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  1. Wow, that new flashback is beautiful! Definitely going to pick one up! Looks like the size of other "mini-consoles" available from Nintendo, Sega, Playstation?
  2. Ah, yes, logos. Who needs a product when you can just have a LOGO. LoGo. L O G O
  3. Here's a little comparison shot I took when I made it a while back. I think I still have it somewhere.
  4. Good god, that was a year ago? I ended up making a second print, funnily enough closer to what they have now, where it is two separate pieces. I got a raspberry pi in there, but after that I gave up. I still have the digital files floating around somewhere, as well as the printed shells.
  5. So, are we certain that it WILL be made? Or is there still some speculation in the air on whether or not it will be "delayed" indefinitely?
  6. Looks a lot like the Dev board the VCS team used. Does it use the Bristol Ridge chip? I see the board is dated 2014, and the BR chip came out in 2017. Is this why the Dev team blurred out the date of the board because it would be revealed the board is 3 years older than they claimed? I'm sure this was discussed when the first pictures of the board came out, but that seems like ages ago.
  7. So, has anything changed with the (air quotes) VCS (air quotes)? I've been reading the comments section for the VCS indiegogo page and nearly everyone is angry over the lack of updates. I think there might be one or two people who still believe in it, but they just ramble on about the VCS being revolutionary and being able to cast a shadow on Sony and Microsoft. Amazing. Just amazing. It's like he's just repeating what he's heard... I wonder if Fred Chesnais likes Steve Miller Band? If he has Take the Money and Run on his playlist we should warn the backers.
  8. I agree. Hopefully this whole "VCS" charade won't end without some sort of legal action.
  9. ~Fixed my comment due to typing error: I hope THEC64 group delivers on their promises, but I am extremely wary of "Atari"s promises.
  10. Am I dense for thinking that THEC64 crew will deliver on their promise? Or did you assume that I believed Nutari?
  11. To really highlight the lack of communication with the VCS; THEC64, who didn't even hit their $150,000 goal, who don't have the namesake of the console they are replicating, have had 133 updates, with 4 updates in December alone. While yes, they had to settle on the C64 Mini before going to the full size, you have to give them credit where credit is due. They don't have the advantage of having the original company name, but they do have dedication. They could have settled with the mini, but now it appears, in the most recent updates, that they are focused on a full-size model planned for this year! So far no technical info has been published (for all we know it's just another shell) but hopefully they will prove that they are making a real product.
  12. But Flojomojo, didn't you see the spinning cube? How do you have doubts after seeing the spinning cube? ALL HAIL THE CUBE!
  13. Christ... Shirts. Just. Shirts. Oh, and how could I miss the article! I kid you not, "The VCS can have an 'Atari World' which has an online store..." at least there will be a way to play games other than the ones from Steam! Also comparing it to the original XBox and PS3 doesn't bode too well. Oh, and this: "As a platform provider you must own the platform. You can’t just put a box out there and say go for it. A Linux box in a fancy case is just that, people can already do that and do by using (Raspberry) Pi’s, Beaglebones or Intel sticks. For a platform to succeed there must be a goal in mind. What is the platform going to be used for? The software and the hardware and the Industrial Design and the Marketing must be one. From that use case, what could people do with the platform that interferes or prevents the intended goal of the platform? For a game platform, hacking, piracy and cheating typically come to mind and they will destroy the platform." Ah. The "Industrial Design and Marketing". In CaPs. That's what separates this from a Raspberry Pi. And this: "If games can easily be copied, then there is no incentive to purchase games..." The "Platform and Security" section just seems to list what could go wrong without a clear suggestion of what to do right, other than "security". Oh, and a "test" of the Atari OS with a spinning cube on a screen and a shot of the code with the board sitting right next to the monitor. You're doing God's work there guys. "What’s next? We want to announce a Linux open source project and encourage our backers, fans and interested parties to help us with something that will actually be part of the Atari VCS operating system. More on that soon." Ah yes. Of course. Get the fans to code your console... Wait, WHAT? Maybe I'm reading that wrong? Glad to hear Rob is okay after his accident, but not so glad with the news on the console... and shirts. Obviously thrown out there to appease dissatisfied backers who have been without an update for nearly two months.
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