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  1. Elektronite's Facebook page said today that a new build of Defender of the Crown will be shown.at Gamescon. They also mention that Miner 2049er will be "coming soon" so maybe they'll show that there as well.
  2. Thanks, Oscar! Purchased and enjoying it!
  3. Glad to see that you decided to submit it! I think your game is definitely a worthy competitor and anything you add to it from here is just going to make it more polished and awesome. Great job on what you've already accomplished and I can't wait to see how you end up completing it. Good luck in the contest!
  4. You should enter it regardless. It's already a very playable game. I had to pull myself away from it after I found I had been playing for 20 minutes. You could always polish it up after the fact. I personally think that you've got something definitely worth entering here! Good luck!
  5. Gotcha... thanks, carlsson. I was just wondering about it since this is pretty exciting stuff for someone like me that enjoys seeing new games coming out. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. ^^ This! I totally agree that this would be an awesome feature to be able to choose from playing the "classic" version or the "new" version at a whim. Great thought here and I hope this can be implemented in some fashion.
  7. I see only 5 threads for contest entries. Since the rules call for a minimum of 6 entries, has that minimum been met and there just hasn't been a thread started for certain other entries? Is DoodleJump one of the entries as well (thread is under the main Intellivision/Aquarius forum)? Just curious how many entries there actually currently are. Apologies if this info is already listed somewhere else and I just missed it.
  8. Hi Atari_Bill - Please check your PM. Thanks.
  9. Will do, Atari_Bill. As soon as I receive the items I'll PM you. Thanks!
  10. That was actually me. I was looking for a Super Pro to add to my fledgling collection and i figured if I could get it at my offer price along with the rest of the lot, i would be satisfied. Having said that, I'm not going to be collecting things like manuals so if anyone still wants that Checkers manual I'm more than willing to send it off. JasonlikesINTV... I saw that you mentioned it above but couldn't tell if that meant you were looking for the manual yourself. I also saw that Atari_Bill mentioned it as well. I'm more than willing to let one of you guys have it once I get the lot in the mail. I just want to be fair to whoever truly expressed the interest first. Thanks!
  11. Hi nurmix - I'm going to assume tha answer is "yes" but I'll ask anyway... Suppose someone has purchased and downloaded games to their system. They now own the games and they are tied to that user's system. What happens in the unfortunate event of a console failure? Will that user/owner have a means to contact the company to re-download the games they've already purchased for use on their repaired or new/refurbished console? Thanks!
  12. Yes... I completely knew this and totally just forgot about that fact. I've tinkered with another Raspberry Pi unit previously for emulating some of the "newer" systems. Why I totally forgot about this I have no idea! Thanks!
  13. Steve reminded me (and I see now that BBWW was trying to as well but it wasn't sinking in) that I could use my existing Inty Ultimate Flashback for Atari ROMs as well, with a little modification that shoudn't be too difficult. It seems likely that this is the route I'll go. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for all of the feedback, guys! Sounds like there are 2 camps... 1) the folks that are hardcore collectors, in which case, this is a must-have, of course. And, 2) guys like me that probably won't go about collecting everything but still want to maximize game collection opportunities. Sounds like the right choice for me is probably either to buy a 2600 console or look to Byte Knight for an Ultimate Atari Flashback unit. I'd probably opt for the latter in the spirit of saving financially as well as saving space in my very-limited man-room (because it's nowhere near large enough to qualify as a man-cave!). Thanks!
  15. This might be common knowledge to you veterans here so here's my question. I was curious about the system changer. Is there any advantage to purchasing the system changer (they don't seem to come available all too often from what I can tell) over just getting an Atari console? I have no Atari games since I'm an INTV guy. But, I wouldn't be averse to getting some down the road. I'm just curious if one makes sense over the other. Also, I'm assuming the answer is "yes" but does the system changer handle Atari homebrew games just like it would any other Atari cart? Last question... from the little that I've read, the system changer seems to be made more for the INTVII and the INTVI requires some system modification in order to work with the system changer. Is that accurate or will it work with an unmodified INTVI? Thanks in advance for any info!
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