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  1. If it hasn't already been said enough - PacManPlus' 7800 homebrews are incredible! Recently I've gotten heavily back into the Pac-Man arcade platform, since I've been spending most of my retrogaming time playing and tweaking my Arcade1up cabs. I've now modded my Pac-Man cab to be a RPi-driven "Pac-Museum." It has all the various iterations of Pac-Man from the arcade. So the one discussion that always seems to come up with this, especially in Arcade emulation circles is the debate of dedicated 4-way vs. 8-way stick. My Pac-Man cab has a dedicated 4-way, and I've only put games that require a 4-way stick on it. I've been toying with the idea of also putting the various console versions of Pac-Man on it, and it occurred to me - none of the consoles have dedicated 4 way sticks. So my questions are: Does Pac-Man Collection, or Jr. Pac-Man, etc. for the 7800 derive any benefit from using a 4-way stick? Are they coded to compensate for using an 8-way stick with predictive movements (like later versoins of MAME) or are we all hampering ourselves using 8-way 7800 controllers on a game that is coded for 4-way play? We don't need to get into the 4-way vs. 8-way debate here, I'd rather not have this topic devolve into a flame war. I'm ambivalent on the subject as I am able to play just as well with either.
  2. Ms. Pac-Man is a huge get from a licensing standpoint, but the rest of the games they put on there they've already released multiple times. Weak. Funny to see ATGames getting cucked on that one though.
  3. You said you'd like to see it when it's done? Here it is. I culled the game selection to only games I like. I'm still on the fence about Pac-Land being in there since it's the only horizontal game. It felt unfinished not having it as an option on a Pac-Themed cab, but it's not a game I play much, and having 1 horizontal game on a vertical screen might annoy me enough to take it out.
  4. That bankswitching worked on the previous Concerto cart, so I think he already has it sorted. The added POKEY address didn't though, so that would be key.
  5. If there is a list, please put me on it. Want one!
  6. FbNeo on Retropie, on my Pi-equipped Arcade1Up Pac-man cabinet, with a genuine Sanwa JLF. Zero Lag, Arcade quality control, proper vertical monitor, correct arcade aspect ratio, original arcade ROM, 100% accurate emulation, and the lovely glow of a backlit arcade marquee lighting the room.
  7. For the classics, absolutely. For newer stuff it would probably lag and sputter. I tried Steel Talons, and it was unplayable. But everything up through the early 90's was fine. I keep mine to about 80 +/- games, all classic arcade games pre-1988.
  8. Well for this one - definitely not. Initial cost of the Pac-Man cab at retail was $299. I got mine for $125 (Walmart). Then I added: 1 Sanwa joystick $20 (Ebay) 1 EG Starts LED Sanwa button set & USB Encoder: $19 (Amazon) 1 Video display board for HDMI to LVDS: $29 (Amazon) Raspberry pi 3B - $26 (Microcenter) Lexar 32Gb MicroUSB card: $11 (Staples) Lighted Marquee: $50 (Arcade Game factory) Final Cost $280. But the convenience of being able to add and remove games as I see fit, run thousands of games vs. 2 games, and add filters, shaders, lighted marquee, etc. is totally worth it. My Galaga cab I spent a little more on because it was $150 when I bought it and I also added a GRS Spinner ($50) and LED lighted trackball ($25) in addition to the above. But it plays EVERYTHING perfectly. Again, totally worth it.
  9. The Pi Build is done. I used a copy of my Galaga retropie image, and just hid all the non 4-way games. Just waiting on the USB encoder and Video board to be delivered so I can plug it all in.
  10. Also of note - Until now I had a *stock* Pac-Man cabinet (semi-stock, I swapped out the shit awful joystick for a genuine Sanwa) and a Retropie modded Galaga cab - but after pretty much playing the Galag cab exclusively - I realized that I barely ever play the Pac-Man cab even though I love how it looks, because it only had 2 games, and the emulation is shit. The crackling/popping audio, lack of graphical smoothing and scanlines is a complete dealbreaker for me. So I broke down and got another Rpi, video board, and usb zero delay encoder. I'm going to make it an all Vertical, all 4-way joystick/single fire button games cab, with mostly Pac-themed games and a few other classic 4-way/single button games thrown in. (Galaga/Galaxian/Donkey Kong/Dig Dug. etc.)
  11. Yeah - It looks like a... Frogger cabinet. Frogger is a fairly boring game, so I don't really care about it, but it was massively popular back in the day, so it makes sense that's the one that gets the marquee.
  12. Well - I mean, it's not like his roar sounds real or anything. It's just three digitized "Gonk Gonk Gonk" noises.
  13. I guess the respective arcades and pizza joints we frequented were very different. Shinobi was a premier title, and every arcade I knew had it, and it spent longer time at the local pizza joints that rotated games through than many other games of the era. I never saw a Golden Axe cab in person until the Mid-2000's at Funspot in NH. I only knew of it as a Sega Master System/Genesis game. Don't get me wrong - it's a fun game. I just didn't think it was that popular that it would warrant a cab all to itself. Also - I guess I'm just not into the Halloweenish color scheme.
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