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  1. Snipe test... What's wrong with emulators? Me thinks, you are comparing apples to apples!
  2. I must need new eyes, I'm not seeing the female port... on top, you say. I did miscount the 22 sideport contacts, thanks. I was looking at a peripheral interface card... got confused mulling it over, than I counted the card's connector again instead of the sideport connector.
  3. ok, too many contacts, for the cartridge port... ...too few contacts for either the sideport(also not female) or the PBOX. I give up, already! My instincts say, this is not made for the TI!
  4. TI LOGO Sampler (1981)(Texas Instruments)[PHD 5070][req. PHM 3040], included. I wanted to post a pic. of the disk, but could not locate. I opened up, an old box, labeled, TI-WRITER, but instead found, EDITOR/ASSEMBLER(new condition), wow... I must have stuck that in there, as a bak-up, some 20 years ago.
  6. I think I see what you're saying. Most TI games don't use too many keys. A direct connection of that IR receiver to the TI's joy-port, would require a decoding program(possibly interrupt driven)to work with current games as written, and would surely slow them down a bit. Hmm, plus the games would be competing to use the port directly... Looking over the joystick port's schematic. I can see that I overlooked the keyboard selector I.C.(U302) and diodes that block input to the 9901's P2, P3, and P4! It was early in the morning for me! Maybe connected to a different port... it would only slow the games down! Perhaps with a small microcontroller... better options could be realized. Then we could re-write all the gam... NEVERMIND. Bye.
  7. Looks like you've swapped out the dremel's bits for TI Bits. Hmm, 21 keys. Looks like you're at about 18! I wonder if this would be at all workable... ...easily interfaced eletronically... I believe it could be pluged into TI's joystick port, but I haven't looked at the checksums yet ...and not sure if the keys are priority encoded, so that the fire button could override the directional keys. ...it's a bit slow, I guess. I suppose it would work for more relaxed games anyway. ...accuracy of a fast decode on the TI is also a question. I think most IR game sticks use a dual IR system. But maybe... Well anyway, it would be novel!
  8. Ha!Ha! Earlier on, I was going to say... maybe more sleep, but didn't want to risk, ticking a tired person off! Work-a-holic types, like us, have all been there... Next up: Branching 101 Alex.
  9. I've always thought of it as an "excursion", facilitated by the 9900 CPU's, DUNNO... ignore and keep going policy. P.S. Glad to see you're keeping at it!
  10. Oh! ...and you have to be logged in.
  11. Now, I know you're crazy, too. ...and far richer than I!
  12. OLD "DSK1.QUEST" Maybe the quotes are only needed with RUN: RUN "DSK1.QUEST"
  13. My DSL connection runs 155KiB/s(155 thousand bytes/sec.) That's 9.3 MegaBytes per minute. It took 28 minutes to download the video. I can only imagine it would take me well over an hour to upload such a video! I don't suppose the server is transconverting this crazily. What could you be using... When opening a page with many such videos, each video takes about 15 sec. to "pop open". The page jumps to a new position each time, making for an absolutely obnoxious reading experience. Have you ever tried to watch one of your videos on AtariAge? Sometimes I imagine you have a backbone connection to the internet, and are not aware. This makes me feel like a peasant! I am surprised to hear that others' are able to play these... Maybe I'm still living in the past... Is Dial-up still an option. some info... Yes, at this CPU Usage level... nothing else works!
  14. There is much Plato diskware: https://ia801904.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/28/items/Texas_Instruments_TI-99_4a_TOSEC_2012_04_23/Texas_Instruments_TI-99_4a_TOSEC_2012_04_23.zip
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