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  1. I can vouch for the Aquaricart. Good stuff!
  2. Here, here! I got $10 worth of Taco Bell for using Bing! AHHHHH, Americanized Mexican fast food!
  3. Oh, man...I am just hearing about Curt's passing a month-and-a-half after it happened. I hadn't checked the AtariAge forums since mid-summer and thought I would take a look at the XM thread on the 7800 forum for updates and saw the sad, sad, news. RIP, Curt...I never got to meet you, but your passion on these forums was infectious and inspiring!
  4. Yep, agree 100%! I hope you decide to go this route, Curt!
  5. Holy Crap! I hadn't checked on the status of the XM for two years and a thought popped into my mind today to check on its status. Awesome job, Curt! Looking forward to ordering one here on AtariAge! Now, we just need to get this virus under control...
  6. I was finally able to order my set today off the pre-order email! Looking forward to getting them.
  7. Starwander, just sent you a PM. I actually just finally got to your email from October 14 today! Yes, been busy. Anyway, please see my PM regarding my pre-order and the question that I pose. Thanks! EDIT: Yes, I am one of the heretics who put his name down and haven't ordered yet. I am hoping to soon to support Starwander!
  8. Great find! Funny that you mention Astro Wars, as I have been going through the No Quarter podcast backlog (when Carrington Vanston was still on it), and someone sent them feedback regarding Astro Wars in reference to their Quasar episode. I just listened to it yesterday, in fact. Supposedly, Astro Wars was never officially released in North America. It is a Zaccaria game from Italy. The way the listener feedback went was that some company ripped off Astro Wars from Zaccaria and released it as a bootleg to the North American market. So yes, I would say if it is a North American version, it would be rare. You can hear the feedback about Astro Wars on the Karate Champ episode at the beginning (in regards to the prior episode, Quasar).
  9. Yeah, Chicago seems to have the lionshare of arcades in America. The epicenter of old Coin-Op, I suppose. My mom lives in Plainfield and my best friend (best man in my wedding) lives in Lisle. Whenever I get back to visit, I usually hit up Galloping Ghost. However, with my mom living in Plainfield, I need to check out Chicago Street Pinball in Joliet (downtown Joliet, right?). Here in the Cincinnati area, we have a small chain called "Arcade Legacy." Their original location is in a dead mall up in Forest Park. And when I say dead mall, I mean it. The only thing still alive in the actual mall itself is the arcade (kinda ironic, if you think about it...an arcade keeping a mall alive when the rest of the mall arcades went out long ago). They also have a Bass Pro as an anchor store, but those are literally the only inhabitants in this run down urban wasteland. If any of you are in the Cincinnati area, you should check out...not just for the arcade, but to scope out the eeriness of the mall. Besides that one, their other locations are Arcade Legacy Bar Edition in Northside and Arcade Legacy Kentucky in Newport, which is the closet to me. Both decent locations. However, my favorite is 16-Bit Barcade in Over-The-Rhine next to downtown Cincy. Great atmosphere, happenin' location, and good game selection. Definitely my favorite of the Cincinnati arcades. If pinball is on your mind, however, check out my local comic shop in Florence, Kentucky on US 42. Comics2Games is half comic and RPG/board game shop, and half a pinball parlor. About 12 tables playable and the front counter dispenses quarters.
  10. I got my game about a week or so ago. I haven't played it yet, but Jasper, just want to say the packaging and presentation looks very professional! Looking forward to finding some time to play it soon.
  11. You may have to PM Ninjabba to his account here on AA. He says his website was having problems, as I signed up twice on his site and he informed me he never got the sign-up. Some sign-ups went through to him and others did not. I PMed him a month ago and I am still waiting as well. I think he is working his way through the sign-ups that did go through on the website, and then he will start on the "PM" people. Unfortunately, you may be waiting longer if you were affected by the website problems like some of us.
  12. No junk email from either time I signed up. I never received the email, unfortunately. Also, Ninjabba PMed me and said that my email wasn't registered to his site even though I signed up twice. So, it does sound like something on Wordpress's end.
