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  1. Hmm, Do you have all US releases? Do you have all the videopac range including the later games that still play on the g7000/odyssey 2? Do you have an upgraded console with the additional background graphics? Do you have the games for that and the upgraded versions of earlier games? Do you have chess? And played it? Do you have the voice module? Do you have the 6 third party games? Do you have the Home computer module (I have never seen this, does it definitely exist?)? If you have all that, plus most of the homebrew available, you'll have to wait for me to make one (which will be awhile!).
  2. Oh its a genuine don't know, perhaps a better company would step forward, or no company at all. Commerce of company ownership is more crystal ball than say, hardware and costing. If I get a time machine I'll buy it myself and let you know how it goes The Coptic one ain't.
  3. I voted don't know. One reason is I really don't know and I'm usually happy to do Crystal ball thinking. Second reason is that take over failures is not necessarily the result of the take over itself. Take overs can lead to realising a business is not going to stay afloat despite investment. Often one has to buy a company before that can be fully realised.
  4. Yeah, I've made the jump from CD to AES, obviously still have the CD games (running JAP disks on PAL console) but using a JAP AES now. One of the things that made me make the jump is the loading times, I tried a few games I have on CD on the AES and the lack of loading just smooths the experience out - I swear its easier to complete games too without the loading, I often 'wore out' and had to stop on the CD games after completing a few levels, where as now I can (sometimes!) go from start to finish in one sitting with the AES.
  5. Thanks Anthony, I do have Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Shodown 2, it's the only other ones I have so far. I will probably grab the others on your list at some point but want to grab a few games I don't have yet. Fire Suplex / 3 Count Bout would be the only one I don't have on CD so that might be worth looking into. Going to wait for payday to make sure I don't go overboard and I'll grab a few! I don't mind anything that doesn't have an English option, got the romcart for that if I really need to know what anything says!
  6. I grabbed a copy of Art of Fighting 2 for AES, it's a game I've already got and finished on the CD but it's within the cheaper range for AES. I imagine the next 2 or 3 games I get will be similar but I'm considering getting Riding Hero which will be new for me. Does anyone have any recommendations for games for AES in the <100 £/$ range?
  7. Should be an option for both being as awful as each other. I opted for colecovision. I like it's bulkyness a bit more, and prefer it's buttons over intellivision, but I do like the disk of the Intellivision. I think my view is slightly skewed that I now own all the alternative colecovision controllers and I don't have to bare with the standard controller as much, with intellivision it's all I've got.
  8. Your right the spectrum is probably a better comparison, but those systems were more on par, with the spectrum probably still coming on top. Wanted to highlight the bigger gap between amstrad and its competition with the C64 comparison.
  9. Hmmm I'm wondering if you're being a little over anxious on this. I think the worst case scenario any packaging or labelling of multicart will need new logos. If you are worried about the games themselves coming under copyright, this brings an SD card solution closer to being the next best choice and saves you from packaging the old games with carts. US copyright and all its complexities often does not extend beyond its own borders, although if it was produced or sold in europe it might give them an in through EU law. However.... .. I think your safe. The age of the machine, the fact that you've been one of the sole producers of anything for the system, and the low numbers does not suggest you'd be market competition. Most copyright infringement is on loss of sales. You're saying you've had less than 400 customers in 15+ years, and I imagine not a lot of that is profit. I think it would be hard to argue in court that a sale or two a month of a multicart is effecting their business. In addition to this other systems such as the commodore 64 have had new retro systems and multicards still exist and are produced and sold on eBay and other markets. In regards to collaboration, I think only you can really answer if its good to collaborate or not. One option you could do is ask that homebrew / multicart is still free to produce without effecting anyone else's rights. You could also ask what expectations of payment homebrew developers might get for supporting both new and old systems (it might be a case that there is no fee/cost to use the label, essentially keeping it as it is now - they might be more keen to get games out there than to force stop development) Does collaborative work preserve the system more than currently? Is that a plus point? My only advice is to ask lots of questions before giving an answer. In memory of Jerry Lawson as well, be mindful that if you are going to be some of the brains of the hardware side of these things, you should be adequately compensated for it. No expectation of pay immediately? Fine, I don't think there is much business case to make a channel f revival ridiculously profitable, so ask for partnership instead. If it goes well, you should have your fair share of reward for what will likely be your invaluable experience. If nothing happens, perhaps your status gives you a chance to take over any future projects under the name.
  10. Yes there was attempts at scrolling but it wasn't particularly great at it. The Amstrad CPC line was essentially a budget Commodore. Many games were ports of 64 games and a good port would work near the same, but many would suffer from the slightly different and lower specs. Games like Turrican and R type is playable, and if you never knew better at the time you wouldn't of questioned it.
