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  1. well, some of them do get rather hot... my first sure did! Some cages have a heat-sink built in. So, might still be ok.
  2. If you can burn your finger ...that's definitely a bad sign.
  3. Maybe the VDP is getting too hot... some run hotter than others... need adequate cooling.
  4. Did you review this? www.ninerpedia.org...Troubleshooting
  5. Have you tried loading the SD card with multiple files or only a single file? The FinalGROM 99 handles these tasks somewhat differently.
  6. It only takes about 1 sec. on my TIPI to SAVE or RESTORE all 16k of VDP! So SAVE the current VDP state... MOVE/SAVE/LOAD your pages... re-LOAD the previous VDP state. Oh, you might want to use the "screen blanking" while doing this!
  7. Yes, Sir. ...I want some more code please. ...I still --so huuunngry.
  8. That sounds way too long.................... ...are you using delays!
  9. I believe AMS already provides 32k, which would conflict with stand alone 32k! Are you sure you need the stand alone 32k?
  10. It is marked LT10036! I also found a 20237 w/o a safety-adapter. At least this one doesn't have a bogus "safety checked" sticker. I'd guess I have about another 5 of these packed away... I'll probably die in a transformer fire someday...
  11. Found this... MISC396.ZIP Maybe something in here... Programming/
  12. Perhaps I should/will... But, the monkey is on my back these days, not much time for fun or useful things. It does offer a little bang for less than a buck, if you can solder or even get creative with test clips. Hmm, Speech Synth 2.0... Got me thinkin'... The sound chip responds quite fast, can produce white noise... VODER (1939) - Early Speech Synthesizer or maybe a 12-pole filter's function could somehow be approximated and excited by the generator. Arduino Speech Synthesizer: Talkie Library LPC Speech Generator Once again, sounds like a job for someone with more experience than I.
  13. 1 cartridge ROM BANK is limited to 8k(>6000->7FFF). 20k would require 3 BANKs!
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