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  1. That's annoying, now I'm going to be wondering which set of games I was thinking of!
  2. Hi, I think Datasoft used long data blocks (>128 bytes) on their tapes, I think maybe Canyon Climber, but it's been a long day (don't know if anyone with an original can confirm?). Also, I remember SubLogic's Night Mission Pinball (tape version, great game) loaded a single data block of about 32K, but I can't remember the exact details. I think when I was writing Dump1050 I managed to transfer 4k of data at once, but that was because of (my) buggy code, or it might have been messing around with the German Atari Magazin tutorials and I hadn't figured out how to use the Happy ROM correctly.
  3. Hi, I would vote for a torrent, if the filename includes a year-month-day part as a timestamp, I can download everything with only a few clicks. I've noticed that after a 6 monthly update (or so) is posted, it gets uploaded onto archive.org quite quickly by someone else anyway. Having a running total type folder on Mega where newly preserved images are added would also be nice, but I am wondering how much more there actually is to be preserved - that is, are a lot more files being added in each 6 monthly update anyway? Many thanks to everyone who has spent time, money and/or effort on this project, it benefits the whole community and I think we are all advantaged by it.
  4. Hi @jamm Are these micro sd pcbs any good (the first ones you linked to, not the Arduino ones with the extra resistor)? I was planning to order a few, but thought I would ask if they were any good. Thanks!
  5. Posted in wrong thread, so I've deleted the post.
  6. Hi, I think there is a certain amount of chaos in the online markets at the moment. Some goods have gotten really expensive (IPA for example, as you can make hand sanitizer with it), but some things seem to be getting cheaper as I have a feeling people don't want to be left with too much stock when cash/liquidity is King. I got a 4GB Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago for £29.99, which is much cheaper than usual. Not sure if the seller was being squeezed, or wanted to cash out. The Pi is on the list to be set up, but it's still in decontamination/holding.
  7. Hi, @kbr pointed out to me via PM that the micro sd card is on the screen. On the other hand there is a micro-USB connector on the Arduino that I currently use for power, not sure if I could use the barrel connector instead, and connect a USB memory stick using an OTG cable in the microUSB connector? I think I would wire up 2 buttons: - reset - cycle ATR If I could set everything else up via the 8-bit menu program, I think that would be all you need. You could probably get away with not having a reset button if you powered down each time, but I think there is a reset button on my Arduino anyway. Just out of curiosity @Waltermixxx, how do you store ATR images if you don't have a screen with a microSD card on it? Also, sorry for (slightly) hijacking the fujinet thread.
  8. I guess an SDrive-Max, with just a button, would be an SDrive-????
  9. Hi, Would it be possible to overload the "Next ATR" button functionality, so that if you have defined disk slots, e.g. D1=AA.ATR, D2=AB.ATR, you cycle those ATRs, if you only have slot D1 defined, you cycle to next ATR file in the current directory. Personally I would put all ATRs from a multi disk product in the same directory (and only those ATR's), and only define one disk slot, which I would boot from. Also, is there any progress on a public design for ESP32 boards that can be sent off and made up (ideally one that doesn't involve the word "eventually"). I agree that the SDrive Max touch screen can be a little fiddly, but I've just asked @kbr if he can replace it with a Next Atr button, and use the SDrive menu program on the Atari for everything else. I think it would be fairly straightforward, but I don't know the electronics to do it, and would need the electronics done before I could hack the SDrive firmware.
  10. Hi, I don't have a crystal ball, but I figure this will be the peak price period for retro kit for a while, due to people holding off on discretionary spending, more items coming on to the market due to people clearing out their own lofts/storage during corona virus lockdown and other peoples lofts/storage space (due to corona virus deaths, assuming kit doesn't go to landfill when people want to get a vacant property on the market quickly). My own weakness is for 1050 drives, but I'm reluctant to pay too much for one, unless it has an exotic mod. I would really like to get an 810 at some point, but they don't come on to the market very often here (UK), but that's about the only thing I would like to buy. I'm thinking of not buying any original 8-bit kit for the next 6 months, if prices crash then I've made the right decision, if they increase it will probably be only by a bit. Having said all that, I should try and sell off one or two 800xl systems, but I've held off till now on the basis that I like to have spares. Even being in lockdown the last week, I've been so busy I have only managed about 45 minutes of Atari time (Bandits!), but I'm hoping things will settle down in a week or so, and I will get some peace and quiet and can start 8-bit hacking again. Hope everyone is being careful about corona virus!
  11. Hi, You could also use the 400/800 OS, replace the SIO handler code with an RTS, and it should boot to the Memo Pad.
  12. Hi, Unfortunately there's not much chance of replacing (or dumping) the US-Doubler as it's part of this setup: So, I would be inclined to note it in the Altirra Hardware Reference (if it was my document, which it isn't). Timewise, I think I got the upgrade in the second half of 1985 or first half of 1986, but I can't be more specific than that (not sure if that rules out any of the ROMs), and I don't know if there is a dated copyright message in the dump of the Lazer code. Having said all that, I think I will code for SIO get status not being 100% reliable, and for that matter get Percom block also not always returning a correct Percom block. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Thanks very much - I had forgotten about this thread, despite commenting on it! It looks like it must be a ROM issue as it is definitely not setting the status bit 7 for ED correctly on my hardware. I guess the best thing to do is check the status register, if it returns bit 7 true, then it is Enhanced Density, and if it returns bit 7 false, check if I can read sectors > 720 just in case. Btw, is there any chance this is a bug on particular releases of US Doubler ROMs, or is it only for copied versions (and if so, I wonder which ones). Perhaps it's worth mentioning in @phaeron's Altirra Hardware Reference Manual that some unofficial US Doublers do not set status bit 7 correctly for ED disks? Thanks for all the help.
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