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  1. I need the 1030 to match my 1050... soort XM301.
  2. Yeah the 1088 finally freed me from what i disliked the most about my atari- the keyboard. And using SDX with CF and FN, it's like a little unix machine!
  3. Sort of. Someone has designed a thru-hole version of the FN (current version is surface mount). And they are toying with the idea of leaving off the SIO port headers and leaving a header pin and make the board the right size to mount in the 1030, replacing the board in there. It's still a concept, but actively being talked about over in the FN Discord server...
  4. My setup- 1088XEL with U1MB and DVI and FujiNet. Also my stock 800XL for testing and quick games. The 1020 floats between both of them. The 1030 will someday be used for the 1030FujiNet when it comes out...
  5. Ok, yes, I recall reading a post from you about that... once it's available I will be able to select video sizes right from my U1MB BIOS right? That will be another amazing addition to your BIOS work.
  6. Just a quick note- since I had the 1088XEL and Sophia (now Sophia 1) it's always had a flicker and even sometimes a 1 second blank as I would go in SDX and be doing some operation like listing a large directory etc... Mildly annoying but not a show stopper. It didn't seem to flicker inside of games or apps. It seemed to get better with a different monitor but never was gone... Until the Sophia 2 arrived! I just got one from Brewing Academy and popped it in. You can probably guess that the 1088XEL has been rock solid and not one single flicker that I can see after using it for a few hours. So kudos to Simius, you did and amazing job with 1 and an even better job with 2 (and no GITA chip required anymore)....
  7. Yeah, isn't that just a RIFA - it's for power back into the mains. These fail all the time on AppleIIs and Lisa- you can just remove them. It's a RIFA if it stunk like burning fish oil.
  8. if you have a moment check out my "Missing Manual" for the XEL it needs an update, but it may help with all the moving parts.... -andy
  9. My daily Atari Prayer: Please FujiNet, let me replace this mess with your amazing abilities...
  10. I have uploaded a .MOBI version (but it's a mess): https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Atari-MissingManual-current.mobi https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Atari-MissingManual-current.png https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Atari-MissingManual-current.opf I need to clean this up as Calibre didn't do a very good job converting it over to MOBI. I'll continue to see how to better create a .mobi version- i think I just need to clean up all the fancy parts that Pages has allowed me to add.
  11. OK, updated The 1088XEL Missing Manual to version 1.1a. 1.1a 12/19 Moved to orange color, added FujiNet, XLD info, minor edits in text. Created .MOBI version. Biggest change is FujiNet - drooling to start playing with this on my 1088XEL.
  12. It's the final missing piece for something like the 1088 XEL and XLD - full contained boot and go with all the software you'd want at your fingertips. Amazing work.
  13. It should be. I'm moving to InDesign 2020 and updating, I'll gen a .mobi if I can and let you know.
  14. PM me or hop on my discord to discuss meeting up- I'm part of a group exhibiting a big collection of unix systems.. maybe an atari too... I'll be there and love to meet anyone from this board. https://discord.gg/tCUPCTw
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