  11. Some of us grew up with amstrads where the words smooth and scrolling never joined together in a sentence.
  12. I'll register up sometime in the near future and weigh in on it, it would be helpful if it was simple and it seems a shame (from the screenshots I spotted you added) to go backwards.
  13. There seems to be some weight towards the "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy" logic for keys as well - that is, for locking it would be clockwise to the right, and to unlock it would be anti-clockwise to the left. What made this a preference I don't know, but it might be a right handed thing.
  14. I took a crack at this today, but didn't get too far, not too defeated yet but realised Mess has a debugger (or at least, some versions of it). I managed to get this up, but I feel like I'm being daft - it tracks which line its reading, Accumulator, etc, but what about the stored values in the registers? Actually, I just googled this, and found e5frog arguing the case for a revision to be brought back as the registers at some point was removed... e5frog has that been readded in latest versions now or is there a "sweet" version of Mess/Mame to use the debugger for Channel F?
  15. Apologies from what I remember quoting scramble was a mistake, convo went to DMs but didn't correct my mistake here. Still a nice cart though for those that didn't have the money to spend on a harmony cart.
  16. GTA V, and this is someone who plays GTA for the story (mostly as a comedy), I've tried picking it up a few times and... I'm just bored. Borderlands, never understood it, tried the first one and it took me awhile to work out I was just going in the same area to shoot the same people for generic goals, and then wondered why I had to pick up 200 guns and decide which was the best constantly (mass effect 1 has a bit of this as well, but the story pushes me through the rough bits). Zelda I got on with nes to n64, gamecube and wii I can't stomach, breath of the wild on wii u was OK though.
  17. Hmmm let's have a go at rating this. I recon a 7.5, it's not a 9+ by any standard, so I don't think we can expect too much, but this price of $1,200 is far too low! I think we can establish its true value at $45,000. That'll be $900 please for your valuation fee and your plastic coffin.
  18. There was probably a few phases if we look into it deeply: 1) The idea of the consolised RPG, games like Dragonstomper, Adventure, D&D games on 2600 and Intellivision 2) The NES era and the Master System response. Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, Zelda. This was hit back by Sega doing Phantasy Star and various ports of other games, like Ys and Miracle Warriors. 3) 16 bit revolution: Continuation of Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, wilder expression of RPGs which I think OP is referencing. Some of these games start to switch out turn based systems for more active ones, action-RPG becomes a genre in itself and splits away from the Castlevania/Faxanadu type games on the NES and Master System, SNES has a lot of these like Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Time. We also got deeper stories with much more text, exploration, graphics and sound. 4) The 32 bit Golden age: Yes, it had Final Fantasy 7 (and 8 and 9!) and Sega had its response with games like Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga, but Konami was pushing RPGS as a publisher hard! Vandal Hearts, Suikoden, Azure Dreams, Legend of Kartia, Square got some others out as well such as Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve. We were still at a time where RPGs were cheap to make - ie: no voice overs! Some pre-rendered video footage to help the imagination, but it was short and sweet. New graphical capabilities for effects and CD quality sound. 5) The blending: While RPGs have always been a fluid genre up to this point, the PS2/X Box era is definitely where the fusion starts working in the other genre's favour. The new expectation of having voice overs for games definitely influences the ability to push out these games in my honest opinion, it also makes localisations a lot harder (though to be fair, few go further than Japanese and English). I personally have a soft spot for phase 4 because it was the point in which I had disposable income and the means to grab games before the internet ruined everything for everyone, but a lot of that groundwork was done in phase 3 and a lot of the early stuff from Saturn and PS1 to be honest might have been better off releasing on cart after all...!
  19. 'Pat the NES Punk' did a segment on his podcast about this. His idea centred around the idea that because there is so many sealed copies floating around of SM64, there'll always be another one to replace each sale. Not all of them will be of this high "quality" scoring of "9.4" (or whatever it was), but if it is each one will still make a hefty sale even if it never hits the 1.56 million mark again. In theory, supply and demand sets in, the next one likely goes for under a million, the next one even less. After a dozen, it might be back down to $100,000 each again - but the point is the price got artificially inflated and would have never got that high without insider involvement. Both Wata and Heritage makes money on fees both for the valuation (which is higher if their perceived value is 'higher' - now 'justifiable' now a game has gone for over $1 million), they then make money on fees to take it to auction, and then the auction house then takes their cut on the final sale. From Wata's website: So in theory, they might charge $10,000-20,000 to value a Super Mario 64 that is sealed. I've then searched for a normal antique valuation for normal things, like art, sculptures etc, this is the first thing that comes up on Sotheby's Free! You take a picture and send it to them and they value it for free! in a week! Over the internet! They'll take money off you to sell it through them of course. The point is, it pays for them to have something common go up in price, because more people are likely to have those items so they can pay for it to be "valued".
