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  1. I myself know the value of these stomper's and honestly a 7800 console is not going to be enough to trade for a REAL GOOD stomper truck 7800 console's are a dime a dozen compared to how RARE a stomper is,best bet is to sell 7800 for cash and then try to deal for a stomper,nobody want's to give up stompers cheap Myself i know the value I personally have my ORIGINAL BLUE BOX stomper truck pull set complete Believe me i know what this stuff is worth; you are on the right track,it's just that 7800 console go cheap compared to a GOOD stomper toy.
  2. Also this is one good reason to ship by box instead of envelopes,I never use envelopes for that reason (DAMAGES)
  3. In the past concerning medial mail,I checked with a few different post office's about gaming contents to get a correct answer of course and I was told INSTRUCTION MANUALS,INSTRUCTION BOOKS qualify as READING MATERIAL and are fine to go media mail,although magazines are not covered under medial mail since they have advertisements,books are reading material certainly,concerning CD's-CD based games are not media mail this is what i was told,so manuals should have been perfectly fine
  4. I have this with complete description,more pictures and shown playing a few games https://www.ebay.com/itm/163904543260 Have other game stuff too take a look any questions message me thanx,
  5. Hello,am thinking about buying a 5200,my first one and am preparing to do some mods beforehand,i looked at some pictures of the main board and the power led looks like it is a socket? is this led replaceable like all others just de-solder and solder back in,or is it a different type of replacement,the picture i have seen shows the red led in what looks like a white socket or holder of some sort.
  6. Very well done,I had a GG and as usual a capacitor problem and found many to be not working with a gamble of repair This is a system I always thought of as a "Roll Of The Dice"-Will it work or will it not. a feeble attempt at big casino gaming by sega
  7. That Is Definitely a Factor,As Sixersfan105 Mentioned Shipping Can Be Too High As Well
  8. Definitely Some "Running Up" The Bid Tactics By Other Entity's,I Have Dealt On and Off With The Shop Goodwill For A Few Years and I Will Be The First To Say There Is Something Fishy Behind Closed Doors About Their Auction Amounts,As Well On Three Occasions I Viewed Game Lots Being Bid Through The Roof and Low and Behold A Few Months Would Go By and I Would See These Same Lots Listed Again,Either The Buyer Did Not Pay (Unlikely) Or There Is A "Real Reason" To Be Re-Listing After Auction Closes To A Highest Bidder.The Site Has Become Very Discouraging.
  9. Starwander indicates shipping internationally is okay in original interest post so you are good to go
  10. ColecoVison systems are known to have "finnicky"-"faulty" power slide switches,I had one and when i flicked the power slide switch fast and/or pushed down on it it made a difference,also you might try cleaning cartridge and internal cartridge slot pins with 91% alcohol this is where to start before investing a lot of money,It sounds like it is reading the game but not projecting clearly,also you might try changing the channel for a possible difference,concerning the power supply you have; plug it in turn on system with game and do the wire test as such:wiggle the wire in one inch areas to see if there is a power change,literally swing the power cable back and forth while it is turned on;with system off clean the plug and the male plug connector on the system,these systems are old and sometimes need some conditioning to bring them back to speed. hope this info may help you
  11. Looking For A Clear Box Protector For ColecoVision Console Box Does Anyone Have This Or Know Where To Get One? Any Help Greatly Appreciated,Have Searched All Over (LOL)
  12. I Checked Out YouTube For An Atari Superman Video But Could Not Find Any Game Play For The Other Version,Both Versions May Be The Same,It Is A Neat Game
  13. Thanks,Yes That Is Quite A Difference,I Will Be Searching For This All Summer At The Flea Markets
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