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  1. Hello zyzzle. It was asked to pay $4.90 + $0.50 for PayPal fees (10%) for USA/Canada peoples because we have shared the international fees. Peoples have ordered this Digital package many times to play it on Atari Max or Emulator since 2 years ago. There is no DRM. If you have encountered any problem, please contact us by email to find a solution. When you reach a new level, you can restart from it by pressing the corresponding key number. In example 2 for the level 2. I hope that will help you to to train and progress. Have fun!
  2. Three years gone since Risky Rick was released. For three days, the Digital Edition price is 4.90 USD/EUR. http://www.arcadevision.net Have fun and take care!
  3. On Jully 27th 2018, you sent us this answer: "No problem. Risky rick still works fine in the other ColecoVision. Something of a mystery though."
  4. omf : Take care abould long flying wires and antenna effect that can produce noises. -^Cro§Bow^- : Look the GND tracks width, compared to the wire section. Should be enough, but may be better to be a bit largest.
  5. Great to ear that sounding good! I apologise if some peoples do not have understood my english for trying to fix their issue. Thank you Ikrananka for the tutorial on the topic. And great to know that solve your Penguin Adventure problem in the same way! (and may be some other games bug for other players)
  6. And that is the problem. Here a part of my first answer to you on Jully 22th 2018: Sorry if you was not able to detect it with the picture. We have said the same to everybody contacting us at this time, providing the informations we got after fixing for free two systems folowing the "CV Tech Manual" for properly reassembling the system. Sometime, a wire added for the mod was in "sandwich" between the ground and the bottom shield, avoid a good contact, or screws missing... Usually, peoples was able to fix their systems.
  7. We can see many 80s games on the video. What about the copyrights of them ?
  8. Hehe. It remember me the Nintendo e-reader for the Game Boy Advance using some sets of cards to load NES games on it.
  9. Dear Risky Rick fans, Some peoples have asked us about Risky Rick goodies. In answer, we have created a pack named Artifacts Edition that require 25 pre-orders to be produced. The content: - London asphalt T-Shirt. (S, M, L, XL) - Risky Rick poster. (front: visual, back: maps) - Exclusive great pyramid jewel. (1:10 replicate) More information here: http://arcadevision.net Your Risky Rick full serial number will be required to be sure to sold it to existing users. Peoples who supported us by ordering the Risky Rick Limited Edition, you will receive the Pyramid jewel for free! Expected shipping: September 2018 Thank you!
  10. Please wait until next week, we will be able to check the received a modded system to know if something else is going wrong and how to process. Thank you.
  11. For information, the message published 1 week ago was: "Thank you for your help, providing us your console." Apart from that, are you playing to Risky Rick at less with your working system? (I don't see any video in this way) ArcadeVision.
  12. As you know from your video comments, the french guy kindly sent us his moded system to be able to take a look. We have received the ColecoVision some days ago and we will take a look next week. About the fact that a guy having a stock system can't pass the first level, there are some possibilities: - His system is defective - It was moded before he bought it ... By the way, we will provide an answer to the 3 peoples (including you) contacting us by mail to get a support. Thank you for the board revision information. ArcadeVision.
  13. Thank you for your feedback. Please, post a TV Set picture to run for the online Hall of Fame contest! http://www.arcadevision.net/hallfame.html
  14. The second run is closed and 3 games left in stock: arcadevision.net May be your last chance to own the more incredible game ever made for ColecoVision.
  15. The T-Shirts was available from S to 5XL, but nothing with three arms and two heads for you, sorry. By the way, rules have exception... for a lovely girl.
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