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  1. I downloaded both. I didn’t see much difference, so I use RespeQT as it is newer.
  2. I just got a whole bunch of books, plus a couple of old magazines. Most of the books are programming related. I hope to get into them when I have time this winter.
  3. Bump, I edited and changed prices.
  4. I have two extra 1050 drives I would like to sell because I have one now with a Happy enhancement. I bought both of these from eBay listed as untested for parts or repair. One turned out to work and the other I repaired. The one I repaired has a new pressure pad and 74LS74 chip. Both have been tested using the 1050 diagnostics program as well as testing formatting, writing, reading disks. Tested reading disks formatted with other drives, so alignment should be good. Asking $70 plus shipping for each. I have the shield off the one I worked on. I could install a Happy enhancement in it before putting it back together for an extra $45. If bought as is, I will reinstall the shield.
  5. I have a 1050 that I changed the FDC to test and then found the 74LS74 was bad. I guess I should put th3 original FDC back in even though it seems to be working fine? I was thinking about doing so anyway just to make sure it works and, if it does, keep the newer known working one. If the old one doesn’t,t work I will try following the instructions given here.
  6. You need a line number. You cannot go to a line number in immediate mode. I tested on my 130XE and it works fine in a program.
  7. Yes, plus I learned a lot and had some fun. Now I have to decide what to do with the extras.
  8. I finally got in some 74SL74 chips today. I had previously replaced U21 and the pressure pad. With a new U18, 74SL74, the drive now works great. So now I have 3 functioning drives, one with the Happy upgrade.
  9. When my Ingot supplies failed, they provided 5v until the computer was turned on and then dropped to about 3v. So it might just be a weak supply, not the computer drawing too much. I got different symptoms on my 600 XL and 800 XL, but both now work with supplies I built.
  10. I was using MyDOS 4.50 because it comes with the RespeQt software. I downloaded 4.55 beta 4. I like it so far. Was able to create DD disk and copy DOS files to it. It then booted fine. Thanks for pointing it out to me.
  11. Check the resistance of the plug wires. LOL
  12. You may try it again after it cools off. It sounds like it may be a component overheating. Also, if it is truely killing power adapters, that is most likely something shorted. I just repaired a 1050 drive that turned out to be a leaking capacitor. It finally burned up. As suggested above. Use a multimeter to test the output of the power supply. First with the computer off and then with it turned on. Report the results here and we can go from there. Your symptom does sound similar to what I got when the power supply on my 800 XL failed.
  13. I believe there are some later versions of DOS 2.X that added DD support. 2.6 and 2.8. Also there is HappyDOS, but imdon’t See much about it, so I assume there are reasons it isn’t used much.
  14. I used SpartaDOS 3.2G last night to verify that double density works, but I don’t think it is compatible with DOS 2.X. I found a list of Atari DOSes that gives a few comments on each. It would be nice to have a list of them that work well with the Happy enhancement and are DOS 2.X compatible. Is MyDOS 4.55 compatible? How important is compatibility?
  15. I’m not sure which version of MyDOS I have. When I typed P and then 1,D I got 1H on the top of the screen. Formatting a new disk gave me 0568 sectors. Very strange. If the sectors are 256 bytes, that would be 142k. I used the Happy disk to copy a 180k disk from my SIO2PC-USB. That seemed to work. There was something about adding a file to a DOS 2.5 disk and naming it autoexec.???. I will have to read more and experiment with it.
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