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  1. I purchased some sealed games from this seller and they all arrived and he had great communication. I sent you a message.
  2. Try out Bratwurst's suggestion as it is the best add on option. You can also try what Cubanismo did in the post above you and it should fix this issue. If you are still having issues message me.
  3. Message me your address and I am sure I can find you some.
  4. Thank you for letting me know. Its sad to hear they are not the same size however you did find another console that uses them which is great news.
  5. Boy would have never know this otherwise, thanks for sharing.
  6. Its really amazing right now, shipping times are back to normal for me for the first time in a long time. Its a refreshing change.
  7. Bump, new protectors came in today. Atari 7800 System protectors and Super Action Controller
  8. Darn wished I could have had a chance to grab these as a lot. Would have bought the whole lot.
  9. Greetings Will add to the list of ones to get done. It might be a bit before it happens though
  10. Thank you for letting me know. Wyoming is an interesting place. If you like nice people and big open spaces its awesome. If you like big city life, then not so much. I personally love open spaces.
  11. Yes I have these on the list to be done. I am still looking for a good condition roller controller box to model from. I have the super action controller ones already made and they have been shipped to me I am just waiting for them to arrive. I also have Atari 7800 console box protectors coming as well.
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