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  1. do it. Coin Doors are cheap. The X-Arcade ones are solidly made. But I would suggest you get a pre-cut kick-plate with the thicker backer piece to replace the original one.
  2. yeah - that's the problem. people are gouging the market now.
  3. This. take the plunger out of an existing button leaving behind the button bezel. wire the volcano button to the appropriate port, and then superglue the button seated inside the hollowed out button bezel.
  4. The only two types of Arcade games where CRT makes a functional difference over LCD are Vector and Light Gun Games. Vector emulation on LCD is more than playable, just not as nice looking (variable beam intensity/brightness). Sinden light guns already supplant conventional ones for those kinds of games on LCD. The real problem with original arcade games is the size/weight/portability. When you add in the maintenance headaches of 40+ yeara old CRTS, system boards, and power supplies - it's just not worth it for the average classic gamer. then put on top of that most 40 year old cabinets are flat out disgusting to work on, and really need the exterior panels to be completely rebuilt due to wood rot/staining/mold/pests - yuck. no thanks. Which is why the hardcore cabinet collector scene often trends towards the ultra-obsessive, snobby, exclusion-types.
  5. There's still a lot of original 80's arcade games that are more accurately emulated in MAME/FBNeo than they are through MiST/FPGA. MiSTer has some 80s/90s consoles down pretty well, but Arcade games support are lacking in quality control/well written FPGA drivers. Donkey Kong alone on MiSTer is abysmal.
  6. To add some much needed positivity to the thread, here's mine: RPi 3b+ modded, Lighted Marquees, Custom control panels from DIYRetroarcade.com, working X-Arcade coinslots. Pac-Man is limited to 25 games, all dedicated 4-way stick/1 action button games. Galaga has an 8-way Sanwa, GRS spinner, and LED trackball, and has 135 games that are a mix of the controls. They are set up with coin-only play, and everyting in the cab, Pi, amp & speakers, Lighted marquee, etc. are controlled by a smart power strip, so one power button turns on the whole she-bang. (lighted mini-button top center of Control Panel)
  7. At least the cabinets all match the decor in the Kitchen. Original 80's cabinetry and appliances, for the win?
  8. No disagreement on Tramiel, for sure. As much as I love the 7800, both nostaligia-wise, and for the homebrew resurgence of it, I still have deep seated trauma from all the games we were promised that never showed up. This one, Skyfox, etc. Hell - by the time One on One arrived in a store anywhere near me, I was already playing other consoles.
  9. I mean - most of the graphics are just being displayed in random or cycling order. They aren't tied to any interactive game logic. Someone with enough time on their hands could look into how to write text and graphics to the display for a 7800 and put something similar together. There's a chasm of difference between repeated cycling of the same graphics and text, and actually tying that to working game logic that functions smoothly. I'm not trying to say what was produced here was "easy" by any means. But looking at what was done with games like f-18 hornet, and Super Huey, its' not like it was some "wow" technological achievement for the platform either. Just a bummer that it's another abandoned project on an underutilized console.
  10. I didn't say the subject wasn't a worthwhile topic to discuss. I was not trying to dissuade people from discussing it, at all. I just noted that what does exist is a very incomplete proto, and was never a game that was released; so asking "how it was done" is a bit of a misnomer, since it wasn't ever really "done", in the literal sense. While it might be neat to investigate how certain functions were performed in the code (if the code exists, I don't know), I would think this might fall under examples of what not to do, since they never really got far enough to make a working beta.
  11. It's migraine triggering. I play tested all my roms and made a spreadsheet I posted here a while back. I'm not touching my concerto again until that thing is removed.
