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  1. Hi, but is the firmware for this project working? I could redo the pcb with the addition of the low pass filter and the headphone jack if that's ok with you. It would be really cool!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes, sorry. It's clear. I didn't mean what I wrote.
  3. Congratulations, very beautiful! Especially the one at the top of the picture.
  4. If it is useful for you I measured the current absorbed in the following conditions: A) UltimateCart Inserted: 985 mA B) UltimateCart inserted X pressed: 977 mA C) Without UltimateCart: 907 mA
  5. I don't really care about the feature, as it is badly implemented in other cartridges. That's why SIO2SD is fine. I would rather like the ultimate to support some other bank switching and have the search for example.
  6. I had thought of saying the same thing 😁 Let's make a new firmware for the Ultimate! In my opinion it has a lot of potential as hardware.
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