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  1. Hey everyone, I purchased some Aquarius stuff from sixersfan105 and wanted to give him major props, he accommodated my request to swing by his house a month later etc, great guy! Aquarius stuff works exactly as indicated! Thanks!!!
  2. I have an update, I was able to score an ATR-8000 that appears to include the 8088 addon, I will be receiving it shortly, this will help with reproducing the ATR-8000 and now maybe the 8088 add-on also. I plan to use this to confirm my schematic and then I will send out for the first board run! Mike
  3. nemike

    WTB: TI PEB Cards

    Are you considering the TIPI Peb card? I am getting one...
  4. Unfortunately Artlover hasnt been on for a while....
  5. Hey Many thanks to pixelpedant for letting me know about this gathering, would it be ok if I join you guys!? Thanks, Mike
  6. woohoo!!!! I will post to that thread and ask if I can attend! THANKS!!
  7. Would people be interested in having a video conference gathering of fellow TI users to talk, help each other, work on projects etc!? Does anyone already do something like this in discord or? I would be interested in doing something like this! Thoughts? Mike
  8. If both are available Del and I could workout a full buy of both from you as one pickup. Mike
  9. Anyone have any 8" floppy drives they would sell? Thanks, Mike
  10. Software Publishers Inc is what they were called when they first made the ATR8000, they later changed their name to SWP Microcomputer Products, Inc. see page 4 in http://vtda.org/docs/computing/SWP/ATR8000_CP-M_Supplement.pdf Mike
  11. Thanks Larry!! I’ve reached out to Charles, here’s hoping he responds and has some help tracking this down. Mike
  12. So here are my thoughts on this, if there are no copyright issues I plan to make the first batch of these reproducing the circuity as it originally was, once I get those working and then I can make changes going forward. As I said I’m not against making sensible changes but I also don’t want to deal with multiple unknowns since I don’t have a real ATR8000 to compare against. The reduction is size is really to keep the price of the pcb’s down. Should I keep the edge connectors for serial and parallel or change to DB25’s ? Mike
  13. Larry does bring up a good issue, what about copyrights?? Does anyone know what happened to SWP Microcomputer Products?? Who ended up with the properties? Anyone know? I'd like to get permission to reproduce this for us hobbyiest. Mike
  14. As I said in my first post I do plan to reduce the size of the pcb but I am planning to reproduce it exactly, so all its flaws will be reproduced. All the parts that make up the ATR8000 are still available, not to mass produce it no, but to make a number of them yes. Please keep in mind, I want to reproduce it because they are hard to find and I’ve wanted to use one again as I did so many years ago. I’m not looking at this as a project to flood the market with a ton of these in a new form but instead to reproduce a few. A labor of love....
  15. Is there an open source Apple II floppy disk emulator? Maybe an open source project like https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/ Thanks, Mike
  16. My intention was to reproduce the ATR8000 not re-implement it. I'm not opposed to the idea of changing the memory as I have changed the power but my plan was to use all the same DIP through hole components. Mike
  17. I can't be sure, but price maybe doable around $120, that would not include cable, floppies or case. I will design a 3d printed case and might offer them at an extra cost. And shipping will not be included. I will also say this may take a little while to happen. I will post updates as I design the pcb. And again it would be helpful if anyone could actually read the U46 prom, or verify the stated content of U46 was obtained via a prom reader.
  18. No but reading a little about what it is, most of the changes I'm making to the reproduction ATR8000 kinda meets the ATR8500, I will be making it smaller, it will use a switching power supply, but it will be an ATR8000 so no CP/M without the Atari I guess....
  19. U46 is a 82S123 BiPolar prom, according to this thread: It has 16 bytes stored in it. We could verify that if someone would be willing to read their prom, or send me the prom as I have a Data I/O 29B with unipak 2b which can read/write those proms.
  20. I edited the original post to include that the board will not be the same as the original in size and will be designed for use in a 3d printed case. As for the software, I would imagine we can find the data to reproduce the floppies or get them transferred via some means.
  21. I have spent the last day or so going over the schematics and other peoples work to gather prom data etc and believe I can reproduce the ATR8000. I plan to use 4164 ram and eliminate the linear power supply and use a switching power supply instead. My goal is to be able to use it as I originally used it, by connecting several 8" floppy drives etc to my Atari. Would anyone else be interested in a (probably) one time run of a few boards? Since this is not a for profit project I would charge much more than it costs me to get the components and pcb etc, I don't know at this time any cost but I'm also not interested in taking any money until I'm got the board designed. At that time I should have an idea of costs. The board will not be exactly the same as the ATR8000's original board, this will be a 4-layer and will be designed for use in a 3d printed case. Let me know if your interested. Mike
  22. Thanks I wanna contribute to make thing easier for others. If there is any other testing I can do, especially if you determine what you think you have on your system, I can try it here. I currently just program the arduino from linux for now.
  23. Actually those coordinates were indeed indicating a problem, they should be more reasonable like in the end when I got this: Note the values, this time are not within 1 and 5 pixels of each other, this time the coordinates are separated by 823 and 829. After lots of reading datasheets and source code for sdrive-max, tft.c / eeprom-writer.c and loading the example elegoo paint program and that worked fine. My problem was the first time it auto-detected the touch screen it incorrectly "guessed" the pinouts for the touch screen. I'm all set now and it's working good. I might contribute some code changes to the calibrate to allow for testing the coordinates, including a suggestion to redo the eeprom-writer to auto-detect again.
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