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  1. Interesting coincidence as I am nearly finished with a new mold for Atari 7800 shells and should be able to supply shells to people that need them shortly in clear and other colors as well. Attached a sample off the new mold below, so if more people are interested in clear shelled games I can certainly help out with the shell side.
  2. Fast shipping, as described.
  3. Yes I make both as a set
  4. Talk to Best Electronics and you should be able to get new replacements.
  5. If you end up not having any plans for the magazines and documents except for the trash let me know as I would be interested in them.
  6. Thank you for the great feedback and appreciation! I really appreciate the words of encouragement.
  7. I already make the Microvision game protectors. Link below Microvision Protectors
  8. They have finally arrived and are ready to ship out. They are like the others I have been making for customers here with heavy duty plastic and locking tabs on both ends to keep the flaps securely in place. All are available on my website for purchase. I have pictures of the Aquarius and Microvision game box protectors posted. Will post Odyssey 1 and RCA Studio 2 protector pictures later. The RCA Studio 2 protectors will fit both the regular and slightly larger regular box as well. Website to order from
  9. Much appreciated indeed, yes that is is a good idea and will post there.
  10. I would love to make them however it depends on sales of these four box protectors. I do hope people buy some of the existing items however as sales have been very poor of the Aquarius game box protectors so far.
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