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  1. We host/include lots of great games in our emulator, Argon (for Android, Chromebook, Amazon and Pi). Just PM me with permission to include it in the free play tier, and a link to the binary.
  2. Jaguar would be cool, but (sorry to say in this particular forem), have you considered a 7800 version? Odynexus would seem a good fit since for the 7800 sprite engine, and you'd still be 6502 based. While the original only had TIA sound, many modern games now take advantage of the dual POKEY chip setup, for a total of 10 sound channels.
  3. Does anyone know why it has the conflict? Does it happen with real hardware+ECS? Did a patched/fixed version ever get released? (our emulator has ECS always on, so we'd have to special case for that game/allow a game specific "no ecs" flag)
  4. On Lynx, one that comes to mind is Find a Way to My Heart
  5. I found hard copy printouts in storage last year. I have some floppies I need to check which may have source... We'll see... I'm in the middle of a move so won't know soon...
  6. As I recall it did not. It may have had looping (only). So doesn't count Plexus. There were about a dozen of them running in the midwest in the mid to late 80s. Towards the end we had done an ST version and then a PC/DOS version (at least one of those had been multi-line), but the 8-bit version is the one I plan to resurrect. I have the original sysop manuals scanned, maybe I'll start a development thread and post that to get the ball rolling...
  7. I'd worked on a command line BBS for Atari 8-bits back in the 80s. It was sort of noun/verb based "download <file>", "read new", "profile <username>" etc. It was written in ACE C (originally Deep Blue C), and ran in 48K, but only barely. It required SpartaDOS 2.x, and we had re-written the ACE-C runtime to squeeze every last byte available. It was able to source commands from a text file, much like "source" in unix shell. Would that count? I'm in the process of resurrecting it in a modern version done using cc65 and would run with a FujiNet...
  8. The issue that I was responding to (A78 files that don't correctly report POKEY chip needed) is common to anything that works with A78 files -- Concerto (as well as Dragonfly probably) and emulators. A separate thread could be created if needed. Point taken.
  9. It displays "POKEY NOT FOUND" in Argon... If you can spin a build with the proper bits set in the A78 header, I can try it again. What does your pokey detection code look like? Maybe we'd want to support/detect that as well (as the header bit). @ZihuaCode Is there harm to an emulator *always* having the chip present?
  10. @ZihuaCode discovered that there are versions of the Commando ROM out there that do not have the correct bit set in the .A78 header. We're debating how to best handle that in Argon - we have a server side database and could flag/correct for that, but we'll see... We had a similar problem with .LNX files with incorrect display titles, incorrect orientation flags (portrait vs landscape, etc). In the meantime, as you found, if the bit is properly set in the file, you're golden.
  11. Thanks Rev! Dual/Stereo Pokey is implemented in Argon (thanks to @ZihuaCode!) We plan to add YM support once we find (or create) a license compatible (ie, non GPL) implementation.
  12. Works in Argon... Here are some shots. The music is groovy! If other emulators complain about the mapper, it is probably using mapper 30 (a popular flash cart mapper for homebrews... It is also the one NESmaker games all use).
  13. My favorite home-brews are Böbl, Flea and Tapeworm Disco Puzzle... You can find them on itch.io...
  14. If you happen to be using Android/Chromebook/Amazon or Pi 4, we have a new kid on the block for NES games... Argon... We added NES support earlier this month, and it came to the public beta channel yesterday... It is based on the MAME NES core, with fixes and enhancements. The one I like the most is that we added simulated stereo. The APU sampled sounds are panned center, and the other 4 channels are spread varying amounts of left and right.
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