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  1. Hi ijor, Looking back through my emails, it's this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33013274704.html - but it has been sitting in a static bag until last weekend, so I have only now had any free time to do anything with it. If you want to send me info on how to dump the factory firmware I can have a go, but I am a newbie with this board (I have set up Attollic studio on Linux, and built/uploaded a new firmware to the UnoCart, but it is really early days for my STM32 hacking). I agree it's not such an expensive board, but when I ordered it I also got a screen with it, but that pushed it over £15 in total, so it got hit with UK import fees and handling charges from the Post Office. If I had ordered as 2 separate shipments/packages both would have been under £15, and would have sailed through customs, for half the eventual price. I don't know enough about hardware to figure out how to prevent the problems you've described, hopefully someone like @mozzwald or @Mr Robot will flesh it out into a simple circuit. I will be a bit cautious though, as I'm not a big fan of magic blue smoke. So far I haven't had time to really see what this board can do, I was reading up on DMA2D, but have just found out that's only present in the F429 and higher, not the F407! Still, I have a working tool-chain for coding now, it's just finding the time to sit down and get up to speed on it. Very nice work on the Hyper Speed SIO Loader - happy to help out especially given we have what look like identical STM boards!
  2. Hi ijor, This is very impressive! I have the same STM32 board (I started on UnoCart hacking literally this weekend), do you need any extra components, or are you connecting the pins on the STM32 board directly to an SIO connector?
  3. What's the thinking on using the round hole connectors? All my connector cables are the square (DuPont (?)) type, and I either have to unsolder the shipped connectors and put pins in like @Wrathchildhas, solder together some sort of round pin to square pin bridge, or track down some cables that have round pins at one end that I can use with an ST-link USB dongle? Am I missing an easy way to do this?
  4. Hi, Here's a Silica Shop Catalogue from 20th August, 1982, which appears to be the earliest one posted so far.
  5. Hi, I think it might be this : http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-ace-atari-cassette-enhancer_13262.html - but it's listed as un-dumped! However, a quick dig around on pigwa turned up: http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/RK-DVD/Atari 800 Images und Files/Cassettes Files/Tools/ - perhaps this is what you meant?
  6. Emulators + Raspberry Pi: https://retropie.org.uk/ - I would also trust this a lot more than any random "download this" for gamez link.
  7. Brad at Best Electronics uses USPS Airmail for International orders, and when I ordered some 1050 drive belts, there was no problem with delivery (USA -> UK), though that was back in 2019. Have to say, I'm really pleased I ordered them, though I had to pay UK Sales Tax (VAT), and an £8 Post Office handling fee (IIRC). I think I would have to pay the £8 + UK sales tax for pretty much anything from outside the UK nowadays (hooray!).
  8. I think most people on AtariAge know Jürgen provides great products and excellent service, somehow I doubt this is an attempt at "the perfect crime". Sorry to hear that the USPS is struggling at the moment, in the UK the Post Office seems to be doing quite well during the pandemic, they have made a lot of temporary workers permanent, and started offering doorstep collection of parcels. Of course, the postal service is a British invention (that's why British stamps don't have the name of the issuing country on them), and seems to be handling matters a little better. Hopefully the USPS will improve.
  9. Hi, I would be tempted to try the Lazer utilities disk, just to see what happens! Also, dump1050 is a fine utility! Atari_Age_Lazer_Utilities.atr
  10. Hi, I came across this and have scanned and cropped it, it's not an exclusive 8-bit catalogue, but given there is Atari 8-bit content, and the links to Atari (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariolasoft) , I thought it might be of interest.
  11. Hi, I saw the posts about hacking Capture The Flag to work with FujiNet, and I was wondering about how hackable Joust would be, as that's a really fun multi-player game. But then I was thinking maybe sending joystick inputs/updates was such a generic thing, maybe it would be better if this was handled in a common way via the FujiNet, maybe opening J1: - J4: on a remote Atari, and vice-versa? I don't have access to a FujiNet, or even an 8-bit at the moment, so I'm kind of fumbling around with this idea, but I think if you wanted to hack a number of games to support multiplayer over the net, you'd want as much commonality as possible.
  12. It's an excellent game, and a "games night" favourite. It's one of the few games to use the keyboard speaker on the 400/800 range for effects (Night Mission Pinball being the other one that springs to mind). Out of curiosity, does anyone know if it uses a redefined character set, or actual bit mapped graphics for game play?
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