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  1. My cable from Hercules Workshop arrived and I gave it a quick test. It is MUCH better than the 8BitClassis cable, and also better than the origin-unknown cable I have. I highly recommend their cables. (I got the one with the RCA jack for sound, so I wouldn't need any adapters and can use a handy RCA-RCA cable for sound.) I will post comparison photos as soon as I can spend some time moving cables around.
  2. Awww. Just noticed my order confirmation says it’s out of stock and I’ll be notified when it ships. So stay tuned
  3. Well, I now have one on order. Will report back as to how it looks on my 130xe (where I have the vertical bars).
  4. I don’t recall changing no the setting for the D patch, but it’s possible. I’ll not touch it anymore As far as caps lock, I’ve always had issues typing lowercase. thanks!
  5. I grabbed a couple at random and they seem to work for me. Songs were playing with 3 flashing bars. I assume that's correct.
  6. Switching out of the app and back in didn't seem to make a difference. If I toggle the caps lock key, it doesn't change case. If I hit Shift-Caps Lock, then I can get lowercase by toggling the caps lock (but then the caps lock state is backward of what my keyboard think - lock lite is on, but in lower case).
  7. Was going to say I was having the same problems - trying to get lowercase is problematic.
  8. FWIW, I clicked the "Revert To Default Settings" button and that fixed things. Still unsure what I may have changed to cause the problem.
  9. All of a sudden, Atari800MacX 5.3 does not want to load a disk image. Doesn't matter what the format is (Dos 2.5, DOS Xl, etc.) or model I'm emulating (800, 800XL, 130XE), when I try to load a disk image, it crashes with the error Not sure what happened. Not sure if it helps, but clicking on the Monitor button shows the PC is on page zero somewhere:
  10. That was it! I was looking for an option to limit the scaling - I missed that checkbox! Thanks!
  11. The font scaling seems a little off, though:
  12. Awesome! The Touch Bar buttons are the best (finally a good use for the Touch Bar!)
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