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  1. Hi: any chance to help locate 2 colors in this project?
  2. There are many challenging ideas for further changes and new variants, but my tweaking skills are limited: Find the location of both green, and dark brown. River bank width. Speed of: helicopters, ships. To replace the sounds of the plane, with the ones of the Blue Max. When (1) shooting, and the (2) background engine sound, which automatically increases volume according to the plane speed. Intermittent shots shape, like Blue Max. Add the Blue Max music at the beginning, until the Start key is pressed, or when entering to the screensaver mode when pressing Select. Blue Max Music.mp3 River Raid (1983)(Activision)(US).xex Blue Max (1983)(Synapse Software)(US)[a6].xex
  3. River Raid Blue Max.mp4 There are still some colors that have been impossible to locate, to create other variants. River Raid 2600: River Raid 2600.mp4
  4. I can do the best I can, but I it's out of the scope to make a new game, it really takes time to draw the sprites. It's done row by row searching the right pixel, without the help of any drawing software.
  5. I must report that my computer was hacked a couple of days ago, and the people who work in these fun projects should be aware of some sick guys who want to stop such interesting projects through terrorism. As always, it's good idea for anyone to have backups and several devices, not all of them connected. The symptoms are: the keyboard doesn't work as it should, making it impossible to play correctly, for example with Altirra, there is a random behavior. In particular there is a case when pressing down + right + fire, it doesn't work, it only reads the first 2 keys (down + right), but not 3 pressed at the same time. It doesn't happen with down + left, and it doesn't happen when each key is pressed one by one, so there is nothing wrong physically. So I guess it's the fingerprint left, and it's quite elaborate. It only happens to this computer. It doesn't matter if it's booted as usual, or with an external drive/OS like Hiren's boot CD. I'm not targeting anyone, as it was an anonymous terrorist attack, so it's impossible to know the author. However, I clearly state that such behavior won't stop this project. In the last line this old computer should cost less than $500, and one or two days of delay, ...just for modifying an old game? (the next paragraph could be disturbing for some good people, please do no read). Fortunately, for you the author, I'm the guy who think that the other side of the face must be placed, for your pleasure, and not you to be punished with another terrorist act against your people, of the same estimated background, randomly selected on a random day, even if it takes time to be spotted, far away from any CCTV. ...Was it worth for just an old game tweaking?
  6. I see some of you don't like the name..., but I'll tell you, I can put whatever name I want to. __________________________________________________________________________________ Another project under the project: River Raid Blue Max Blue Max.mp4
  7. Thanks, I tested several options and I got results more-less the same. A river curve is not supposed to be there..., and also the image quality is not good. That program I guess is not intended to work with artificial scenarios.
  8. It's interesting and it would be required to add if-else conditions, but the original code is not available. This is a hack of a compiled code, so it won't be possible. I'm having fun tweaking the objects and that's enough and worth. Regarding the 'Cold Winter' Edition, a did a small research how to, but I couldn't find an easy way to pick up each color, and to expend too much time researching is beyond the scope of this project. It's possible to be done and I'd like to, as well the splash screen, but it will take me weeks on that without any tip. There are some versions with color changes anyway: Thanks. Thanks. Still testing missile options: River Raid Bold River Raid Bold 2.mp4 Proof of concept: As the enemy planes have good sprites, but they are too small, it arises to create a second version called River Raid Tiny, keeping planes sprites and modifying proportions: River Raid Tiny River Raid Tiny 2.mp4
  9. A great idea and testing: River Raid Bold - Tail Rotor.avi
  10. Even a close up of the tanks doesn't look good, in the gameplay looks better and more noticeable, and a reason for double canyon is because there is a bold shot. There isn't too much pixels to play, but unless another appears, the design will remain. Any comments about military design, it's better to play this funny game before. There are too many constrains in few pixels for the 8-bit version, so you can't win with all features when drawing. Regarding the planes, I didn't like them, they look too small. It's a size problem and about behavior, they are too dumb just flying across. I was trying different missiles and I couldn't find a good one, so I took the best option, taking the space limit. I don't like it 100%, but it's best than the planes. I'll take a look. Regarding helicopters: (the 'propeller' was the best translation I could find), anyway it was clear what the change was. Now it's not centered, but there are not too many options in a few pixels, keeping the same style. Changing the shape, the helicopter becomes a fish or lost its original style. In overall it looks better. It's fine to have opinions, because I have a too slanted opinion about the design if I'm the only one on it. I need to know about changing colors.
