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  1. Thanks, I'll try. The target is to compare the values of 2 or more addresses thru the time, whatever their values are. An example of what I'm thinking is the following, with a G2F code exported and running a RMT in the background. Adding custom code under the section ';this area is for yours routines' of the G2F with: Let's say there is a counter at $2000 running from 00 to ff, with infinite loops. Then I add a beq ($2000==10), then do something (with several lda & sta), if not continue. If I started to add too many beq with different values ($2000==20, $2000==30, ..., etc.), then there is a point that the system collapses, I mean there are glitches (something bad painted on the screen for example, like skipping part of the code). If I reduce the quantity of beq, then back to normal. Also, if at the collapse point, if I change the counter from $2000 to $90 (zero page, 1 cycle instead of 2), then all is back to what is expected, with no glitches. So I'm interested in to know how far I'm from the collapsing point of the system in order to reduce or increase operations.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TloaTjLY60
  3. Feature request: Memory windows 1, 2, 3, 4 are updated every time F8 is pressed, but I'd like a window to watch an address in real time (e.g. $4000), and not have to do it manually. If the above is possible: be able to export to a txt the values of some addresses from a time 'start' to a time 'stop'. E.g.: in rows the time or cycle, and in the columns the value of the selected memory addresses. CPU: there is a Performance Analyzer. Not sure how to use it, but I'd like a window/time graph with a percentage easy to understand (0%, 100%) in real time of the resources used. I'd like to know where the system reaches it maximum in order to relax loads, and the value of some addresses in that moment.
  4. For some reason, I feel like the jump doesn't respect the law of gravity 1:1.
  5. A program to test the presence of extended memory (130XE): org $600 ; Address of this segment ; Init lda #$00 ; Disable the display sta DMACTL sta SDMCTL lda PORTB ; Disable BASIC on XL/XE ora #$02 sta PORTB lda #$01 sta $0244 ; Coldstart ; Init end ;Base 64kb RAM: lda #%11111111 ;Set Base 64kb RAM ($FF) sta $d301 lda #$10 ;It should be stored to Base 64kb RAM sta $4000 ;Bank 1: lda #%11000011 ;Set Extended 64kb RAM: 16kb bank 1 ($C3) to $4000-$7999 sta $d301 lda #$01 ;It should be stored to bank 1 sta $4000 ldy $4000 ;Back to main RAM: lda #%11111111 ;Set Base 64kb RAM ($FF) sta $d301 sty $4001 ;It should be stored to Base 64kb RAM ;Bank 2: lda #%11000111 ;Set Extended 64kb RAM: 16kb bank 2 ($C7) to $4000-$7999 sta $d301 lda #$02 ;It should be stored to bank 2 sta $4000 ldy $4000 ;Back to main RAM: lda #%11111111 ;Set Base 64kb RAM ($FF) sta $d301 sty $4002 ;It should be stored to Base 64kb RAM ;Bank 3: lda #%11001011 ;Set Extended 64kb RAM: 16kb bank 3 ($CB) to $4000-$7999 sta $d301 lda #$03 ;It should be stored to bank 3 sta $4000 ldy $4000 ;Back to main RAM: lda #%11111111 ;Set Base 64kb RAM ($FF) sta $d301 sty $4003 ;It should be stored to Base 64kb RAM ;Bank 4: lda #%11001111 ;Set Extended 64kb RAM: 16kb bank 4 ($CF) to $4000-$7999 sta $d301 lda #$04 ;It should be stored to bank 4 sta $4000 ldy $4000 ;Back to main RAM: lda #%11111111 ;Set Base 64kb RAM ($FF) sta $d301 sty $4004 ;It should be stored to Base 64kb RAM loop jmp loop run $600 ;Start this program 130XE: 65XE: 130XE Memory Management.pdf
  6. Exomizer for dummies? For newbies you should start seeing the videos below, I learnt everything from there. Misc: 1. Exomizer has a new version 3.10, it has not being updated in Super Packer yet: https://bitbucket.org/magli143/exomizer/wiki/Home 2. The developer of Exomizer is very kind to answer questions: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/145682-super-packer-gui-for-deflater-and-exomizer/?do=findComment&comment=4654480 It's very resource consumer. Multiple jsr. I think you mean to save the decruncher only once as a function instead of multiple times, that would be good. In the code there should be some info: exomizer-3.1.0.zip BTW, I never got the parameter "load_addr" to work. There should be a manual.
  7. An upgraded motherboard that fits into the original case, it should look like an original Atari with: More RAM: 320, 512, 1024kb. UAV embedded. Audio companion embedded (UAS flavor not bad, it increases original volume). Easy way to attach internally a RetroTink for HDMI output, but much better an own HDMI output. Standard 5V input like notebooks / or USB like phones. A jumper for a button for NTSC / PAL conversion. RF modulator removed, and intelligently adding: 2 SD card inputs: for SIO2SD and Ultimate cart / any other opensource cart, both embedded in the motherboard. With jumpers to select the "device" with a push button. Also good idea: Dual pokey option (with a jumper is someone want to use both channels and only 1 pokey). At least a ram, video and sound upgrades are the most important and basic. NTSC / PAL conversion also is good. Several posts above with good ideas.
  8. Piskel: editor for animated sprites & pixel art: https://www.piskelapp.com/
  9. Atarimania - 2021-01-03 - Atari 400 800 XL XE Top 100 Games Hits (past month).pdf
  10. Thank you. The full PCB will be inside with internal connections. If with a Syscheck it was possible, I guess there is a chance. Under the keyboard of a 65XE there is a lot of space for this. Yep. A project for an embedded system. Thanks, just remains the energy to start the "operation destruction" and see if it works
  11. Thank you. Is it possible to make a diagram for the 2020 Freezer version? Also, could it be simpler to follow?, something like the following example (instead of A13, IRQ, RST, ... ???? ) (just an example of a diagram, not proper connections)
  12. Thanks. Is it possible to update instructions (including an example) in the following post you did in order to know how to use this tool with asm files?: G2F and RMT at the same time: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/238154-graph2font-not-running-on-widows-81/?do=findComment&comment=4452490
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