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  1. I ended up purchasing one of these consoles and some games. Its actually pretty interesting and would be fun to see if the games are any good.
  2. It seems that website he referenced has at least some for sale currently. Were there other ones you were looking for?
  3. Its funny if anyone else had said they own 18 Arcadia consoles in their original boxes I would not believe them :). Okay let me see what I can do about these and the Intellivision 1 ones.
  4. Excellent point did not know about the box protectors. Intellivision might be fun instead. I am assuming you are talking about the Arcadia 2001 games and not the system?
  5. Awesome will put you down for one. Should be about 30-40 days before I have them in stock.
  6. I was planning on the Atari 2600 next. Any suggestions otherwise?
  7. All four console bottom labels have been made and are in stock. They might vary from your console a bit however these were how they were off my console. Also have the metal discs in stock.
  8. They are under production at this time. Probably a month or so before I have them in hand
  9. Personally I really enjoy using my old CRT TV to play classic games. Doesn't feel right playing on flat screen TVs to me.
  10. I could certainly explore making some. I do have some for the Colecovision under production currently. Let me see how much they would cost to start.
  11. One has to consider the cost of labor to list 10,000+ games, plus shipping the items, dealing with customer questions/returns/fraud. This is a major expense and is the reason that you have been "lowballed" If you want someone else to do the work you have to be willing to pay that difference. Also another factor is the listed prices on E-Bay, even the ones with completed auctions are not reflective of what you are likely to get if you sold the items yourself. If you are a power seller with lots of followers you tend to get much better prices for items than people that are just selling occasionally. There can easily be a 50% difference in ending prices. So even if a game tended to sell for $100 from an established power seller you still might only get $50 for it. The economics of selling on E-Bay are very harsh and the fees for E-Bay and and Pay-Pal quickly add up. If you are serious about selling then the first step is to decide if you want to squeeze as much money out as possible or just want to be done. 60% of the total value based on completed auctions from power sellers is still probably higher than what most will pay.
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