  11. Comparative screenshots: Here is a small comparison of some of the main elements of this small 8 KB mega game. The target was to improve the original elements keeping the same feeling of the game, and not to make a too different blasphemous version like the 2k11. Tanks: The size of the vehicles and the shot were increased. The explosion is also different now, with a ring ending. There is a space limitation, so the size was increased the most it was possible. Now the tanks looks stronger. Helicopters: its propeller was increased, before it was proportionately very small: Planes: Originally they look very different to the main airplane character and in a different angle, so they should be changed to something, and a missile shows up as a good replacement. There are also others changes here and there. I like the ships and rocks so they won't be changed, the fuel tank it's ok now with rounded corners. Regarding color changes, this version will remains the same colors, but if it's possible I'd like to make a second 'Cold Winter' version like 1942 for Nes, but I'll need some help as I don't know how to change colors yet: 1942 Original 1942 Cold Winter
  12. River Raid is a very good game, ranked Top 100 according to Atarimania, surrounded by first class titles that an Atarian should definitely know. And by Downloads it's Top 5:
  13. Thanks, I tested it with the River Raid game, but this program doesn't work as expected. It overlays the river instead of join the frames.
  14. You should play the 5200 version. Clearly then you will see the differences in the sprites.
  15. The 2 screenshots come from the same file, so it's expected to see no difference... I didn't make a one-to-one comparison, maybe I should do it in the future, but this thread was supposed to be for old players. I think you should play the original version first, then you will see some slight improvements. My intention is to upgrade some things, not to make a fully different game like the 2k11 version.
  16. Today's progress: River Raid Bold - WIP v1.3.avi Note about the new forum: When editing it shows an embedded video, but then it disappears:
  17. Actually, there are not too many modified games so far this year... I would say that less than 10 posted on this forum. I only remember one with new levels: Montezuma Again. I guess there are more in Fandal. Statistically, it is easier, and the first step, is just to make tweaks, than to develop new games / levels, so the statistical pyramid has the correct shape. Secondly, you must know the programming language, and new generations like me are most aware of C, Matlab, css, javascript, SQL, and the old guys barely publish tweaking and programming tutorials, so the developing pyramid remains tiny. The thing is, there aren't too enough tweaks and new games being developed, but its pyramid has the right but small shape. So talking about an 'overdose of hacks' it's exaggerated, and for me they are very welcome. If you liked a game, you would like to see an improvement, and there aren't tweaks for the vast majority of games.
  18. Editing for answering below question: Changelog: Small changes in few time: fuel tank, helicopters, title. River Raid Bold - WIP 1.2.xex
  19. River Raid Bold: a tweaked version of the original game. WIP: currently ver. 1.1: bold tanks, helicopters. (Zeppelin not working). River Raid Bold - WIP 1.1.xex
  20. I recently did a post here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292556-altirra-320-released/page/5/#comments I uploaded an avi file, and when I was editing the post, it was showing a YouTube like embedded screen, like the following image, but now it only shows an attached file.
  21. How can you embed a video in the new forum (2019)?
  22. Suggestion: In order to create Maps, it would be extremely useful features like: 'auto save frames every x seconds', for auto scrolling games like River Raid. So then an external program can be used to join all frames and to build a big map. 'auto save frame' every time the player enters in a new screen, for games like Montezuma, if it is possible to be detected automatically. River Raid.avi
  23. Tricks and Tips PDFs: ATARI XL XE TIPS TRICKS CHEATS.pdf Trucos de Juegos Atari.pdf
  24. There should also be in the 8-bit section, a subforum dedicated to hardware developments. Many of them are lost in the main forum, and also have new versions.
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