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  1. Defender, Elevator Action, Bionic Commando, Metal Slug (any), Armored Warriors
  2. It'd be a shame to see the Arcade HSC wither & die again so I'm glad to see y'all want to keep it up. I'm always up for it, though I have very little time these days so will probably only play the games I actually like. My picks are the same as at the beginning of Leto's season: Elevator Action, Bionic Commando, Defender.
  3. Send him a PM, wait a week or so, if no response then one of you should take over.
  4. Trojan - 34,650 Black Tiger - 43,650 I kinda liked Trojan, it's just a pure reflex test from the get go and good for HSC coz it doesn't take forever to play. The shield mechanic can be quite fun too. BT on the other hand is cuter but too dependent on memorization.
  5. Bagman - 23,580...too dreadful to get into. Magic Sword - 141,894
  6. Two very clever games. WoW: 21,400 Scramble: 25,530
  7. Elevator Action, Bionic Commando, Defender + anything obscure and interesting.
  8. Thanks for seeing it through Leto27. I have no illusions as to how the final standings would look like if some of you played every round. Even so, for somebody like me, with interest mostly in turn-based gaming and whose experience of arcade gaming up to this point was very casual it's quite an encouragement. Not sure if I'll have time to go the whole hog again next round but still looking forward to some arcade action and motivation.
  9. Well, you've been warned. It is a rabbit hole Especially if you have more than one source. You're right about giving up, just first reset it to defaults, then use the suite to sort the colours and few games to whip the rest into some sort of reasonable shape and then quickly forget about service menus. There is no perfect CRT look, it differes between games and platforms and slight hardware imperfections are the part of the package. And once you stop fiddling and start actually playing and enjoying the games all these things fade away, because the OCD is in the mind. I have some decent RGB-capable Trinitrons in my other place but for the last several months could only use a no-name composite-fed NTSC set. It's far from perfect but I still prefer it over my modern IPS panel with 1:1 ideal, shader sporting emus.
  10. This is the thing which puzzles me, because Retroarch is big and is everywhere. It's probably "bigger" than Retropie, and Retropie has these things covered (several Amiga emulators - one dedicated -, Apple, and multum of obscure platforms). I thought one reason could be because Retropie devs are from Europe and it's generally more popular there - but I don't think it really is the case. Plus for example, while Amiga wasn't so popular in the US, Apple definitely was. There was no - and won't be any - apologies for responses to intentionally thread-shitting posts, most likely made because the author is incapable of letting go of a grudge from some other thread. I'm no saint and can give as good as I get. If my initial post is in any way unclear then it's possible to either avoid it or ask for clarification, instead of launching a slew of condescending and immature replies, then being surprised when I respond in kind. Telling me to go and discuss it elsewhere* (ok, but let's also delete half of other OPs on this forum while we are a at it) or posting a completely irrelevant (did somebody ask about PC Engine core?) link kinda qualifies here too. *by the way, I did that already some time ago. One of the devs mentioned that more people registering interest could help - obviously. Well, I tried
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2019/05/01/exclusive-the-saga-of-star-citizen-a-video-game-that-raised-300-millionbut-may-never-be-ready-to-play/ Forbes pulling no punches here. It's not exactly anything new but all these figures coming from a respectable source are quite sobering. Nearly 300 million dollars spent. 7 years of dev time. Just about one star system and lot of ship models (some as jpegs) to show for it. Latest 45 mil private capital injection to be spent on marketing. Phew...nice job if you can get it. Somewhere in a parallel universe not far away Derek Smart is cackling with glee.
  12. I was recently connecting a new monitor and discovered there are about 4 or 5 different versions of the DVI socket. The hell's that all about?
  13. I was just looking at retro PCs and it's true that the pre-Pentium models sport ridiculous price tags now, ditto some components. What I wonder is it really necessary to buy a period-accurate PC just for games? I had my first one in the late 90s, starting with P60 then Celeron 333. I remember playing heaps of old DOS games on them anyway, mostly with no problems and using Mo'Slo in some cases. And old Pentium units seem relatively cheap compared to the other ones nowadays.
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