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  1. They have been manufactured and are shipping to me right now. Hopefully won't be to much longer. Have these and RCA, Microvision and Odyseey 1 game sleeves also coming.
  2. Thank you for the support. Do you happen to have a picture of the European CBS console in the protector? I could use it for my website.
  3. Yes I can look into making these. I will need to buy some boxed ones though first. I only have them loose. Let me see if I can get some fellow AA members to sell me some minty looking ones so I can make protectors. I will also see about the Pro controllers and Roller Ball Accessory.
  4. Looking to buy the following Colecovision accessories boxed. The boxes need to be in really good condition and the contents need to be complete. I want them for my collection but also to make protectors for them for the community. 1) Expansion Module 1 2) Expansion Module 2 3) Roller Controller Willing to pay well for these items. Prefer US seller as I am located in the US for shipping reasons.
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