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  1. Thanks, yes sorry the code was me trying to work out how to update a position using just plot for a single pixel before I started using blit for entire graphics. I wrongly assumed there was some issue with the increment but now I understand I simply wasn't delaying the process long enough to stop a keypress being registered as continuous. Even switching that line to li 255 shows that it is drawing a line as intended - just too quick. I've got something to work on now, thanks! I can now work on optimising/simplifying it now I know what went wrong. Edit: Yes, that did the job thanks, I finally have a moving pixel, and checked and block for out of bounds. Exciting times!
  2. Elevator Events not in Timerous confirmed, oh well, it was a nice thought! And yes, I would love Elevator Events on cartridge! Ok I need help, I'm trying to understand how to make something "move" I've only been trying for the last 2 or 3 years. I thought I cracked it, but it doesn't work, I'm trying to start with the most basic (single pixel) plot and I'll go from there, I'm not even trying to wipe the old location yet. I've attached what I think is about as basic as it can get. So rom loads up, it stores colour, x and y values in r1, r2 and r3. All good so far. Ok then I check for a button press, if that happens, I want the x value to increase by 1 and let it plot again. I've tried inc, ai 1 and ai %11111111 for -1 but whatever I try, the entire row gets coloured instead of the one pixel. If I do li %[number] and inc that immediately, it works (but then I'm loading a static number again, not the one I thought was saved). I'm going a bit mad - how much more complicated is it to save a number? What am I doing wrong? Expected result: a red pixel appears after pressing fire (a key in MESS) next to the first pixel. Actual result: whole row gets painted red pixelmove.asm
  3. Mostly the usual but... Galaxian on 2600 as it was my first game ever I owned myself. Final fantasy VII on ps1, this was in part due to my first girlfriend. She had 6 knights of the round, all grown legitimately. Lol. Final fantasy XII on ps2. I actually 100% this and got order of ambrosia. I was the original speed runner for Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn, but I easily already hit over 100 hours for both games before speed running them. PDS WR is now held by a Japanese woman who had never played it before speed running it, and SF streamers like Bowie the hero has finally taken out my Record for SF III Azure Dreams on ps1, absolutely fantastic rogue like, replaying it now while I wait for the new Jaguar homebrew game KoE. Sim city 2000 on saturn. Played that game like crazy. Original on snes as well easily got that many hours. Does skyrim count? I only really bothered to play it on pc but it's been on various consoles by now. There will be other rpgs I've played more than 100 hours in, but only listed the main ones here for me.
  4. Just as we get lucky every few years with a new snes cart that has one of the unripped online download games, we'll look back in 20 or 30 years at people's ps3 and other systems with Download only games you can't find anywhere else. Will some games be lost for all eternity? Certainly, but I think we'll still do a good job of preserving games generally. The investment lie has destroyed collecting legitimately for me as people choose to buy games they have no intention of playing but I'm in no rush to sell on or dump my current collection. I think even ten years ago I genuinely believed I might get a full saturn collection, among other systems. I will probably still attempt PAL collections of 1st, 2nd and smaller 3rd gen consoles, but I know there is a sensible limit now that I won't be able to ever breach. Perhaps when disk rot becomes a real thing I'll get the chance to buy those games too.
  5. I got my ps2 out again the other day, actually it was to play Wipeout Fusion as its the first game in the series with zone mode that I really enjoy, and I have played it a bit but what I've done now is finally tested out my mcboot memory card. Of course having a brick pal ps2 nothing is ever simple so I have ended up just external hard driving some game mods of ps1 in the end (getting an ethernet to usb adapter now, but at the moment I'm running on USB 1.1 speed...). I've patched Azure Dreams with the (De-) Randomizer to add the extra features and more random elements, and I've also got the mod patch for Vagrant Story to make it harder. I've always wanted to try those kinds of alterations, but get put off of just playing it on my laptop, so being able to play it on real hardware finally gave me the get up and go to play these games again with the modded content. I'll probably have a go at some of the others too, including the FFs. Again, this is stuff that wouldn't come naturally to any official release and would have to be modded in yet again, but it means ps1 games is going to get a new lease of life for me.
  6. I love this! I'm a huge 1292 fan and outside of the elusive programming cart I have a full set of the 'radofin' and franchise lines. I also have a recently acquired DataBase system with the 3 (or was it 2) games that didn't come out for the Radofin franchise line. In terms of compatability with its nearest competitors my understanding is they are all fairly basic and there is a lot of cross compatability in these systems if you stick a rom into it. I too figured that philips was behind some of the development of the 1292 line, and this seems to confirm they did have some involvement, but not necessarily the control of it (I think they may have had a similar quiet involvement with the PC-50X line that came out in 1975). I always figured that one of the franchise names had more control and sold it on, and I think Radofin was the most likely one, it's interesting hearing about the Britishisms as well, and obviously at the time Hong Kong was British and a lot of manufacturing of products destined for UK came from there. The franchise names all match my research and I've seen versions of all of those on ebay from time to time. Fountain which is the Australia varient has a significantly smaller box for their games, presumably to save on costs, where as the European brands mostly stuck sticker labels on original boxes with their brand on it.
