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  1. Hi Everyone,can someone tell me what is the proper amperage/voltage for a replacement on/off switch for a colecovision I have read a replacement article showing installation+removal with the new dpdt switch being used rated at 15A/125V Would like to know what my limits are so i can shop for more choices in a switch like an illuminated type being a rocker switch or even push button Am just trying to "doll-up" my colecovision a little Any help greatly appreciated,i do not do this all the time and am not too knowledgeable of power ratings
  2. You are in the right for not giving ID to them,E-Bay is becoming more UN-popular among everyone,Currently the sight is operating with more and more unsuspecting newbie sellers that do not know what they are in for or truly how e-bay will treat them as a seller along with how the guidelines work against sellers,i really do feel for you,All of us are experiencing the same problems with e-bay,It's just not worth the hassle anymore
  3. thanx for response,thought it was just me,yes it is bad,i even tried to bid on items and it was a mess If they do not get this fixed it will be a disaster for everyone,i also got the 500 error and a few other weird screens,it is extremely slow just to click from item to item and then to another page
  4. Just went to shopgoodwill.com,have not been on there in a while,it appears their format has changed and is running very slowly,going from one category page to another it will time out or just not load,tried firefox/google chrome,not any better Anybody else experience this?
  5. Exactly well put,this lot does have nice value and😉 worth more than $200.00,for one thing HERO is in it,that says a lot right there about the whole lot value
  6. Just want to let everyone know,there is a rash of buyers filing negligent/false Item Not As Described claims,E-Bay is giving in and doing buyer refunds without even announcing it to the sellers,it is happening in an over-abundance The buyers are keeping the items and having the money refunded at the same time,i know there are a lot of e-bay sellers here on e-bay and just wanted to let everyone know this is happening more than ever Please be careful e-bay is catering to buyers and not caring worse than ever about sellers
  7. I agree with all of you about e-bay right now,It is definitely not for good hearted sellers anymore,e-bay has done what most have done>turn against those that helped them succeed from the start I wish all of you better selling days as well a Happy Holiday🙂
  8. A definite yes on replacing those,Afterwards you should get positive results Some people like to replace with metal film,Then again OEM should be okay as well
  9. Hi Everyone,I am thinking about buying "beyond the beyond" for playstation 1,does anyone know the contents of the game being complete? It is a thick double type case,the one i am looking at has-The game case,manual and single disc (3 pieces only) I want to know if it is supposed to have a demo disc or a map
  10. There is a new type USB supply available from a place i believe is called dragonbox.de,I am unsure if that is the exact domain spelling,but very certain someone else out here knows about this,Or just google colecovision USB supply and it should pop-up for you
  11. nanochess-U got that right-those were the good 'ol days😃
  12. PM Sent,I have some PS2,Nintendo NES lots
  13. I saw auctions from speedyshipper too,same items always,it is as if he bought out a bunch of giant warehouses full of these games to constantly have this kind of stock on hand,I don't mean recently,these auctions have been going on for a long time like this.
  14. Give Starwander a try, Starwander might make those,he made colecovision box protectors for everyone
  15. Hello Mack702, I have this on e-bay, n64 console blue led and japanese modded,plays standard U.S. ntsc games+jap games included, 3 controllers,11 games all power connections,the blue light looks better than picture shows due to camera,blue light is not too bright and not too dim,real nice blue asking $250.00 plus shipping- negotiable am flexible on price,more pictures in listing,and have other game stuff too seller I.D. erkosuniverse I am in Pennsylvania and have a great e-bay seller rating Any questions please ask either on e-bay message or here on atariage
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