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  1. I had the same issues when I did a composite mod. I tried removing one, the other, and both resistors and could get it to either be too dark or too bright. I eventually ended up replacing the resistors with tiny potentiometers to get a resistance level that brought the brightness to a good level on my TV. Later though I found out that the image looked different on different TVs so you may want to try that first.
  2. ah that's a closer match than anything I've found. It might work if the wire was soldered in. Thanks.
  3. Okay this isn't necessarily the right forum for this question but it's the closest I can think of where someone might actually know what I'm talking about and have an answer. So if you open up a typical Atari 2600 joystick, the wires that connect to the circuit board have (on the end of them) a tiny clamp which slides onto a trace on the board. Sometimes when I open up a joystick to repair it this is broken. I want to order some replacements. I can't seem to figure out what this part is called in order to search for it. Example: The closest I can find is a search for "wire crimps" from mouser.com but none of those look quite right.
  4. Hmm, I don't know. I've used these power supplies on other 2600's a couple of times without any issue but maybe this one has a bad cap or a bad ground or something that makes it more susceptible to noise.
  5. Hi, I'm working on refurbishing a 4 switch woody Atari 2600. It has a snapped-off power switch (the plastic part of the switch is broken off). I have a replacement for the metal part of the switch the only thing I need is the plastic. I could pick up a replacement but the library downtown has a 3d printer I can use for pretty cheap provided I can come up with the 3d model in STL format. Is there any existing models such as this? Before I go trying to make my own.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-Power-Supply-DC-9V-Adaptor-Plug-Pack-for-ATARI-2600-Console-Charger-US-Plug/192439401874
  7. Ah okay thanks. So I got a lot of 10 of these power supplies, I'd like to be able to use them on 2600's as I refurbish them (if I pick up one that doesn't have a power supply) maybe I can build a small filtering circuit or something. Or chuck them and pick up some quality power supplies. If I could fix the dark composite mod issue then this 2600 can have a second life.
  8. Right an original Atari power supply. So is it normal for those to put out 14v when not under a load? I've never measured those before.
  9. Lohe, yeah I did try that but it didn't help So I have an update. I had given up and when I started the refurb on the 2nd unit I decided to use the power supply it came with (an original) rather than one of my new ones which I had ordered from china. Since 2600 #1 was still on the bench I decided to check it out with this power supply and it actually looked clean. At one point I had tried the power supply I use in my living room on the 2600 I keep and play with ... still fuzzy. That one is also new but a different brand and a bit more expensive. I measured the voltage coming out of the Chinese ps's and it was a bit over 9volts, pretty steady. Then I measured the voltage coming out of the original power supply and it was like 14! It's labeled as a 9 volt power supply though. The voltage coming out of the voltage regular is unchanged but the voltage going into it is higher. I suspect a capacitor (or something) which is in circuit somewhere before the voltage regulator may be bad but if you pump up the voltage enough the fuzziness goes away. However I may still end up using this as a parts board because the composite mod is really dark. I've read some posts that say to remove one of the resistors and I did which lightened it up a bit but it's still too dark, in fact so dark that if you go into b&w mode you can't see a thing. If I removed both resistors then it's way too bright (and washed out). The strange thing is before, when I was trying to get rid of the fuzziness I noticed it was dark, removed the one resistor, and it looked fine. I can't explain that. Anyway, I don't know if I can blame the power supply 100%, since it is putting out the voltage it says it is but the fact remains that if I use an original Atari power supply the fuzziness is gone.
  10. Well I replaced the voltage regulator again since I had another one around. No change there. I did as you suggested, Lohe, and tried holding a ground wire between various ground points including the ground wire connected to the rca jack to the ground of the voltage regulator and also the rf modulator body and other various ground planes throughout the board. No change there. There seems to be good continuity between all of the various grounds I tested, even between the voltage regulator and the ground of the rca jack. I'm sure if I ordered every cap for the board and replaced every one there's a good chance it would work correctly but I think I'm going to use this as a parts board scavenging switches, the 3 chips, etc to work on other 2600's I already have another one ready to be refurbished which seems to work fine except for a broken power switch. I thought I might put this one on the back burner but knowing myself things put on the back burner tend to stay there and become clutter, plus I'd like to use that composite mod on this other 2600 and there's no practical way to revert this one back to rf. Thanks for trying, everyone.
  11. Agreed. It looks like my wonky power reading previously was due to the new multimeter probes not fitting tightly into my multimeter. After fixing that I went back and measured the voltage between the ground of the voltage regulator and the +5v going out to the composite mod circuit. It looks like a steady 5 volts (5.02-5.03)
  12. I've replaced the voltage regular once, but I do have another spare so I can try again. I am reading a steady 9 volts input and 5 volts output on the regulator right now. There is continuity between the ground of the voltage regulator all the way to the end of the composite cable.
  13. Hmm interestingly I'm only getting 3.5v going to the composite mod, after leaving the unit on for a few minutes it went up to about 4.5 but I didn't notice any change in the fuzzy picture. After a few powercycles I am now reading 5v, still fuzzy
  14. Hmm I didn't test the voltage on the composite mod since this behavior is unchanged from before I did the mod. In fact the reason I decided to do the mod was because I suspected that the fault was in the RF modulator. Since I haven't yet chucked this board into my "for parts" box I'll check out the voltage on the composite mod later today and let you know.
  15. one new and one old from another spare parts machine. the spare machine had good picture quality but strange joystick behavior.
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