  7. No, I asked others if they found it too I was hoping it was the elevator game because I really enjoyed it, but perhaps that is greedy! I'd pay for another cart with your other games on it. I have tried a few guesses at how one might get the easter egg, but no luck yet.
  8. Yes as long as I'm not on the verge of going in the red I will too! Quite the accomplishment to get 2 very distinct games of different genres finished around the same time! You really have thought of everything, squeezed every last byte, phew! Going to be exciting to play both games.
  9. Don't worry I remembered , I just slept in late! Ordered a copy now looking forward to it.
  10. Dungeon Keeper, instead of playing the hero going into the dungeon you make the dungeon and try to kill the heroes instead. I'd argue that morality suggests we shouldn't be doing this in real life, so therefore its opposite XD There is a few more extreme examples of this, but they usually get banned from most sites.
  11. Only just noticed this but I would be up for a copy too, I don't mind paying the extra postage to the United Kingdom. I think with odyssey, 10 is fine to start and you can always do another run.
  12. Let's be honest the switch was a bubbling nearly 20 year design process starting with the gamecube gba connector, the wii and the wii u alongside DS and 3ds to create their little masterpiece. Despite my dislike for Nintendos legal practice and their hardware deficiency, I liked the idea of all these machines, but felt they were all really underwhelming and not taken advantage of correctly. On DS things like brain training took full advantage of the touch screen, but then things like the yoshi game was just a bit pathetic. Going back further, if un- advantaged features is the requirement, I would go as far as the intellivision and its controller. Realistically a lot of games don't take advantage of it, and this is highlighted by the lack of a traditional controller which would have worked better. Colecovision gets a pass because at least they had some alternatives, but they still lack a traditional controller.
  13. Wanted to hate this game when I saw its graphical design of being a 3D game in a 2D world, but it feels like the only reasonable chance of a game like this coming out these days. I look forward to buying it second hand when I get a switch sometime in the future, definitely on my to buy list.
  14. Done some more work to it, probably as close as I want to get it to the original Tele-Spiel so this is version 1.0: What I've done since last time: 1) Limit of about 1 second to react to ghost moving before disappearing - this is based on the text of the manual (the video doesn't show what happens if you don't press the button - so I'm assuming) 2) Pull up on both controllers now resets the game so you don't have to press 4 on the console 3) I think I've now set it up so that if the random generator for the next level is never less than a second before the ghost moves.* The one thing that I haven't implemented from the video that I noticed, is that when someone "misfires" before the ghost moves, the other player should be prevented from also pressing - this is probably from the circuitry of the board - I could implement this but I think its more fun to allow the other player to score the point. I can add this in if anyone was desperate to have a true-to-Tele-Spiel experience. I think my next shot would be to work on the 2 other "unique" Tele-Spiel games. Skeet Shooting has some unique mechanics, and racing is possibly the first home console version of a vertical scrolling car game with a moving track (the PC 50X has a car game, but you avoid cars, rather than the road adjusting). I'm also formulating ideas for a potential "plus" version of this with some more strategy and gameplay. * F8 assembly question: In order to do this, I used xs (Exclusive OR from Scratchpad) but first I had to shift bits and then shift back again because xs apparently can't handle more than $F, is this correct? It seems to work fine, I was just surprised it only handled a single digit hexadecimal number. GhostChaserv1.bin
  15. Best thing I ever did was start tracking how many games I finished, harder to justify buying for a system I had 30 games for but only finished 5.
  16. Waiting for payday, if there is any left in 8 days time I'll grab it! Otherwise it looks like 2nd run for me 😢 Congratulations for getting this out though, looking forward to your other games too!
  17. Don't worry about it, this is a bit different giving that you are asking for someone to port your own game to another system and prepared to give away the rights of all sales which personally I think is super generous. As an already formed game you escape the world of imaginary ideas as well. Unfortunately I can barely scrape anything together with assembly with years of experience so I'm not the one to help with this, but 8bitworkshop now has a barebones real time assembler for the 7800 to help with testing code with a few examples, that might be useful for any prospective programmers who wanted to take a shot at it.
