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  1. Every year I do find it harder to justify having real hardware instead of emulation. I'm starting to go the way of FPGA as an alternative to pure emulation on a pc, and even better if it allows loading from a real cartridge. The realistic nature of this is of course that it just sucks the data out the cart and treat it like a regular ROM on an emulator but the feeling is there at least. I have the Retron 77 now and I'd be open to looking at others in the future. For many people, I imagine these emulation boxes are an affordable way of keeping an interest in the retro scene. Not everyone has understandable partners who allow such mess in their house!
  2. No I dont think so , but there is a lot of mod information for SECAM 7800s on a Google search.
  3. Whats a reasonable price for slot machine without box but with instructions? There is one going on ebay for $130, which is £100, but then theres import tax and shipping which would up it to about £150 for me.
  4. I think I will go for one sometime in the future, I just need to build up my pot of money again.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm probably semi-known for making a lot of work for myself and not getting far by this point, but I'm about to engage on another project idea. My intention has always been to try and develop at least one homebrew game on each console, but starting from the beginning. I'm still trying to wrack my head around the Channel F system, but in reality it wasn't the first "console". That of course is owned by the Magnavox Odyssey* So here it is, the first Role Playing Game for the Magnavox Odyssey: First Fantasy: Tales of Odyssey The name is purely for fun, "Final Fantasy" being an obvious reference, but the "choose your own adventure books" in the form of Fighting Fantasy too - which is where the game is likely to get most of its influence from. The Tales of tagline is just for my own amusement, and the fact that I've been playing a lot of it recently. Some of the gameplay ideas is also influenced from the Videopac / Odyssey 2 use of physical boards for things like Quest of the Rings, etc - of which I own all of those CIB. I've uploaded a Open office draw file (sorry, I know its not a great program) with some ideas for overlays and how interaction between physical parts and odyssey gameplay could work. My idea is that cards could be shuffled to provide a unique location set on a single overworld map, making each gameplay different. To further take advantage of this, the final Boss character is also randomly selected by cards, with stereotypical arch enemy tropes such as dragons and demon lords. Each Boss would have a set key item required before the final battle can commence - and each Boss's key item will be based in a particular location. Travel between each location on the overworld map would require a turn taking exercise between the player and boss - which also leads to the player possibly encountering enemies on their journey to each location. Once at locations, overlays switch to a dungeon map, akin to playing cat and mouse but with events and chests to open along the way. A Labyrinth dungeon for example might have a Minotaur mini boss along the way, or a Pyramid dungeon having a Mummified Zombie, etc. Once the key item for that Boss has been found, the final battle can commence, however the final boss would be immune until that item has been picked up, leading to a potential rerouting around the map to avoid it until the time is right. Part of the considerations for this game would be if there was any interest in a physical release, and if I was able to produce it. My intention is to make all resources to play the game free to download, meaning anyone will be able to print out or produce their own accompanying pieces to play. I've been paying attention to previous threads and the difficulties such an idea encounters. I don't know how practical 3 overlays would be, and whether different ones for location types would be too burdensome at this stage. I would also want to include some extras in any physical release (I'm considering a soundtrack to use during the game playable on cassette tape - in the style of computer generated sounds from the 1970's for nostalgic effect). The other immediate issue would be the size of the box (should it match original ones) and what cost it would be to post/ship beyond the UK where I am based - where shipping and tax might make it undesireable. These will be considerations for the future. I'm also aware of the unfortunate history for AA users in the past with a particular game for the Odyssey, and would not accept money prior to it being physically ready to be labelled and shipped. However, I would be happy to take expressions of interest (I appreciate this is quite early days) if I go down that line in the future. Regardless of this, I'm currently working out a rulebook and finalising ideas for how combat and progression would work. Two issues I'm making working on is: a) How possible is it to simulate combat for one player, or if it is likely to expect a second player to "help" and b) whether odyssey is only used for mini boss/final boss combat - as switching overlays and cards for dungeon and combat would be burdensome for playing physically. As I said above, I will be making the resources to play this game available to download freely. My current goal is to get this available for download here on the 1st of January 2020 * PS: I've picked up a US machine and have had it delivered to the UK. Since originally posting this, I have got it to work with a USB device. Part of the reason I got it was a) collectors value b) help me work on making a game for the system c) curiosity about making a custom card one day or at least mapping out what each pin does (made a start on this from what I have knowledge of). I do have one issue currently, and that is the ball slowing down when it reaches the right hand side of the screen. I'm going to give the boards inside a push and make sure it isn't that, but if anyone has any ideas what might be happening here please give me a PM! FIRST FANTASY OVERLAY 1 OVERWORLD.odg
  6. I tried playing Dota 2 a few years back to see what all the fuss was about, I think it lasted about ten minutes. In all seriousness, I do actually try to get into different games now and then. My comfort zone was always RPGs, being brought up with them with my brother playing them and handing some down to me. Being a hoarder collector I got into "retro" gaming (or to me, buying things for consoles I've always owned). Even though the 2600 was my first console, I wouldn't grab any more than my original 3 games for it in years, and it is only recently I went over 20 to get a hundred more. Now, my comfort zone traditionally is anything RPG, strategy or retro, but games I'm playing / played recently is Echo on PC (unfortunately developers have shut down, was their only game) and casual games like Offspring Fling which I finished the other day (basically, anything that is super meat boy styled difficult platformer). I've enjoyed things like Bit Trip Runner series and Terraria / Starbound which is games I didn't think I'd ever get into, minecraft does nothing for me. I've never played Endless space, but I did play "Love Thyself, A Horatio Story". I think it helped that I had played games like Analogue: A hate story and its other game, Hate Plus which is a similar style. I liked the hate games for its use of retrofuturism mixing spaceships with traditional Korean history and culture.
