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  1. I'm not a fan of joining MAME and MESS, but I understand that there were reasons important to the devs. So I can just set some filters and it's not a big deal. And I'm more than pleased there are people who try to electronically replicate even the most obscure systems. For me that's magic all right
  2. I couldn't use an emulator without them. Some of them have very decent built-in CRT filters/shaders (my favourite: Retro Virtual Machine) but you can't beat Retroarch in this respect, so if I have to emulate I just use that.
  3. I've tried it once but got stuck in some kind of bizzare extension hell. The emulator itself was fine, just the external soft needed was causing problems.
  4. Defender - 34,775 AvP - 655,100 I'm past the "absolute beginner" stage in Defender now and start seeing glimpses of what can be done, and somehow doing it. It's exhilirating - simply the best arcade game ever. From 1981. Funny. Surprised all the other shoot'em up devs just didn't call it a day, because it's something you can't top. I always used to play as the 2nd Predator in AvP and have never done much with it (though it's a lot of fun to play). Just got past the 2nd boss today, and died in the armored car shootout. Then I wanted to take pic of my score, but I had to play again to get to the table, so I chose the cyborg man, just for kicks - and got that 650K score, without actually that much effort. Talk about OP... I guess this is the compo-friendly character.
  5. It's funny, we're just having a similar gfx topic regarding C64 vs other micros: https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3127 For me there is no clear cut winner, because all these machines had different strenghts (and of course it dpended on particular games and port quality). C64 is often picked as a winner but for me overall it was let down by low-res gfx (vs Spectrum) and that weird, shades-of-brown desaturated palette (vs Amstrad/Atari). If I had to design a perfect micro, gfx wise, it'd have Spectrum's resolution, Atari/CPC colours and C64's sprites and scrolling.
  6. Defender - 25,125 When it all clicks in Defender, and you are in the zone, it's better than sex. In other times I feel like the guy in pink jumper: Yes, Renegade is much smarter than AvP, and most of the brawlers. But I still love AvP because its bone-crunchin' alien-punchin' laser-fryin' gameplay is extremely satisfying. I've never got past the second boss yet...maybe this time?
  7. Three brawlers in a row, nice. The RNG god will probably only draw labyrinth games from now on though 😀 I wasn't any good at arcade games back in the day, and these few times I tried to play Defender (it was in my local) I maybe got past the first wave max, being bewildered by its many buttons and insane pace. And yet, I always knew it's a special game, one of the best action titles ever, kinda reminding me of Quake when it comes to offering you the absolute control of the gameflow and demanding you are in the zone at all times. I got it from watching my classmate, who somehow was a Defender pro, despite being as poor as the rest of us and having no console or micro to practice on. This guy could play forever on one credit and it was the first (and last?) time ever I saw somebody resetting the score, multiple times. Watching him do all the impossible stuff in this game was an incredible experience. I've never played it since, dismissing the idea as ridiculous. But now, after my arcade rebirth...ha. Maybe I'll get to Wave 3 at least
  8. There's so much wrong with this opinion I wouldn't even know where to start to unpick it. Unfortunately, this sort of ignorant, console/geo-centric view is actually quite often encountered on US boards. It couldn't be farther from the truth of course, because Europe was a hotbed of gaming innovation in the Eighties, both in regard to 8 and 16 bit micros, with forays into consoles as well of course (Rare wasn't always Rare, y'know). There are countless examples of bedroom and company coded classics from this era. The fact that console versions of some games were superior is a no-$hit-Sherlock moment, since their bare-metal dedicated hardware could outdo microcomputers (unlike modern times). Obviously that does not cancel a zillion other examples of brilliant games unavailable on consoles. Sure, Amiga did suffer from some terrible ports - for variety of reasons, and of course, like every other platform, had its share of turds. That doesn't mean it did not have some amazing action games too. And the more important angle is the fact that for several years it was the undisputed queen of the more "serious" gaming genres such as sims, strategy, adventure, RPGs, hybrid, etc.
  9. Renegade - 26,950 Twin Cobra - 166,140 Brawlers & shoot'em ups, my favourite genres - but these two games really put me in my place. Back to school, kid. Especially TC, even more brutal than Raiden. I can't recall any other game where I just wouldn't be able to make it past first boss without losing a life (and all the bonuses with it...man, that's cold )
  10. It's more of a particular Sony model related problem than SCART itself. I have several Trinitrons and two of them have this problem, and two others do not (all connected via SCART). Also, yeah, MiSTer is awesome, but I don't think its colour output is any better than my other RGB sources (RPi, Wii, PC). I mean, yes, it claims to have better colour depth via direct video, but is it really observable (and available on all platforms)? One thing where it shines in regard to CRT display IQ is centering and dimensions - spot on vs real machines - I've measured it with a ruler . Also, I have a properly scaled Amiga output...finally!
  11. ZX Spectrum software. There are so many games, tapes are cute and are just the right size, they're mostly very cheap (for 1-3E each you can buy heaps), artwork is amazing. I was never into collecting really, it's overall too pricey for me, plus I move a lot, but got the ZX tape bug last year and now have a few hundred of them. Amazingly, most of them still work fine too.
  12. The problem is not collectors, or even normies like me, paying higher prices for vintage items which rightfully deserve a premium for some reason (rarity, condition, etc). It's a natural thing, and it's the same in any collectibles market. The problem is when speculectors get a whiff of such market and start organising and puffing up the prices, resulting in hefty profit for themselves, because their items gain worth for no reason. The whole ridiculous "grading" angle is a part of that scheme (and a nice revenue stream too).
  13. Some Sony TVs have an issue with displaying proper colours depending on input source. In the case of MiSTer it's described in this thread. I'm about to try to mod my cables with those resistors and see if it cures that odd tint.
  14. Nonsense. There's nothing wrong with trying to improve things, that's one of the main things driving this hobby, most other ones too, and many things in the world in general. And making fantastical claims such as the one that "Turning on hard GPU sync in retroarch eliminates input lag entirely " is uninformed and needs calling out, otherwise it might mislead other people who are actually interested in this subject. What's symptomatic of your little rant is that it contains a whole heap of "me"s and "I"s, and yet you try to project it as some universal truth. Newsflash: if it works for you, then it's perfectly fine! Go forth and enjoy! But don't butt in in a vs thread and call people idiots just because somebody might have a different opinion, and also cares about the accuracy of technical claims. The fact that you sound exactly like one of the me-me-me FPGA zealots you're trying to mock is an ironic bonus. And since my initial post was nothing like that - in fact I went well out of the way to underline my skepticism and dislike for this kinda attitude - then it's rather obvious you're just venting a long standing grudge in regard to this subject. Sorry, but I'm not interested this kind of tunnel-visioned timewasting.
  15. Can you post links to tests confirming this? I get what you say about "fanatical" attitude of some FPGA fans - I said as much myself in my post. But facts are facts, and what you say about MiSTer being "functionally equivalent" is simply not true. The differences (few frames of lag, boot up time, the, ahem "hardware simulation" aspect, and so on) might be unobservable or unimportant for some people, but they do exist and count for others. @English Invader: I used Amiga on Pi3B+ and it's great overall, but also not cycle accurate. This makes some big games unplayable (It Came From The Desert, Barbarian and more). Its video-scaling is also imperfect (at least on a CRT).
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