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  1. The only "undeniable reality" is the fairly obvious fact that casual gamers are casual. Look this word up, because you clearly struggle with definitions. In context of this thread it means that these are people who enjoy playing games occasionally, mostly because they already have a device which plays free games. But the moment somebody asks them to splash ~300USD for a console to play games on, they switch off (pun intended) precisely because they are casual (irregular, occasional, not serious, by chance, etc) gamers. They simply are not interested enough to invest in this hobby. This is why that "1% of 2 billion" calculation is worth zilch. Casual gamers who didn't buy Switch will not buy an inferior (tech and software wise) console which costs nearly the same, and offers only highly dubious advantages. And if you really think they will because Amico has "better casual games" than the ones already available on mobile or PC, you're clearly out of touch with this market: https://www.androidcentral.com/best-casual-games-android Most of the games on this list run circles around Amico's line-up. Sure, they have micro$ and ads, but casual gamers don't really care that much, hence there being 2 bililion of them. And those who care can upgrade to existing consoles or a PC and get incredible gaming experiences, which, again, Amico line up is nowhere near to, in the same price range.
  2. I'd suggest going through the media in your collection and seeing if there's anything which hasn't been made available to general public by means of scanning and dumping. You can then upload it to the likes of Atarimania.com or archive.org. If you have some interesting bits of hardware you can donate it to one of the museums: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_computer_museums Another idea could be not waiting for the Grim Reaper and simply auctioning most of the stuff you don't use or display. Then either donating a lump sum to a charity or buying your niece a new bike - something along these lines...
  3. I'm much more interested in understanding why would a "casual gamer" - whoever that is, because you don't offer any tangible definition - want to spend ~300$ on a new device, when they can play their casual games on a mobile, tablet, if you insist (eyeroll - tablets are just big smartphones after all) or a PC, mostly for free? As the word "casual" implies, it's not something you care about much and need specialised equipment for. That's of course assuming there are no casual games on available consoles already, which is a stretch since it's such a vague term.
  4. May I ask how did you do it? Taking photos, or using some sort fo frame grabber?
  5. Are you serious? Did you check the size of the mobile gaming market recently?
  6. So, a completely futile exercise, typical of micro manufactures in that era....especially in 1991 when Amiga was affordable enough even for the likes of me. No wonder Commodore's own staff dubbed it "son of Plus/4 ".
  7. It's very doubtful this supposed audience actually exists. People who don't buy games but like to occasionally play them don't do so because there's so much free stuff out there. They don't care that it includes ads or microtransactions, same as people who don't mind an ad block every 12.5 minutes of a TV show or those who surf the net without an ad blocker.
  8. That's not really true. Strategy/RPG/adventure genres were very popular on the early micros, and A8 had many originals and ports from the Trinity. Stuff from Scott Adams, SSI, Epyx, etc, plus some innovative, brilliant games such as Ali Baba, Alley Cat, Star Raiders or Crush Crumble'n Chomp.
  9. I nearly did get Spectrum Next during the second KS, but it was actually more expensive so I passed. I don't really regret it because there isn't any must-have soft for it (despite being around for quite a while) there is already a MiSTer core (and couple of emulators) but the scene is pretty quiet anyway. And its price was only about half of what Mega will cost. These things are nice, but definitely niche gadgets which won't be starting any real 8-bit revivals. I think something like Pico-8 has actually a livelier scene...
  10. I have heard the figure of 600-700E being bandied about, which for me does fall into the "silly" range. I'm sure it will sell out nonetheless, the problem is it will also severely restrict the user pool and consequently the new software available. Perhaps a core will appear for some other FPGA boards, but still, it's a small outreach. So overall it's kind of and "art for art's sake" type project...
  11. Yes, this thread has definitely veered from "underrated" into "forgotten" or "ones I didn't hear much about" territory. Spelunker, Raid Over Moscow, Alley Cat, Wavy Navy, etc were all rather well known and mostly well received back in the day. And including a real design milestone like Star Raiders here is just comical
  12. Most arcade cores are pretty tight, with some minor bugs at most (eg some sounds in Space Invaders). X68000 is reported to be working but from what I heard I wouldn't call this core mature yet. Not sure about Vetrex, it's one of the few I haven't tried yet.
  13. Gosh, HSW's website made me cringe. Never meet you heroes, etc... ...(and definitely don't post entire emails with details online).
  14. Yeah, Saturn core will be a huge coup for MiSTer. It's one of these tricky machines (like N64) where emulation is still sketchy. There's also new PSX core in the works, by a new dev who is starting from scratch (the old effort kinda collapsed) and it looks extremely promising already.
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