending on key pressed. I've included the file for running in an emulator. This merges my knowledge from looking up pacman_10 and also test_controls and merging them. This is actually the first time I've coded the assembly lines myself predicting what it would actually do (and it working!) so I'm super happy with myself. I use Mess to test these files out and play much better homebrew games. To try what I've done load up the file in your emulator, then hold console keys 1 or 2 (in my mess this is 1 and z) to see the different playfields. My next goal is to save this as a variable so you don't have to hold down the key, I can then tidy some of my code up and work on actual gameplay. counting.bin
  7. I got to hand it to them, although these things will never have everything we want (ie, all the games) its still reasonably impressive. From the disappointing PS1 mini this one actually has some promise, yes its probably more niche, at least here in Europe but its genuinely the first one I'm tempted to buy [brand new].
  8. Reinvest. Here: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/open-small-taco-place-11469.html
  9. Unfortunately for me it is more for development / homebrew purposes, I only need 45: Morse in the UK releases now, got everything else If I ever get too much money to throw around I might get one of the multicarts, but for now I'm good.
  10. If anyone else has a C7051 for sale, I'd be interested in it!
  11. Shame about the democart bids. I am extremely nervous these days about bidding anywhere before the end on anything rare, though I assure you I will never be bidding that much on a cart like that so I'll never be in competition! The democarts is an interesting item and would love them, but I'm not prepared to pay the price of an entire complete commercial collection for it.
  12. I think we're ready to get past the "retro or modern" labelling, previous poster has tried to split it into categories, I think something a little more broad reaching and long lasting could be something like this: Antique: Early pinball, redemption games, pre-WW2 arcade games etc. While not video games as such, and certainly not home systems they represent anything that is considerably rare and old enough to be a specialist purchase. You probably have to go to an expert to get these restored/repaired - or be a strong enthusiast yourself. Vintage: Electromechanical arcade machines in the 60's and 70's, and anything that uses RF signal. My logic is this: As a child I knew about tuning in stations to get systems to work, it was just something I needed to do to get it to work, kids these days don't need this, they'd have to have "special" knowledge to get a system working. Vintage systems and machines is not the purchase of the casual user, if you are buying this kind of stuff, you want to keep / play it out of a genuine interest or collection building. Retro: My logic for using this word is below. This is for the NES, Master System, Mega Drive, SNES, PS1 and the Turbografx - these have (or about to have) mini/classic versions which is intended as nostalgia. Most people who buy the original consoles too at this point do it for nostalgia (I've sold plenty of consoles to people who aren't collectors, but rather people around my age who wants to play the old games again in the way they remember). Although Saturn / N64 doesn't have classic versions, I think they still fit into this category. Pre-Modern: I find it hard to label what PS2 and Dreamcast should be in, its a common problem I think so this category is for them. Modern: Last gen and current gen, PS3 and 360 still have some services so I think they should be still counted in this. My logic on the wording is this: Antique: Usually left for things that is a 100 years old, its not always so strictly applied. Video games is not 100 years old yet, but early arcade and pinball machines are - and they exist as precursors to the home systems. On wikipedia it is described as: "is an item perceived as having value because of its aesthetic or historical significance" and " is usually an item that is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human history." Vintage: Immediately after wikipedia's definition of antique it has: "Vintage and collectible are used to describe items that are old, but do not meet the 100-year criteria.". The use of the word vintage for objects is relatively modern, and there is debate about how old something should be before it classifies. Most say at least 20 years, which would easily match the kind of consoles that I included. I think Vintage also helps to suggest that there is some degree of interest / knowledge that is now deemed specialised. Remember, we're all getting older! Retro: The use of the word retro now has many uses, but in most other forms outside video games retro usually means a quite specific style, or use. I think we need to get out of the use of the word retro to mean a broad range of non-modern games as there is certainly a variety and history we can now explore. Retro in the designer / interior world tends to mean anything from 1950's to 1980's, but its more than that - its the idea of it being functional and chosen by design in a modern period. Take the guy in the UK who lives in the 1940s styled house and hosts school trips - he lives retro despite the fact he could clearly have a flatscreen tv, a microwave and wifi. He chooses not to. Similarly, nostalgia is flooding the market with mini/classic machines. This isn't particularly for the collector or enthusiast, we feel its too limited with "only" 20-40-60-100 games, but rather for the casual players or prior gamers who say things like "oh man do you remember sonic the hedgehog!!!". Pre-Modern: Ahaha, I think this is pretty much the "whatever is left" category. I think I too struggled with the PS2 period, it was quite instrumental time for the gaming industry, not just the PS2 but the other consoles too. Dreamcast had functional internet use, PS2 had DVD playback, X Box had... whatever it had and Gamecube had loads of accessories. I think Wii probably fits here too now, as its services is now completely dead. Modern: The average user has these, they double up as home entertainment machines. In fact, like mine, they are probably used MORE for watching TV than playing games. PS3 is a cheap blu ray player, X Box One's is for kids playing fortnite, which ever console you have, you or someone else in the house probably use YouTube or amazon or netflix on it.
