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  1. Just an update, I sold the console with. Controllers as is, so I never got a chance to fully fix it, it went with some doubles of mine (few early numbers and some unboxed rares such as bowling and Hangman). Maybe they'll see this post when they try to work out how to fix it themselves
  2. Sigh. It's bad enough xbox one is now xbox original because xbox 3 (not as in xbox 360 which is the 2nd one) is called xbox one and now series x which is not xbox one x because that is the 3rd or 4th or 10th model of the third x box. Will probably fit in one of my cubes though, so at least that's something. Going to suck for you poor gits with flat dvd player space useless slots though. Maybe they'll start making TV units for actual consoles.
  3. That seller seems to be slightly overpriced. The shipping is an extra factor too.
  4. Note I've tested in your latest build 10a, I'm using mess64 (0210b): 1: one press for start screen gets me to gameplay 2+4: Score is increasing by remaining time, then time resetting to 99 as intended (I believe), I tested a few things like waiting for timer to nearly count down, but in mess it was working correctly. All scores appeared to be counting correctly in base 10. Hope that helps. I'm rubbish at these games due to impatience, so it took me awhile to clear a screen! But it appears to work as intended and resets ok.
  5. I've been meaning to get round and testing it, I'll try it when I get home and let you know with mess version etc too.
  6. XD yeah I saw it the other day as well. Its a difficult one, if you offer it on bids it would probably never get to its true value, and you open it up to upsellers. I'm fascinated by these things but ultimately I'm a gamer first collector second.
  7. Any code is greatly appreciated by those of us struggling, it's always very helpful!
  8. I believe it was 1981, the same time as pro football and casino poker. From what I remember one of the later numbers was out of sequence... Perhaps checkers.
  9. The printer economy is certainly a strange one. We recently bought a new HP printer/scanner for the grand total of £18.99, and then they offered us cover for £12.99 a year, its literally cheaper to buy a new one, which will be an upgraded model. Every time I see the Amico in this thread the more I want one.
  10. I must be one of the few people unbothered by the Wikipedia generation listing. Though I do admit I think there is a 2.5 generation where colecovision, intellivision sits. I want to say 5200 sits there too, but it's so... Rubbish. I don't know if it being between the 2600 and 7800 is enough to warrant it being beyond a 2nd gen. On this logic, fairchild channel F, 2600, the 1292 and similar devices would be the true 2nd generation, with the RCA bordering 1 and 2 and the 5200 bordering 2 and 2.5 The "16 bit" period is probably the best for me too. I remember the snes being the only semi decent nintendo console, the mega drive hitting it out of the park for me, and in later years now enjoying turbografx and the neo geo (CD, I'm not that rich!).
  11. I get this is an ataribox atari vcs atari brick taco thread, but the only thing I actually recognised was Lindsay Lohan, and I only know her for her "longest religious conversion ever" phase. Back to the atari doorwedge, maybe it takes weeks to curate the next post promising news next time? It requires careful wording, editor input and the board of directors approval before going out, a long necessary and worthwhile process fitting the value they place on their customers, no doubt.
  12. Mikebloke is fine, thanks I will have another go at this game at some point, and might clear up the instructions a bit. I'm considering another demake, perhaps robot war from the same console, but I'll need a bit more liberty on that one to make gameplay!
  13. Personally, I learn more from anyone sharing any code when it comes to Assembly because I really don't have much clue I've probably learnt more from what you've posted than I can offer myself in response. I did ask e5frog if he could open up the wiki so those of us learning can help contribute to it, dunno if he has made it available for others to register yet though.
  14. Hi all, here is a video recording of me trying it out, although it was just myself, and dealing with a few capture issues: Definitely not one you can play by yourself!
  15. Absolutely Sly, oh believe me, I have all your stuff too Feel free to convert anything I do now and in the future which I release freely available.
  16. Isn't there loads of legal mumbo jumbo about renting, copying and distributing games and even resale* on most CIB games? There's a reason for this, for one, those of us who copied cassette tapes in video game pirate heaven. In the UK there might be some leeway with this when it came to abandonware games, but given companies like Atari and Nintendo seem to exclusively hunt people whether they are money grabbing or innocent fans, it doesn't seem good business sense. I think Virtual Console / Console download platforms has made this particularly murky, its not a given anymore that content from 20-30 years ago won't be re released. Not only that, but there has been very well made redistribution of games such as Mega man collection which is pretty close if not perfect to the original feel of the game. * Obviously some of this tends to be hyperbole, as most countries guarantee your legal right to resell your own property. Some are catching up to software resales for download sites too.
  17. Did someone say Jaws? There'll be a set time if the VCS Releases when it'll be dirt cheap, like the GX4000, 32X etc where its at its sweet point/knees. Then ten years later when we go "oh yeah, lets go have a look at it now as a retro machine" it'll be full retail whack from eBay reseller for profits.
