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  1. You can purchase replacement joysticks themselves or you can purchase the gears inside separately and try to refurbish the joystick. Both are items for sale.
  2. This happened to me recently as well. I was taking my Game Boy Original through security and had it in one of these old plastic cases that look like a giant Game Boy Original. The screener marked the bag for extra inspection because they didn't recognize the batteries and were unsure what they were! This old style case has slots for 8 AA batteries, because these old consoles were battery eaters. I always find it fun to bring it and other older portal consoles on trips with me and play in the airport or airplane.
  3. I appreciate the enthusiasm. Should be fairly easy compared to the Atari Jaguar Pro controller project I recently completed. I actually am working on the Intellivision plastic cartridge trays as well and should have them made pretty soon as well. The plastic trays that go inside the cardboard boxes.
  4. I bet I can get these made, let me work on it. I already was working on the Coloecovision ones as well.
  5. Howdy Tanooki, its William. I sold Mortoff Games some time back however I am happy to help out a friend. Let me know what you need and I will get it for you.
  6. Yes indeed its Pay-Pal
  7. Stickers are finally finished and in my hands. Please send over $5.99 to [email protected] and let me know your shipping address
  8. I think the price is more to attract attention and it really is a for offer posting. Very few collections would be worth anywhere near that.
  9. That's what I am wondering. The person in the listing indicates they already sold off other items and I bet these were the high value, nice grade, functional items and what is left over is the low value, low grade, non-functional items.
  10. Yes international shipping is not a problem at all.
  11. There are two designs of the pin connector. One is solder on and one is snap one. You can tell the difference between the two by looking at the console's bottom and seeing if the FCC warning is molded into the plastic or is a sticker.
  12. The Sega CDX has a high demand for it and sells for quite a premium. I think it would be quite amazing to have the last Atari console resurrected from drawing boards and put into production.
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