  13. I have a ps3 and xbox 360. Ps3 I do have some nice games on, but it's mostly for playing ps1 games. 360 was mostly for twitch, now broke. BBCi player, now broke. Amazon prime, working just if you favourite on a pc first and Netflix, which still seems to update its look and work most of the time. I have played a considerably little amount on 360, its a dvd player (yep, don't tend to buy blu rays yet) which also gets on Netflix. My wii got used for the news, weather and browser now and then, wii u is more for gaming. I've avoided ps4 and xbox one completely, and now with a new gen out next year I don't see the point in upgrading. This means I've completely skipped a generation. Why? Because except for a few ps4 exclusives I cry a little about pc often has the games even if it's delayed, but I can soup up the graphics even on my aging laptop. I'm starting to now hit "medium" settings in games so I'll be due a new computer soon, but again it's an question of console or laptop and I'll probably go for laptop. The cdtv, cdi, 3DO and the other 32 bit consoles that tried cd playback, I think that's what the ps3 and 360 generation perfected, the home entertainment machine. Until I no longer turn it on, there is no reason to upgrade. Other people will want to keep up with the latest stuff and that is fine with me, but I'm happy to slow down. Also, the ps3 360 and wii generation is only just coming to a close, in fact I think ps3 has died first with just fifa and just dance available now for the others, but this was what, 2005 the start of the generation? It's a stretch to say the mega drive is still "current" but the previous generation (ps3, 360) has had a long run.
  14. Looks good! I think for me component is slightly more future proof, although even that is appearing less and less on new tvs. S video never caught on here in Europe and generally RGB scart was preferred, but again, find a new tv with a scart port. Also, the C7051? That's another thing on my wish list!
  15. Did you get much with it? The jealousy is real. I would love one but I think I'd want to save up for a decent set and wait for my kids to grow up and leave home.
  16. Hi there, I was trying to work out controller inputs for my own game when this came up. I've given it ago and first playthrough seems to work fine. On the second though (no console reset) I got to hole 4 and then "bumped" into an object here. I think its registering as a sandtrap as its going slower and giving me the "oh no" sound. I have uploaded a screenshot and a rough area (its probably a square!) which seemed to be registering as a sandtrap
  17. I think this can work, the slowed down power meter is good, I'm still thinking if it goes half the distance when you hit the ball while in a sandtrap that would give you the feel of it being in a bunker but it'll be interesting to hear what other people think.
  18. Actually red makes sense. I think by grey I meant the background colour, but the absense of green is probably harder than it's worth, so red would be the better option.
  19. My uneducated ear says its good. I did wonder when it first goes high then drops low whether it sounded a bit off tune, but when I let it repeat a few times I don't think it grated on me at all. For 9 more holes, sand dunes in grey which halves the output of the power meter? I assume the power meter would still go to full (maybe half speed?) but go half the distance when released if you start on the sand dune to represent having to chip it out of sand. (you can tell I have no clue how golf works)
  20. Hi everyone, in case anyone thought I had dropped off the scene, here is my current progress with using F8 processor to make a Fairchild Channel F game. I'm considering making a "3 in a row" game, essentially tic tac toe, but with variants including three men's morris. This is basically tic tac toe but with only 3 counters each - and then you get to move a counter each turn. The image here is what I've got so far. Yep. Its just a grid. I'm learning very slowly by looking at other peoples assembly, editing things and seeing what happens. What you see here is the progress of on and off testing for probably a year now. Realistically, you could edit pacman_10 (its on the ves wiki here!: http://channelf.se/veswiki/index.php?title=Homebrew:Pac-Man ) and edit the bits shown in the image I've attached, and get what I got here. The difference is however is that I sort of understand the other assembly lines now and how it does what it does. I'm now stuck trying to work out how to do other graphics, that change due to player interaction (such as the counters, player selection), so I'll probably be back in 12 months with some kind of player movement!
  21. Had a watch last night, some amazing looking games in development! Have been following Deepstone Catacomb and I just finished playing Dark Chambers on the 7800 so it'll be a nice game to try out.
  22. I've just tried it on a retron 77 I got today and it feels totally amazing! Haven't tried it with my 7800 controller which I quite like but compared to the official 7800 release it feels just right. The hdmi to TV might be tricking me, but still it feels like an extremely competent game for the system of any year! Absolutely gorgeous game.
  23. I think warlords is the obvious 2600 one but it makes me realise I don't actually play many 2600 games Multiplayer. Across other consoles: Videopac: conquest of the world, I prefer that to quest of the rings. I do have the business one too but haven't played it yet Snes: secret of mana Saturn bomberman Gamecube: gauntlet legends (yeah bite me!) Any decent rendition of super street fighter 2 / alpha game I enjoy 7800 games with competitive and cooperative modes, like asteroids but often don't get anyone to play with.
  24. Hi KB, I recently bought an UNO cart, and I'm very happy with it, as stated some homebrew won't work, things like the galaga demo recently released, Space Cactus Canyon which is really fun doesn't work either I think these are labelled as "DPC+" or something, it relates to the way Harmony Encore carts can take advantage by altered hardware in the cart, while Stella can run these games (such as on Retron 77) UNO carts can't yet as they run much more like original carts. I can play things like Halo 2600, Zippy the Porcupine, Princess Rescue and many others from it. Here is some games I have under my homebrew folder: Arcade ports: Avalanche, ColorGotcha, DK VCS Demakes: Aadvark (I think there is two versions, only one work on UNO), Beeware (Super Bee on Videopac), Choplifter, Distopia, Halo 2600, Ladybug, Princess Rescue, Scramble, TitanAxe (Golden Axe!), Zippy Others: Robo Ninja Climb, Osytron, Assembloids, Dungeon etc
  25. "I've played it" but not showing any footage of you actually playing it, instead cycle a minute worth of pre recorded footage multiple times but in different sequences. Also, no guarantee or proof the Borderlands footage is direct from VCS, looks like a poor recording of a underpowered PC trying to play it instead. Still no real evidence that this is any better than any "classic" device, I have a Retron 77 coming in the post I paid £65 for, which can play off both SD card and original carts, why would I spend £300 on a crippled version Atari sells when I already own Atari Vault on Steam (which I'm pretty sure I got for less than £8 if not free) and android games I can play on my existing phone?
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