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  1. Mercs - 181,300 Berzerk - 12,140 Back in the day I had all the time and no coins. Now I have all the coins and no time 😕
  2. Berzerk - 10,820 Mercs - 136,850 Mercs is a vertical game and I have finally decided to flip one of my Trinitrons into TATE mode. I can't believe I have never done it before. The effect is simply mindblowing.
  3. Great selection, thank the RNG god an people who put them up. Hopefully we are slowly running out of maze games...🤭 I've only played Berserk few times, back in the arcade days, but absolutely love it and always wanted to have a proper go at it. Mercs sounds familiar, maybe it was an Amiga port?...anyway, I love this run'n gun Commando style so looking forward to it.
  4. Amidar - nope, not yet another maze game Chameleon - 24,200 - it's super charming but also infuriating
  5. I was hoping to play some more and post screenshots eventually, but I had to hit the road unexpectedly last week and won't be able to. So either take my scr$-less scores from the first post itt or just count me out of this round.
  6. Nice games but not ones I see myself getting too deep into. I'd rather still play Sorcer Striker...or Bubble Bobble (after Snow Bros). Lasso - 83,760 Snow Bros - 79,730 (y'all turn 6 digit scores on this? Am I missing something?)
  7. That could be true, but I move a lot and can't drag an extra gadget around with me just to play a few titles. And I actually prefer to play the rest with a modern pad, because I've never really liked joysticks, even as a kid. The ones I could afford back then for 8/16-bit micros were quite horrible. Besides I suspect it's more just me not being very good at these kinda games than the hardware itself. So there is actually an option in Retroarch called "4 way emulation on 8 way joystick". It only appears on 4 way games. I've just tried it on Armor Car and Zoo Keeper and it's hard to say how much difference it made. It sort of felt a bit better (especially on ZK) but perhaps I suggested myself (and my scores still sucked). Still, I'd rather have it on than off I suppose.
  8. I think this might be my problem (using Dualshock 4). I also struggled with controls in these two games, to the point of abandoning them. Zoo keeper would freeze occasionally, especially on corners, and the AC either go in a wrong direction or not turn when you want it to. The latter did happen few times before with other labyrinth based Pac-likes. I think Retroarch has an option to alleviate this and perhaps I could ask some MAME people if the 4/8 really is the reason and if there's a fix for it.
  9. 4 weeks sure seemed like a lot of time to play 💖Sorcer Striker💖 - 340,010 Raiden - 182,450 Rolling Thunder - 85,120
  10. Sorcer Striker - 171,810 Raiden - 166,500 Any delusions I might've harboured recently, regarding being perhaps not so bad at shoot'em ups as I thought back in the day, were quickly dispelled by this duo. There's too much, too fast happenin there for this old git. I mean, Raiden's first boss, which I've only defeated few times has difficulty level normally found in stage 2-3 of other games. SS on teh other hand has so many beautiful things swirling on the screen it's really hard to keep track of the actual projectiles. And I guess these two are probably considered easy by the genre's afficionados 😪 Still, very slick games, especially SS, what with being a gfx orgy.
  11. I'm sure it's possible to handle this section, otherwise you guys wouldn't be posting high scores. Unfortunately, I've had a platformer-phobia - an intrinsic dislike of the platform-jumpin/dying mechanic - since forever. So in this case I just usually panic and end up losing all my lives in a really frustrating fashion Although, I can also see this level being possibly quite fun, because when it occasionally works for me, some crazily exciting stunts & narrow escapes happen. Rolling Thunder: 81, 700. This game is actually rather dull, but in a way a relief from the relentless action of the other ones. It's also rather amusingly camp, was it some sort of a TV show or a comic book? I'll post all the photos & scores in one "official" post before the end of the round. Merry Xmas everyone
  12. Zoo Keeper - 105,650 I like the zoo bit a lot, but the platforming levels are rage inducing. Remind me of that Mario game from last year *shudder*.
  13. Could be interpreted as there being more votes for changes (2+3) than none at all (3)...
  14. It's a noble idea but I'm not sure how/if it would balance stuff out in reality, perhaps it's not really possible. I also agree that persistence should be a rewarding factor. On the other hand it's not always about "trying harder" but "having tried for many years already". For that the points system was kinda better because it was easier for newcomers to make an effort and top a particular score as opposed to producing a sky-high one. Well... I guess I don't really have a concrete opinion on this so I have voted for the too bad! option (seems least complicated). Atari 8-bit HSC - which is probably the best run/most fun high score compo I've ever seen- has a sort of a Redemption Round every season, when players can submit scores for the rounds they've missed or just to produce an improved score. It's definitely less strict, but perhaps something to consider. Myself, I'm not really in a super competitive mode any more so the season-long calculations are not that relevant. Last year I did push it a bit because the idea of winning an arcade competition while being always convinced I'm uselsess at this genre was quite amusing. It's quite draing though, both time-wise and having to play games you don't really dig, so now I'm happy with just playing for fun and perhaps per-round challenge. Though it definitely is great to have some motivation, it totally changes the approach to games I'd otherwise only play superficially. Shame most people are so reluctant to join in, because 1cc score attacks really give new dimension to gameplay.
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