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  1. Uploading 6 Mono to Pseudo-Stereo Projects in PDF, there is one with a note to the previous PDF. This website has some audio examples at the end: https://theramsgatehovercraft.com/2013/05/11/mono-to-stereo-effect/ Examples: First mono, then pseudo-stereo, sounds promising. Hopefully someone will try it for the Atari. demo-suvarna.mp4 Piano: First mono, then pseudo-stereo: demo-piano.mp4 How to create stereo from mono signal.pdf Mono To Stereo Synthesizer.pdf Stereo Simulator – Electronics Project.pdf Stereo Simulator.pdf Mono to Stereo Effect.pdf Stereo simulator based on TDA3810.pdf demo-piano.mp3 demo-suvarna.mp3
  2. I usually don't use the SIO. I tested something like the following, but it didn't work as expected. There are others projects, but not tested:
  3. Having fun today with this. The final changes. Worth to try.
  4. How To Embed A YouTube Video in AtariAge Use this tool, the copy & paste the video at the right to the post in the forum: https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_youtubeiframe - Edit the size and the code of the video. For size: width="600" height="338" is Ok. - Then at the right, where the video shows-up: right button in the white, "select all", then again right button, "Copy". Then paste it in the forum.
  5. An update with this theme for those in quarantine: River Raid Tiny - 2020-03.mp4
  6. Link with a collection of fixed games: http://devwebcl.atarionline.pl/fix/
  7. Fill the table with your RAM chips: | 130XE | 65XE / 800XE | 1200XL | 800XL | 600XL | 800 | 400 -----------------|------------|------------------|-------- ----|-----------|-----------|--------|--------- KM4164B-10 | Works | No | | | | | MT4264-15 | | | | Works | | | . . . | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
  8. The KM4164B-10 works good on 130XE, but not with 65XE and 800XL, even if you change all 8 chips. If you insert a KM4164B-10 in those systems, immediately it will heat up uncontrollably. For some reason, then if you replace the chips with the original ones, in some cases it won't work at the first time. But it doesn't mean that there is something damaged. You have to rotate them until it works. You need a new RAM model. This blog suggests to replace the chips with KM4164B-15 for a 800XL / 65XE. However I'm confused. This post says that a 130XE with Antic C021697 requires a RAM with 256 cycle refresh or 4ms, and a 65XE & 800XL with Antic C012296 requires a RAM with 128 cycle refresh or 2ms. According to the KM4164B Datasheet, such model has a 128 cycle refresh, for all speeds KM4164B-10 and KM4164B-15 (100ns & 150ns). But I have tested that KM4164B-10 works with 130XE but not with 65XE. Is there a table with RAM models and systems compatibility? What is the best and fast RAM replacement for a 65XE? What's the difference between 4164 and 4264 models? There is also a 41256 model.
  9. Extract Roms.7z to Altirra's folder.
  10. Mmmm..., but then when running in both systems there are different speeds and colors, i.e. there is only one speed and color in the code.
  11. Ok, thank you. So is not a straightforward approach as I was thinking, just as inserting the binaries in the code. This is the original file I was working on: River Raid (1983)(Activision)(US)[a4].xex , so in order to have a PAL and a NTSC version, with customs colors each, I'll have to do 2 different files (PAL.xex & NTSC.xex), instead of having at the end, 1 file with all together.
  12. I'm trying to include both binaries. One should be loaded in a NTSC system, and the other in a PAL system, automatically. An of course the code is not complete, that's why I'm asking what must be changed /added in the post #8. Is not the best solution, but is a good solution with what is available to do. If you go to a highway and start asking the driver why you are not driving a car of 300 km/hr of maximum speed, you'll have the same answer: "This is better instead of walking". So what should be added to the code of the post #8 for this "second class, still working" solution?
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