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  1. Didn't catch the bit about artifacting being used the first time reading the description... I'm wondering which you (and others) prefer... I got really used to it being off: We just now turned it on (server side) Thoughts? I'm somewhat torn between the two myself! I appreciate the crisp look of the moon and players with it off.
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    I am terrible with on-screen controls. That would actually be great. I think it might help Popeye too. Would this only work if the game was embedded in the Argon release, or would it work for my nightly builds? We use a SHA or MD5 hash of the ROM as a lookup against our server side meta-data for matching purposes. We index on both SHA and MD5 as Google Drive has nice native support for MD5. We have meta-data for a few thousand games at this point. So a game doesn't have to be served up from Argon to benefit from the meta-data, but it does have to match the hash we have for that particular set of meta-data. That works fine for released games, but obviously not so for games in development, where the hash is going to change every time you do a new build. We have an internal mechanism to provide game specific data in a parallel JSON file, but that is not exposed for BYO/side loaded games. At least not yet I'll take that feedback back... In the meantime, if you would like us to give 4-way digital a try on Popeye (that is final, correct?) let me know and we can make that happen. (the other values that would be good to have are release date, update date (if it had a subsequent update), developer name, publisher name (if applicable). For the poster/thumb-nail, we can auto-generate one if we have the file, or you can provide one)
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    I've tested it in Argon, both the TIA and POKEY versions work fine (it supports POKEY, and does it in stereo) If you know it only ever uses cardinal directions, we can set a flag on the server side to make it play with a 4-way stick instead of the default 8-way. On the high score screen, I think I would have expected up to increase the character rather than down, but that may be just me Brian
  4. We're in the process of adding support for light gun games to Argon... Initial support will be for touch devices (phone, tablet, chromebooks with touch screens), and Atari 8-bit for the console (after that, we can do the same for 7800 and other systems). Any developer that has done their own existing light gun game, or is working on a new one, and willing to share their game with us (privately) for testing should PM me so we can test against it and provide feedback/work out any issues together if needed.
  5. For consoles/systems that had a serial port, you could do debuggin output in your code to that. I'd done that back in Lisa/Mac Plus days. Along similar lines, I could see it making sense to have an emulator support console debug output, as a similar way.
  6. Anyone using a Mac as their development platform?
  7. On my Intel Mac running 10.14.x, I don't see the problem. So possibly it is related to changes in Mac OS since then?
  8. No. MIDI hardware is based on serial IO (like a modem/RS232 port), and then MIDI (the protocol) defines the data send/received that controls how the instruments talk to each other. The correct hardware just prepares the microphone input to be read by the paddle port as an analog value, same as a paddle would be.
  9. In Argon, we're currently supporting an 8-way digital stick, a 4 digital way stick (for maze games, such as Major Blink, also works great for Overflow) and a 2-way digital stick (for "shoot and scoot" games like Galaxian and Space Assailants). The 2-way stick will show up in the public beta we'll be posting today or tomorrow, and is implemented for Space Assailants 2121. The 4-way and 2-way controls really make a positive difference in gameplay for the games where they are most suited. We have this set in the server side meta-data for each game, so no need to worry about how to do it -- we've already picked. We have an analog control we're not quite happy with yet (when ready, that will be the best for direct location positioning games, such as Missile Command style), and will also be doing a paddle (analog 1 axis/horizontal) for breakout/warlords/kaboom style games.
  10. A microphone connected to the paddle port via a simple circuit... You'd then use an app on the Atari that would sample the circuit to a buffer in memory for playback or saving to disk. Here is a shot of the app I'd done...
  11. It seems to be an old version of SpartDOS. However if you mount the disk, but not boot from it, you can run the MENU program as well as a one of the sampled songs which was done as a .BIN application rather than a raw .MUS file. I didn't find the player type app shown in the initial post on the ATR.
  12. That seems to be the data files, but not the app shown in the youtube video in the first post of this thread... Did I miss something?
  13. The 2-way digital stick for "shoot and scoot" games has been implemented in Argon, and will show up in the next public beta later this week...
  14. Two gameplay videos have shown up over the weekend on YouTube... ATARI 8 BITS FOR EVER: and AtariTeca:
  15. What is the history of Digitunes? Is it posted anywhere? The 80s music sure represents what was current in popular music at the time I did a playback/editor program called The Vigitizer back in the 80s. I have been resurrecting it (currently have it building from source using ca65).
  16. Interesting! Do you still tack on the 0 then? I always thought that was a good hack when your scores were multiples of 10 anyways. For 2 byte BCD you get to use the ADC opcode. The extra work is in splitting out the 2 nybbles for display (AND and ROR depending).
  17. Alot of fun, and a great update on the 80s version! My high score so far is 6750... Taking requests? Would love some additional effects -- explosion for when you or saucer get hit, and some sort of game over for a few seconds before returning to the title screen. For game play, I could imagine it being cool if your shots took out the falling debris same as the assailants (but 0 points?) And riffing on that theme, I could totally see a mash up of this game with Astrosmash -- the invaders attacking, the debris falling, and then some assailants or ships or missiles/bombs dropping too. Then it would invaders meets galaxian meets astrosmash, the 2122 version! Since this is a shoot and scoot, we'll have Argon default to the 4-way digital stick for better accuracy. (We're working on a special 2-way digital for shoot and scoots later on)
  18. The title screen looks beautiful, and was worth it. Speaking of space, are you getting to the point now where you'd need to come up with a bank switching scheme for Adventure Vision? (only 1/2 joking!)
  19. I must have had both BASIC and assembler examples back in the day, but they are lost now. If someone had plans to use it and wanted an example, I could work one up, but I likely won't get around to it speculatively. My next posted project will likely be my digital audio sample editor/playback app, and then a game or two after that.
  20. ElectroBall is now available in Argon for play on Android/Chromebook and rocks in >> stereo <<. Thanks @littaum!
  21. In addition to Atari 5200, Argon also supports Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Colecovision, Intellivision, NES and Vectrex. More systems to come!
  22. As of the most recent update of Argon, games written for Atari 5200 are now supported! Argon runs on Android phones, tablets, TVs and Chromebook, and is available at playargon.com (Amazon and Raspberry Pi versions are in development/closed testing, to be released later on) Some self-help links on how to set up bluetooth game controllers, keyboard mapping, loading up your own library on device or via Google Drive, and other topics can be found at support.markspace.com We currently default to an 8-way digital joystick for most games, and also support a 4-way digital joystick for maze type games that benefit from it. Analog stick support is in development, and will show up in a future update. Ditto for a paddle mode for breakout/kaboom style games that only used 1 axis. Thanks to AtariAge members @rra @eea @Bryan @Nojeee @Ryan Witmer @Cafeman and others you'll find some excellent indie games already pre-loaded in the free play section. You can load up your own collection (.A52 format) either locally on the device, or via Google Drive (which you can share between all your devices). We'd like to thank @phaeron for use of Altirra 5200 firmware, and @thorfdbg for his Atari++ core which we adapted for use on Android/with Argon. Please check it out, and send us your feedback! This is our first release with 5200 support, and we have more polishing left to do! If you are a developer and would like to see your game in either the free play or premium section, see devs.playargon.com for more info.
  23. Yes, this was the "secret weapon" to totally crush people at Track & Field/Summer Games/Decathlon type games. You would just shake the controller and shoot across the screen to victory!
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