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  1. To be honest, most of the Amico line-up already looks like "mobile games" to me.
  2. This constant whining about "bugs & glitches" is a bane of modern PC gaming. Many decent titles have been review bombed because of something that is completely normal and pretty harmless. Big modern games are really complex, and will always have some bugs, even with extensive beta testing. But these bugs are hardly ever game breaking, usually just some performance issues which get patched up pronto. You'd think pcmasterrace could grasp such a simple concept, alas... I've always liked the AO games. I haven't played them all, just a few, and never finished one, but they were good fun nonetheless. The first title was quite groundbreaking. My favourite is Black Flag, and the one with Da Vinci. I have a gaming PC again and was thinking about checking out Unity (apparently it's quite gorgeous) and the one set in Egypt, which is supposed to be a full blown RPG now. The upcoming Valhalla is a bit silly though: does it even have anything to do with the Asssasins? Seems just like they are shoehorning Vikings (who are the new zombies) into that universe, and they should've just started a new franchise.
  3. The "pay to win" model is not really present in the majority of non-casual titles on consoles and PCs. Sure, they're full of assorted microtransactions but these are mostly for vanity items. I aslo don't share the view that the videogame (or media entertainment in general) industry is in any way endangered. To the contrary: it's never been worth as much as it is now. That of course won't stop various figures decrying how piracy and economy crunch are killing them, but that's the same old hogwash we've been hearing since the beginning of it all. Even in tough times like 2020's has been serving up, escapism is a prime market. It's enough to look at crazy Switch prices (driven by demand!), PS5 preorders insta-selling out and so on. Sure, for some folks buying a full price game is an impossible task, but there are countless others who still can afford that, and also other ways of legally obtaining them such as sales or subscription models. That's not to say I'm happy with the current status quo, my biggest ire being the near-complete eradication of the second hand market (at least on PC), and the general lack of ownership and right to resell, things that used to help folks with limited media budget. So the entire industry gets zero sympathy from me for any of their actual woes.
  4. I don't have A1200 myself but I do follow Amiga scene closely and have never heard some excessive complaints about "cheap memory" problems. Perhaps you were just unlucky. Sure, you should buy from trusted manufacturers and they aren't cheap. Adfs are okay for one disk games, but can become a major chore even with some 2-disk games, never mind bigger titles. Imo WHDLoad or hd installs are the only way to have some sort of hassle-free Amiga experience. I initially thought I'd be ok with just Gotek for my A500, but after a few weeks quickly upgraded to ACA500+ because the constant faffing with disk swapping was just unbearable.
  5. Probably because a bot is thinking you're making two accounts. But the real question is, why would you need to login into any sort of online account to use a piece of hardware? This pathetic trend is of course tied to further expansion of datamining and it's sad that it's just being accepted.
  6. What a bizarre mix. Eggs is super cute but a bit too clever for me...plus it's a maze game...sigh). Still, the chicks are lovely. Especially that little white chicken which runs around helping out. Moonwalker is a load of WTH. Michael Jackson was an icon when I was growing up, but I haven't really thought about him for more than a decade so it's a huge nostalgia blast. I like the gfx/sfx & gameplay a lot, even if the whole game is just a one big ego-trip, and the kids shouting "Thank you, Michael!" might seem a bit odd these days. EDIT: MJ - 35,790 Eggs - 19,770
  7. A Mini (or even Maxi) will never be an FPGA, it's a completely different target audience and price range. Besides, you can get a MiSTer for less than 200USD now, and run A500-1200 with HDMI on it. And for 300USD you can get 2 x tested A500s with Goteks, ad accessories (at least here in Europe). It will most likely be another Mini, because full size Amiga is a lot of plastic. Seeing as you can get decent emulation on RPi 3-level SoC that shouldn't be a problem. More interesting will be seeing where will the emulator come from and how convoluted the deal with Cloanto was. This being Amiga, the poor ol' Cursed Lady, I can't help but think this won't go down without at least some sort of shenanigans
  8. For me "homebrew" will always represent the non-commercially oriented content from the console hacking/coding scene which arose somewhere around PSP era and continues since then. It has started earlier, perhaps with SNES, or maybe even some earlier consoles, but I suppose PSP was its peak time (see this interesting poll on GBAtemp.). Wikipedia has a definition, and I largerly agree with it - as they say amateur programs written for micro- and "normal" computers have other names, be it "hobbyist" as they say, my favourite "bedroom coded', or modern "indie". I know of course there are commercial homebrew programs as well, but for me this term associates best with the free ones.
  9. If by "regular RGB connector" you mean SCART socket then there are cables for that. You'd need to check if that monitor will work with Amiga first though: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=85693
  10. Question is, what do you want to connect your Amiga to?
  11. So says the article you guys are quoting. The fact that cleaning works for some people does not mean there is no bigger problem. I have used heaps of gamepads from various makers over the years and had never something like that occuring. It's rather obvious that it's Nintendo's design flaw, and a rather serious one. Which is why they're fixing it outside of the warranty (bit of a comedy "90 days" this one, btw) and only after stink was raised in the press about it, because previously they used to charge for it. And did not bother changing the design for the new Switch editions. https://www.theverge.com/21504741/nintendo-switch-joy-con-drift-problem-explained Perhaps this particular lawsuit is frivolous, but on the other hand pretending there is no problem at is a rather curious stance. And how are you supposed to call these companies to task if not by lawsuits?
  12. Colony 7 - 30,725 DoDonpachi - 4,377,570 DD is absolutely amazing, I just wish I had the ability to sustain the 100% level of concentration required to play it properly.
  13. Sad. And the reason why going to charity shops/markets is not much fun anymore.
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