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  1. That is a great idea -- you could animate a flash on the character side, and animate a hit on the enemy side, and not need to have a "bullet" at all. I'd say you could help stretch that further with sounds at both ends as well -- a "shot" shot and a "hit" sound.
  2. A request - in the C64 version, they use a "running" animation when he is moving (on-screen) at the pace of walking. Reminds me of Karateka (same problem). Would be great if either he could be moving faster using that animation, or use a "walking" animation if moving at that speed/rate.
  3. Similar boat -- I have an engineering background, but I'm passing this on to the actual engineer Thanks!
  4. In the spots with the cycling, we get the foreground graphics OK, but the background is just black. Perhaps related, there are various scenes in the demo that have "orbiting" sprites, and some of them are rendering OK, and others ignored. - Orbiting disks for "Part 2" interstitial - missing - Orbiting bubbles in rocket sequence - missing However at 3:52, where there are orbiting sprites for the "Credits" interstitial, they DO show up. So, is there a difference between those first 2 cases and the credits case? And is that in common with the issue during the plasma sequence? We're using miniExec if you think that would make a difference (ie, that the cycling requires a firmware routine not in miniExec) Thanks! ps- happy to set up any developers with the alpha version of Argon. Just PM me if interested. Public beta/open to all coming later this summer.
  5. bhall408


    This one works best for me. Unfortunately, any of the versions where BIT and CHESS are not visually different, are too easy to quickly read in an, erm, unintended way.
  6. As other point out, this sounds like errors from the emulator your are using. When we added support for ECS RAM to Argon (lin addition to ECS PSG support) that was enough to make IntyBASIC apps happy and detect/allow the additional sound channels.
  7. I must say, demo scene apps are great torture tests for emulators! This particular effect is giving Argon fits... We'll have to see what we missed. Could you be more specific about the technique? I'm wondering if it is something like on Atari where you can dynamically alter the pointer for the custom character set (CHARBASE) at any time. Otherwise though, Argon is doing pretty well. We handle the 15hz flicker, percussion, etc. Just that the above technique is used a lot in Voyage!
  8. When I first saw the draft inty graphics, it reminded me most of Xenophobe! (which is a good thing) Didn't know Firestart, but it looks cool.
  9. I'd run into that before... It is a bit confusing, because the initial statement seems to imply something much broader: Working on emulators, the Atari ones we have done so far (Lynx, 2600) don't need any firmware, so it hasn't been an issue.
  10. One nice side effect of using the frequencies is that (at least to me) the result sounds much nicer/"upscaled" to taking the more hardware faithful approach. Downside is lower compatibility (AY was also used on Vectrex, which had a bunch of original era games that made use of sampled sounds).
  11. Did Hasbro end up releasing all the Jaguar IP to the public domain? For example, the BIOS/firmware?
  12. FYI, the AY code from MAME supports it... You could check that out.
  13. Yep, that is all the reasonable stuff to support (see the "ECS Lite" discussion elsewhere on AtariAge). We're currently supporting the extra RAM and PSG, and once we have multi-player support in general, we'll also support the additional ECS controllers. Beyond that, I don't think makes sense (for example, keyboard, tape, etc). FYI - we do a simulated stereo, and your game sounds pretty cool in stereo
  14. We don't support BIN+CFG, but I took the BIN+CFG Jump 9 and ran it through jzIntv's bin2rom, and the resulting ROM worked just fine! That also let me answer my own ECS question above...
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