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    Vatari emulator

    Whilst having a browse around the net, i discovered that there's an emulator called Vatari, which was released last year, for the GP32. This is something which i would very much like to try, but i am unable to find any working download links. If anyone can help, i'd be very grateful.
  2. Thanks for your reply.I had a feeling that this would be the case,but i obviously wanted to be 100% sure,before parting with it. I was going to say that it's a mighty shame that the interest for Atari 8 bit computer software is low....but that is obviously good news for you,since your purchases won't cost you an arm and a leg lol. Thanks once again for the info,i'm very grateful for your help.
  3. Hi guys. Whilst looking through a load of old Spectrum tapes which i have,i came across an Atari Graphics - Font Editing program,which is Magic Window by Quicksilva.After doing a quick search on the net for this particular title,i discovered that it has a rarity of 9(no suggested value though).Anyone know what kinda value this title has ?.I'd hate to let it go for next to nothing,only to find out later,that it's worth a fair bit.I'm in the UK btw,if that makes any difference.Any info would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks,i'll pick one up within the next day or two.Cheers to all for your replies,i appreciate it.
  5. Yep,it certainly is like a radio power cable(the shape at the rear of the console where the cable plugs in),like a figure 8 in shape.I wasn't aware of the fact that i'd only need something simular in design,since i'm totally hopeless with this kinda stuff,and just assumed that i'd need an official cable for it,rather than any old one which resembled the correct design. Well,this one sure does.....i guess that that's a standard thing over here in the UK,with the Intellivision.I've never owned one before,and have never had any friends that have had one either,so i'm obviously just guessing that this is the case.
  6. Sorry for the confusion(due to my bad wording/discription).It's not a version II console,i'm 100% sure of that....it's just the common gold coloured front,Intellivision.The power supply itself,is actually within the unit.The lead that i require,just goes from the mains power supply,and then into the back of the Iintellivision,to supply it's power .
  7. Hi guys.Last weekend,at one of my local Bootfairs,i picked up an intellivision,along with 6 boxed games.I didn't intend to purchase any additional retro gaming stuff(since it's taking over the house as it is ),but at a mere £5,i'm afraid that the temptation,was just far too great.I thought to myself,that if it turns out that the console doesn't work,i'd at least(probably)be able to get my money back with the boxed games,via Ebay . Anyway,it was a bloody cold day,and i had almost been around the whole of the Bootfair,and it was getting to the point,where i just wanted to get home.Because of this,i didn't check the contents properly,and when i got back home,i discovered that there was no power cable for it ....although the cable that goes between the console and the TV,was present....shame it wasn't the other way around . Other than Ebay(since i've already checked there),does anyone know where i'd be able to obtain one ?.Or maybe one of you guys has one of these things,laying around doing nothing,that you could sell to me
  8. At almost 45 years of age,i am probably one of the oldest members at this particular place,and with that thought in my head,i then started to wonder if there would ever come a time at some future point,when i'll say bugger it all,and just call it a day,as far as retro gaming is concerned. As people get older,they often tend to change their opinions/attitudes towards certain things(fashion/music/politics etc etc),hence me wondering if i'll ever lose my love for this interest of mine. Even though i've personally been playing video games for the best part of 30 years now(God i feel old....heck,i am old ),there's obviously no guarantee that i'll still have the same passion for retro gaming,within a few years time(or maybe just a few months or so,even). Any thoughts reguarding this issue ?.Do you think that you'll ever tire of it all,or do you reckon you will carry on,till your last dying breath ?

    Ms Pacman glitch

    Because i was curious,i just tested this game out via emulation,and discovered that those lines were not visable when the rom was run through the Stella emulator.Strange.
  10. Many thanks for your replys,i appreciate it.Now i know the situation,reguarding the playability of NTSC format carts on a PAL system,i will treat myself to a few of the most interesting one's.A few wrong colours won't bother me,especially since i'll most likely end up with a stable picture.....which is obviously the most important thing.Thanks once again for the info .
  11. Hi guys.I often see people advertising Atari 2600 carts for sale at ebay.co.uk,which are in NTSC format,and they claim that they have been tested on a UK television,using a PAL format Atari 2600 console,and that the carts in question,worked fine.Do NTSC carts actually work okay on a PAL system ?.Although it seems a little doubtful to me,there have been a few people claiming this.Perhaps they do work,but not perfectly ?.Can anyone confirm one way or another for me please.
  12. Hi there Atarinvader.That would be absolutely great,especially since i don't seem to be getting anywhere too fast at this moment in time.I can remember in the past (many many moos ago ),having quite a nice collection of Atari stuff.But as time went by,i moved on to more up to date systems,and simply got rid of it all .I wish to god that i'd never done that now,but there you go,we all make silly mistakes in our life. If you'd like to PM me with the necessary details,whenever you get the chance,i'd sure appreciate it .
  13. Yep,i'd sure be interested.PM me with a price,and any other details that i will need,when you get the chance.Thanks .
  14. Hi guys.Just started collecting the Atari 2600 stuff,but i am finding it real hard to get hold of anything.Since i live in the UK,i will obviously need PAL format games,and i can't find anywhere so far,where such stuff can be bought(apart from Ebay,and we all know how expensive that place can be). Although i'd be interested in almost anything Atari 2600 related,i'm mostly looking for games(boxed / unboxed...common / rare...doesn't really matter)to build up this collection of mine. Is there anyone out there,that perhaps has some PAL format games which they'd like to part with at a reasonable fair price,or knows of someone else who is well known on here,that is trustworthy ?. Maybe someone knows of a web site that deals with PAL format games ?. Please help out if you can,i'd be very grateful.Thanks .
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