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  1. @Kiwi Giving this a bump... How are things? There is an Atari Lynx 30th anniversary game contest going on, and that got me thinking that Beach Party Pick-Up would be a great Lynx game!
  2. No worries... Life can get busy! What do you recommend? One thing I have noticed, is that of 5 "core bugs" we have logged against the non-OpenGL version, 4, if not all 5 are not a problem with mednafen/OpenGL versions. So at some point we'll need to figure out why that is. 1 - Ms. Pac-Man speed issue (seems to run slower until you eat about 1/2 the dots. Chained SCB performance issue?) 2 - warbirds issue drawing horizon when rolling right (only) 3 - Gates of Zendocon "Laughing Spider" 4 - RoadBlasters flickering (if this were an Atari 800, I'd blame DLI palette swap implementation) 5 - European Soccer Challenge crashes emulator right after you pick 1 vs 2 player
  3. I would be interested in a non-GPL Atari 800 emulator (MIT, Apache, etc OK), that you could think of as an XEGS. Ditto for 5200 and 7800.
  4. Beautiful! Reminds me of Yoomp, one of my favorite Atari 8-bit home-brews. A Lynx version of that would be awesome!
  5. Ms. Pac-Man has 200+ objects per screen (if you count dots as objects). I thought earlier I recall it being said that 130 or so was OK (presumably for 60fps) Would 250 or so be reasonable (on actual hardware) for 30fps or 20fps? (and given that the majority of them are single pixel) ...and at some point I'll see if I can get an max chained object count for Ms. Pac Man and report back
  6. Of course I really should have just asked if that theory was plausible (and thus worth pursuing)... My gut says yes...
  7. Is there a way to check if an existing title is making used of chained SCBs? I had been wondering why I saw the performance of Ms. Pac-Man increase (in emulation) as you eat the dots. It just didn't make sense to me... Until... If the dots were part of a linked list of sprites, then that would make total sense -- eating the dots would remove them from the chain, making it shorter, and thus less work to do. Any way to confirm this? And if that *is* the reason, then all the more excuse to spend some time improving how Handy core handles large lists of sprites.
  8. Printing it out now. If you can separately post the text (as a text file) that would be easier to edit in word or google docs with "track changes" to show/make some suggestions regarding English phrases.
  9. I'm neither jury nor competitor, and happy to help test/give any of the teams feedback (with the caveat that you should check with Igor that is OK first!)
  10. Is this issue exposed in any released games? Is it worth trying to fix/address?
  11. Not surprisningly, I get same values as above for Handy on Android. I saw the values others have seen for Mednafen using OpenEmu on Mac (which is Mednafen based).
  12. That was the answer I was expecting In which case I may just track which games implemented pause button as meta-data, similar to tracking rotation and stereo. (I find it irritating to have a pause button present when it doesn't do anything)
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