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  1. The initial/minimal requirement is supporting 3rd party carts & home-brews, but I don't see that goal as mutually exclusive. A functionally equivalent replacement should also be able to support original carts.
  2. An emulator, currently on Android/Amazon/Chromebook and embedded (reference platform is Raspberry Pi4), where it needs to work "out of the box" -- no hunting required for firmware or games -- we have a server side database of games we have permission to include with the app. In the current alpha phase, we support free to play games (ie, free to play indy/homebrew). Later on we'll support/include commercial games. Some pictures of what we showed at PRGE and CES are here https://www.instagram.com/markspaceinc/ In the alpha version, we already support Lynx and Vectrex, and we're in the process of adding Coleco, Intellivision and 2600. More to come after that as well. If you are are a developer, let me know, we have an alpha test program for developers. We'll be at PRGE with a booth again this August... Thanks - that is helpful!
  3. Thank for pointing that out! (@nanochess did the same on facebook - so thanks to both of you!) As far as I can tell, those are GPL, but I'll look into it further to see if there are other options. Based on this... http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php?title=EXEC It doesn't look *too* daunting to do that (at least for our specific use case). It is mostly the VBL handling portion that looks like it could possibly be scary (and it is the largest as well). The math/sound and other utility routines look fairly straightforward.
  4. Bumping this ancient thread... This is what I'm looking to do (for an emulator that we want to be self-contained in terms of Intellivision support). So looking to see if that use case has been solved (and solved in an IP friendly way - PD/Apache/MIT/BSD/commercial license/etc), and if not, we'd take a look at doing that ourselves.
  5. Are there any known full replacements (not patched versions) for exec.bin and other device firmware files? For example, for Apple II, there exists a non-Apple version of the firmware that was written in 2006 by Marc Ressl, used by the A2Go emulator.
  6. Ah... I did find it when I went back now, but I had missed it at the time. (@Bikerbob The line that said "Nominated Game Binary Downloads:") I think I was looking for it in some sort of table format, and so I missed that it was a single link for each category, and not a link per game/title. So my miss.
  7. Some (many?) of them are commercial or otherwise not posted. What I ended up doing was searching on youtube for a game play video of each of the entries. I was able to find all of them available on YouTube for the 400/800/5200 entries as well as 7800 entries. In the future, it would be nice to have links to ROM (if available) and game play video (if available) with the list of entries.
  8. For sure! In the future would be nice to be able to assign points to more than one.
  9. Came in handy last month... My son and I playing on a phone at a restaurant while waiting for the meal...
  10. Also, does 8bit Unity support stereo on Lynx? As far as I could tell the slicks app was all mono.
  11. Cool! Love the new tracks! I've tried it out on Project Argon, and it seems to be working fine, other than... Is CPU meant to be working for P2? When I start a game, I can drive the P1 car, but the P2 car just sits there.
  12. Any chance there could either be included USB or Bluetooth support, or that available as an additional option? That would make it more interesting/open to a wider market, including emulators. (We have been having lots of fun with an 8bitDo Fight Stick and our Vectrex emulator on Android and I could see supporting this later this year when we do Coleco support)
  13. A few months back, I'd had a theory that Ms. Pac-Man used that flag to handle the dots. ie, when you ate a dot, it could simply set the skip flag. Turns out that wasn't the case, but I think that would be a very elegant solution for that sort of game.
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