  18. I've done a 7 player bomberman at home before, getting usable controllers was actually my biggest problem, I've got two multitaps. Saturn bomberman is a proper gem, really enjoy it. I don't have the turbografx ones yet, but do have a romcart so have played them. Played dragons curse as well, need to check their other stuff on the system. I have to admit I am a huge fan of taito too I just haven't posted in it yet.
  19. When the square moves, press down, but don't press too early. That's it 😛 Its me testing a timer, I was struggling to work out how to delay so this was a good way of me getting something to work, the plan is to add it to the Simon game I'm still working on as I needed a way of showing all the combinations.
  20. Finally have my first "playable" game for the Channel F - another exciting port for me haha! This is a port of the Tele-Spiel ES 2201 game: Ghostchaser. Very simple, when the square moves, you press the button. Press too early, you are blocked from moving, whoever presses first when the ghost moves wins the point. Use push down button on the controller to fire, button 4 on console is reset. My plan is to improve the timer a little so its not randomly selecting to fire straight away, and possibly a controller button reset (perhaps pull?) Once that is done, I want to add on-screen scoring for a bonus feature - I might also work on a colour version with alternative fire buttons required (twist left or right for different colours). The game Ghostchaser on original console is shown here from someones youtube channel (greatly appreciated by a fellow game-recorder of obscure consoles): Some more info on the console: https://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=2&c=664 It appears to be a half-way between an odyssey, playing very similar with only 3 on screen white elements on a black background, and a PC-50X which also uses full circuitry for each game (but runs in two-colour). GhostChaser.bin
  21. In Europe a console can go as low as £20 unboxed, £30 boxed for the videopac. Quick look on ebay shows similar prices for Odyssey 2 units: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124935335910?epid=111291489&hash=item1d16b9efe6:g:7b4AAOSwdplg~v27 is an example I quickly looked up. Spending a bit more will probably get you a better box. The European ones sometimes come in different sized boxes - possibly depending on whether controllers are hardwired in or removable. One version of the box is considerably bigger than the other, but all the consoles is the same size. Also, was that how it was packed? Jeez XD Nearly as bad as my Wii U console through Ebay - I had to buy a second hand Wii U touchscreen controller and that was NOT cheap to replace.
  22. Odyssey 2/videopac, though you probably won't find their stuff in random cardboard boxes on roadside sales, the last time I checked the games are still relatively cheap on auction sites that it isn't prohibitive, I'd argue that in terms of the easiest collection to go for, it always wins out, only a couple of games go for three figure numbers, and they aren't the mainline games*. Sometimes you can hold off and find a game a lot cheaper just waiting awhile too. I've paid less than £2 including delivery for a rare videopac title before (not to say that it is worth a lot more, only that its frequency of finding it is low). * not including the European exclusives for the upgraded console, but even then there is nothing over £300
  23. Thanks! I don't know, probably not to be honest. There is much more established people developing for the Odyssey who are able to make homebrew physical releases for the Odyssey, being based in the UK doesn't help me either, as most owners are in the US (which makes perfect sense!). If one of those developers wanted to support me in making a physical release, I might be up for piggybacking off one of their packs so these demakes can be a bonus game or perhaps even packaging up some of my games into a set. My DM's are open for those who have the means!
  24. The problem with the N64 is that titles like Goldeneye were great at the time - especially pre-2 analogue sticks. It was definitely one of my favourite games at the time, but now... now its just awful, comical but in a bad way. Perfect Dark I would say is certainly more future proof. Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 included. Diddy Kong Racing I would argue is the best racing game on the system, Tanooki mentioned it at the end that someone will mention it, that would be me! Lol. There's also Lylatwars / Starfox 64 which I think is still passible. Paper Mario is definitely fun, if you've played the SNES Mario RPG game then its definitely one to play. Personally I find Holy Magic Century / Quest 64 a bore, but other people rave about it. Speedrunning and challenge runs are more exciting to watch online though. I've heard good things about Ogre Battle 64, but can't remember if it plays well on my PAL machine (due to the nature of the console, like having no SCART/RGB support, is that NTSC roms give a NTSC signal, meaning I can't directly plug it into a TV, I need to capture it first via my laptop to get colour). Most of the other games I loved at the time, like Blast Corps, Zelda, Bomberman 64 etc is painful to play today. I would say the best thing you can do with a romcart is try each game and give it ten minutes, if you don't like it move on. In some cases, you might have played as much of it as you'll ever want to. Of all of Nintendo's consoles, I would say the games of the N64 is the most 'Atari' like of turn on and play. It doesn't have a lot of games that have a lasting effect, even when compared to the Wii shovel ware. Thank God Final Fantasy VII released on PS1, and in Europe.
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