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  1. If you (or anyone else) still has that around, and would like to beta test a machine language recorder/playback program I did (originally 1984, updated this month) that uses that hardware, drop me a line. I have tested it as much as I can w/o having the hardware
  2. Normally you do multiple PLAs (to retrieve passed information), but if you didn't do that it would just be wasted bytes on the stack, not the end of the world. Here is a "do nothing" example for calling when 2 parameters are passed U=USR(ADR(DECAP$), ADR(MSG$), LEN(MSG$)) Entry: cld ; have seen this in other USR routines pla ; get the number of arguments ; Get the address of the string pla ; hi of string pla ; lo of string ; Get the length of the string pla ; hi of length of string pla ; lo of length of string ; clear the return value lda #0 sta RETVALL sta RETVALH ; return to basic rts
  3. If that is the standard, then no harm in supporting it. Hopefully it will then eventually be supported by some games!
  4. A video play-through has been posted to the Atari 8-Bits Forever youtube channel...
  5. We're in the process of adding 5200 support to Argon, and that got me wondering... Is there such a thing as dual/stereo POKEY mods (and games that would use that) for the 5200? As far as I can tell, the answer is no, but as we have done dual POKEY for 7800, and will be doing it for 800, we could as easily be doing it for 5200. And if there isn't a standard, just define one. Thoughts/comments/ideas?
  6. Love that you posted the ANTIC and COMPUTE! letters... Are Eric and John on AtariAge as well?
  7. bhall408


    Perhaps really mash it up and make it Spacediving... Dropping from an orbiter of a low gravity planet, with varying levels of atmosphere density/drag/wind... Hmm... May just have to try doing that for 8-bit!
  8. Great work! Especially River Raid... Yoomp made alot of sense, since presumably you could patch the source if wanted, but once you got into River Raid, etc, it was clear you'd signed up for extra work!
  9. bhall408


    I could see that as a good 8-bit port if it hasn't already been done...
  10. Will there be an option to get the soundtrack alone? (for those w/o Jag CD?)
  11. What is the difference between the two XEX files you just posted? (different names/sizes of course!)
  12. Argon will be getting both 5200 and 8-bit (800/XL/XE/XEGS) support... It isn't in the public beta yet... You'll know it is imminent when I start posting some teaser screen shots on social media
  13. Were there two groups in Lansing, or was that the only one? I had a great time doing a presentation of a voice digitizer at a Lansing club in the mid-80s.
  14. MACE - Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts (Detroit Metro Area) HACC - Huron Atari Computer Club (Oakland County Michigan Area)
  15. I'm glad you brought it up... I have some sound/music and graphics libraries in ca65, which I in turn call from games written in assembler. I've been thinking of taking those libraries, and calling them from C instead. That way I can have the game logic in C, but the stuff that drives the graphics and sound in assembler. I struggled a bit to figure out how to set up proper configuration with ca65, use .zeropage, etc. But once I got it working, I was quite pleased. It sounds like there will be a similar learning curve (and not much sample code) getting a simple "Gr.0:?"Hello World" up in cc65!
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