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  1. I rarely test amperage and I think the 10amp fuse in my meter is dead probably from having it on the wrong setting at some point But... I did fine the issue and it's working now. I went and got a universal power adapter now everything works. I'd tested the voltage on the old one, and the fact that it worked on a number of games I'd not even thought about it. Still not clear why, but all good now. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. I checked a second guide and they used the same wiring / q4 to 5v on mod: http://www.retrofixes.com/2015/06/atari-2600-composite-av-upgrade-mod-kit.html So with a "good" game I see 9v on the + side of C26 when powered on, on a bad game I show 3v but can tell it's pulsing The power switch does feel a lot looser than the color switch, ie doesn't click into place the same way, but I tried circuit cleaner / re-soldering without change, as well as swapping the color switch in it's place
  3. Yeah that's the strange thing, it would make more sense if the mod was messed up and nothing worked, but to have some work and others not makes me unsure. I'm pretty sure it worked when I put it away, but I put it away disassembled pending this mod and it sat for a few years. I believe it's getting the 5v from one of the pins from the removed transistor at Q4 No obvious leakage on the bottom, I did replace the 4 small 4.7uf caps just now and no difference, the old ones did test ok. I tested the big power one and looks within spec.
  4. I touched all of the CPU pins with a little solder and cleaned up the old flux and didn't help Here's a video of what's happening, it's not super clear but the power LED dims every time the screen flashes / ticks
  5. Sure, here are two images https://jason-novak.com/pictures/atari2600-1.jpg https://jason-novak.com/pictures/atari2600-2.jpg I followed this guide: https://vintagegamingandmore.com/installation-guide-jr/
  6. Thanks, I double-checked the all of the modifications and everything looked good. It's a fairly basic one similar to the attached image. Unfortunately it's hard to reverse now as I just snipped off the parts per the instructions figuring I'd never need to go back... all the chips are soldered I do wonder if it's something besides the mod since some work and some don't, I'd think all or nothing I tried a testing a few games: works: jungle hunt, enduro, spiderman, venture, popeye, ms pacman doesn't work: pitfall, pitfall 2, chopper command, dragster, tomcat, dark chambers pitfall justs shows garbage, the other games pulse the power button like the machine keeps reseting
  7. I have a 2600jr that has been disassembled a few years waiting for a composite mod which I've finally done now with a cheap kit off eBay > a few resistors and a transistor. From what I recall everything worked fine before I took it appear Some games work fine, like Jungle Hunt and Pole Position, but many others - like Pitfall & Pitfall 2 - have no picture and it seems like it's power cycling, with the power LED coming on bright, then fading, and bright, every second or so. I've cleaned the slot, tried several power adapters including soldering directly to the board. Double-checked the mod and all seems correct. No obvious capacitor bulges. I tested it on a Commodore 1082 monitor and LCD TV, same issue and picture quality. I didn't use the 75 ohm resistor that came with the kit. Seems strange some games work and some put the system into a loop. I assume it's related to the mod, but something could have died while it was in storage
  8. code.txtThis looks really cool. I see in the readme you note it's really picky about extra spaces. I don't know C but I've attached some quick and dirty code I'd use to clean it up in VB
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