  18. Wait wasn't it supposed to be next month? Does that mean we are on the final countdown if Asda Walmart is listing it? Could march 2020 be the true release date???? Could we be seeing discounted offers in April????????
  19. While playing around with some ideas for my upcoming RPG game, First Fantasy - particularly overlays and a rulesheet / book; I thought I'd crack a shot at something even more basic. This is possibly the first formal demake of game, where the "graphics" and gameplay is intended to be as particularly close to an existing commercial game as possible for the Magnavox Odyssey. Whats even better is that the attachments provided is all you need to start playing it! You can also use (with the aid of a capture device) the overlay as a transparent image in a program such as OBS to play the game without having to print your own overlay, so happy days! As this is a fangame of an existing commercially released game - even if it was originally for the Channel F - I am releasing this as "free licence" - that is, you can do with it what you want, although I would appreciate if nobody was to package this up either digitally or physically to sell for profit. However, if you are supplying it free/at cost as part of a pack of games which may or may not be being sold for profit, then I am happy for you to do that (this is particularly for projects like OdysseyNow if they are interested in adding this to an existing pack they may release in the future). I've used graphics from the original game to produce the overlay file, and have written instructions on how to play it. It should play similar to the original "Submarine" game, but with some different game mechanics. I can't say I've actually tried to play this on a real Odyssey yet, as I have no friends - anyone who gets a chance to try this out I would greatly appreciate feedback on whether anything should change. Obviously, as this is the Odyssey, only one player can fire, and the other player must try to run away. Other than that, I've tried to preserve as many of the original features as possible. It might even be more fun than the original game. Maybe. Space War (Odyssey) Demake.odt
  20. Hi tobiasvl, welcome to the Fairchild Channel F love! If you can get anything working with it, then please tell me how you did it, because I'm still trying to work it out! I understand the playfields, I've managed to get buttons to actually do stuff, but other than that I'm still pretty stuck.
  21. I'm curious, but how much would a copy be? Might be interested. Also, I didn't realise nobody has done a single player game yet, looks like you will beat me to it! I had another question, has anyone got the dimensions of one of the extra game boxes originally released by Magnavox? I did nearly buy Shooting Gallery on ebay, but I stupidly asked a question and they realised they "don't ship out of the US". Should have just bidded and paid for it XD. I am curious how much it would cost to get boxes that match. Edit: Not going to post again for the sake of it, but I've released an overlay + instruction sheet for a demake of "Space War" from the Fairchild Channel F to the Odyssey, see here:
  22. Hey Rogerpoco, know what you mean about "easier to say what I don't have" XD for UK consoles all I need now is the SNK AES, Atari Jaguar + CD (thinking I'll save up and try and get a good deal with it all together at some point), and the nuon enabled DVD player - oh, and current gen PS4/XB1/Switch. I have a few more handhelds to pick up too, but its slowly drifting off my radar. I respect people who pick up collections of series, I'm not particularly keen on memorabilia type stuff but I do admit it looks cool, just not something I have time, money or space for myself. I think if I hadn't grabbed everything I could when I casually collected, I might have stuck to certain series or even a genre like JPRG. I still kid myself that I buy things to make collections, but it doesn't always work like that! I stand by my first post that cataloguing was the worst thing I ever did! I'm developing a new version that includes breakdown by region (UK, Euro, US, other) and then whether I've played on real carts or through romcarts. Getting heavy!
  23. I've already wondered if ps3/360/wii u is the most modern consoles I'll ever buy. Probably not true, I will likely get a ps4 sometime after 5 is out, but I'm not interested in stream / download boxes (that's what my laptop is for) I also need a XB1 for rare replay.. Heh. I might get ps5 as a curiosity in 10-20 years but I can't see myself buying it in its lifecycle given I haven't bothered with current gen. Nothing right now is convincing me I need whatever is coming out next. In terms of limits, I've considered gunning for all UK based Cart systems and collections, it might be something physically possible before I'm dead, minus the AES.
  24. Thanks for the response Zhorton! I got my Odyssey mostly working now (just a slight issue with the ball slowing down on the right hand side of the screen? 😕 ), and I've written a rule book and now need to test it out with some maps. I'm guessing the overlay production is the most troublesome part of making any of this physical, but I've found that using OBS or similar program can be used to make the overlay digital without the use of anything physical. Unfortunately, I'm not on facebook, so I don't get to take advantage of any retro groups on there The offer for bundling with OdysseyNow however is very interesting and possibly really helpful for it being sold abroad, where tax and shipping might be too prohibitive for anyone outside Europe. I'll probably give you a PM if that's ok when I've got something more concrete, but my plan is still to release the basic parts for free download by the end of the year. I'm hoping to maybe have something to offer other people to try out by the end of the month, then I'll try and adjust it in december for a formal release.
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