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  1. Found some... https://archive.org/details/Matsushita_National_JR_TOSEC_2012_04_23 ...hope you can make better sense of this than I did!
  2. I have it somewhere but my tape player needs a re-belting, I have belts, but unsure where... I'll try and look into it later. There are a bunch of interesting programs online, made from tapes, but saved as data, rather than audio, I've not been able to figure out how to get them to load. Going back about 10 years there was a partially completed emulator, but I never made sense of it. The site was in Japanese and didn't translate well. I can't remember all the files on the tape, one was about "catching stars", had graphics of buildings scrolling sideways, and a figure of a kid on a swing, set to music.
  3. I just got your video to play ...had to mirror & flip. Did you get the DEMO cassette with it?
  4. Same speed, but less reliable at 2400bps. I'll bet this unit uses a DC bias, rather than the usual 38k, AC bias. Perhaps, no bias at all.
  5. Got my first, on Canal st. NYC '93-'94, $79. But, lost stolen in mid. '94. Got this one a couple years later. It was supposed to interface with the TI, and run a scheduler program. While the TI ran my controller, written in BASIC. But then I started learning assembly language on the TI, and decided it could handle all functions.
  6. This Japanese computer records at 2400bps on a regular tape recorder. Occasionally fails using old C-60s. The first couple seconds of each save, start at 600 bps and contain the filename and speed setting. When loading, it skips over all saves that don't start with the requested filename, and then it automatically switches to 2400bps if the file was saved at that speed. ...also uses a DC to DC converter that can provide all the needed internal voltages from a 12-24vdc supply.
  7. Since the filename length is specified as a single byte, shouldn't COUNT BSS 1, suffice? In your PM, you seem to offer differing accounts of how COUNT is used.
  8. I added "a few little corrections" to post: #159
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