  12. It's not piracy if the platforms you're using the roms from are dead. technically it's grave-robbing.
  13. This looks great, but yeah - I fear pricing is going to be a yikes.
  14. There's no way to recover those lost changes, and this will happen if you try to make a lot of changes (10 or more at a time). honestly the best thing you can do is use an offline editor like EsGme. https://www.jeffersoftware.com/esgme/index.php Also keep your gamelist relatively short. If you have thousands of ROMs, editing it in Emulation Station will always be a problem. I keep mine limited to only games I actually play and like, so it's only about 120-150 classic era golden age arcade games only.
  15. So I'm curious if anyone else has any feedback on this: in your opinion, which Retropie (on RPi) emulator is best for Arcade Donkey Kong? the only ones currently working correctly are: lr-fbneo lr-MAME2003 LR-MAME2003plus Current branch MAME not in Retroarch. I just want the most accurate version in emulation. Conventional wisdom would say that should be current branch MAME, but there are two things about it that big me: 1. noticeable audio crackles/pops on RPi 3b+. Seems a bit laggy 2. the inclusion of the blue and white "initializing" splash screen and mouse cursor at game boot. I have this in a modded A1up cab, so I don't want distracting loading screens that give away that it is emulation. as to the others: MAME2003/plus colors are completely wrong, and the audio sample are not great. lr-MAME (current branch in retroarch) would be great, but the high score saving isn't implemented. lr-FBNeo seems to be the best compromise, but I'm not sure the sounds are as accurate as they should be. Specifically Mario's walking sound.
  16. Completely off topic - but was DK Remix ever released as a rom set, either for purchase or free? I can't seem to find any info. It looks awesome, but genuine DK boards aren't exactly something you can pick up on eBay easily.
  17. If for no other reason... Also - we all have the fully functional, if hard as balls demo!
  18. You should sell physical copies only to start, and then when physical sales drop off naturally, release the rom for digital sales. I love my concerto, but you deserve to get paid until people stop buying it first. It doesn't take that long, this market is pretty small.
  19. It had 21 FMV-based games in the US, which is roughly 10% of it's total. Not a ton, but more than a handful. Problem was - they marketed them too hard to try to compete with Sega CD when they first rolled out. Not sure if you read the rest of my posts in this thread but I genuinely love the 3DO. But let's be honest - it had a bunch of bad games, and the FMV ones were prominently in that category.
  20. They did not work for me, and mine is compatible with almost everything else.
  21. As I've pointed out on other discussions - popularity isn't a measure of quality. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good. Nockelback sold millions of records and was wildly popular, and they're terrible. I'm not "deciding who watches" anything. If people want to support abjectly terrible garbage, I can't stop them. But I can say my piece on it. Offering an opinion on something is a far cry from forcing people to do anything. And this gets right back to what I said earlier about YouTube having ruined most people's ability to recognize serious art or art criticism. Some things are just plain objectively bad. Poorly made. Lacking in quality, both in production and performance. AVGN meets all those criteria. It's poor quality. Saying "but I like it" doesn't change the production quality. I love the movie "Balls of Fury" the ping pong farce with Christopher Walken and Dan Fogler. It's completely stupid, and terrible quality, But I like it. But I would never argue that it isn't terrible. I would fully admit it's stupid, and not gatekeep others from disliking it.
  22. Oh, you read it right. I'm absolutely not joking. AVGN is NOT funny. If you find his stuff funny, I don't understand you. I find it tedious and childish, but what's worse is that so many people try to shoehorn in both "He's just joking, relax!" and "But he's also right you know!" into their reaction to his videos. I just wish people would pick a lane. Either he's just kidding, or he's right. And I don't necessarily disagree with the 3DO being critically panned. It was a flop. It had potential, but they wasted it on FMV games and in the end couldn't face up to Sony's & Sega's ability to deliver. But the truth is, there are a nice group of genuinely good/great games for it, and trying to claim it's all garbage, joking or not, is just stupid. But really AVGN is terrible, and I really wish people would stop giving this kind of Moron Theater any kind of attention or notoriety. The line between funny and cringe is pretty well defined, and this bit is solidly on the cringe side of it.
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