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  1. I don't think that's the cart connector, so much as the roms just aren't compatible with the firmware yet. He built it to be compatible primarily with all the commercial game roms, and secondarily with homebrew roms that both have a proper a78 header and conform to standard rom size and banking methods. Most of those music and picture demos are random, non-standard stuff
  2. Any update on Firmware, Batari? Mine is fairly stable compared to many others, but it would be cool to know what the status is and what you're currently working on. Thanks.
  3. Ah, the old message board forum catch-22. Don't necrobump! but also - Don't start new threads about subjects that already exist! Solution: Lurk and suffer in silence.
  4. Reflow the solder on the cart port pins from underneath. Might be a cracked or cold solder joint on one of the pins.
  5. While I can appreciate the level of detail you're going to here to get as close to the Arcade version as possible - This is the kind of "feature creep" or more correctly "detail creep" is the kind of stuff that makes great games get released way later than they should/could have, and frankly frustrates the potential audience. If we're talking genuine functionality changes, like the stairs sizing, etc. then this kind of stuff is extremely helpful. But this hyper specific level of analysis on a single line of pixels is a bit.... overboard?
  6. Yeah - we were watching it a few weeks ago and I spotted it, and immediately went to rewind it to confirm, then explained to my wife what I saw and she was like "Ugh, you big nerd!"
  7. Screenshot from Jackie Brown.
  8. Same arcade I mentioned earlier that had a baby pac also had a Jr. at one point. man, that place was awesome. It's still there, but now it's all skee-ball and other prize ticket garbage. They had one of those "biggest Pac-Man ever" and a few oversized driving games, but no true classics anymore. Shame. I did post the high score on the giant pac-man, getting to the galaxian level. Little kids thought I was a jedi. I'd love to see someone killscreen one of those.
  9. In the wise words of George Lucas - "These projects are not released. They escape."
  10. Silly question - is the final version also going to have that red background on the novice version, or is that just for the JS7800 version?
  11. And continually asking why completely unfinished WIP products aren't functioning perfectly as if they were finished is... tedious.
  12. The problem is not the 7800, or the rom. It's the concerto. It's still a WIP. Some games have issues detecting the buttons on some 7800 consoles when using the concerto. Also - Galaxian is a very early WIP rom for a completely unfinished game.
  13. Paperboy with a digital stick is going to suck hard. Should've saved that one for an analog/gimbal cab with 720, APB, and Food Fight.
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