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  1. it's around 400g of filament of pure elements including the back but it's due to that I have printed it 100% infill. Elements are 4mm wide (I mean skeleton width). As for the cartridge slot - still thinking. I may redesign the left part of the Fuji to be removable and to uncover card slot as... I have joystick ports on the back and dual CF slot. I fitted cart tunnel in desing, but I wont fit them all as I wanted so I need to get rid of something. Actually cart slot is not that needed for me - I have a least two computers with set like Ultimate-VBXE-SIDE2 and A800 with Incognito/Supercard so apart CF3 they are more less similiar in possibilities with 1088XEL. And the case is reversed U so you can remove it, below is mITX frame.
  2. mine design it's almost ready (finished printing), need to clear print, install not visible button and dots.
  3. @mytek I confirm, swapping ICs to TI ones as in boom fixed the problem, I see now 16GB Sandisk cards that were not visible before. Thankx, will share this on atari.org.pl forum in 1088XEL in topic. Thanx to @madness77 - got ICs from him without waiting for delivery from Mouser etc. So I can enjoy fully my 1088XEL while printing the rest of case for it. Thank you folks for help!
  4. I have done and I'm during the printing, I have adapted mITX case and done top & sides cover, as I love that board fits on the metal base.
  5. it was like there was option (PBI enable/disable) and let's say after switching to disable and after hitting S there was msg "saved to profile 1" then I did reboot by pressing B, then back in BIOS option is was like not saved - still enable (because it was enable and saved before I started to change it. Not sure if it was temporary situation, or it's situation just after power up first time (when you connect PSU and turn computer on). I will try to replicate and repeat the situations but if it won't appear I will be more then happy
  6. Same two of the Sandisk cards are in my hands. 4GB Sandisk I have in ACA500plus so I will take it out of it to try. But I have like four 16GB Ultra 30MB/s like the one in 2nd row and they are not working at all. How you format/partition them? I'm on MacOS, but I have spare PC laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate around.
  7. thanks! I have found one possible bug - either in my board/component either in firmware. It deals with saving profile. It happened twice - first with saving setup for stock/turned off PBI/Sparta for use with regular Atari cartridges. I did profile and it was saved, but it was like not saved after reboot. I have to turn on option, save turn off, option save and - it worked. My problem with not working SIO2SD was the same. I did with Perinoid and his SIO2SD walk thru options. SIO2SD was not working (apart two codes displayed so - like something made small step and stopped). Then we turned off PBI/SIO options, saved, turned on, saved and it started to work. I thought I was doing something wrong so I made two steps from the computer and Perinoid did the same as I did day before, I even made screens of every BIOS page/screen to archive all options. Is it possible that something is not fully ok with the saving options? Just asking, as it happened twice and with two different things and BIOS menu/pages that were affected. I will try to replicate the steps with video recording, but I need to record both screen and SIO2SD unit.
  8. these are the types I have and they work in Incognito, SIDE2, as Amiga HDD etc. but Fdisk and my CF3 are not working with them
  9. for me it's fine as it is. I donot know where the problem was, maybe I was to dizzy with whole thing as - CF cards were not working properly, SIO2PC was working, SIO2SD not working, floppy drives working, then carts not working. It was pretty strange for someone already using Ultimate 1MB and SIDE2 and Incognito - all with FJC firmware so looking very similiar. Never had such problems with simple startup or the startup was more complicated then my knowledge and experience with whole thing. Both more then possible THanks again. BTW adding 2nd Pokey is my next step - apart fitting IC into socket anything elso to do, or I missed something?
  10. this is pretty strange - I works now. At the beginning I turned on and off both Sparta and PBI, resaved profile and it works. I have screenshots of whole profile done two hours ago and it's the same. So PBI was turned off and now is also tuned off. So this is my "almost pure stock" profile to go back Thanks for your questions, forced me to to recheck, maybe I messed with profiles, not saved something and after reboot
  11. one found down - Blue Max is not working blank screen after boot (after 1088XEL logo and progress bar). The cart works in my other Atari comps.
  12. yes, of course. But I have figured out the problem with carts finally - the cart slot is a bit loose I think. SIDE2 works flawlessy, but I have to move a little cart with RiverRaid before powering up 1088XEL to make it working. And I did screen snapshot of whole profile I have now to make possible to go back if anything
  13. guys, is anyone made list of cards working with CF3 in 1088xel? I'm a bit frustrated as only one card from my CFs works (PQI 256MB 40x). None of my Ultra series Sandisk cards (16/4/2GB 30MB/s), none of Kingstons. Some of them shows as unit in BIOS, but nothing on them (FAT16 formatted cards). None that works in my A800 Incognito, none that works in my SIDE2. Latest FJC firmware. I thought Incognito is card sensitive...
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