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  1. I'm afraid to answer, as this may violate the terms of non-disclosure!
  2. The Kexas Instruments 99/4a Home Computer... Whether you already have a plan for world-domination, or are just considering... ...This is the one!
  3. Might you consider, rocks and creeks? ...and if you're gonna use MP3s, perhaps you might include Blackbyrds as well! Lyrics...
  4. Bare-nuts roasting over an open fire🔥 Someone keeps ripping-off my clothes👘👙 Those aren't yuletide carols or Folks dressed up like Eskimos!🧥
  5. VDP RAM??? Considering the interpreter's behavior, etc.... that's where I probably would have started. I believe the LS362 designation is correct! ...seen that before.
  6. Sounds perfect! Where do I apply? VISITOR: Oh, I see you have a cat under your bed...🐈 ...and, an androgynous HOME AUTOMATION specialist🤷‍♂️/🤷‍♀️...Wow!
  7. looking-for-room-to-rent(craigslist) I'll probably want to re-word this somewhat, before re-posting... I'm in search for a room to rent ...or just a small space under the bed... Im 50+ year old... I work Monday through Friday... I'm a computer nut so you'll be sorry... I'm dark quiet and whimsical... I'm staying in a van down by the river... I do have a little orange monster he used to be a vampire and likes to pretend he is ripping my throat out... he is fixed and had his shots... -consider this a solicitation for services or offers P.S. I guess I can just leave the picture as is.
  8. I wasn't aware Extended BASIC, had died! Too bad ...poor old programming language.
  9. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI99 Program Recorder PHP2700...💣
  10. Much as I'd like to lend @jedimatt42 & @arcadeshopper a hand... ...I'm not sure that I can make it to host this weeks show!
  11. ...Live 'n learn ...or in this case, learn and live!
  12. He who laughs last... The FinalHaHa!
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