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  1. There's no "esteem" in being capable of affording, and lucky enough to time your outbidding of the last guy in an overpriced auction sniping event. Esteem is a measure of quality, not of auction bid timing and pathological desire to be #1.
  2. Yes. But scarcity alone does not import value, collectible or otherwise. Kevin Federline was married to Britney Spears for like 15 whole minutes. Because of this he made a hip hop album that is just as rare, because it completely sucked and nobody bought it. Nobody is selling it for $3,000 on an auction site - BECAUSE IT SUCKS. I would argue that the perceived "value" of rare retro games like this is more based on clout chasing in collectors circles, than it is by anything even remotely connected to the games themselves. In my opinion, that's not just a bad investment - it's bad for collecting of works of art in general.
  3. I would understand this sentiment if the game was also really good and worth owning from a gaming/playability standpoint. The only thing that makes it rare is it's scarcity. And it's scarcity is only really due to the game sucking hard and no one buying it. I just don't understand why something that objectively sucks is held in such high esteem.
  4. That's the thing though - it's not imported into English. It is just an Italian word. It's not an English word. It is spelled and pronounced as originally intended, in Italian. English speakers need to move out of their comfort zone and simply learn to pronounce non-English words correctly. It's not like phonetics rules apply 100% of the time to English anyway.
  5. I asked a question based on my own limited experience with 7800 console revision incompatibility issues. I'm not a developer. I'm not doubting anyone's expertise.
  6. I mean - if there are consoles that play the game without showing the bug (like mine) - does that mean they aren't working fine because they DON'T have a problem? I realize the bug can be fixed in code, so it's clearly a game bug - but if it only is a problem on certain consoles, and not across the board - that would seem to be a buggy console revision, and not the other way around. Being an Atari 7800 owner - this issue happens all the time.
  7. I mean... maybe? Maybe not. I can't tell if his response is intended to be an admission of using Stella, or a condescending head pat "thank you" style remark...
  8. From everything I've read - Crane and Kitchen didn't use any modern development tools, such as Stella, and instead coded using their original dev platforms to keep everything authentic. Maybe they should have used Stella, sure. But they didn't.
  9. They are related in the sense that they are both bugs that happen in old tech, because these small hobbyist projects aren't perfect, don't have giant corporate product testing, and they cannot possibly account for every single possible bug scenario, and also deliver a product that meets the insanely entitled delivery demands of the typical consumers of these products. The game has a bug. It will likely get fixed. The game has only been out for about a month or two. These things take time. At the end of the day - none of this is really important. It's video games. It's not like you're filing a malpractice complaint because a doctor killed a loved one on an OR table.
  10. It absolutely happened because that's exactly what Keatah said to me, directly. I even quoted him. You and others may disagree, but it was definitely said.
  11. No, it absolutely doesn't. That's not how most large corporate businesses operate for low cost consumer products like this (internet, or otherwise), never mind tiny startups for extremely niche pet projects. The internet has absolutely spoiled people into thinking they are entitled to instant gratification for every minor consumer gripe or dislike. They are not, full stop. People bought a $50 video game for a defunct console platform, not a mission critical infrastructure software platform that serves millions of customers. For example: I recently bought a Retrotink 2x mini to connect my old consoles to my HDMI-only TV. It makes the s-video modded 7800 I have look beautiful on it. What I found out later was that some Atari games don't work on it at all - like Starmaster because of the scanline count. and The entire Sega 32x Console is unstable and mostly unplayable due to the out of spec chroma signal it outputs/ You know what I did about it? Nothing. Because it's a 30 year old console, and these kinds of technical issue are unavoidable with ancient tech, and I didn't read up enough about it before purchasing. So do the purchasers of Circus Convoy whose copies don't work deserve a refund or a working exchange? Sure, absolutely. Are then entitled to a response within a "0 day" window? Absolutely not, under any circumstances. That's flat out bananas entitlement.
  12. The instant gratification culture of the internet has ruined some people's expectations of small company response timing, and personal grievance airing, forever.
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