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  1. You should tell Jose Tomas to release a public editor of Montezuma (likely Windows based). If there is anyone in the world, are both of you, in order to bring alive such a good game like Montezuma with many new levels made by fans, like now with Boulder Dash.
  2. I remember I was playing creating new items for this game months ago: montezuma font.fnt montezuma view.vf2 Atari FontMaker 1.4.7z Atari FontMaker 1.4, SourceForge
  3. Another interesting level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsreJ3w8nRo
  4. VS Candidate for Electrician:
  5. In my opinion it looks good, but a little fat for the character (the 2 at the right, 2 posts ago). The character of Montezuma stands out for its agility, quickly jumping from one side to the other. Also, the guy who made the Montezuma Again months ago is known in this forum. Maybe you could join forces to make a marvel. This guy has been working hard in a new engine: https://www.youtube.com/user/loleranciacero/videos
  6. With the new forum all attachments are gone... Anyway, both (mine and yours) files have the same hash: CRC32: 7b242aca I'd recommend to use this small utility to check integrity: Febooti Hash & CRC, (Screenshot here) And if it's possibly to have the new character in the 6 versions, would be even great.
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