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  1. Sam's Club has Atari Flashback X Deluxe's available now, Dollar General will have portables on Black Friday! Yeah, I'd called my local Walgreens, they told me everything was out on the floor for Christmas already and no AtGames products in sight, their manager knew what those were, she bought an Atari one last year. Maybe it has something to do with that lawsuit?! idk
  2. So it's only on the regular 110 game version, not that 120 game Deluxe one from Sam's Club?!
  3. Where are Freeway and Pitfall 2 hidden at, the two YouTube reviews make no mention of them and they're not on their alphabetical menu?!
  4. Games lists and instruction manuals are up, Track & Field is still on the portable! https://www.atgames.us/products/atari-flashback-portable-2019 http://cdn.direct2drive.com/afz/AtariFlashbackPortableManual.pdf http://cdn.direct2drive.com/afz/AtariFlashbackPortableGamelist.pdf https://www.atgames.us/products/atari-flashback-x http://cdn.direct2drive.com/afz/AtariFlashbackXManual.pdf http://cdn.direct2drive.com/afz/AtariFlashbackXGamelist.pdf 😎
  5. This was released stateside as I distinctly remember seeing one on a Merrillville/Hobart, Indiana Toys R Us shelf sometime back around 2005 or 2006!
  6. How about a game list for the Atari Flashback Portable 2019? Also, will there be an Atari Flashback X that includes composite video output rather than HDMI specifically for certain retailers like Family Dollar and Menard's in 2018?
  7. It says Special Edition Includes Special Edition 10 Bonus Games Total 120 Games on the Atari Flashback X Deluxe box photo, wonder what they are?! Description 120 built-in games that include 10 bonus games
  8. Speaking of ColecoVision, they added Exidy's Victory on Legends Flashback, too bad AtGames missed a perfect opportunity to tie-in to this Disney, The Muppets and Star Wars license for Atari Flashback X, though I do like its new sleek retro look, but Konami's Super Cobra by Parker Brothers is their only new addition, then Pitfall II: Lost Caverns gone!
  9. There's no game list, I'm not buying one until I see it!
  10. Will there be an Atari Flashback Portable 4 for 2019 and what about its SD card slot?
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