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  1. 100% truth....I'd only counter that it might be the first thing you'd want to do. I'm still a little stung by my original C-64 (that I've had since 1986) dying earlier this year from this. Over the years I've read the warnings about the PSUs but assumed that since it was my original and that I always took care of it that it couldn't happen to me. It did.
  2. The traditional "ending in less than 24 hours" bump. There is a River Raid for Intellivision cart that has been added....... Cheers, Ted
  3. Truer words have never been spoken...... I have been using this weird pandemic time to try to really get to play some of the more minor Inty titles and with confidence can scratch off Championship Tennis and World Cup off the list.
  4. Be my Ambassador of Quan! It is amazing how a half-gallon of Jamo doesn't last as long during a pandemic. Who knew? https://www.ebay.com/usr/warrant892013?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  5. Probably not too surprisingly, there are not that many in-depth threads on this game. Sorry for the necro-bump I have spent 2 hours, 4 shots of Jamo and 6 Bud Lights of my life during this pandemic today playing this game and I still do not know how I feel about it. I hate the side button action, truth be told. Especially the lob option, which is only on the bottom right side. These 49 year-old hands get a little sore after a long Inty session as it is. After this game....damn! I have lost 6-0 6-0 a few times but once was up 40-15 in a game before the CPU did it's thing. That's good, right? I see the beauty in this game - it is a really advanced tennis game and for coming out in 1986....just wow. I am below-average tennis buff so I'll deal either way. Anyone out there still playing this in the summer of 2020?
  6. The 5200 version wins in all three categories: 1. Graphics - the 7800 is blocky and gets a little choppy (although not as bad as the 5200) when there is a lot happening 2. Sound - while the 7800 system as a whole suffers from inferior sound capabilities, the 5200 sound is pretty near arcade-perfect. Or at least how I recall it 3. Controls- I primarily use Gemsticks for my 2600/7800 gaming and these sticks are pretty rigid. In using two joysticks (the preferred method) you'd need to really secure them into some type of homemade set-up to keep them from popping out in the heat of play. I know that Atari made a plastic coupler (like the 5200) for this but imagine it would lead to the same frustrating issue of the sticks just not being secured enough. The much-softer touch needed for controlling your guy on the 5200 is the better way to go. Props to the 7800 version for being able to use one controller but it really isn't the same playing experience. Just one dude's opinion, of course.....
  7. You can "duck out" and progress to the next level just by entering the COLLECT BONUS box. Of course, this game is the ultimate in risk/reward when it comes to points. I had to look it up about entering all the rooms - I thought that would automatically advance you to the next level as well but instead it nets you a 10,000 bonus (which equals an extra ship.) With two fully-working controllers, playing Space Dungeon is classic video game heaven. I do gotta admit that time has diminished my opinion of Robotron for the same reasons mentioned but I still would take it it over the 7800 version.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ColecoVision-Lode-Runner-CIB/164199473704?hash=item263b0d2228:g:p0MAAOSwNI5evaXL I would accept $50.00 for this CIB Lode Runner and I'll pick up the postage (U.S. shipping only) I gotta ship some stuff in the next couple of days as it is so why not? PM me if you're interested. Ted
  9. I'm a little surprised that this didn't sell but then again ColecoVision isn't my strong suit. I would accept $50.00 for this CIB Lode Runner and I'll pick up the postage (U.S. shipping only) I gotta ship some stuff in the next couple of days as it is so why not? PM me if you're interested. Ted
  10. For sale: CIB Lode Runner ending this afternoon. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ColecoVision-Lode-Runner-CIB/164199473704?hash=item263b0d2228:g:p0MAAOSwNI5evaXL
  11. I fully agree with Super Football, Frankenstein's Monster and Fast Eddie. Because Frankenstein's Monster is kind of pricey it will continue to be missed out by many folk. With Super Football, check out this old thread and the sweet play sheet that a member was thoughtful enough to share. I got my laminated and it still comes in handy when playing..... https://atariage.com/forums/topic/188730-super-football/?tab=comments#comment-2384847
  12. 1980gamer - thank you for inquiring but I have obtained the game. Regards, Ted
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