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  1. Thanks very much! I guess I just want to forget for a while that I'm not on a real TI when I'm in Classic on my Windows laptop using a real TI as a USB keyboard..
  2. Hello! I just installed Classic99 on a Windows 10 laptop. Whenever I try to go full screen (ALT+ENTER) I always have the menu bar at the top hiding a portion of the TI99 screen. However, on my Windows 7 laptop, where I've been using Classic99 for a couple of years now, I never see the menu bar in Full Screen (which is what is expected). Does anyone know how to make this menu bar disapear in Full Screen in Windows 10?? Thanks!!! J.
  3. Thanks will look into it. I would be curious to see yours however. If you ever want to get rid of it i may gladly pay shipping depending on the looks of it.
  4. Thanks James. Your feedback is appreciated. I would like one nevertheless. Would you sell yours? thanks!
  5. Hi all, I am looking for a Coco replacement keyboard HJL-57 with the 4 function keys. If anyone has one to sell I am interested to buy. The keyboard can be by itself or inside a working or not Coco 1/2. Thanks very much! J.
  6. Thanks for the ideas guys. For the moment I'm not too hardware-manipulating-saavy but it will come... Was looking for an already made solution. There is the Tynemouth software solution but not sure the mappings are ok for emulators...
  7. Thanks so very much kl99!! Will celebrate my return to the TI community after so many years with this!
  8. But which devices are used to transform a TI as a USB keyboard and woth whoch emulator does it work?
  9. Hi, I'm planning on using the TI994a as a USB keyboard with the Classic99 emulator. Has anyone ever tried this using the Tynemouth software adapter? Is it compatible with this particular emulator? Thanks!
  10. Ok thanks. I was talking about the 700+Mb compilation in post #1...
  11. I get the following message from the www.ti99.eu website: The requested URL /web99/Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip was not found on this server. The link I use: http://www.ti99.eu/web99/Web99%20%5B2015-12-25%5D%20v0.5%20xmas%20edition.zip as specified earlier in the thread. Is this the one you're using? Thanks!
  12. Hi! As Christmas 2018 is approaching, I was wondering to know if this file that was generously made available would still be available for download somewhere. The link provided no longer seem to be working but maybe... I would like to use this as material with my Classic99 environment!! Thanks very much! J Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip
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