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  1. If you're not doing the online ordering, go early, or go during the week. The local Micro Center is PACKED on the weekend. There's a Guitar Center and Sam Ash music shop close to MC, I usually hit all three...but during the week when school is in so I don't have to listen to kids "shredding" at Guitar Center
  2. You're not limited to the very bottom of the screen in Centipede though. Wouldn't be able to access the whole lower quarter of the screen with a paddle.
  3. I was happy to find the email works
  4. I made no mods to the stick itself. I don't use it that often though. Checked eBay a few weeks ago, the RSI sticks are still out there, at decent prices. I'll probably pick up a couple more.
  5. I had changed routers since I had the Ouya on last, so it's not trying to connect. Started to put in the password for the new system and stopped. Maybe that was a good thing. I'll try to sideload some stuff later, I had the old Sirius app in there but I know it's been updated since I last used it and didn't bother seeing if it would work.
  6. Fired up my Ouya earlier. Tried a couple of the emulators, so far so good. Donkey Me works.
  7. Nick Rhodes is playing Galaga backstage before the show in the DD concert movie As The Lights Go Down.
  8. I've got a similar one, but it says Trinitron instead of WEGA. My neighbor gave it to me, said her kids bought her an LCD and she just wanted to get rid of it. I have my YurkieVision, Genesis, and S-Video modded Astrocade hooked up to it. I also have an old 19" Magnavox I bought in the early 90's. Never used it much all those years, but now it's got a 7800, Flashback 2, and Intellivision Flashback on it. It's on a wheeled wire rack, I can hide it away and then roll it out for my annual 4th of July party.
  9. I don't remember when I bought my PSP, but I promptly put CFW and emulators on it. I charge it up every now and then and play it on break at work. I don't like using the touchscreen for game control on tablets.
  10. I got into the emulators on PSP so I could play Crue Ball.
  11. Pretty sure my Trak-Ball is similar to the one on the first box, but the box itself is more like the second box. I'll have to dig it out.
  12. A Dwayne Johnson movie every six months is way too much Dwayne Johnson. Pass.
  13. Looks like a logo on a porn VHS from the 80's.
  14. Played it at CLE PIN the other day. Good game. Much better than the Sega Episode I machine someone brought.
  15. I got an idea but I'm not a graphic guru. Who wants it?
  16. I'm still using my converted Radica Space Invaders stick.
  17. 72R4BR A1 7C 5143228 No expansion port.
  18. Okay. Once I got the PS3 system update installed, and the PS Vue update installed, and the controller charged...Vue navigation on the PS3 isn't much different than on my FireTV's. Watched half the Tribe game, then channel surfed for an hour. Works okay.
  19. I haven't had my PS3 on in months. Works fine on FireTV though. If I get a chance later I'll fire up the 3 and see how Vue runs.
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