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  1. Neon was talked about in Episode 87 of Antic the Atari Podcast: https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-episode-87-good-news-bad-news
  2. running a tnfs server on a linux server. The fujinet github has the tnfs binaries that run on linux.
  3. Brewingacademy has the 576NUC and 1088XEL- which are real systems, plus a lot more. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/myteks-576nuc-atari-computer
  4. Well, like I said, you get a 'receipt' for taxes. But it does not value the gift. That is up for you to determine.
  5. And with @tschak909 and JeffP's copious help I got a IIc booting from FN! It's here for AppleIIs! If you are interested in helping bring the IIs to FN life come over to the discord and help bring this to completion and retail devices...
  6. its automatically mirrored by anyone that has cloned the repo onto their local system. that's git working the way it should and being all crazy distributed.
  7. Yes, use the web interface and set config to not boot. This was done a while back to make the FN play nice with SDX in things like the U1MB and esp. the 1088XEL devices.... Then the F* commands can be used to manipulate the FN all inside SDX.
  8. 10.11 El Capitan: YES! Here is a build that works on El Cap. ESPHome-Flasher-10.11.app.zip
  9. The new flasher is amazing! Platform selections to support all the new systems FN supports as well as release version selection and lots of details before download by using the new JSON BOM files on the server! Amazing job @mozzwald and @apc! I can't wait to use this for my AppleII.
  10. I love the Taco Network File System, that is how I refer to it when alone.
  11. Fixed the link to my Andy Atari Ref Doc so it pulls the PDF down now. Working on an update to the NUC with some info on the XEP80-II which is a great companion for the NUC. Coming soon.
  12. You just use the F commands in SDX. THey are all available at atari-apps.irata.online. Mount the FujiNet Tools and copy the commands over to your disk you use with SDX. Now use FMOUNT for instance to mount a disk into a slot. SDX will see it.
  13. I forked neon into FujiNet repo, just to add some docs. I'm collecting comments from the web and discord and putting them here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/Neon-Make/wiki People are free to help and edit add. The wiki is open and can be edited by anyone that has a GH account. Enjoy.
  14. This has already been done by the guys in Poland. N:http://retrokorner.pl/INDEX.AHD they have some amazing stuff from neon.
  15. I second using the Fujinet Project Wiki on Github. Using this solves most if not all the issues: it's on highly available infrastructure that noone has to pay for and will not suddenly disappear, the wiki source is easily modified by anyone with a GH account, it uses Markdown so it's easily portable to other forms of documentation in the future, it's in a location that is easy to find.
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