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  1. Holy crap, either Number 5 is alive or this is Roberto, the crazy robot! Easy mistake to make, don't worry ...NO DISASSEMBLE.🛠️
  2. I must admit that I am not much into manly sports games... I prefer nice/quiet games, where losing one of my balls doesn't hurt so much!
  3. To switch the upper 4K(using FinalGrom99). You'll need to use RAM/GROM mode or RAM/GRAM mode. To do this, the forth Byte of the GPL HEADER needs to be either an ASCII R or X(>52 or >58). Than write to >6800 and >6802, Vs. >6000 and >6002.
  4. Dig where you're comin' from... I'm a bit farther east ...but no further in spirit! P.S. Good luck!
  5. I seem to remember something called, The Missing Link, an amazing development platform at the time. For the life-of-me, I can't recall the creator's name ...but it's included with Classic99!
  6. This sounds to me like something that could be accomplished from assembly... Is there a specific reason you want to do this from GPL... Do you want the USER to be able to enter the file name, or will that be predetermined in the running program? Perhaps you want to break back into the E/A's GPL code for OPTION 5?
  7. @RXB Texas Instruments TI-99 4A [TOSEC]/Command Modules/Extended Basic v100 (1982)(Texas Instruments)[PHM 3026].zip
  8. Don't know if you need these... Set of TO-220/7805 heat sink Washer /w Silicon Insulation Pad 24pcs
  9. Aluminum Heat Sink TO-220 w/ Threaded Stud, Lock Washer, Nut for Power Tabs 3 ea I've seen better prices though.
  10. @F.G. Kaal... TI 994/A Console And Peripheral Expansion System Technical Data
  11. Something's wrong with these??? 5pcs 19*15*10mm Black Anodized Aluminium 781/7805 Heat Sink For TO-126 TO-220 Plus+ these are made of Aluminium!✈️
  12. Up 'till now... I'd always thought it was Einstein's fault...🐤 Einstein, was wrong. Chickens do fly!
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