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  1. When I first saw this thread I thought I'll probably join in with the anti-Brad crowd, even thought I've never had any dealings with him, but because of kinda similar experiences with my local micro repair/seller crowd. But, upon actually reading the article, I must say I can't really see any fault with this guy - to the contrary. He seems like a "character", a real person from the heady days of real brick'n mortar shops, not some bland drone or automated checkout. It's something I sorely miss from the old days, even if sometimes it could mean inconvenience. Most of the complaints in the article read as a #firstworldproblems list. Outdated website. Contact by email. One item per customer. Oh, my, for why can't it all be like Amazon? But his rules actually seem to make sense, when you think about it and consider how niche hobby area he operates in, and that he's a one-man operation. Particularly the buy limits rule, considering the modern rise of the scalper species. So, he's harsh (strict?) and can hold a grudge (has principles?)? Likes to do things his way? Humans do that, deal with it. Besides, the cases described there seem to be have been judged correctly. Of course, stuff like that might seem petty, but do recall that most of us do have a horror story (or 5) about dealing with a "timewaster" on ebay or local sites. Now try to imagine you have a case (or 5) like that on a regular basis, and it quickly becomes clearer why he might rather just ban somebody, than suffer any more foolishness. Ain't nobody got time for that, after all. All that would be not that significant though, if he was guilty of the big one: premeditated hoarding, modern style. But no, he got all his stock back in the day, when nobody cared about it all, and people wouldn't pay 5 bucks in a flea market for a box of what is now considered priceless treasures. Seems he just had a bit more foresight and belief than everybody else - not a bad thing, methinks. So, I wish him all the best and hope he'll carry on for many years to come.
  2. Great. The only problem: they cost as much as a working MiSTer setup itself.
  3. Is there any online database for TI games similar to Atarimania, or CPC-Power? I'm mostly interested in scans of inlays/manuals/ads/etc. The TI Gamebase is great, but it lacks such content.
  4. D'oh...had a feeling it was something silly. Thanks!
  5. A pity, have never used it myself but heard good things. Being open source doesn't mean it will necessarily get picked up again, though it's probable, given how popular DOS was/is.
  6. Thanks a lot. My problem remains though, it's the one I mentioned on MiSTer forums. I can load EA5 games and also EA3 games without the starting label. But EA3 games, which need to use the label, fail. Eg: -I load the core -load E/A using "Load Full or C" from MiSTer OSD -mount a disk game in OSD using "Drive 1 *.DSK" -choose "3 LOAD AND RUN" in E/A -at "FILE NAME?" type DSK1.GAMENAME (eg KARATE) -after that it stops for few secs and then I see "FILE NAME?" again. Don't get the "PROGRAM NAME?" prompt at all.
  7. Oh, a Gex thread, fab! I love them, here's my favourite one:
  8. I still wonder which E/A version to use, so that I can load tiroms.bin first and still have disk support...
  9. Archive.org is probably the best place for this kind of stuff, makes it more discoverable too.
  10. I suppose waiting few hours till the quota restarts is a bit too much in our firstworldproblems-infested world. But the good news is you can always put together your own Gamebase, the frontend is available on sourceforge. Might take you a bit longer though... Mega is not ideal, but it wasn't always like that, that 5GB limit is a recent change. Gamebase sets are made by enthusiasts like .mad. who spend months working on putting them together and then distribute free of charge. Roms are also in the greyzone, so it's not like you can spam the links right, left, and center. Considering these facts, perhaps it'd be advisable to rethink your "complaint".
  11. There's a number at the bottom, these guys should know what to do. Better yet, send them a telex, so there is a paper trail.
  12. Got to be Pu-Li-Ru-La Boogie Wings is pretty wild too Always wanted to try Seaman (DC), but I guess you need to have the original with the microphone.
  13. @carlsson These patterns are rather simple: I knew the "I'm writing a text adventure for obscure machine" bit is inevitably coming since I saw their first posts
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