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  1. You're right, but what about customs? I know that I Can buy from US but.. if the customs charges the import taxes it's not so good..
  2. Hi, just one thing. I've started to read this thread and see that the developer @moonsweeper was located in Scotland. Any chance to buy the 2600 uno cart here in Europe? thanks.
  3. Hi, are them used? maybe the conductive plastic below the buttons has lost its conductivity... would suggest to open the controllers and test the conductivity of the buttons with a tester. There are some kits in the internet to replace the conductive plastic, for ir remote. just buy the right diameter.
  4. The issue is about the verticale Lines.. seems there's shifted pixels. With this mod I have also some shadows in video, but It's only a proto..
  5. Just build in a proto board. Have the same issue with the betagamma 2600vcs audio video mod... Sigh
  6. Hi, just see this topic. I've installed the same video mod and I have the same issue: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/280489-betagamma-computing-purevideo-2600vec-video-quality/ Did you solved this problem? This is a Sunnyvale Light Sixer PAL, from UK, used in Italy on a Panasonic Plasma screen. The tv supports both pal and ntsc so this is not the problem.
  7. Hi all', I've seen this kit and installed It Because It doesn't require any other modification to the main board components. Well, It works, but It shows defects that the RF output doesn't show (or the are mitigated?) Here's the photos of the modded 2600: You can see shadows and Lines not so Crisp. How can I do to enhance the quality? Thanks.
  8. I'm a little scared to try to use a QuicksShot QS128 on my 2600 after a RIOT fault happened just when I've try to use a QS joystick I've try to repair. The QS I've used has the 9Pin cable cutted out and I've tried to replace it (without a wiring scheme, cannot find anything on internet, trying to deduce the pins with a multimeter). I'm quite sure I've wired right the pins of the replacement cable... but after that RIOT failure I'm not so sure. Maybe is wired right and the QS ask too much current on the 5v pin? or it have a short circuit.. It can be. I've found another used QS (untested but with original cable) but I'm not sure to buy it to play with the 2600. There's someone who use Autofire Joysticks without trouble?
  9. Finnally It was the RIOT chip Ad soon Will post a video with the issue so It can be useful for others..
  10. Can you tell me the UniPosca color you use? many thanks.
  11. You think that It can low down the regulated voltage?Interesting..
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