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  1. I downloaded the game and tried to get the instructions off of whtech, but the pdf seems to be blank. Does anyone have instructions?
  2. Maybe a faulty ROM isn’t initializing the timer correctly?
  3. Check the 7905 regulator voltages in and out. If the input is good, I think -8 or less and the output is bad, it is likely the regulator. If the input is bad, you need to check components before it.
  4. On the positive side, it had been too long since I did a backup.
  5. I had to re-image my SD card today. The LT:SC file came back in as a different file name! So I am thinking that was part of the copy protection. Re-created the file and it works again.
  6. Ok, took a while, but I am back up and running. This mouse now works fine. Maybe whatever went wrong with the RPI0W corrupted a file.
  7. The RPI3B has a fan on it. I like the increased speed so will leave it alone. I have a Win10 machine nearby that I use for downloading. If I had more room on the desk, using the PI would be nice.
  8. Tried another mouse. Will back up added files and re-image.
  9. Stuart’s browser. I am at Version 2.8 Also. I thought it might have been due to the failing RPI0W, so I tested again today after swapping in a RPI3B. Still does the same. Is there a way to reload the mouse driver?
  10. The mouse now just goes to the right and stays there unusable. I think this happened when I updated to version 2.8. It used to work. I have tried it with two USB mice. Has anyone else reported this issue?
  11. Ok it works and only has to be done once. Once the file “LT:SC” is in the directory, it will auto load from extended BASIC if the directory is set as DSK1. Now I just have to figure out how to survive more than 30 seconds. LOL. I wonder if this was somehow a hidden file on the original disk that doesn’t copy correctly as a form of copy protection. I think this file should be added to the packages at the sites this can be downloaded from.
  12. I was going to try this first think this morning. TIPI not working, RPI0 very hot. Tested power supply, 5.16 volts. Managed to hook up my RPI3B using a bunch of jumper wires. Not easy to connect all of the wires, but it is working again! I did want to try this eventually for the speed increase, so I guess it is OK. Will try the game later. Life in retro computing is so interesting.
  13. Ok, I will set CRU base to 1100, run the BASIC program and try it tomorrow. Thanks Matt.
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