  7. I've got a CIB xenophobe which is listed as a 7 on the site... But most of mine is 5 or below. I'm pretty sure I have a demon attack cart somewhere, but I didn't think that was rare?
  8. Absolutely. 15 isn't a 3 figure game, even in dollars.
  9. I'm happy for you to get casino poker so cheap and I'm very jealous, I feel like that one is going to evade me for awhile. 15 is a bit rare, I ended up with a SABA version which is probably listed under a different number before getting a regular fairchild version.
  10. Fair enough, I can't remember what I paid for mine loose, probably 40 or 50 dollars converted. I would love to have a complete in box set, but with sellers who don't even post abroad I'm pretty stuck usually with European sellers. The import tax is like 25% as well, and it can really hit on big purchases. PS: I totally do the same wife telling tactics "this game goes for £300 normally, I saved hundreds!" ie £99.
  11. I learnt basic because my first "computer" was an amstrad. Kids have Operating systems that do everything for them. However, having said that, a lot of schools in the UK will do programming in IT lessons to some level, albeit more concepts than a formal language. A few committed kids will learn a language on their own backs for the purposes of developing something with a "use" but not many. (visual) BASIC and python are usually what's used. In my line of work (kids n autism) you are more likely to find people who specialise in specifics, such as using random Windows operating systems, or using programs like excel, than people coding. I made my first video game sale (that is, something I coded) in Year 7 (first year of secondary education), I've yet to see someone personally in my work that has done something similar. The rest tend to just play minecraft/fortnite, and other people will regard them as "geeks" for this, but their actual technical knowledge is next to zero. I bought my eldest child some "coding" books that is more theory and concepts than actual programming, and he didn't display any interest at all and went back to playing pokemon.
  12. Awesome! I gave it a spin for 5 minutes. Not bad.
  13. Is this the same seller as the other ones? I can't view them anyway!
  14. The videopac is probably a device most intended for children. My youngest, 3 learnt how to type thanks to the console in less than two days, and enjoys playing the math and keyboard based games. A friend came over with his teenage girls, and hilariously they spent hours playing some of the games, like the racing one. There is something in the simplicity of it all. Similar to you, its a console probably best used occasionally, before I would have it out whenever I bought a new game for it, but now I have a "complete" collection this doesn't apply. I think I'm on the list for a C7061, The odyssey2/videopac multicarts is some of the cheapest devices you'll find for any system, I believe some retailed at something like $30-50 at some point.
  15. This appears to be a thing, I bought a loose empty NES box to store my console and accessories (I did have a box originally... then at some point in the early 90's my parents probably chucked it). Soon after it sold someone put another one up for the same price as I paid saying "apparently people buy these things!", but actually I probably paid a bit more for the box itself because I got half a dozen games with it dirt cheap. Its been 20 years since I've bought a NES game for a quid!
  16. Sigh, these recent games you guys have mentioned is US only. I can't even find it in search because sellers don't send abroad. Its such a shame, especially given ebay's international system basically pushes all the costs onto the buyer at no risk to the seller. Its like the London effect, but international. Shame, given most of my rare fairchild games have come from the states or europe. I would have been tempted to go for the boxed american football game, as I could resell my loose copy, but even slot machine is too much for me - good job I can't buy it anyway. Edit: Can't even message the seller, wow. I mean really? That resistant. I get people probably message with offers all the time... But to block all forms of contact? Oh well. His loss of profits.
  17. I think if people want to pay that much on a bidding system with a low starting bid then fair enough. If I had that kind of cash I'd pay it if it meant further development of the Fairchild Channel F, even indirectly through helping your cost of living.
  18. They feed the beast money, the beast feeds them hopes and dreams of a system capable of playing 15 year old games and preloaded with 40 year old games. It will all end in a fiery battle where FBI agents try to storm their headquarters before they commit ritual suicide in a cosmic reinterpretation of the word "released".
  19. Wonder if any of these kids ever owned a real atari.
  20. I would be interested too, I'm always going to be after an sd card device... But supporting homebrew on the channel F is good too! Golf will be amazing on the system! Edit: box please
  21. Not a thrift find but an ebay purchase, I got a psp awhile back, the model with component out with a bundle of games and the add on camera. Searching through the files I found what was obviously the previous owner testing out the camera for the first time and going round the house with it. Pretty sure it's a Christmas present too because there was a tree and tired worn out parents who couldn't care less!
  22. It's frustrating I know. If it was going cheap I wouldn't have published it here in the hopes one of us could nab it but I felt it went into the boundaries of expensive so what's the point. I might have been tempted to pay the loose cart prices (about £65, but then shipping from Australia) if I was desperate to finish a collection and not bothered by boxes. I have alien invasion with instructions which I think I paid about 50 for, got a loose copy of pro football for less than that, and I have a boxed saba version of galactic space when I got a set to fill gaps. I get doubles occasionally so I'm happy to post here first from now on but it's usually unboxed, semi rare but not the rarest.
  23. So there is some interesting ebay items at the moment including an ITT Tele match system, which I quite like the shell of but not interested in buying! There's a few carts out there too at the moment: boxed 24 Pro football and a couple of loose "rares": 23 and 26, that's the alien Invaders and galatic space wars. I'll be honest and say I've never been tempted by boxed copies of the zircon games, too expensive for me!
  24. Good catch, it's probably this! I tested my pal cart and it had some difficulties including freezing but did eventually appear to work.
  25. Thanks for this information goodtofufriday, good to know this is a common issue with potential remedies. I haven't looked at my own controller yet, but it gives me some hope of reviving it!
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