  20. Thanks for the advice! It was too hot to think about today, but I was thinking of the 2 bit per colour idea, my thinking is I don't need "speed" on my side for this game, as long as the player controls registers, it doesn't matter how poorly I code the lookup. As it doesn't involve any moving graphics (next project!) I don't need vigorous speed on behalf of the player either to enter commands. If I don't take a crack at it tonight when the temperature cools down, I'll see if I get some time tomorrow in my lunch break to have a go at it.
  21. If the only game that potential thiefs are looking for is a boxed copy of super mario 64, then they can go take it 😛 I have nothing sealed, people would be disappointed that I play my games.
  22. It's my favourite nostalgic genre, I say that in the sense that while I'd play for hours on end as a child, I can't get into it anywhere near as much these days. Retro themed rpgs don't do much for me either. Often I find myself digging back into something like secret of mana, chrono trigger, phantasy star shining force etc, but not really going much further even in terms of the genre I haven't seen. A lot of experimental stuff from Japan was seen to be too radical for America, which means by extension no chance of seeing Europe either. Its still maddening to think that games like panzer dragoon saga had something like a 3,000 Europe print run and a 9,000 North America run, and I got one of those 3,000 as a birthday present. New rpgs I can't get into. I think tales of Symphonia is a beautiful game, a game 'you should play before you die', every game since in the series feels like a carbon copy. Final fantasy since 13 seems to have been going downhill, and I include the 7 remake in that, a masterpiece chopped up into bits and now with a beat em up system. And this is where I'll get to my point. The rpg market outside Japan is largely centered for a US audience, that's fine its the largest market, the most profitable, etc. With PS2 I think you saw the new age of rpgs, with things like morrowind popping on the xbox as well, 'western rpgs' started to take over and grab more casual, non rpg gamers. It's been great and we've seen many conversions now to this semi-rpg like status. Think about it, we have traditional dungeon crawlers like elderscrolls turn to hack and slash, fallout got turned to a shooter, action adventure has turned into open world, borderlands is a shooter that's akin to a rogue-like with its billion guns to pick up (I couldn't play more than an hour of it!) The genre has changed, and there is some very nice story based games which use rpg elements in it, but how I remember it is gone. Its my nostalgia bug that probably holds me back.
  23. I've been researching some of the things shown in other games like 2048 and pac man, 2048 has a fairly neat looking code for a predefined table, it's something I'm considering as the current system is easily abusable. I was kind of hoping to try and squeeze a full 4 colours per byte, and then use another one to track which byte to look up. I imagine it's not very efficient the way I'm planning so far, but I'll see how I go, I'm already very happy I actually understand all the code I've written! Next project definitely going to work on moving graphics 😛 My original intention was to use twist left and twist right, pull up and push down. I felt the normal directional controls would result in too much chance of a missfire while the 4 special controls gives a more "bop it" feel to it (bop it being the hasbro electronic toy version of Simon with twisting and pulling etc).
  24. Thanks! I've worked on it a bit more, got a title screen, I'm now tracking score though its only represented by beeps at game over and not a display yet, and fixed the "yellow" border (I had inverted for the box and forgot I didn't need to invert for the bars, so worked out where I went wrong). I used BP (branch if positive) for the first time today and it seems to be working as intended so a bit proud again! I'm trying to work out the best way of storing and retrieving the sequence of colours now, I've got a couple of ideas which might work, but I need to optimise code as well to make it efficient. I've been thinking of game modes, think I'll do one where it displays the entire sequence, and another where it only displays the next one. I've also wondered about a 'rolling' sequence so that after you get to a certain point, it removes the first in the sequence and then adds a new one to the end. I might keep the current version as a game mode as a kid friendly call and response game. At some point I need to decide if I need to switch controls off the console or not. I think for emulation using 1-4 is fine, but in a mad world where someone might play the finished article on a console it might need to be on controller.
  25. I imagine most if not all dvd vcr combos will have at least composite out, presumably for US will be S video too. Here in Europe S video is rare and we tend to get RGB scart instead, which normally gives a good picture but still dependent on what the console plus wire outputs through scart (sometimes it's just regular composite!). Because of this I don't know what the chroma luma chances are as I'm not used to US electronics, hopefully someone else can help you out. You got a nice set of the traditional classic systems, good luck getting 50+ games for each! I now have all the UK released consoles from Odyssey up until latest gen (no switch yet!) and only a handful of consoles I have 50+ in, and I think it's only 2 that is over a 100, one being the 2600 and the other I think is PS2. Quality over quantity though, easy to get 50 sports games, not so easy to get 50 of a range of quality games!
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