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  1. Like I mentioned, I think I have enough CRTs to last me the rest of my days. But still, sometimes on garbage day I'll see one put out. I've actually gotten out of my car, looked at the back to see if it has S-Video and multiple composite inputs and almost want to knock on the door to ask if it was still working. It takes some restraint at times, telling myself "enough is enough"..... Best of luck on the TV search - ask co-workers, neighbors, extended family members......you might get lucky!
  2. Is there anything special about this TV? I certainly agree that the guy packaged it like a dope but I doubt that I'd ever want any old-school TV shipped to me for reasons like this. I am a big CRT fan, have 7 of various sizes in reserve that I hopefully assume will last me the rest of my lifetime. I know that Goodwills and thrift stores are no longer accepting these TV as donations but still on occasion see some nice ones put out on garbage day. I actually got a few good ones for free just by putting out the word at my job that if anyone was looking to get rid of these beasts that I'd come and take it off their hands. 27" and smaller, of course 🙂
  3. "Looks like I need to add overtime. I am thinking that once you go into overtime, the game ends when a score is made. Is this correct? " For purposes of this football game, this is probably the way to go. Technically, if the first team with the ball scores a TOUCHDOWN in overtime the game is over. If the same team scores a FIELD GOAL, the other team gets the ball back. If they score a a touchdown, game is over. If the second team scores a field goal, the game continues until the next team scores or the overtime period expires - then it is a true tie. The OT rules changed a few years ago to try to make things fairer. I think statistically the team who had the ball first in OT won like 70% of the time (because all that was needed was a field goal). Again, I am lovin' the 5 minute quarters!
  4. I am happy to report that the 5 minute per quarter option is a success. Game play is the same and you are a lot more mindful of the clock. And I learned something today......there is no overtime. My first game ended as a 21-21 tie and after consulting the manual there is no mention of overtime. As I scored the last touchdown with 24 seconds left on the clock I could not help but to wish for the 2-point option. Nevertheless, the quarter option alone makes this great game even better. If you are a Super Pro Football fan (and someone who likes to complete the game) this is worthwhile. Thank you David!
  5. As I am happily off work for an extended period of time, this will certainly be my highest priority! I shall be checking my mailbox by the hour - thank you David!
  6. Aside from the music, I always thought that the 2600 Montezuma's Revenge was on par with Pitfall II Lost Caverns as the showcase adventure game for the VCS. The game offers three deep and challenging levels that you'll spend lots of time exploring.
  7. Make Trax is a game I haven't thought about in many a moon. I used to play it at the local 7-11 before going to class in middle school in '84-'85. I don't think it has ever been ported to any system. Sorry for the interruption but it is TBT. Carry on.
  8. Sixersfan105 is a gentleman and a scholar.....and he knows his old-school video game stuff to boot. Rescue on Fractalus & Space Shuttle remain - $40 for both and I've got the shipping
  9. For Sale: These games, I will pick up the shipping cost (contiguous 48 U.S. States only). Items come from smoke/pet free home and will be safely packaged (no bubble envelopes). I am certainly open to combined offers/deals.... Intellivision Tower of Doom (cart & manual) $30 -SOLD Atari 5200 Rescue on Fractalus (CIB) $25 - no longer available Atari 5200 Star Trek SOS (CIB) $22 -SOLD Atari 5200 Star Wars (cart only) $25 - SOLD Atari 5200 Space Shuttle (cart, manual and one overlay) $20 - no longer available
  10. A little bump......Price now is $45.00 and I've got the shipping. Offer good until Monday at 9:00am EST I have to go to the post office Monday so why not make it a win-win for this very fairly priced gem?
  11. Sold!!! thank you For sale - Intellivision's Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (cart only) Game works perfect - asking $50.00 and I will pay the shipping (48 contiguous states only) and safely mail the game in a box (not a bubble envelope) PM me if interested Ted
  12. Probably like most of us that play Super Pro, I tend to stick with the same programmed routes for several plays in a row. Oddly enough, I find programming the receiver routes to be an enjoyable nuance. It is kind of fun picturing in your head the possibilities of your guy starting, stopping, coming back and going diagonally. I just wish the ball could be thrown for longer than 10 yards so these routes could fully materialize. But yeah, add this to the "fix-it" list too.......
  13. I LOVE this game. I missed it the first time around and can only imagine how I would have played it relentlessly had I got it back in the 1980's. I was one of those types who kept my passing and rushing stats ON PAPER playing 4th and Inches on my C-64. SO, not trying to cause trouble or start a rebellion. I have no talents other than playing old video games and drinking beer. But.....can someone with the skill and knowledge fix the few glaring issues with this great game and release it in cartridge format? Please: 1. Make the length of quarters adjustable. It takes two hours to complete a game! 2. Fix the passing so that a pass can be thrown longer (and more accurately) than 10 yards 3. Tweak the ability for the QB to rush with the football. As it is now, you're basically doing quarterback sneaks and lucky to gain 3 yards on most carries. It would be nice to have a better running game capability, maybe be able to use a side button to break a tackle or get an extra burst of speed. Make them limited, of course but someway have a more fully-realized running game. I game solo where my player skill is 1 (rookie) and I set the CPU to 7 and have been successful. I am going to crank up the CPU to a 9 next time I play. I did once own Super NFL Football for the ECS but found it buggy and a little too easy. I'd take Super Pro any day over it. Thanks for reading......
  14. What was the promotion offered by Parker Brothers that resulted in a few of my manuals (Frogger, Popeye) having the bottom left corner cut off (for the proof of purchase?) My mom worked at K Mart and was very aware of these types of promotions and I have no doubt I got something for free in the mail - I just can't remember what it was? Any help?
  15. Seeing these stickers of Cobra and Chet Lemon on an Intellivision Baseball box....how random for a Monday morning. 1981 was the year that EVERYTHING changed for us kids. In addition to the traditional Topps baseball card set, they also put out these stickers and album. This was also the same year that Donruss and Fleer produced their own baseball card sets. As a 10-year old kid there were some hard decisions to be made on what to buy at the corner store.
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