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  1. I'm not so good at the maths, but that sounds about right. But they work differently, are for different purposes ...accessing the 16k, is somewhat slow and cumbersome. ...not one contiguous space. ... not recognized as 48k by most software. XB can use both, ...conditionally.
  2. The 16k, I believe you are referring to, is connected to the video display processor's bus ...not the 9900's. But all is available!
  3. Too much aggression\hostility for my tastes. I prefer violins over violence🎻 ..."try on a new hat"🎩 ...I'd enjoy some good company, whilst I ride on the trolley🚎 ...partaking of a Doobie and some Twinkies! Romper Room with Miss Lois - color, St.Louis,Mo. - YouTube Mister Rogers Neighborhood - 27x08 Be Yourself: That’s The Best! - YouTube Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine (pt 1) Patchwork Family Video and Theme Song Carole and Paula - The Magic Garden ...doobie anyone?
  4. https://archive.org/details/Texas_Instruments_TI-99_4a_TOSEC_2012_04_23 https://archive.org/search.php?query=ti 99 4a
  5. Thanks, mine seems to skip as well. >A092 three times in a row, three times out of 20. >A09c twice in a row. Only once, did both instructions trap! This is also a mystery... I created the .jpg seen in the post, at 2:08pm. definitely not 12 hours ago! Since the post I'm responding to, wont be available for another 1 1/2 Hrs... ...If your reading this before 4pm, you're probably seeing a mirage. P.S. I really aught to stop jaunting from post-to-post.🛺
  6. ...was going to have at it for a moment ...but this code seems terribly misaligned ...don't have the time or patience to fiddle with the keyboard that much! I think I like it a tad better this way(above). Sorry.
  7. For a good-time, for a good-time call... ...867-5309!
  8. But, what if they ask you ...HARD! 💉
  9. I suppose I would have similar issues on a 6502. Although imperfect(because EASYBUG alters things in CPU RAM and VDP), a quick way to learn how some VDP write-only registers effect things, is to change their values using EASYBUG... Although EASYBUG does not directly support writing to VDP registers. By simply accessing VDP addresses with the highest bit on, and the next three lower bits off(8), followed by the register # and desired byte value. The registers can be poked directly. This has proven useful in observing different color combinations, and changing mode bits somewhat. In this example, I force EASYBUG into text-mode and run through color-combos, by simply pressing hyphen or enter. SUPERNOTES (link) Try to excuse my facetiousness here ...sometimes I'm in my own place, a little too much!
  10. machine instruction example... >7000 JMP >7000 assembles as OPCODE >1000 Stored at >7000... >7000 10 >7001 00 ...MSB is stored at the lower of the two addresses. Endianness (WIKIPEDIA) So, this system uses BIG ENDIAN.
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