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  1. If it's a secret project that will never be released for purchase, then who cares? seems like certain people only ever bring it up in these discussions to brag about being in the not-so-secret club who know about it.
  2. Does Saint really even count though, since he hasn't even started it yet?
  3. Your don't have to remove anything if you do the UAV mod.
  4. LOL. The thread is 17 years old. Pretty sure he doesn't need our help at this point.
  5. So was it that little resistor on the trace just above the cart pins that looks like a booger on the board that was the problem? Glad this is sorted, sign me up for the pre-order, or order list, or whatever when it's ready.
  6. Arcade1up. they make several cabinets with the original arcade Tempest in them, including this Asteroids cabinet with Spinner. These use fully licensed original arcade roms. https://www.amazon.com/Arcade-1Up-Asteroids-Coinless-Operation/dp/B07G1X2HFR
  7. Kyljoy's Concerto is my old one. I sold it to him last year when money was tight. I had several 7800's and it behaved differently on a few of them. Two A1 serial number models it worked almost all the time, with the exception that with Pokey plugged into it certain games crashed. (Ninja Golf, and one other.) Also on those two A1's, Midnight Mutants and Basketbrawl would crash about 5-10 seconds in, Pokey or not. All other 7800 games ran fine. 2600 games would work for the most part, but sometimes going from a 7800 game loaded to a 2600 game, the first time the 2600 game would crash, but on subsequent launches, it ran fine. I also had an X serial number model, and every game ran flawlessly, but the menu system was garbled and unreadable. It was my "russian roulette/box 'o Chocolates concerto cart". Never knew which game you were going to get. I also had an original 1984 model and everything on Concerto ran perfect on it, but that console couldn't detect paddles, regardless of Concerto, or CC2 (used to have one of those years ago too)
  8. Hey - that concerto board looks familiar! Wonder where I've see it before? 😆
  9. If it hasn't already been said enough - PacManPlus' 7800 homebrews are incredible! Recently I've gotten heavily back into the Pac-Man arcade platform, since I've been spending most of my retrogaming time playing and tweaking my Arcade1up cabs. I've now modded my Pac-Man cab to be a RPi-driven "Pac-Museum." It has all the various iterations of Pac-Man from the arcade. So the one discussion that always seems to come up with this, especially in Arcade emulation circles is the debate of dedicated 4-way vs. 8-way stick. My Pac-Man cab has a dedicated 4-way, and I've only put games that require a 4-way stick on it. I've been toying with the idea of also putting the various console versions of Pac-Man on it, and it occurred to me - none of the consoles have dedicated 4 way sticks. So my questions are: Does Pac-Man Collection, or Jr. Pac-Man, etc. for the 7800 derive any benefit from using a 4-way stick? Are they coded to compensate for using an 8-way stick with predictive movements (like later versoins of MAME) or are we all hampering ourselves using 8-way 7800 controllers on a game that is coded for 4-way play? We don't need to get into the 4-way vs. 8-way debate here, I'd rather not have this topic devolve into a flame war. I'm ambivalent on the subject as I am able to play just as well with either.
  10. Ms. Pac-Man is a huge get from a licensing standpoint, but the rest of the games they put on there they've already released multiple times. Weak. Funny to see ATGames getting cucked on that one though.
  11. You said you'd like to see it when it's done? Here it is. I culled the game selection to only games I like. I'm still on the fence about Pac-Land being in there since it's the only horizontal game. It felt unfinished not having it as an option on a Pac-Themed cab, but it's not a game I play much, and having 1 horizontal game on a vertical screen might annoy me enough to take it out.
  12. That bankswitching worked on the previous Concerto cart, so I think he already has it sorted. The added POKEY address didn't though, so that would be key.
  13. If there is a list, please put me on it. Want one!
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