  13. Looks awesome, Ninjabba! I think I have subscribed twice to your site, but never got that email...so, PM incoming to you!
  14. Just a word processor at my dad's CPA firm. The firm is now dissolved, but I remember arranging their file room as a summer job in the mid-90s and they had the 8-inch disks still in storage there along with their word processors. So, not technically a computer, but still have seen actual 8-inch disks with actual data on it!
  15. Yep...me too! Looking forward to getting mine this week. Oh, and Eightbit, I managed to snag a copy of BoP 1990 for the Apple IIgs for 99 cents on eBay, so no worries about making me that original BoP disc! BUT, thank you so much for offering and helping with the Setup Disk!
  16. People may also be paying for the early shipment of them too. Rich says that those will go out in a separate queue from the regular editions. Oh, and Eightbit, I planned to PM you this week about BoP that we were talking about.
  17. I just got this system this past Wednesday after I sent back a defective Atari Flashback 8 Activision Edition. I decided to use my credit for the Super Retro-cade and hold off on getting a replacement Flashback 8. I must say, I think I made the right decision, as I am loving the Super Retro-Cade. The console is even smaller than the NES Classic, which I didn't think was possible. To answer your question, PhoenixDownita, the only NES game I have loaded up so far on the Super Retro-Cade has been Mega Man 2. I played through Air Man's stage and the emulation seemed spot on (though as ReRez pointed out, it does have softer colors than the NES Classic) and the sounds/music sounded pretty good. Best moment so far with the Super Retro-Cade: I come across a game called "Secret Agent." I decided to load it up and to my surprise, it was "Sly Spy." I was floored for a moment...as I hadn't even THOUGHT about that arcade game in over 25 years. It may not be the best game, but I had a flood of memories all of a sudden hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember playing the heck out of that game at my local Aladdin's Castle probably back in 1990 or so. My brother and I must have been the only ones playing it, as it didn't last long at the arcade...3 or 4 months maybe? After it left Aladdin's Castle, I haven't seen hide nor hair of it since...nor even thought about it since then. I had a similar (but not as strong) reaction when I loaded up Midnight Resistance as well. Just couldn't believe I had forgotten about these games. So, for that and those moments/feelings, the Super Retro-Cade has been worth the money. And, so far, the emulation has been really good!
  18. I recently hooked up my Activision edition of the Flashback 8 Gold that I recently purchased off of Amazon. It was working fine for a week, but then, all of a sudden this evening as my daughter and I were playing a game, the first player joy (with the extra buttons along the side) locked up and showed a "steady blue" light for the wireless output. The joys are only supposed a register a blue light when a button is pressed or the joystick is moved. I took the batteries out of it and tested other batteries. Same result. Actually, for about 10 seconds after replacing the batteries, the blue light is not on at all and then, all of a sudden, it comes on. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but it appears the stick is already busted after a week of play. The thing is, the player 1 joystick has the "reset" and "replay" buttons on it while the console (and joystick 2) do not. Bill, is there a way to get a replacement for the player 1 joystick through AtGames?
  19. I don't have either. I think I want the FG99, as I have a QI beige TI994a, and I heard the FG99 makes it so some of the carts that are incompatible with the QI 99 to work on it? I think that is the main reason I want it, besides the ability to keep many software pieces on one cart/place. So, where does one buy the FG99? I heard of a place called ArcadeShopper, but they seem to be out of stock. Any input would be appreciated!
  20. Curt, thanks for proving all the doubters wrong...but MOST importantly, thank you for delivering this awesome upgrade to our systems that we all can enjoy for years to come! Just simply amazing that new Atari hardware (not counting the AtariBox...thing...whatever it is going to be...from the faux Infogrames "Atari") is coming out in 2018.
  21. Awesome! Thanks for posting. I was hoping they would mention Borderline and Cottonwood on the Commodore-side of things. Particles! got the Commodore mention, though.
  22. Yes, the RLX has a 1.44MB floppy drive. I think it can read 720K disks, as I just installed King's Quest 1 and 2 (the late 80s reissues), and both of those appear to be 720k disks and only have data on one side.
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