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  1. Does your printer support using carbon fiber? I'd seen some excellent results in super-firm parts even using chopped carbon fiber (CF in a single spool) and continues carbon fiber (requires 2 simultaneous spools) is crazy strong. The first brand I had seen offering that was markforfged, but I think there are others now.
  2. Any chance there will be a Jaguar VR unit there? Been wanting to learn more about that!
  3. This somewhat reminds me of the Atari 8-bit game Dandy. The original version (the author's college thesis paper at MIT) had a mini-computer as the "server" / dungeon master, and it would serve up game maps to Atari 800 computers. The author also had done Deep Blue C, which compiled Tiny-C down to p-code, which would then be executed/interpreted by a runtime on the 6502. That could be a decent way to get larger games onto the Lynx.
  4. If you want to use C, I'd encourage you to become an early user/tester of 8-Bit Unity. The upcoming 0.3 release will support Lynx. See this video of the product roadmap: And here is the Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/8bitDude
  5. This is a strange thread... What is serious, and what is in jest? While it isn't very processor intense, Vectrex wouldn't make any sense due to the low screen resolution of the Lynx.
  6. Good feedback! We did A/B on an arc for that reason (so your thumb can easily move between a and b), but as you point out, didn't do opt1/opt2. If you try the a Vectrex game (add a .VEC file to the folder you have selected) you'll see that we do a sort of double-arc or diamond arrangement for 1/2 and then 3/4 when the device is in portrait mode. I think we could do a double-arc, but that there would not be enough room for a single arc. If you have a Mac and Keynote, I could send you a file we use for visually checking out the control layouts. The layouts themselves are done using android layouts, so they are screen independent and can automatically position relative to screen edges and/or other elements.
  7. Turns out the file I had downloaded from AtariGamer on Sep 4 had the LNX extension, but was missing the LNX header. ie, it was probably a renamed .o file I went back to the site, downloaded it now, and the version I got just now has the LNX header present. It now shows up with NG as the publisher in our app. All is good. Once we move from alpha to beta, we'll have all the meta-data coming from a server side database. The fields will be larger, support unicode (current LNX is presumed ASCII), and there will be alot more of them (fields)!
  8. In the current alpha we pull from the file header (so long as the magic constant field in the header is correct -- if that is null, we figure we can't trust the other fields). Longer term we're moving to a database of meta-data, which will be more flexible/powerful.
  9. We're working on an Android (and Amazon) Lynx emulator... We'll be announcing/showing it at PRGE, and start a public beta at that time. It supports phone, TV, tablet (chromebook coming too) and Amazon TV and Amazon Tablet. If you are a homebrew developer, you can get on the alpha by sending me a PM with your google play or amazon email address (ie the one you use for the store on your devices)
  10. Did someone say B&W? Got distracted with Vectrex this week... (And we're in the process of colorizing them...)
  11. I'll be there with a table of Lynx goodness
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