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  1. Indeed some folders are very chaotic. Thanks for your help!!
  2. Thanks a lot. The CRT TV with Cinch to SCART is maybe the best solution qualitywise. If I want to go bigger, I have to consider indeed an upscaler Cinch to HDMI. I will try after the mod has been installed. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks a lot. Do you have any idea how to get a decent picture on UHD TV with only HDMI in? Thanks.
  4. Thanks to all of you. Before I tried the advice from SpiceWare (I am on a Mac), I removed all files from the folder and put them in again. All was sorted by name or number. Now it looks fine. Except for the ugly .bin.
  5. Dear Forum, My new Harmony cartridge works fine. I have only an issue with the alphabetical or numerical order of the folders. I tried to start with folder 01. A (PAL), 02. B (PAL) and so on. Harmony unfortunately doesn't keep the order. Any advice how to keep it in order? Many thanks.
  6. Dear Forum, I am planning on having an AV mod on my 2600 or 7800 (all PAL). Are there any differences between Cinch, DIN or S-Video? I have an old CRT with SCART and a new UHD with HDMI only. Many thanks.
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