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  1. Dido this, they are drop in to replace the entire unit at once. The original XBOX was built very much like a computer and are easier to work on then later consoles.
  2. I don't however that would be an excellent idea for the future.
  3. Hopefully someone will respond, because I have fold quite a few of them.
  4. Have you tried Best Electronics?
  5. Sales have been slow however I expected this as it wasn't a widely distributed system. I did finally get a copy of Fileform and do plan to make these protectors at some point this year. Thank you for your purchase.
  6. Just my two cents however I think you are going to have to catalog everything and document details about each item if you are hoping to get such a large amount of money otherwise It might be helpful to go for a small amount and save yourself the time. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I actually got a quote for the cartridge shell mold for this system. Its pretty expensive so I haven't move forward with it yet. Maybe this year I can make it happen.
  8. I have the Nunzilla and Martian Invader left, would you like these two?
  9. Hello I will get a quote when I return from work today. Someone already asked for the two Columbia figures and the Ducktales film piece before you though. I will see if they agree to the shipping price and let you know. Otherwise they would be yours.
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