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  1. Disabling the "Disable Screen" works for Deflate, however not for LZ4. Anyway, I found this pot of gold with useful information: Mads.7z
  2. Very nice this "Photoshop" as a retouching program. Several good features included. I think, however, that the most crucial and the very first step, which is to convert any high-res jpg to a good pixelated image suitable for 8-bits, from a squared pixel to a rectangular-horizontal pixel for Atari, with a good contrast, and likely by a Windows program due to hardware requirements, it's still missing in some way. It's very difficult and also an "entry barrier" to generate a starting point for Atari with rectangular pixels, for then do the retouching.
  3. In this version there is a Bat after a while (Kill The Timer).
  4. https://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=S&tg=Spelunker#Spelunker
  5. Making a test, packing a segment with Exomizer works good as expected, however I can't get it packed properly with Deflater or LZ4. What should be the parameters for Deflater and LZ4? For Deflater the parameters are the same of Exomizer, but it doesn't work. But it doesn't work with Deflater or LZ4:
  6. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/310341-is-it-me-or-is-hobgoblin-hard/?do=findComment&comment=4618074
  7. @Bobo Cujo What about Blue Max?
  8. Thanks, I added: S PMF FAD extensions, however for LST and LAB it would need to be edited.
  9. I found the below file to highlight syntax in Assembler, is there any better? asm6502.uew
  10. Let you know that a new fork/update of River Raid has been published: XEX at Fandal Among changes: New intro title. New sprites. NTSC & PAL friendly. Being NTSC the main version and PAL its closest approximation. Final ending [only for top players]. Many thanks to A.A. users who helped with programming tips and details, and answering noob questions, and tools developed some from MadTeam, PlayerMissile. Special thanks in this version to: playsoft, fantômas, rensoup and educational videos from Wilheim.
  11. Is there a description somewhere how to create a container?
  12. Thank you, but it didn't work after adding the previous code: - Here is a saved state, it only shows the image after a "r a 0": Game with image.atstate2 - The xex, when you get to the "Bridge 2", you get to the same position: Game with image.xex - A description of the purpose is in this forum. - The code where the changes were made: code.asm Code.asm: before launching the image with jsr $2c00 is the suggested code to replace the "r a 0". Beyond my knowledge of hardware, the idea is to break out the loop waiting for the VBI. I'm guessing is not in the right position. php lda #$0 plp However such changes made no effect, still is required a "r a 0". At the end, the idea is that it must show the image after exit the game, but the game is still making processes. icl "sys_equates.m65" icl "sys_macros.m65" org $8000 lda $62 ;original code sed ;original code adc #$00 ;original code sta $62 ;original code lda $61 ;original code adc #$00 ;original code cld ;original code sta $61 ;original code inc $2e ;original code lda $62 cmp #$02 beq newchange jmp $a500 ;Else: Back to normal code newchange lda #$00 ; disable the display sta DMACTL sta SDMCTL lda PORTB ; disable BASIC on XL/XE ora #$02 sta PORTB ClearSystem ;sys_macros.m65 CopyMemory $82B6,$2000, ($908C-$82B6+1) ;sys_macros.m65: move image from $82B6-$908C to $2000-$2DD6 php lda #$0 ;(not working), it breaks out of the loop waiting for the VBI plp lda #$38 ;puts PORTB into data direction mode sta $D303 lda #$FF ;configures all PORTB bits as outputs sta $D301 lda #$3C ;puts PORTB back into i/o mode sta $D303 jsr $2c00 ;INI image jmp $9ff6 ;JMP $9ff6 launch game again
  13. What is the equivalent in assembly code for?: Altirra> r a 0 The following by itself doesn't do the trick: lda #$00
  14. Thanks, but that's not the idea, it's an example of an ending screen, not in the beginning. Go to Bridge 2 (Level 2) and you'll realize. Now when reaching bridge 2, it jumps to $8000, here the image must be loaded (jsr $2c00), and then restart the game with jmp $9ff6. But for some reason (likely some process of the game are still running), when executing jsr $2c00, it crashes.
  15. Thanks, but can anyone edit the code? I'm just playing with attempts. I'm trying to get it from the attached PDF, but I'll need to do a "certification" to get that... There could be a macro for this procedure already done... Atari+System Reference manual.pdf
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