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  1. Yeah, I've tried several different rand variations. Some are better than others but you can see a pattern develop over time. I even tried one of my old Basic random number tricks and it still comes back with a pattern. I get the feeling it resets itself after it loops.
  2. I've sort of noticed using RAND to generate random numbers isn't really randomizing numbers or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I've been putting together a game and I want player1 to appear randomly around the screen after it had been shot.. sort of like this player1x = (rand&120)+1:player1y = (rand&50)+1 But I noticed a pattern would develop and it will only place the sprite in certain locations of the screen, mainly the upper left or the lower right. Never in the middle or other corners. In programming in Visual Basic I know if I want true random numbers I need to put a RANDOMIZE function somewhere in the declaring section. Is there something similar in Batari Basic or am I missing something?
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