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  1. Interesting. Let's have a look at your OP again then... Even the first sentence doesn't make much sense, and it only gets worse from there, just a lot of self-pitying rambling. Therefore, there was nothing to "destroy" or derail", according to the garbage-in garbage-out rule, and the thread has become zillion times more interesting with a freestyle chat about anything in regard to old games and microcomputers.
  2. Yeah, Sam's Journey pushes the hardware as hard as anything released back in the day - if not more. It's the same on all the other 8-bit platforms (I assume Atari too), there are plenty of AAA quality modern games. Having 30+ years of time to improve coding skills & techniques certainly helps a bit with that But I think people sometimes get too hung up on squeezing the last bit of juice out of the tech (at least in threads like this). You don't need 100 sprites and 17 parallax layers to make a good game. Just think of Shadow Of the Beast for Amiga...very pretty, but the gameplay is not much to write home about. If you have a clever idea and good design you can make some amazing games without the fx fireworks, eg Millie & Molly.
  3. Yep, you need an external SD loading device, but there are now many options other than SD2IEC. I have one, but if I was buying it now I'd probably go for Pi1541 - biggest compatibility. There are also cartridges such as BackBit or Kungfu Flash. https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=77170&highlight=kung++flash
  4. I love this game and don't think there is anything wrong with its strange turn-based system. It works this way, just needs getting used to.
  5. Whatever they do, one thing is certain: it will cost you a hefty premium.
  6. It's amazing what you can come up with when you try to weave a story around an absurd alliteration. Applause!
  7. “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day? You’re the asshole.” Please note that I'm not calling you (or anybody else) an asshole, it's just something to consider. I saw this quote somewhere one day and I found it applicable - not always, but sometimes - since I also like to argue on the internets. And sometimes it's good to take a step back and have a critical look at yourself.
  8. Yeah, but like I said, it's a very quick and dirty setting. I'm not even sure this is the "right" Atari resolution. If you play around with it, I'm sure you can do better. Retroarch is still a good option for shaders, I think you can save per-core shaders configs as well.
  9. Yeah, but when I turn OpenGL on, the reshade comes back on - and stays on when I switch to DX11 again. It's bizarre, but works even after restart. You should be able to reproduce it. The more advanced CRT shaders have many options you can -or even need to - tweak. Otherwise it will be messy. First you need to sort out the resolution, here's Geom with 320x192 (I did not touch anything else, pretty sure it can be much improved)
  10. I don't know about Advancedcrt.fx, there are better shaders, try to use the Retroarch ones from that pack I linked to. You need to of course unpack it to reshade directory afet you have installed it in a given program. I had a quick try again: when I started Altirra the Reshade did not work (it was set from the old one for DX11 only) then I changed to OpenGl and Reshade popped in, then changed back to DX11 and it stayed on. I was then able to choose GeomCRT shader and it all worked perfect (It works both in fullscreen and windowed.) I don't remember exactly but I think I installed reshade for OpenGL first, then changedt to DX11 without reinstalling it, that's why I was surprised to see it work. Sorry, I'm bit busy with other stuff atm to dig deeper (it's not an ideal solution for sure) but it does work. Might try later with clean reinstall of Altirra, but I need to know if it keeps settings somewhere? I just quickly deleted its directory but when I installed it again the settings were the same.
  11. Amazing. Well, yeah, I've never been there myself and I don't recall ever seeing it in any of the prison movies I've seen, so that's why it's news to me.
  12. Nothing is really a "reliable source of information" when it comes to history. Wikipedia is not perfect and it never will be, but it's zillion times better as it is , than if it was a yet another corporate behemoth. Along with the archive.org it's one of the only two major sites which still retain some semblance of the ideals of what Internet was supposed to be when it has first started out. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows how it works already, and that it's more of a stepping stone than the final destination when it comes to serious fact checking. And ofr casual use it works just fine.
  13. So now hopefully @Pat Brady, or other person with access can go and post this list and argumentation there. That's how it works, I suppose.
  14. Sorry, have only just seen this now. When you install Reshade it asks "which rendering API" the program uses. You need to then choose DX9, DX 10-12, OpenGl or Vulkan. Sometimes it's tricky to figure which one to pick, and Reshade won't work if you choose the wrong one. So it can take a few tries (and you need to uninstall previous Reshade first). I had a quick go at Altirra and managed to get it working, but only with OpenGL. So you need to go Tools>Options>Display, untick everything and tick OpenGL. Then install Reshade and choose OpenGL as API. It does not look great thogh, OpenGL is fuzzy in Altirra. So maybe you could try different combinations of options in the Display + Reshade. There is also ShaderGlass: https://github.com/rohatsu/ShaderGlass Awesome program, you can apply it to anything on desktop but it struggles in fullscreen abd is a bit more limited than direct Reshade. EDIT: actually, I've just changed OpenGL to DX11 in Altirra options and now it works
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